How Vittorio Arrigoni Went to Gaza Hoping to Die

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Bit by bit, decorate it, arrange the details, find the ingredients, imagine it, choose it, get advice on it, shape it into a work without spectators, one which exists only for oneself, just for the shortest little moment of life.

—Michel Foucault, describing the pleasure of preparing oneself for suicide.

The Italian cheerleader for Hamas, Vittorio Arrigoni, has died at the hands of the Islamic terrorism that he venerated throughout his life. The fellow traveler journeyed to the Gaza Strip to prostrate himself before his secular deity, Hamas, and to assist its venture of perpetrating genocide against Israelis. Islamic terrorists, who call themselves “Salafists,” showed their gratitude to Arrigoni by kidnapping, mercilessly beating, and executing him.

This episode was, of course, all part of an expected script: even though the media and our higher literary culture never discuss the reasons, the historical record reveals one undeniable fact: like thousands of political pilgrims before him, Vittorio Arrigoni went to Gaza to die. Indeed, consciously or unconsciously, in their unquenchable quest for sacrificing human life on the altar of their utopian ideals, fellow travelers always lust for death, and if not the death of others, then of their own.

It is no coincidence that a short while before “Salafists” killed Arrigoni, Juliano Mer-Khamis, a cheerleader of terrorism in Israel who, like Arrigoni, dedicated his life to praising the Palestinian death cult and working for the annihilation of Israel, was murdered by Islamic terrorists in Jenin. It is no coincidence that Rachel Corrie, the infamous enabler of the International Solidarity Movement, a group that disrupts anti-terrorism activities of the Israel Defense Forces, committed suicide in protecting Hamas terrorists by throwing herself in front of an Israeli bulldozer. And it is no coincidence that female leftist “peace” activists are routinely raped, brutalized, and enslaved by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria that they come to aid and glorify in their Jew-hating odyssey against Israel. And don’t hold your breath, by the way, waiting for leftist feminists to protest this phenomenon; they are faithfully following in the footsteps of American fellow traveler Anna Louise Strong and the Stalinist German writer Bertolt Brecht, two typical leftist believers who were completely undisturbed by the arrests and deaths of their friends in the Stalinist purges — having never even inquired about them after their disappearance.

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  • John

    Laughable journalism

  • Peter

    Disgusting journalism

  • andrea

    thanks israel for all this "true journalism"…it's better go and read fantasy stories

  • Giacomo

    arrigoni was killed by israel like all the other people!!tell the true if u are a man!

  • Ben Gurion

    Jamie Glazov has a PhD from where???? What a pathetic loser, taking money to shoot down all those heroes who would put their lives on the line for peace. What a hack.

  • k12

    I am so glad he was killed, whenever a enemy of the Jews or Israel is killed it is always a great day in the world

    • DeShawn

      And you wonder why everyone hates you? "Oy vey it's the antisemitism! It's irational." No, yid, it's disgusting jewish behavior. You are a race of thieves, murderers, liars and pedophiles.

  • DeShawn

    From the satanic TalMUD: "It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces." (Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388). Isreal killed this man, and the whole world knows it.

  • tony

    i hope all these morons have it coming to them. Great work, Mr. Glazov.

  • Michael

    Expect every envious Jew Hating moron to answer this article a hundred times under assumed identities. I believe that land taken away through murder should be given back to its rightful owners. The Romans and later the Islamic squatters who moved in on Israel should give the land back to the original occupants. It is mentioned over 300 times in the Jewish Bible which has been pilfered by many NEW religious movements. It is not mentioned once in the Koran. These are Bastard Religions who have no father except some criminal who stole the Holy Torah and corrupted it as basis for their Religions.
    Like all violent criminals they kill those whom they stole from. Palestinians as well as other Arab countries routinely murder and kill their own. They need no help from Israel. Each time Rockets hit the outskirts of Israel, Arabs in Israel die as they populate these outskirts. Only when Islamism is westernized in European Countries are they civilized except when they brainwashed by those from those countries.

  • Ann B

    Hey Deshawnie and other fake commenters. Thanks for proving our point that Islam are violent idiots who love to kill innocents. Funny how the "kidnappers" were killed instantly. Standing trial would have been a great voice for Palestinians. Why did HAMAS silence them with that phony story about suicide.

  • Steven L

    I know some Arabs use one hand for eating and one hand for wiping your a**. Apparently you've got your hands confused because mindless diarrhea is coming from these posts.
    In a recent poll 90 percent of Palestinians express a desire to leave the area for other Arab Countries and Western Countries They are happily living prosperously. Land given back to Arabs by Israel years ago remained unused today.

  • James

    Arrigoni who loved the camera and the attention had mentioned running for Political office. He was supported by many Palestinians and planned to announce his plans.
    HAMAS planned to kill Arrigoni and blame it on Israel. This man was no threat to Israel but indeed was a threat to those in the Political arena of Palestinians.
    These plans backfired as it simply made them seem more violent and opinions who matter blamed the Palestinians . The kidnappers had to be killed lest they reveal the truth about the plan.

  • Robert

    Like the Romans who conquered Israel. he came as the White Supremacist from Europe. The worse form of Racism is to rape the people you feel superior to. He did metaphorically rape the Palestinians as a Journalist. He reveled in the glory and attention and said everything they wanted to hear. He would lead the ignorant unwashed Palestinians and become their Prime Minister. The "White Messiah.
    He became a threat to those in Power and had to be eliminated.

  • Mike

    Islam is not a religion. It is a suicidial barbaric cult of degenerates, rapists, and child molesters. Proven over and over.

  • Just a messenger

    Posted by: AdinaF, Israel
    Apr 21, 05:33 AM American Thinker

    Living in the epicenter of the Islamic beast I do not have the luxury of being blind to reality. The facts on the ground are indeed ominous. I – and many other non fantasists in Israel – firmly believe that in the near future there will be a mega war in the Middle East where Israel will be their main target. It is not for nothing that the Samson Option is being spoken about in many forums. Westerners must understand the following – while our leaders often leave alot to be desired, in one arena they are adamant. IF our very existence is on the line there is no doubt that we will employ the Samson Option. The Mahdi may, or may not appear, but every area in the Mid East will be rendered comatose, Mecca and Medina too. Moreover, some 'other' capitals are in Israel's sites, as they too will deserve their comeuppance. We may very well go down, but we will take millions upon millions with us.

  • Just a messenger

    .Posted by: AdinaF, Israel
    Apr 21, 05:33 AM American Thinker

    Israel's Samson Option has a second strike capacity. This means, even if heaven forfend we go down our enemies will reap the whirlwind. Our capabilities can be achieved from land, sea and air, thus rendering the world a wasteland. I repeat – we will not go down alone, there will be no passivity as there was during the Holocaust. IF our history has taught us anything post WW2 it is never to rely on others for our ultimate survival. Revenge towards active and passive players will be swift and massive.

    Pass the above on because it is not just an Israeli problem, it is a world problem. What happens in the Middle East (particularly towards Israel) will reverberate around the world.

  • Gedaliah

    Are all your authors psychotic, out of touch with reality, or is it just Jamie Glazov?