How Vittorio Arrigoni Went to Gaza Hoping to Die

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Bit by bit, decorate it, arrange the details, find the ingredients, imagine it, choose it, get advice on it, shape it into a work without spectators, one which exists only for oneself, just for the shortest little moment of life.

—Michel Foucault, describing the pleasure of preparing oneself for suicide.

The Italian cheerleader for Hamas, Vittorio Arrigoni, has died at the hands of the Islamic terrorism that he venerated throughout his life. The fellow traveler journeyed to the Gaza Strip to prostrate himself before his secular deity, Hamas, and to assist its venture of perpetrating genocide against Israelis. Islamic terrorists, who call themselves “Salafists,” showed their gratitude to Arrigoni by kidnapping, mercilessly beating, and executing him.

This episode was, of course, all part of an expected script: even though the media and our higher literary culture never discuss the reasons, the historical record reveals one undeniable fact: like thousands of political pilgrims before him, Vittorio Arrigoni went to Gaza to die. Indeed, consciously or unconsciously, in their unquenchable quest for sacrificing human life on the altar of their utopian ideals, fellow travelers always lust for death, and if not the death of others, then of their own.

It is no coincidence that a short while before “Salafists” killed Arrigoni, Juliano Mer-Khamis, a cheerleader of terrorism in Israel who, like Arrigoni, dedicated his life to praising the Palestinian death cult and working for the annihilation of Israel, was murdered by Islamic terrorists in Jenin. It is no coincidence that Rachel Corrie, the infamous enabler of the International Solidarity Movement, a group that disrupts anti-terrorism activities of the Israel Defense Forces, committed suicide in protecting Hamas terrorists by throwing herself in front of an Israeli bulldozer. And it is no coincidence that female leftist “peace” activists are routinely raped, brutalized, and enslaved by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria that they come to aid and glorify in their Jew-hating odyssey against Israel. And don’t hold your breath, by the way, waiting for leftist feminists to protest this phenomenon; they are faithfully following in the footsteps of American fellow traveler Anna Louise Strong and the Stalinist German writer Bertolt Brecht, two typical leftist believers who were completely undisturbed by the arrests and deaths of their friends in the Stalinist purges — having never even inquired about them after their disappearance.

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  • Fatma

    Salafists aren't terrorists and you Can't use the term " Islamic terrorism ", it's a violation. Anyone of any religion or ethnicity can be a terrorist and that doesn't make his religion, race terrorizing. Stop using such hateful language. And who's committing genocide, you say Hamas against Israelis ? This brainwashing fantasies aren't believed anymore.

    • kafir4life

      Fatma…..Have you read the terror guide that mohamat the pedophile shat? It's mostly an endoresment of terror in the name of mohamat's made up moon god, allah. Here's a few passages from it for you. And by the way…"islamic terrorism" isn't a violation. It's an inconvenient truth.
      9-14: Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of Believers,
      009.029 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    • ziontruth

      "you Can't use the term 'Islamic terrorism', it's a violation."

      A violation of pro-Islamic and left-wing rules. Rules that don't apply here. You don't get to lay down the law on this forum.

      "Anyone of any religion or ethnicity can be a terrorist…"

      Correct. But Muslims are overrepresented.

      "…and that doesn't make his religion, race terrorizing."

      Strictly speaking, no. It's the Koran's instruction to "strike fear in their (=infidels') hearts" that makes it so.

      "And who's committing genocide, you say Hamas against Israelis ?"

      Currently no, because of, among others, security means Israel employs, which both Hamas and their left-wing sympathizers would like taken down, so as to enable Hamas to achieve that longed-for goal (God forbid). In other words: It's not for lack of trying.

    • Jim

      Will the dead non Muslims that died for Islam get 72 virgins or at least a couple.
      By the way when you get to heaven and you get a look at the 72 virgins and you finally understand why they remained virgins that not be too disappointed. Just put the veil back down and have your way with them.

    • Drunkbobby


      Salafists are terrorists, at least if they live by the teachings your closet case prophet placed in the not so holy koran. while not everyone who is a muslim by birth is a terrorist (or supports terrorism through 1/8 of the zakat), everyone who does follow the teaching is.

      as far as hateful language, as I live in the United States I am allowed to use whatever language I please. In this case I'd like to invite you to fellate a gopher. Then you'd have your head removed from the terminus of your digestive tract for at least a bit.