Islam’s Persecution of Christians in Malaysia

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is The Anti-Jihadist, a counter-jihad writer, activist and critic of Islam who resides in a majority Muslim country. He writes under a pseudonym for reasons that do not need to be explained. His work can also be found at Jihad Watch, Infidel Bloggers Alliance and Pedestrian Infidel.

FP: Welcome The Anti-Jihadist to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about the Muslim persecution of Christians in Malaysia. But first, tell us a bit about your background and how you arrived to being who you are.

The Anti-Jihadist: In order to protect my identity, I’d rather not get into too many specifics about my background, for reasons I hope you and your readers understand. Suffice it to say that I grew up in a middle class, educated family where the discussion of politics and other ‘sensitive’ topics was encouraged. I grew to appreciate and then embrace this intellectual sort of freedom.

As I grew older, I began to notice differences between what I heard the government say or what was taught in school, and what was really happening in the world, but I learned to keep such thoughts to myself in order to get along. Then 9-11 happened and it turned the world upside down, my own perception of it in particular. I wanted to be surprised that Muslims had carried out mass murder explicitly in the name of Islam, but I wasn’t. Another shock for me was when I found out that the Muslims — jihadists, Al Qaeda members and others — who planned the attacks in New York and Washington had had a big planned meeting right here in Kuala Lumpur (the capital and biggest city in Malaysia) in early 2000. And the conspiracy theories about 9-11, the increased appearance of anti-Semitic diatribes in Malaysian bookshops (one tome by Henry Ford is popular here) were things that I simply could not turn a blind eye to anymore. Lastly, Malaysian terrorist Azahari Husin had his hero’s sendoff near Kuala Lumpur in 2005, and about the same time the Malaysian Christian convert Lina Joy was told by this nation’s highest court that she was not allowed to become a Christian, despite the fact that religious freedom is supposedly guaranteed by Malaysia’s constitution. By then, I could no longer hold back my pent-up disgust and outrage at what was happening.

FP: So you turned your back on Islam?

TAJ: I don’t want your readers to have the impression that I am now or ever was a Muslim. While I am not a Muslim, I have indeed been asked to become one, on more than one occasion and with varying degrees of seriousness. ‘Dawah’, or Islamic prosetylization, is never too far away in Malaysia.

Deciding that Islam as an ideology (and not Muslims per se) was my enemy was a personal Rubicon for me, a step that, once taken, could never be retracted. I understood how serious this was, from my own studies of Islam, from my knowledge of what’s happened to other critics of Islam, and from the repeated warnings here in Malaysia regarding ‘insults’ to Islam — i.e. being too truthful about it.  And the pointed Malaysian warnings about being ‘respectful’ of all religions (‘respect’ for Islam is all the government here really cares about) make it very clear that criticism of Islam is a big, big red line that should never be crossed.  Furthermore, in Malaysia it’s quite legal for anyone to be arrested and held indefinitely without charge, trial or access to legal council.  It’s a law called the ‘Internal Security Act’ or ‘ISA’ for short and it’s positively medieval. ISA is one of the reasons that you rarely hear criticism of Islam from anyone in this country, in public and even in private, no matter how outrageous things get.

So around late 2005, when I made my fateful personal decision to take up the cause of counter-jihad, to oppose Islam, I told very, very few people. Thankfully, my significant other, a former Muslima, who has known since the beginning, has fully supported me. I have a very small circle of close friends with whom I’ve shared my views, my articles, and so on.

Beyond that, I’ve told no one–not my family, my colleagues, acquaintances and most of my friends. My counter-jihad writing and work are secrets that I’ve been compelled to keep in order to ensure my continued survival.  And it is a wearisome burden, I can assure you. My writing and my political views has, in essence, forced me to live a double life. Beyond my trusted circle I cannot afford to tell anyone about what I know, or my writing, or about what others in the counter-jihad are saying. So there has been a personal toll–I’ve had to become paranoid, and always watchful about what I say around others. But I’ve never considered going back to what I was before. I can’t and I won’t.

FP: Share with us what is happening to Christians in your country.

TAJ: I live in Malaysia, and Malaysians will typically tell foreigners that all members of all religions are treated ‘equally’ and get along amicably. That’s the image sold overseas, at any rate. The reality is quite different. Islam is the official state religion, so it enjoys all sorts of official and unofficial privileges, such as lavish state-built mosques, massive taxpayer-funded proselytization programmes for Muslims (but not for other belief systems), sprawling Government-run Islamic universities, a distinct pro-Islamic and pro-jihad tilt in the state-owned and influenced media, and more.

On a more personal level, Muslims in Malaysia have on numerous occasions destroyed churches, sometimes with official backing on the flimsiest of pretexts (like for supposed ‘code violations’). The same has also happened to Hindu and Buddhist temples. Bibles are sometimes seized in carload lots by the (Muslim) authorities on one technicality or another. New church construction is heavily discouraged, and it takes years if not decades for new churches to be approved and built. And they must be built in a ‘low profile’ manner if they are allowed to be built at all.

All of these restrictions and the drip-drip-drip of discrimination, or worse, creates a tense and foreboding atmosphere for Christians. It’s pointless for Christians — who are mostly Indians and Chinese — to petition the Malay (Muslim) government for any sort of redress of grievances, because the police, courts and judges here are all owned and operated by Muslims.  So increasingly, the ‘infidels’ are leaving — permanently.  The same sort of Islamic repression of Christians that has played out in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan and virtually every other Muslim-ruled country is also playing out here.

FP: Why are Muslims persecuting Christians in Malaysia and elsewhere and why is the world so silent about it?

TAJ: Islam is an ideological system which forever cleaves the world into two parts–believers (i.e. Muslims) and the unbelievers (non Muslims), separate and very much unequal. No matter how much Muslims may huff and puff otherwise, unbelievers are never and can never be treated as the equal of any believer.

Many good writers–Raymond Ibrahim, Robert Spencer, Hugh Fitzgerald, and others–have eloquently and painstakingly written as to the exact reasons why Islam is so violent and vicious towards other belief systems.  Suffice it to say that violence and intolerance is hard-coded into Islam’s ‘software'; it’s not a ‘bug’, but a feature.  Any honest appraisal of the Quran, Hadith and Sira (Islam’s core texts) will bear this out.

In Malaysia, the Muslim-controlled government goes to strenuous lengths to make it appear that this country is a ‘harmonious’ mixture of various belief systems.  The key word is ‘appear’. Malaysia is indeed a mix of different religions, but it is kept ‘harmonious’ only through Islamic coercion — official and otherwise — and the threat (sometimes actual acts) of violence. ‘Harmonious’ also is a code word in Malaysian political discourse for ‘Islam must remain culturally and politically dominant’. Malaysian Muslims are also never willing to state for the record that a Hindu, Buddhist or Christian is the equal of a Muslim.  They cannot — their belief system specifically forbids it, and if a Muslim believes otherwise, he is automatically an apostate — a traitor to Islam.

Malaysia is also becoming more ‘Islamified’ as the years go by — Muslims are become more pious, or at least make more of a show of it more by wearing hijabs, tudongs and other Islamic garb, attending mosque more often, and in other, less obvious but more sinister ways (hatred of America, of Jews and so on). Additionally, and more importantly, the growing Islamification is increasing the numbers of Muslims in Malaysia through procreation, conversion and immigration, and compelling the non Muslims to leave. The departing non-Muslims — mostly Christians, but also Buddhists and Hindus — tend to be the most educated, entrepreneurial and productive Malaysians.  This has the makings of a long term economic catastrophe for Malaysia, if the Muslims and their government could but clear the fog of Islam from their minds and come to honest grips with the problem.  This ‘brain drain’ issue is well known inside Malaysia, but the real causes (Islamic-inspired bigotry, persecution, enforcement of sharia) are not discussed, or allowed to be discussed openly.

Why is the world silent?  Well, for many of the same reason that the views commonly expressed in FrontPage Magazine are, regrettably, probably not (yet) the views of the majority of Americans. The silence is, as I see it, a combination of many factors: a sincere misunderstanding of Islam, willful blindness, leftist slash Muslim misdirection (‘taqiyya‘), and a dash of NIMBY-ism (‘not in my back yard’) thrown in for good measure. Who cares about Christians in Malaysia getting their Bibles seized or their churches bulldozed or blocked from construction?  Certainly not the Europeans — they barely care when Jews and Christians in their own streets are terrorized by Muslim thugs, and Europeans (at least the non Muslim ones) are increasingly turning away from Christianity.

As for the Americans, they and their media seem to care vastly more about, say, Sarah Palin’s email, or the reality TV show of the week, or their own economic meltdown, then about a bunch of Christians in a far away corner of Asia. The US Government is hardly better — discussion of Muslim persecution of Christians, which is tantamount to criticizing Islam, is heavily discouraged in US government circles, to the best of my knowledge. Who does that leave? The U.N.? Forget about them — anyone criticizing Islam is not even going to get their foot in the door at Turtle Bay, let alone be heard. The Chinese? The Russians?  Last I checked with Freedom House, those two countries are not exactly beacons of freedom either.

So for the foreseeable future, the Christians of Malaysia and critics of Islam everywhere are on their own. Which is something I’ve pretty much known since the beginning.

FP: Why are Europeans so indifferent to the persecutions of Jews and Christians in their own streets?

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  • Femi Mafe

    The envy of Islamists leads them to see Jews and Christians as their greatest threat and they are bent on anything to bring an Islamic Supremacy over the whole world. They have taken away the peace of many regions and nations in the attempt. It's not only Malaysia. Many zones of the globe are embroiled in uncessary violence and carnage, all in the name of Jihad!

    • Jacob

      Jews and Christians have abrogated their scriptures by the Final Prophet (and Seal of the Prophets) Muhammad. Also there is this verse:

      "You will find, as being the worst among mankind and your enemies, to be the Jews and the ones who commit Shirk."

      That is Jews and Christians, because Shirk is classified in Sharia' as:

      1. Associating partners with Allah
      2. Regarding the ruling of one individual over that of Allah
      3. Forbidding what Allah has made lawful and making lawful what Allah prohibits.

      "They have taken their monks and rabbis as gods besides Allah…" (Qur'an 9:34)

      Ad' ibn Abi Hatim went to Muhammad, (he was a christian previously) and said: "What is this!? We never worshipped them!" And he explained: "They made lawful what Allah prohibits and prohibited what Allah made lawful."

  • Chezwick_mac

    The reporting on the persecution of Christians in Darul Islam is done mainly by three sources:'Compass Direct' (a Christian publication), 'Dawn' (a Pakistani publication), and 'Asia News'.

    Question: Where is AP, the NYTimes, and the WashPost?

    Answer: Completely uninterested in covering this particular story, regardless of the wheres and whats.

    Question: Why?

    Answer: Because 1) It invalidates the multicultural narrative that all cultures share common values and are therefore equally valid, and 2) Muslims are now, like blacks, Hispanics and woman, a "protected" class of people.

    On those occasions when AP or the Times DO report on Muslim-on-Christian violence, it is worded in ways that make it sound mutual, i.e., "Sectarian Violence Grips Nigeria', 'Inter-Communal Riots in Egypt',…masking the reality that the violence is almost always one-way

    The other day, Egyptian Copts were set upon by a Muslim mob, and AP's headline read: 'Clashes involving Copts in Egypt'. The inference – unless one actually read the story – was that Copts were fighting among themselves and Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with the story

    The media is riddled with this kind of intellectual corruption, every bit as much as the universities…and the exposition of truth is conscientiously sacrificed in both institutions in order to preserve a particular narrative.

    • kafirman

      Anyone who employs the term "multicultural narrative" is a force for good. But you, my friend, are more than that. God bless you.

      • Chezwick_mac

        Thanks friend.

    • jawed

      busy promoting your extremist views huh? ok carry on carry on

      • Chezwick_mac

        Well, to quote from your own (leftist) political lexicon, one man's "extremist" is another man's freedom fighter.

      • StephenD

        Perhaps I can learn something here. Would you expand on this and show his "extremist views" since, for the life of me, I can't find. I always thought "Truth" stood on its own and negated the need for a modifier. So now, where is the “Extreme?”

  • jawed

    This article lacks credibility and completely ignores the thousands of years that non-Muslims were living in Muslim lands, not as slaves or dhimmis, but as successful merchants and citizens. Even today, there are hundreds of not thousands of non-Muslim millionaires in Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, and many other Muslim majority countries.

    • Chezwick_mac

      Not as slaves, but ALWAYS as dhimmis. Islamic history is replete with the slaughter and oppression of dhimmis.

      And when you speak of the non-Muslims of Egypt today, why not mention the trash people, who live recycling the refuse of their Muslim overlords? Why not mention the Copts who endure church-burnings and episodic pogroms at the hands of the Muslim mob (typically on Friday, as they emerge from mosque, galvanized by the hate-filled rhetoric of local Imams)?

      For that matter, why not mention the episodic church-burnings in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Indonesia and elsewhere in your wonderful Darul Islam? Why not mention the kidnapped Christian girls in Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere who are forced to convert to Islam and become sex slaves to their abductors ('husbands")? Why not mention the use of blasphemy laws in Pakistan to persecute Christians and seize their property?

      Why not mention the mass killings of almost 10,000 Nigerian Christians in the last decade by Muslim extremists? Or the killing of 5000 in Sulawesi?…(more than Palestinian victims of the I/P conflict over the same period). How about the killing or deliberate starvation of over 1.5 million Christian and animist Sudanese over the last 30 years?

      Why not mention the increasing flight of Christians from almost every Muslim-majority domain in the world?

      All this is readily verifiable from multiple sources. And folks, keep in mind that if anything remotely resembling this kind of persecution of Christians in Muslim lands were happening to Muslims in Christian lands, the cacophony of outrage from our own media and universities would be deafening. As it is, when a Muslim is inconvenienced with a little extra scrutiny at an airport in America, this is considered a horrific injustice.

    • traeh

      jawed, you are way mistaken or misled.

      From the International Religious Freedom Reports for 2009:

      "In [January 2008] …the [Cairo Administrative] court wrote that principles of Islamic law forbid Muslims from converting away from Islam…"

      "…The approval process for church construction continued to be hindered by lengthy delays, often measured in years,…"

      "…the Government's interpretation of Shari'a…dictates "no jurisdiction of a non-Muslim over a Muslim…"

      "…the Government discriminates against non-Muslims…"

      "…On December 13, 2008, airport security officials arrested a convert from Islam to Christianity…The convert subsequently told U.S. officials that state security officials raped her multiple times and subjected her to other physical and mental abuse…to pressure her to revert to Islam…"

      "…A male convert from Islam to Christianity told U.S. officials that agents of State Security had detained him on multiple occasions over several years, including during the reporting period. The convert stated that authorities had subjected him to severe physical and mental abuse; he said the officers called him an apostate (murtadd), told him he was suffering as a result of his conversion, and pressured him to revert to Islam. The convert stated that during the reporting period state security officers beat his wife on the abdomen while she was pregnant, causing her to hemorrhage. He also showed officials scars purportedly inflicted by governmental interrogators in previous years, including long scars on his back and sides and numerous deep, circular scars on his shoulder, reportedly caused by state security officers holding burning cigarettes against his flesh for long periods of time…."

      "…Muslim convert [to Christianity] Muhammad al-Higazy remained out of public view throughout the year, reportedly fearing for his personal security following public death threats he received from his family and societal elements when he sued the Government in 2007 to acknowledge his conversion by issuing him identity documents that list his religion as Christianity."

      "Maher Al-Gohary, another convert to Christianity who sued for the same right during the reporting period, also claims to live in hiding and has stated that he and his daughter have also received death threats."

      "A female convert to Christianity who reported that she was severely abused while in state security detention fled when she was released on bail pursuant to official allegations that she procured a counterfeit identity document listing her religion as Christianity. She remained in hiding at the end of the reporting period, fearing abuse from her family and government forces…."

      "…As of the close of the reporting period, the Government had not prosecuted any of the Bedouin villagers who assaulted the Abu Fana [Christian] monastery in May 2008, and those who concurrently kidnapped, physically abused, and reportedly attempted forcefully to convert several [Christian] monks …"

    • traeh

      Jawed, here are excerpts from the 2009 International Religious Freedom Report on Pakistan:

      "…Freedom of speech is constitutionally, 'subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam.' …"

      "…Law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody. Security forces and other government agencies did not adequately prevent or address societal abuse against minorities. Discriminatory legislation and the Government's failure to take action against societal forces hostile to those who practice a different religious belief fostered religious intolerance, acts of violence, and intimidation against religious minorities… "

      "…religious minorities are legally restricted from public display of certain religious images…"

      "…The consequences for contravening the country's blasphemy laws are death for defiling Islam or its prophets; life imprisonment for defiling, damaging, or desecrating the Qur'an; and 10 years' imprisonment for insulting another's religious feelings…"

      "…Some individuals bring charges under these laws to settle personal scores or to intimidate vulnerable Muslims, sectarian opponents, and religious minorities… "

      "…The Ministry of Religious Affairs…has on its masthead a Qur'anic verse: 'Islam is the only religion acceptable to God…' "

      "…Authorities routinely used blasphemy laws to harass religious minorities and vulnerable Muslims and to settle personal scores or business rivalries… "

      "…Mobs occasionally attacked individuals accused of blasphemy and their families or their religious communities. When blasphemy and other religious cases were brought to court, extremists often packed the courtroom and made public threats against an acquittal. Religious extremists continued to threaten to kill those acquitted of blasphemy charges. High-profile accused persons often went into hiding or emigrated after acquittal…"

      "…In September 2008 a former federal minister and host of a popular religious television show declared on air that killing Ahmadis was the 'Islamic duty of devout Muslims;' at least two Ahmadis were killed in Sindh within 48 hours of this declaration…At the end of the reporting period, the the government continued to stall investigation into the deaths…"

      "…Violence against and harassment of Christians continued during the reporting period…"

      "…In April 2009, at a district court in Nankana Sahib, Punjab, police cleared three men accused of raping a 13-year-old Christian girl despite eyewitness accounts and medical evidence… "

      "…A March 2009 attack on a church and the surrounding neighborhood in Sangu-Wali, a village in Gujranwala, Punjab, left a woman dead. The attack was believed to be prompted after a Christian filed a robbery complaint against a local Muslim who, along with his friends, indiscriminately preyed on the community…"

      "…Hindus faced societal violence, often directed at temples, during the reporting period…"

      Jawed, check out Mark Durie's The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude, and Freedom. It's very readable, not long, and as an introduction to Islam it's a masterpiece.

    • Gerald

      @jawed. The non-Muslims are not living in Muslim lands but are living in their own land. Long before the Muslims conquered, pillaged,raped and murdered the Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist and Hindu people of North Africa, Middle East, Iran, Central Asia and India it was their land and they had every right to be in their land. It is the Muslims who are the interlopers and it is the Muslims who must be evicted from these lands for peace to prevail.

      • Ameena

        Just as the Palestinians Muslims, chased off THEIR land by the JEWS with the help of CHRISTIANS. What do you have to say to that, Gerald?

        • hammer of toures

          no such thing as palestine. jews lived in judea for thousands of years before satanic islam showed up. arab supremacy is all islam is.

    • SpiritOf1683

      And you and your type steal from successful infidels because you're too bone lazy to work yourself. You are an inferior sub ape with a bitter hatred of infidels.

  • Gene

    Muslims against Christians is just a subset of Evil versus Righteousness! Read the absolute proof that God authored the Bible … our written source of righteousness.
    Acquire the "Star of Bethlehem" DVD for a second absolute proof!

  • Raymond

    Jawed, I am sure there are Muslim millionaires in Egypt and many other Islamic countries. I would go as far as to say many, many billionaires, too. Makes you wonder why Islamic countries are still backward with all that wealth and why they haven't extended an helping hand to their "friends" nearby, like the people of Gaza, for instance.

  • Colin_Wales

    Just want to reassure your readers that not all Europeans are anti-Semites and some of us have spoken out quite vociferously against anti-Jewish bigotry perpetrated by our trade unions, education establishments and registered charities. All the best to your readers from Wales.

  • jcreole

    Logic mistake. "no one cannot" is equivalent to "everyone can":

    no one cannot study Islam and the countless atrocities committed explicitly in its name without having one’s faith…

  • Merak

    The strange part of the Malaysian Muslim elite is that they think it is a religious duty to discriminate bring Christian professionals. But these guys would be the first to line up for a photo-op with renowned Jewish scientists and intellectuals during their trade, science or some other big diplomatic mission in the United States — while their vernacular dailies spew daily venom over the latest fantasized Jewish conspiracy. Sure, there will be some "Christians" among them but these are stage props who regularly lick the offals thrown out by the Muslim ruling class here.

    And they keep saying that Islam stands for justice.

  • LindaRivera

    The biggest mistake Westerners make is to believe that the tremendous suffering and severe persecution that Christians, Hindus and Sikhs, et al endure in Muslim countries and Muslim majority areas,cannot happen here.

    Every opportunity must be seized to protect our freedom and civilization or these precious things will be lost.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Thats true. So many preople, like the Byzantines and Sasanids thought it couldn't happen here – and it did, and has for centuries. Could the typical resident of Constantinople have imagined in 900 or as late as 1200 that his city would fall to the Turks in 1453 and his empire come crashing down, with the congregation at the Hagia Sophia slaughtered like sheep as they worshipped?

  • dawning

    There is only weak islam and strong islam. When and where islam is weak it is somewhat compatable with civilized society. When it is gaining strength it becomes more and more controling, beligerent and abusive. When it is strong it murders, destroys and totally controls at will, darfur sudan and somalia are good examples of strong islam.

  • Stuart Parsons

    There is NO Allah. Muhammad was a SERIAL-KiILLER NOT repeat NOT a Prophet. The Quran is certainly NOT the word of a god.

    Islam is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism and Communism ever were

  • jewdog

    Excellent. I would just add that many Christians, especially in the West, lack experience with persecution, so that they have a hard time empathizing with other Christians who are persecuted in Muslim countries.

  • jasonz

    I liked the article. I especially like the fact that the man being interviewed stated without fear what needs to happen. Too many people especially christians keep waiting for their god to come in and mircle the muslims away. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. God if he exists at all will watch you die as he has done so often before. Praying does nothing and is nothing but jacking off. if you do not want to be slaves then get up off your butts, arm yourselves and prepare to fight, die and kill. Islam is not going to go away because you pray. it will rise up and destroy you because while your praying, islam is doing. and actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. ill forgive mussies when they are lined up on the ocean floor with OBL minus their head!

    • SpiritOf1683

      Thats true. Evil has only been stopped by brute force and not by turning to the scriptures. Reading the Bible didn't stop Hitler and Tojo. Ruthlessness on our part did, and we will need to be as ruthless if not more ruthless in stopping the Jihad as what we needed to be to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan 66 years ago. Operation Barbarossa started 70 years ago as of yesterday and the brutality of the Eastern Front was unsurpassed in the whole of history.

  • Anon Amos

    Very good article. Kudos to TAJ for bringing up this issue. I am a Malaysian (non-Muslim) and I too have noticed the increasingly militant acts being conducted by the government over the years. While the Prime Minister is preaching to the world how good the "Islamic-Hadhari" system is at making the country prosperous, his cronies are busy whipping up anti-semitic/anti-non muslim remarks to the public. These people are like wolves without pity, not only do they persecute Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, but they also devour their own kind if the accused is "too close" to non-muslims or simply because the accused does not want to join them in their "jihad".

    For you guys who wants to know: There are two Muslim-dominated political parties in Malaysia. The largest one (and the one that is in control of the government) is UMNO – United Malays National Organization. While they apparently preach moderation and fairness, they are nonetheless extremist in nature. They are racist in that they strongly advocate "Malay-race supremacy" throughout the country, and in the past 10+ years they have taken on an increasing role in Islamic extremism. The other political party (in control of a few states in Malaysia, and a staunch opponent of UMNO) is PAS – Pan Malaysian Islamic Party. This group in particular, are well known for their extremist Islamic behaviour, as well their endless support for organizations such as Hamas, Fatah, Al-Qaeda. They have on many occasions, promised that if they rule Malaysia, they would create a Saudi-style Islamic Welfare State (although now they have changed their promise to "Malaysia for all races and religions" to appeal to non-Muslims). They frequently accuse UMNO for being un-Islamic and for being "run by apostates".

    There are a few underground Islamic groups in Malaysia, but these have, been banned by the government mainly because they're Shiite affiliated (Malaysian Muslims are predominantly Sunni). Ironic, given the fact that the Malaysian government was implicated in a clandestine deal to ship Chinese Missile Guidance Systems to Shiite-Iran.

    All in all, I'd just like to say that I love my country very much, just that bad apples (a lot of them) are trying to destroy it and sow the seeds of racial/religious tensions. It's already happening, but it CAN be stopped if we non-Muslims rise up and confront the aggressors (through peaceful means, unlike them). I don't hate Muslims (I have Muslim friends too, and funnily, most of them left the country and became atheists..), it's just that, the way these people are doing things, it's as though they WANT us to hate them so that they can get an awesome excuse to exterminate us.

  • ProudMuslim

    Stuart parsons, really? That just show how low your mind set is. Blatantly firing up, you are no different than those oh-i'm-hurting-innocent-people because-i'm-doing-jihad-for-my-religion Muslims. You don't have the knowledge so keep your words to yourself.

    I'm proudly a Muslim who lives in Malaysia. Jihad has been used wrongly by the current Muslim. Islam does not promote violence. Those who claims that by suicide-bombing, free-killing and terrorizing is paving their ways to Heaven is downright wrong. Jihad usually translated as 'Holy War' when the real meaning is 'striving'.

    This relates to the use of physical force in defense of Muslims against oppression and transgression by the enemies of Allah, Islam and Muslims. Allah commands that Muslims lead peaceful lives and not transgress against anyone. If they are persecuted and oppressed, the Qur'an recommends that they migrate to a more peaceful and tolerant land: "Lo! Those who believe, and those who emigrate (to escape persecution) and strive (Jahadu) in the way of Allah, these have hope of Allah's mercy…" (Quran, 2:218).
    If relocation is not possible, then Allah also requires Muslims to defend themselves against oppression by "fighting against those who fight against us." The Qur'an states: "To those against whom war is made, permission is given [to defend themselves], because they are wronged – and verily, Allah is Most Powerful to give them victory." (22:39)
    The defensive nature of physical jihad (or "jihad with the hand") is frequently lost among many, Muslims, Christians, secularists and others.

    O Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be firm against them. Their abode is Hell, – an evil refuge indeed. (9:73, 66:9)

    "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors." Qur'an, Chapter 2, verse 190.

    "The best jihad [struggle] is (by) the one who strives against his own self for Allah, The Mighty and Majestic," Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad).

    Jihad comes in various forms including physical combat. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad himself was a warrior. But, the insistence of physical combat comes when all other means have failed and, when the opponent strike first.

    Why no one is raising the matter of the Palestinians? The Jews took their land with the help of the Christians bit by bit and oppressing them still. Why no one is raising the bombing of the Afghan people by the Christians? Thousands of women and children became disabled and orphan. Why no one is raising on the sick and disgusting ethnic-cleansing on the Bosnian? Girls and women were raped and impregnated. And how about the Iraq invasion which is the end the Christians concluded there were no nuclear weapon found but a day after the invasion there were pipe transferring oil from the Iraq land?

    I'm a Muslim. I have best friends of 15 years of different religions. We live harmoniously. We respect each others' beliefs. You know, the matter in the world is only divided into two. Good and Bad. There's only that. Good and Bad Muslims. Good and Bad Christians. Good and Bad people. There's all there is. So don't go around blaming a race, a religion or a country for all that matter just because of one rotten egg.

    • SpiritOf1683

      You're the sort of savage who longs to enslave us – the sort Martel fought against and defeatted at Tours. Your cult is the epitome iof evil and has wreaked more misery upon mankind than any other in 60 centuries of civilization. It has slaughtered anything in its path over the centuries until being turned back by sword, bow, cannon, musket, breech-loading rifle, machine gun and heaven knows what in the future, because it will always try to enslave the infidel until being destroyed. I want nobody in my family to be enslaved by Islam and the savages it produces. You are nothing more than an evil parasite and parasites need destroying if we are to remain healthy.

      • ProudMuslim

        Do your research, get ur facts, then come here and contradict me. And funnily, no one replies to this:

        Why no one is raising the matter of the Palestinians? The Jews took their land with the help of the Christians bit by bit and oppressing them still. Why no one is raising the bombing of the Afghan people by the Christians? Thousands of women and children became disabled and orphan. Why no one is raising on the sick and disgusting ethnic-cleansing on the Bosnian? Girls and women were raped and impregnated. And how about the Iraq invasion which is the end the Christians concluded there were no nuclear weapon found but a day after the invasion there were pipe transferring oil from the Iraq land?

        • Ninathetruthspeaker

          I think you are the one who needs to get their facts straight. Who killed muslims in Bosnian? If you think Christians did, then you are more deluded than I thought with your first statement. By the way, the palestinians do not own that land, the Jews lived there before the name palestine was even birth. The history of the supposed palestine does not even span to centuries. And how come rich countries like Saudi Arabia have not manage to sort out the refugee problem? And you also think that Christians invaded Iraq and may I ask in the name of what God? Like muslims who have always carried out their evil and plundering lands screaming "allahu akbar" fanatically.

      • PeaceLove

        Yes, during that time, the Martyr had fought and conquer and kill.. And so did the rest of the world. But u sure didn't complain about the others barbaric method. During the Japanese occupation in Malaya, what didn't they do? they went beyond enslaving. And so did the rest of the world. But u sure didn't think of it as 'evil parasite'. Both of the world wars weren't ignited by the Muslim. What do u say to that?

    • kafir4life

      You are not what I would call an "authentic muslim". I'm just a kafir (for life), and have to decide for myself who speaks for islam…..who speaks for muslims. I get 100% of my islamic knowledge from muslims. I pay attention to what muslims do, how what they do relates to their scriptures, and draw my own conclusions. Here's what I've observed and concluded by paying attention to muslims.
      Islam is a gutter cult. It was invented by a pedophilic maniac named mohamat. He wrote the terror guide, the koran, in feces. His father was a pig. His mother was a dog. I can go on, but it's morning, and I have to make a trip to the oval mosque to drop off the prophet and his companions.
      Allahu snackbar ProudTerrorist. Allahu snackbar.

      • ProudMuslim

        Do your research, get ur facts, then come here and contradict me. You are driven by ur emotion, not reason. And funnily, no one replies to this:

        Why no one is raising the matter of the Palestinians? The Jews took their land with the help of the Christians bit by bit and oppressing them still. Why no one is raising the bombing of the Afghan people by the Christians? Thousands of women and children became disabled and orphan. Why no one is raising on the sick and disgusting ethnic-cleansing on the Bosnian? Girls and women were raped and impregnated. And how about the Iraq invasion which is the end the Christians concluded there were no nuclear weapon found but a day after the invasion there were pipe transferring oil from the Iraq land?

      • PeaceLove

        You call yourself a kafir 4 life, how'd you know an authentic Muslim? If you did get your knowledge from Muslims, pay attention to what Muslims do and how they relates to their Quran, you wouldn't have come to such conclusion. Islam is a religion. It has exist long before the time of our Prophet Muhammad so how can you, with no supporting facts whatsoever, claim so lowly that it was invented by Him?
        Need i comment on your lack of manner in addressing this issue using such vile words?
        People like you is the reason the world is in destruction. Blatantly accusing with no facts whatsoever, only pumped by your emotion.
        Next time you want to fire people, get yourself educated first.

    • YourAmamahs2Tight

      There have been 17,362 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11. This clearly demonstrates there is something fundamentally rotten with Islam. In light of this, your 'one rotten egg' analogy is absurd. I am certain no enlightened individual excuses the atrocities of ethinic cleansing you mentioned. However, we are concerned with Islam's Qu'ran-prescribed roughly 14 centuries of crimes against humanity, enilightenment, education, women, non-muslims, Jews, human progress, music, the arts, etc. I applaud your respect for the beliefs of non-muslims. You were correct when you stated there are only 'Good and Bad Muslims'. Unfortunately, it is the good muslims (those who adhere to the Qu'ran's iron-age edicts) that are "Bad". If permitted to continue their campaign of hatred, violence, intolerance, superstition and ignorance on a global scale, they will ultimately destroy Western Civilization and plunge the world into another Dark Age.

      • PeaceLove

        Looking at your nickname alone signifies your mentality. Don't participate in an educational discussion if you are so shallow. You proudly mentioned the 9/11. Why don't you say anything on the Palestinian issue? The Iraqi war?

  • Ibrahim

    Islam's persecution of Christians in Malaysia is indeed a very misleading interview because the interviewed man/woman does not want to identify himself/herself by claiming that he/she is afraid of the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Malaysia. He is afraid of the legal and social implications by Malaysian legal authorities or bodies and Malaysian societies if they know him. He did not not show the numbers of Christians persecuted in Malaysia and the years when they were persecuted. The tragedy of May 13, 1969 was not between Muslims and non-Muslims and it had nothing to do with any religion and its adherents. The tragedy took place in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang between the political supporters of Democratic Action Party and those who opposed then when they celebrated their victory of the Malaysian general elections took place in that month and year. The judges in Malaysian courts are all Muslims are not the fact of Malaysian judiciary system and practice. There are non-Muslim judges in Malaysian courts too. The Malaysian Christian convert Lina Joy was not detained or prisoned. She is free to her application to delete the word Islam from her Malaysian identity card, MyKad, was rejected by the courts in Malaysia, lower, high, appealed and federal courts since Malaysian law provided for Muslims to go to the Shariah Court to apply to change her religion from Islam to other religion. The federal court decision was that the officer from Malaysian National Registry Department is right or correct in rejecting made by Lina Joy to delete the word Islam from her Malaysian identity card. That department is to register the births and deaths and issue MyKad to Malaysian citizens when they reach 12 years old to collect back the cards when they pass away from the police stations or from the surviving relatives. The Malaysian personal data such as names, religions, sexes, places of births and the residence addresses are kept by the registry department in Malaysia. Malaysian terrorist Azahari Husin did not kill any Christian in Malaysia since he was active in Indonesia before he was killed by Indonesian policemen. Regarding the difficulty for the Christians to acquire land lots to build new churches, their difficulty was not due to the protests from the Muslims but they have to fulfill the laws and by-laws in the cities or towns where the churches were intended to be constructed. By spreading the false news about Islam's persecution of Christians in Malaysia, it is very serious and bad strategy for Muslims and Christians in Malaysia because if Muslims and Christians happen to believe and react to such false news, the imagined attacks may become real. Hopefully no Muslims and Christians in Malaysia who read this interview believe in it and act upon it. Do not put Malaysia in the same categories with other countries where there wars or killings between Muslims and Christians like happening in Sudan and Nigeria and some other majority Muslim countries.

    • bigbookharry

      I don't believe you, you have not stated sources. This is fact…
      Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
      At this level of saturation you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

      • Ubaidulla b. Jahsh

        Indeed how true, on New Year's Eve, 2010 (last day of 2009), the High Court fully endorsed the Malaysian churches constitutional and fundamental rights to apply the name 'Allah' into Malay and indigenous language Bibles. Immediately following this landmark judgement at least nine churches in Malaysia were attacked, firebombed and desecrated, including total arson of one church building. Speak of intolerance, this is the best kind of intolerance malaysian Muslims can show, and which also resonates with their co-religionists across the world. The culprits behind the burnt down church were Malay Muslims and had to be dragged to court to face due charges. This shows that the grassroots muslim fanatics merely flow with their brethren at the higher-ups and so can flaunt their open hatred and intolerance for Christians and Christianity with sickening impunity.

  • Jake

    Not all Europeans are anti-semitic. We're all good, civilised people. Please do more research before you write something. Don't just generalise everything.

  • ProudMuslim

    There you go. Not all Muslim are bad. We're all good, civilised people. Please do more research before you write something. Don't just generalise everything.

    • Harry

      Muslims inherently are not bad people just bad Muslims (like most christians). The ones that actualy follow the Quran, Hadith and the sunnah are the Good Muslims and will fight in the way of Allah until the world is of one religion.
      Islam started in the cave of Hira (Bukhari, Vol. 9 Book 87 Number 111) where satan(jin) physically assaulted and posessed Muhammad. (thought he might be a poet) His neck musseles trembeling with terror, cover me !!! I think something might be wrong with me!!! I think something might happen to me!!! Which ultimately led to suicide attempts. Does this sound like an angel of God? You might want to read your own texts for yoursef instead of listening to the Imam's. Don't forget to strictly apply abrogation where needed. I live with 3 Muslims and always thought Muhammads Allah was the same god that I prayed to. After reading the Quran/Hadith I saw a god that I would not want to know. After studing the history and current events I have seen the true face of evil. I don't support/adopt any man made religion, just me/you, God and his instruction book the Holy Bible. (primarly the New Testament) John 14:6, Romans 10:9 are a good start. God Bless.

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  • ai sama

    But you know what, if we keep blaming each other, the world will never be in peace. If you all said Islam or Christian or other religions or countries to be blamed it is not fair. If some of Muslims, Christians or others are bad, you cannot be prejudice and say everyone is the same, they all are bad. I believe that there are still people out there who dream to live together peacefully without any threats. Why, come on people we all have brain and mind so use them to the fullest.

  • Imraan Ahmad

    which church has been destroyed in malaysia?