Is Europe Doomed?

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First the large-scale level: it may sound absurd to an American reader, but it is also tragically true that it is nearly taboo in Europe to admire your country.  Better to feel shame and guilt for Europe’s history – the Crusades, colonialism, etc.  This form of self-flagellation is encouraged especially by the intellectual elite.  It seems almost to have been dropped down the memory hole that the world’s most humane and developed societies were created in the West as a result of a several-hundred-year-long struggle for freedom.  Why have we managed to create such good societies that give individuals such a unique degree of personal freedom?  Why is there a one-way stream over the bridge from the Muslim world to Europe?  I think we need to be more aware of the process that led us to this freedom, for that’s the only way we can pass on this magnificent liberty to the next generation.

Europe has been in deep ideological crises before.  I think that every generation needs to be brought up to understand and appreciate freedom – to know how it comes into being, to know what makes it tick, to know what can bring it down. In the 1930s and 1970s, many young people and intellectuals lost sight of crucial democratic values and principles.  At those times, the threats we faced were Nazism, and later Communism and Marxism.  Today, and for the foreseeable future, the danger takes the form of ideological fanaticism on the part of people who think that religious law should supersede democratic law,

In order to be able to resist this menace, we need a society in which citizens have a firm appreciation of democracy, a knowledge of its history, and a familiarity with its key texts, and a reverence for its fundamental values.  Democracy stands or falls on citizens’ love and persistence – their fierce loyalty to these fundamental principles and values.  For this reason I want to see a ”democracy canon” introduced into European schools and into the public debates about issues that will shape the society we leave our children.  Our democracy is precious; we can’t afford to lose it.  Yet we may well lose it, nevertheless, if we take it for granted and sleep in class.

We need a quick wake-up call, and political action, and forms of immigration that are sustainable in terms of both economics and values.  Let me give an example of the latter.  There’s at least one group of Muslim immigrants in Europe who represent a decided asset for the societies in which they live.  I’m speaking of those Persians who fled Iranian despotism beginning in the 1980s and 90s.   Most of them are well educated people who came from intellectual and political families.  They had already assimilated into our values before they arrived.  Most of them have been success stories: they got good jobs and are full and active members of society.  At the same time they have preserved traditions from their culture which do not interfere with human rights, such as celebrating the Iranian New Year.

On the other hand, we find typical immigrants from rural villages in Pakistan who have come to the West, in most cases, through a relative.  This immigration has cost a lot, both in a literal economic sense (because of low employment rates and high welfare dependency) and because most of these people, in their minds, are still living in Pakistan.  For many of them, Norway is only a cash cow.  In other words, immigration policy must be changed in such a way as to ensure that Europe will receive immigrants who can contribute to their new societies in every possible way.  If not, welfare outlays will have to be cut, as is already happening in places like Britain.  Such developments may well lead to social unrest and conflicts between groups.

Let me just add this, to avoid any possible misunderstandings: I think we should be generous to real political refugees.  For example, an Iraqi friend of mine had his back broken in Saddam Hussein’s prisons.  He’ll never be able to work and contribute economically to society.  Of course a person like him, a real freedom fighter, should be allowed to live in the West and receive public benefits.

An immigration policy that is genuinely sustainable in terms of values requires that we be extremely wary of the power of Islam.  For this reason, applications for asylum should be rejected if they’re based on religious grounds that guarantee that the individuals will remain on the outside of mainstream society.  I’m thinking especially of people who don’t allow their daughters, say, to take swimming lessons or to go camping.  When immigrants refuse to take part in mainstream society, and refuse also to allow their children to do so, they are treating their children intolerably and acting in a way that will ultimately bring down the society itself.

Which brings us to level number two: forms of assault that Europe has never seen before, including family executions (honor killings) and genital mutilation.  Europe is failing to prevent these outrages.  Let me give an example that shows how barbarity needs to be dealt with, and one example that shows the opposite, both of them drawn from the book.  In June  2006, nine people were on trial in Denmark.  One was accused of having shot his 18-year-old Danish-Pakistani sister, Ghazala, in the open street.  The eight others, family members and friends, were his accomplices in what had clearly been an out-and-out hunt for the young woman.  The family had set up guard posts, patrolled the streets, kept in close touch with one another in order to circle in on the girl and lure her into the trap by exploiting her weakest point – her hope for forgiveness from those whom she loved, in spite of everything: her own family.  Forgiveness for having married the person she loved, a young Danish-Afghani man.

But this hope ended in murder – a murder in which nine conspirators were involved, and for which all of them were found guilty.  The father, who had pronounced his daughter’s death sentence, was sent to prison for life, The brother who had been chosen by the family to commit the murder got 16 years.  The aunt who lured Ghazala into the trap by exploiting her longing for her family’s love got 14 years, after which she would be expelled from the country (she was not a Danish citizen).  The mildest sentence – 8 years – was meted out to the person who had driven around in a taxicab searching for the girl.

These verdicts represent a milestone in the history of European judicial rulings and are unique in international jurisprudence. Denmark firmly refused to show ”cultural understanding.”  Or, more accurately, Denmark showed that it understood these people’s culture very well: Ghazala had been the victim of a planned execution in which everyone played a part.  This is the way that honor killing should be treated by courts, and since that ruling, Denmark has not experienced a single honor killing.

The other case is a complete tragedy that concerns four Norwegian born sisters with Gambian parents.  The girls were taken to Gambia in 2003, at which time they ranged in age from 3 to 9.  There they were subjected to ritual female genital mutilation in the African jungle. In the summer of 2005 I visited them in Gambia, and found four emotionally withdrawn children under the “care” of their father’s wife number two.

When I returned to Norway I reported this crime to the Oslo police.  They acted at once.  But they ran into a wall: the Gambian authorities, ignoring these girls’ Norwegian citizenship, treat these girls as Gambian nationals, and as long as the parents refused to cooperate by returning the girls to Norway, there was nothing the Norwegian police could do.

Nonetheless, three years later, in 2008, something was done: the parents had two more daughters, who were then aged 3 and 5.  They were given medical exams, which showed that the older girl had also been genitally mutilated.  The father was taken into custody (a historic imprisonment in Norway), but was let out after a couple of months.  Even though the police had definitive evidence that the girl had been mutilated, the father was not charged with a crime.  The parents got off simply by denying that they knew that the girl had been mutilated!  All four of the sisters in Gambia are still being held captive there – and this has had no effect on their parents’ status in Norway.  On the contrary, the parents have continued all along to receive Norwegian welfare benefits.

My conclusion in this extremely serious case is that we need to employ much, much stronger methods – especially where the health and human rights of children are concerned.  In the book I argue that these parents have proven beyond a doubt that they still live, mentally speaking, in Gambia; they have violated all their obligations as parent; and they refuse to bring their children home to Norway, the country of their birth.  These parents have acquired Norwegian citizenship only for their own economic convenience.  My proposal in the book is that these people’s citizenship should be revoked and that they should be sent back to Gambia, while Norway takes custody of the two girls who live in Norway.  After all, if Norwegian authorities had been able to take such action in 2003, when the girls were dumped in Gambia, I believe the girls would still be in Norway – going to school, unmutilated.  The parents would not have dared to risk the possibility of being kicked off the Norwegian gravy train.

We need to address these problems, and fast.  To quote one of Norway’s most beloved poets of the post-World War II era, Inger Hagerup, wrote in her poem “Be Impatient!”:

There’s no time to lose.
It can go wrong again.
What is it we want?

We must be committed to the defense of our fundamental values. We must be committed to the creation of a society based on these values. And we must be committed to raising everyone’s awareness that our contemporary struggle for freedom in the West requires the contributions of everybody.

FP: Hege Storhaug, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

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  • Abigail

    As the author of a similar book, "Radical State: How Jihad is Winning Over Democracy in the West," I congratulate Ms. Storhaug for her work, and her courage in speaking truths so many in Europe still refuse to say aloud. More important, it is crucial that Americans be awakened to the situation in Europe, and what it portends for the USA. Hopefully her book will aid in the efforts to make that happen.

    • Steve

      Or perhaps the greatest threat to the US are the Mexican illegals who are actively working to subvert the integrity of the Republic's commitment to a cohesive national culture based on the English language and the European Enlightenment.

      • LastAmerivan

        lets not forget their roach-like behavior as it bankrupts us state by state

    • Causality


      When did it become an act of bravery to write a book? A book about a subject that has already been widely covered?

      "truths so many in Europe still refuse to say aloud"


      There, i said it. Do we really need to kick in open doors and make a lot of noise while doing so?

      • Abigail

        Evidently, you've never written a book. Evidently, courage is something you know little about, since you hide behind a false identity. And evidently, you, too, have trouble speaking truths that no one else is willing to speak, preferring, rather, the ones they are. More of these, we don't need, thanks.

  • Tommo2

    Good luck with your book Hege. Unfortunately I think the only people that will read it will be those already acquainted with Islamic creep and unbridled Muslim arrogance and crime in their own countries.

    We are really looking for solutions to the problem and not more case studies of Muslim aggression on their children and their wives. We would also like to know how to deal with governments who know that third world immigration is against the wishes of the people but continue to import them. Daily our towns and cities are being filled up with black faces but all the government do is legislate to prevent anyone talking about the situation on the grounds of racial prejudice and Islamophobia. Under these conditions our nationhood and childrens' futures looks very bleak indeed.

    • nina


      • Tommo2

        A change of government has done nothing to halt the flow of rampant immigration. There would seem to be a desire amongst the elite and liberal left to flood the country with Muslims to weaken nationalism and to bring about a social change that will deny Christianity a place in our culture and our heritage along with it.

        • Causality

          Are you talking about the elite and liberal left that also eats human babies?

    • fmobler

      The way to address this is to put the best books of this kind into the hands of your more naive friends and relatives. I'll read this one and decide if it is well-enough argued to give it to others. I have found that it is not even to recommend a book to someone. Everyone has an over-ambitious reading list. If I think it's important, I buy extra copies for targeted audiences.

      • Abigail

        Then I hope that you will read mine ("Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West") as well. Some of the top people in this field (Steve Emerson, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, Phyllis Chesler, and more) have found it "important" – so perhaps you would, as well.

    • abigail

      I find your reference to "black faces' more than offensive. That said, I think you're right that she is speaking to the choir. Unfortunately, some members of that choir are racist pigs, not reasonable people, which won't help anything.

      • Tommo2

        How would you describe these coloured people then? Are you pretending they are the same as us in all respects? Or are you also one of the naive liberal left that condemn criticism of Islam as racism?

        • Abigail

          That's pretty funny. First of all, you clearly don't do your research, or you'd know what I believe, who I am, what I write, what I stand for. And you'd also know that being Muslim has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of someone's skin.
          Or are you one of the racist fascist right that believes that blond former choirboys from Long Island who convert to Islam and attempt to bomb American landmarks are actually black men in disguise?

          • Tommo2

            The racist/ fascist card is old hat and used consistently when the argument centres around personalities and not issues.

            Personally I couldn't care less about colour but the truth is that Muslims, almost without exception in my country, are black and you cannot hide the facts. Known Muslim terrorists cells operating in the country are all black. The large majority of race attacks are black on white. Grooming of underage white girls for sex is endemic and being carried out by gangs of Asians of Pakistani origin throughout the whole of the country. There are more black Muslims in jail per capita than non-Muslims. This has nothing to do with racism on my part but the facts speak for themselves.

            It concerns me that while Americans concentrate on the Islamic threat, the actual takeover of their country will be from Hispanics whose numbers are rising so fast as to be totally out of control. Your children better learn Spanish because that is what your new government will be speaking.

          • abigail

            I used the "racist/fascist" thing because I wanted to point to the silliness of your "liberal" one.

            I don't know what country you're in. I can tell you that many known terrorists in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and the USA are white. The number of British women converting to Islam from Christianity is astounding.

            As for the Hispanic issue in America – you're about 40 years late on this one. We've been dealing with this a long time. It's been handled well, and will continue to be handled well. Of course, if you hate anyone who isn't Christian, white, and blonde, you wouldn't understand that. Let me guess: you think Obama is a Muslim and the Jews perpetrated 9/11.

          • Tommo2

            Why are you doing this? Stop applying labels to me. You couldn't be more wrong.

            I am for America and Israel. I promote free speech and counter anti-semitic propaganda everywhere. I am also in favour of selective immigration from the third world but not the open door policy that we are experiencing.

            I am glad to hear that the US are tackling mass Hispanic expansionism. We don't get to read too much about it. Perhaps that could be the subject of your next book.

  • Fred Husby

    Hege is a knowledgeable and interesting woman to listen to. She is a great resource for us Norwegians.

  • LindaRivera

    Hege is doing wonderful work! I also agree with her about the Persians!

    The huge problem is no matter how many laws are passed now, they will all be rendered null and void once Muslims via the massive Muslim immigration invasion and HUGE families achieve the numbers in Europe and the UK that will transform Europe and the UK into Islamic countries ruled by Islamic sharia law. It is predicted this is only years away. G-D help Europe and the UK.

    Either take action now or face a living hell in Europe and the UK where civilization is annihilated and the defenseless indigenous people live in moment-to-moment daily fear. The god of Islam is the complete opposite of our loving, merciful, awesome and glorious G-D – Master of the Universe.

  • Anita

    It may very well be too late for Europe to turn this situation around, since the poplulation is growng and influence is expanding with every generaration. Add to this the growing numbers of unemployed Arab youth and the powder keg gets closer to massive explosion. Too many so-called progressives asleep at this wheel…Eurabia, here you come…

    • nina

      Add to this the huge amounts of petro-dollars that buy up universities fund chairs, and make up the curicula, and you have got a tragedy in the making.

    • Causality

      Explosion? 5 billion years from now the sun will explode.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The only solution for the West is to ban and reverse all Muhammadan immigration ASAP, as mass Muhammadan immigration is demographic conquest, which is the most prevalently employed form of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad in the world today. Indeed, everywhere in the world where mass Muhammadan immigration has occurred, without a single exception, the vast overwhelming majority of Muhammadan immigrants have flat out refused to assimilate and integrate and have formed instead Muhammadan no-zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies within a society and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. This manifestation is not by accident. It is by design, as it is demographic conquest. Indeed, devout Muhammadans never migrate to the West to assimilate and integrate, but instead to eventually subjugate and dominate.

    The world needs to become un-transfixed only on terrorism (violent jihad), because not only is it the least prevalently employed form of jihad in the world today, but also because the Islamic world can never hope to defeat the West via hydra-headed terrorists. However, through stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad, which is exponentially far more prevalently employed today as opposed to violent jihad, the Islamic world can and will eventually conquer the West. Indeed, the Ivory Coast was just recently conquered by Islam thanks primarily due to demographic conquest, stealth, and deception.

    • stevehayes

      Imams in these western countries have to be held accountable and deported as well as the mosques heavily fined or closed if they are found to be teaching any practices that are against the law.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Indeed, you sound like the Steve Hayes with the Weekly Standard, which is the magazine of record for the country club establishment RINO Republicans. You know the liberals masquerading as conservatives that have managed to hijack the Republican Party and turn it into the second coming of the Democratic Party.

        With all due respect, you can deport all the imams you want, but you will just be spinning your wheels. The problem is not with radical Imams or even with radical Islam, the problem is with mainstream orthodox Muhammadans and mainstream orthodox Islam. Indeed, the notion of a radical Islam and radical Muhammadans is a politically correct myth being sold by the government and the media, as their can only be one and only one Islam, since the texts and tenets of Islam are immutable and any Muhammadan seen as changing just one word, would instantly be charged with blasphemy, which under Islam is a capital offense. Anyway, if you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, then, by all means, please explain why unbelievers living in every Muhammadan majority country in the world, without a single exception, are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted, when not outright slaughtered altogether.

  • steven l

    The EU govts will sacrifice their own people for the……….OIL they desperately need and to keep POWER.
    Unless the US …..

  • Frank

    I cannot agree with the emphasis of Miss Storhaug's book. By her reckoning, we are given to believe that preserving the abstract values of the Enlightenment and protecting non-European peoples from the depravations inflicted on them by their own peoples and backward cultures is to supersede in importance the very continued existence of the blood-peoples native to Europe. This is self-evidently absurd. Interests must logically precede rights in importance.

  • Frank

    There is no more fundamental interest than the continuity of life itself, from which all rights must logically flow. It is the continuity of the life of the blood-peoples native to Europe, indeed of the entire European diaspora globally, which is now under an existential assault. Those of us who love our people, and would see them live and not perish from the earth, must necessarily reject any talk of "assimilating" "immigrants" not of our blood as it is a thinly veiled way of saying Whiteness can tolerably be bred out so long as some measure of cultural compatibility can be achieved. I would be entirely shocked if anyone could gainsay what I have above said one iota as they would have then revealed themselves as fundamentally hostile to the continued existence of European-derived people.

    • Causality

      All homo sapiens sapiens are of african descent. Knowledge and culture are maintained in brains, not in blood or skin color.

  • Mike

    Way to go Europe. You''ve slowly boned yourself. The world has spent thousands of years fighting each other and separating itself into groups that get along the best with each other. And here we are years later with certain men and their "superior knowledge and understanding of mankind" telling us that we should all come together again and that multiculturalism is always a good thing. Ha! Yea right.

    • Causality

      A globalized world requires an all inclusive morality … or WW3

  • jacob

    In all honesty, I don't feel a bit sorry for what is in storage for Judeophobic Europe

    Let it feel in their own flesh from Muslims what they have been inflicting for
    centuries on the Jewish people, culminating with the monstrosity of the Holocaust which too many of them WILLINGLY helped the Nazis to perpetrate, Judeophoby
    that even today is alive and kicking…

    If thanks to their own stupidity they get the Muslim boot on their necks, then so be

    What more proof is needed, than a moronic Dutch court is judging WILDERS….??


    • Causality

      "Muslims what they have been inflicting for centuries on the Jewish people, culminating with the monstrosity of the Holocaust"

      It was national socialism (single-culturalism) and religiously fueled (christian) anti semitism that resulted in the Holocaust. Keep up the preaching if you want the next holocaust to be on muslims.

  • SwampFox2U

    Control of the population seems to be the objective of the Left. It seems those of multi-culturism live under the delusion they will gain the support of the Muslims in their Socialist objectives. Anyone who can read should know Islam has a different objective and in the end will control the Multi-culturalist of Europe under Islamic Culture and Law.

    • Causality

      Control of the population seems to be the objective of the Right. It seems those of single-culturism live under the delusion they will gain the support of the Christians in their Fascist objectives. Anyone who can read should know Christianity has a different objective and in the end will control the Single-culturalist of America under Christian Culture and Law.

      O wait … this already happened and probably explains your post.

  • Jay

    Obviously, a large percentage of Muslims who choose to gain European citizenship do so knowing that any and all promises to abide by Western standards of law are an act. It's part of the game that their immigration lawyers tell them how to play. Ms. Storhaug probably knows this since she's listed the Muslim no-go zones, along with all their imported anti-Western cultural attributes, many of which are against everything the West stands for.

    Ironically, these Muslims also enjoy Western freedom, but in the worst way – to be allowed to trash Western philosophy as a right of their freedom. They see "freedom" not as a "human right," but as a right to dehumanize others, especially women. And we won't even mention their Mosques where weekly calls for genocide against infidels is already known. Freedom can work to strengthen the country, or to demolish it from the inside if that is what they want. Sharia and any semblance of respect for its rules will destroy whatever Western nation allows it, directly or indirectly through tacit consent.

    How can Europe handle this black hole it's slipping into? One way would be to create laws allowing for the revocation of citizenship under certain circumstances, especially fraud. A Muslim who becomes a citizen takes vows to abide by their country's laws. Any act that implies a respect for Sharia is tantamount to a fraudulent obtaining of citizenship, and should be revoked. Even the aiding and abetting of such anti-Western or national law breaking would be included, such as helping bring immigrants into their country knowing that there is a likelihood of criminal activity.

    A specific list of the types of crimes prohibited should be part of citizenship, and even visa, documents. It can include many crimes, not just those allowed under Sharia. One thing is certain, upon learning of many families sent back to their former homes in the Middle East, tens of thousands of Muslims will feel the fear.

    It will have a direct impact. Much more than putting criminals of honor killings in prison, which, by the way, costs $100,000 (in U.S.) per year per prisoner. Europe will eventually go broke imprisoning this growing criminal menace and in trying to police it before hand. Arrests, trials, witnesses, investigations, etc. will become overwhelming for the growing Sharia-inspired crimes, and will kill both the economy and culture at the same time. Revocation of citizenship and visas should be considered. These are not normal times for Europe.

  • Tommo2

    I listened to Dr Taj Hargey on BBC Newsnight programme last night who is chair of the Muslim Education Centre, Oxford and is probably the first moderate Muslim I have heard who describes how the export to the West of a backward and 'highly toxic caricature of Islam' , known as Wahhabism, has been peddled across the world spreading sectarian poison.

    Dr Hargey advocates the reforming of Islam from the pristine teaching of the Koran and ignoring the Hadiths which, he says, were compiled by non-Arabs 250-years after Mohammed's death. The reformation of Islam is still in its infancy but finding opposition in reactionary clergy and their supporters. Perhaps the government should be funding Dr Hargey's efforts and not the Muslim Brotherhood which continues to support Sharia Law and the oppressive forms of Islam.

    Please read more: