Islam and the Brutal Sex Assault of Lara Logan

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The Hadith, however, goes out of its way, many times, to tell the world that Mohammed was a white man. The Hadith also tells us the race of the kafirs that Mohammed enslaved. And Mohammed had many black slaves in his household. One of his slaves was a black man called, Anjasha.

Mohammed owned black slaves. It is that simple. His favorite wife, the child Aisha, had a black slave. But to be fair to Mohammed, he was not a racist about slavery. He enslaved Arabs, Africans, and Greeks. Islam enslaves all kafirs, independent of race.

Mohammed was politically incorrect about blacks and called them “raisin heads” in the Hadith. Thus it would be a compliment to call a black Muslim a “raisin head.” It would be Sunna and not offensive. Mohammed also said that Muslims are to obey the Islamic leader, “even if they were black.” A left-handed compliment, at best.

Mohammed used his robe to shield Aisha, so she could watch black slaves perform a martial arts routine in the mosque. The Hadith tells of a prophecy about a black man bringing evil to Islam. Black men were prophesized to destroy the Kabah.

But when Muslims preach to blacks they only say that Islam’s first muezzin was a black man. They don’t tell the rest of the story.

FP: Can you give us a brief synopsis of the history of Islamic slavery?

Warner: It all started with Mohammed and then went worldwide.

When Islam burst out of Arabia into the kafir world, they took the wealth and slaves. Slavery was an unapologetic part of jihad.

The Arabic language is a good place to see how important slavery was. In The Submission of Women and Slaves, we collected over 30 Arabic words that deal with slavery. We think that Arabic has more words for slaves than any other language.

Both a black African and a black slave have the same name, abd. The historical reason for this is that African slavery was so important to Islamic economics. Language reflects history. Islamic legal history is filled with the complaints by African Muslim jurists about how Arabic Muslim slave traders captured African Muslims and sold them on the auction block.

History records around 11,000,000 Africans being sent to the Americas and about 13,000,000 being sent to Islamic countries for a total of 24,000,000 African slaves. To get one slave, many others have to be killed for the tribe to surrender to enslavement. The old, sick and children are left behind to starve. These collateral deaths are conservatively estimated to about 5 to 1. So that implies that over 1400 years, 120,000,000 Africans have been killed to furnish Islam with its profits.

The accepted history of race in the U.S. is that white men captured Africans, brought them to the U.S. and sold them as slaves. This is wrong. When the white slavers showed up on the west coast of Africa, they didn’t capture Africans. They looked them over in the pens, gave the Muslim slave traders their money, took their bills of sale, and loaded their purchases into their boats.

The Muslims had been plying the trade of war, capture, enslavement, and sale for a thousand years. Mohammed was a slave trader. Long after the white slave traders quit, the Muslims continued their African slave trade. It still exists today.

And to put a fine point on it, many African slaves were castrated by removing both testicles and penis. Castrated slaves brought more on the slave block. Castrated blacks were the traditional keepers of Mohammed’s mosque in Medina.

African slaves were called abd; white slaves were called mamluk. Most black slaves were used in mining and heavy fieldwork. White slaves were used more for skilled trades. White slaves were even promoted to leadership positions, if they converted. Only one black slave was promoted to leadership. He ruled Egypt and was a eunuch.

Over a million white slaves were taken from Europe. Our word, slave, comes from Slav. A white woman was the highest price slave for 1400 years on the Meccan auction block. The Muslim who could not afford a white sex slave choose an Ethiopian woman at a third of the price.

The most revolting enslavement of whites was how Turkish Muslims took as a tax, one out of five Christian children in Islamic ruled Eastern Europe. These male children were taken back to Turkey where they became the janissaries, elite soldiers for the sultan. The Turkish sultans did not trust tribal Muslims to be the elite palace guards, since they all harbored ancient tribal rivalries. We see the same distrust of Muslim tribal politics in Afghanistan, where kafirs are used as presidential guards.

The Hindus were enslaved, but we don’t have the number. We do know that jihad took half of ancient Hindustan and killed 80,000,000 Hindus. We have accountings of Hindus being enslaved by the hundreds of thousands at a time.

Muslims enslave everyone, but no one enslaves Muslims. This knowledge is part of Islam’s arrogance and superiority. They know the history; it is the dhimmis (kafir apologists) who are ignorant of the doctrine and history of Islamic slavery.

FP: The violent capture and enslavement of black Africans by Muslim Arabs continues to this today. The root of this modern-day slavery is, of course, Islamic doctrine.

Warner: The enslavement of Africans is happening today. The only reason that Islam stopped enslaving whites and Hindus is that Islam is too weak to resist the social pressure. The Sunna of slavery has not changed, just the ability to use their law.

In the African countryside Muslims are still using jihad to enrich themselves. I have spoken with a Sudanese slave who escaped. The Muslims killed his parents and took him and his sister. Each night the jihadists gang raped his sister. Remember, rape is Sunna.

When he met his new masters, they put him in the middle of a circle of the family and each beat him with a stick. He was told that his new name was Abd, black slave. He slept in the barn with the animals.

Our media and intellectuals are quick to punish the slightest insult by a white against a black man, but they have not the slightest recognition of murder, rape and enslavement of blacks by Islam. Our media and intellectuals are dhimmis.

FP: Final thoughts and comments?

Warner: Slavery is the fruit of Islamic duality. Mohammed, the master of dualism and submission, used slavery as a tool of jihad because it worked. Mohammed’s life was infused with slavery. Slaves were the lifeblood of Islam. Mohammed, the white man, owned both male and female black slaves. His attitude was pure dualism.

The most disgusting thing about Islamic slavery is not that Muslims enslave others, but that we ignore it. The Muslims have been fed the Koran and the Sunna in their mother’s milk. They are doing what is ethical according to Islam. In a strange way, Muslims are to be pitied. A Muslim is the first victim of Islam.

The criticism of whites because of their being involved in slavery is standard fair in the media and the universities. Try to find a university that even teaches about the killing of 120,000,000 Africans for Muslims to profit from the 24,000,000 slaves.

Blacks define themselves on the basis of slavery. They will not go beyond the white, Christian version of slavery. There is only one theory of history in the black community—the West African Limited Edition version of history. Blacks will not admit the broad scope of slave history. Hindu slavery? It never happened. White and European slavery? It never happened. Slavery on the East coast of Africa? It never happened. A massive slave trade through the Sahara into North Africa? It never happened. Black, eunuchs at the Medina mosque? It never happened. This incomplete history of slavery is what the taxpayers fund in the state universities.

How can black leaders ignore Islam’s sacred violence in Africa? Why aren’t the black columnists, writers, professors, or ministers speaking out? They are ignorant and in total denial. They are the molested children of Islam.

Blacks are dhimmis and serve Islam with their silence. There is a deep fear of Islam that makes them overlook and placate Islam. Arabs are the masters of blacks.

One thing whites and blacks have in common is that their ancestors were enslaved by Islam, and both are too ignorant to know it. Blacks and whites have a secret shame buried under the denial of being slaves inside Islam.

But the rest of the media and intellectuals line up as dhimmis, too. One of the marks of a dhimmi under the fourth caliph, Umar, was that a dhimmi was forbidden to study the Koran. The chief mark of dhimmitude today is ignorance of the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. The ignorance of kafir intellectuals about Islam is profound.

They don’t know about how jihad killed the 120,000,000 Africans, the 60,000,000 Christians, the 80,000,000 Hindus or the 10,000,000 Buddhists. Our intellectuals do not know about the Tears of Jihad (detailed in all of our books). That is a lot of death and ignorance—270,000,000 dead. Our intellectuals don’t know, don’t care and don’t bother. They deny.

University Islamic studies never mention the Islamic political doctrine. The media discusses Islam in terms of political correctness, and multiculturalism. History courses don’t teach about the civilizational annihilation due to jihad. Religious leaders placate imams in public gatherings and have no knowledge what the imam actually thinks of them. Political thinkers do not even know Islam as a political force

The problem with this ignorance is that our intellectuals are unable to help us. They do not understand that Islam is a civilization based upon the ideal of dualism. Islamic ethics and politics have one set of rules for Muslims and another for kafirs. Our civilization is based upon the ideal of unitary ethics, the Golden Rule. We do not have two sets of laws and ethics, like Islam. Our intellectuals cannot explain what dualism has meant in the past or what it will mean for our future—civilizational annihilation.

Our intellectuals and the media have only one view of Islam—a glorious civilization. They have created the “terrorist”, a bogus term based upon ignorance. And the “terrorist” is not even a “real” Muslim, but an extremist fundamentalist. All of these terms are based upon a profound ignorance of Islamic political doctrine.

Intellectuals cannot connect the dots of persecution of other intellectuals and artists today, such as Salman Rushdie, Theo van Gogh, the Mohammed cartoon riots, and Daniel Pearl. Their persecution is part of a 1400 year Islamic tradition of keeping all intellectuals and artists in line with the doctrine of political Islam. But for our intellectuals, there is no history, no connection, no pattern, no doctrine of Islam. Their only doctrine is the doctrine of denial. These intellectuals write our textbooks. Then our tax dollars buy the books to feed the ignorance.

What explains the intellectuals’ silence and ignorance? The enormous violence of jihad has produced the psychology of the “molested child” syndrome. Intellectuals fear, apologize for, and placate the Islamic abusers, ignoring the violence of the past. Then they turn around and advise our politicians. The result is an ignorant populace who look to our intellectuals for guidance and find treachery and lies.

FP: Bill Warner, thank you for joining us.

Warner: Thank you for standing against political Islam.

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  • Nohopeusa

    I have long known that our mainstream media is dhimmi and I think much of the public would agree, but just doesn't have it defined in their heads yet. Why else do we see such a hunger for real news instead of the pablum poured out as news by the celebrity media.
    Thanks for standing up.

    • racetrackroad

      Lara Logan returned to Cairo because "it's in her blood." WHAT'S IN HER BRAIN?! I have no sympathy for reporters who choose "the scoop" over THEIR FAMILIES! Case in point is Bob Woodruff. OK, get the scoop; accept some journalistic award in your vegetative state with drool coming out of your mouth. Better yet, lose your life; you got the scoop! Surviving family can put your posthumous award on the mantle. Of course, you won't be around to see and appreciate it……………………

  • Ray

    I read that Lara Logan was rescued from the mob by some Moslem women, backed up by the army. I think I also read that she was accused of being a Zionist the day before. So these upholders of Egyptian honor were teaching a lesson to the Zionist Jew woman reporter by beating her and sexually assaulting her.
    They are sure teaching a lesson to us.
    I am also a rape victim, like Lara, but I'm male, I was raped by a non-Jew egged on my some of the sickest white people in our society, and it was done while I was unconscious. (When I came to, there was abundant evidence of what happened). Anyway, rape is a disgusting act that reveals more about its perpetrators than about its victims. The fact that Islam condones it – in fact the article above says it encourages it – says a whole lot about Islam. I guess mankind will believe any religion, even one that tells them rape is good, if they are brought up in that religion.

    • muchiboy

      Thank you Ray,for your post.It is difficult enough for a female to admit to such a cruel assault,much less a man.You have my respect,amigo.I work in a correctional environment and have known more then a few inmates that were subjected to similar despicable acts as young men,mostly by men they and society trusted,outside our prison walls.Many were at risk to begin with,only to have their self worth further eroded.muchiboy

    • Guest

      Ray, I am very sorry that this horrible offense happened to you. You did not deserve this trial and remember that God loves you and so does your family and friends even if we are out here in the Blogosphere. These cruel acts are satanic in nature and since we are really defenseless it is a crying shame. Think of all the children that this happens to who are expecting kindness from their parent only to receive hell on earth. I am praying for your miracle recovery and that you get to know Jesus Christ as your Saviour. You cannot trust people who have rejected God's rules. When Adam fell in the garden…we all became partakers of the Old Sin Nature. We must be redeemed from the Ruler of this World – Satan by the blood of Jesus. I hope you understand this world is in shambles. We only have hope in God's plan. Believe in JC & receive angelic protection. Thank you for speaking up. Islam is a threat to all of us.

    • Deepfield

      Minable,vous dites n'importe quoi ! Vous confondez les déviances des mâles Arabes frustrés et ignares avec les principes d'une religion ( l'Islam) faite de tolérance et de compassion.
      La Vierge Marie est citée plus de 50 fois dans le Coran.
      Le Coran a été dicté à Mahomet par l'Archange Gabriel et écrit des mains d'un FEMME,Rania,son épouse car il était,lui,analphabète.
      'Islam est la plus dévoyée des religions…comme l'était la religion catholique au Moyen-âge avec l'Inquisition.
      Retourne à l'école avant de parler…

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    If Egypt truly is going to be a free nation they would speak out and find the attackers and incarcerate them!
    But no, those scumbags will boast and be allah's heroes! Only bullets can be the silencer of muslims gone wild.

  • robtjonz

    The mainstream media is not only dhimmi but they are also dim. I don't watch them so I'm not sure how they are dodging the fact that MUSLIMS did this, but I am sure they will find a way to blame the Republicans, Conservatives, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

  • davarino

    I avoid muslim/middle eastern owned quicky marts and any other business they run. I refuse to continue the funding of my demise. Go back to your 3rd world country that you so admire and continue the degradation of that land. If islam took over the world it would be hell on earth, nothing good can come from it.

    • kafir4life

      I do the same. I've also changed dentists recently. We used to have an islamist cair shill here (crabnutters mikey from texas if I remember correctly). During the cabbie issue (where the islamist cabbies refused to carry pork or alcohol carried by passengers), crabnuts pointed out that they were free to do business with who they wanted for reasons they choose (untrue, as they also had a contract, which in islam is meaningless). I took that to mean that I didn't have to do business with potential terrorist owned / run / employed by businesses. It's obvious that most muslims are NOT terrorists, but since muslims will not clean their own house, it seems to be prudent to just not take the chance. There are plenty of non potential terrorist professionals and businesses to deal with that it's very easy to intentionally avoid the potential terrorists.

    • donna

      I bought a car two years ago, but not just for reasons most women own or need a car. All the taxi drivers here are black MUSLIM men and I am not about to become another rape statistic. Here in Canada it is against the law to provide a female taxi driver if asked because it is considered "discrimination" , it is more politically correct to risk being raped according to our laws~!~! But if a MUSLIM WOMAN wants a FEMALE Doctor she is provided one and to refuse to cater to her muslim request is called 'discriminatory" and would land one in front of a Judge to be prosecuted and fined if she decides to complain.
      If you do some minor research on Google you will discover that in all European countries 80% of ALL rapes of European women is committed by muslim men even though they only make up 2-4 % of that particular population!~!~
      I don't even recognize the country I grew up in~!~!
      I want to emigrate (meaning to leave one' own country for another) to somewhere where the muslim population is zero~!~!

  • muchiboy

    "It may not be insignificant that the perpetrators, as well as the supportive on-lookers, shouted "Jew! Jew!" during the assault.]"

    That we should blame a major religion for the rape of this reporter is a kind of rape itself.First and foremost,it was a cruel act of the powerful over the vulnerable.It was the bully beating the victim,cheered on by the mindless crowd.That it was the victims equally vulnerable peers ,Egyptian women,together with the most powerful and respected Egyptian males,trained soldiers,should not be lost on us.This is far from "insignificant",too.
    There is little doubt that some aspects of Islam,as well as some Muslims themselves,need be dragged kicking and screaming into modernity.We can only
    support modern Islamic regimes and groups and individuals and hope that Islam like the other religions and states will embrace modern thinking on respect,appropriate behavior and Universal Human Rights.Perhaps this debate needs to be front and center at the UN to adequately confront outdated beliefs and behaviors.
    But let us not forget that in the name of Zion(ism),the modern Jews have carried out grave crimes against humanity and the Palestinian people.In this,they and we,are no better nor worse then the Islamists.muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "That we should blame a major religion for the rape of this reporter is a kind of rape itself."

      Yep, no distinction between perpetrator and victim–total moral equivalence. Even if you aren't officially a Marxist, you could be considered a honorary one, seeing as you think exactly like they do.

      "First and foremost,it was a cruel act of the powerful over the vulnerable."

      It was an act of entitlement, borne out of the Islamic doctrine that Muslims are entitled to everything the infidels have, including their women.

      "There is little doubt that some aspects of Islam,…"

      Some aspects of Islam, huh? Again note this neo-Nazi's leniency toward Islam, as opposed to Zionism. You'll never get a "some aspects of Zionism" out of him any time soon.

      "We can only support modern Islamic regimes and groups and individuals…"

      They're called "apostates" and they are in hiding. Those who aren't taqiyyating (dissimulating, lying for Allah's sake), I mean.

      "…and hope that Islam like the other religions and states will embrace modern thinking on respect,appropriate behavior and Universal Human Rights."

      Or we can grow up and realize this is never going to happen, and that what we have here is an implacable foe, one that can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and will not stop, ever, until the whole world is under its tyrannical grip.

      "Perhaps this debate needs to be front and center at the UN to adequately confront outdated beliefs and behaviors."

      Anyone who believes in the power of the U.N. to achieve anything good is utterly delusional.

      "In this,they and we,are no better nor worse then the Islamists."

      You deserve to live under shariah law. You and all moral equivalators like you. You'll find out how "no better or worse" the Muslims are–you'll realize the truth, like the Iranian Communists who raised Khomeini to power, but only when it's too late.

      • fluxblocker

        Great post. I wanted to flame the complete ignoramus muchiboy but you beat me to it and did a much better job than I would have. I especially liked "You deserve to live under Sharia law." Amen.

        • Victor Laslow

          And you beat me to congradulating Ziontruth so all I can do is say, I concure.

        • aspacia

          muchless is ignorant of the facts, and prefers not to deal with reality. This is typical leftist mentality. He is a coward fearful Islamists will violently attack him.

          • Spirit_Of_1683

            Yep. In his tiny, vacuous and utterly poisonous antisemitic mind, the Jew who gives Naziboy his life-saving vaccines is the enemy who ought to be destroyed, whilst the Islamist who would chop off his head at the first opportunity is his friend.

      • aspacia

        UN Watch does a great job of outing the UN's hypocrisy, lies and antiJewish rhetoric.

      • Wyrken

        Kudos, ZT, you pwned him.

        Better than that even, you did that with nothing but the truth.

      • sheikyermami

        Me thinks Muchiboy is a Muselmaniac.

        Universal Human Rights?

        Your coreligionists reject universal human rights, muchiboy. They have instead concocted the 'Cairo Declaration of Yuman Rites' which subjects all human rights to the sharia.

        The UN is utterly corrupt and infested by 56 Islamic states and statelets that pervert every agenda. Dissolve it, now!

        This is a gem:

        "But let us not forget that in the name of Zion(ism),the modern Jews have carried out grave crimes against humanity and the Palestinian people.In this,they and we,are no better nor worse then the Islamists.muchiboy"


        The "Palestinian people" do not exist.

        Even Arafartbastard was an Egyptian, not a "Palestinian".

        The Arabs are Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians, Lebanese and other rabble.

        Jerusalem is Jewish, has always been, and no BS claims can change that.

        Islam is a crime on humanity and no Jew should ever be accused for defending his birthright and his G-d given country.

        • Spirit_Of_1683

          Me thinks Muchiboy is a Muselmaniac.

          Yep, he almost certainly is, just as his Jew-murdering hero Hitler admired Islam.

    • Doug in Jax

      You are delunsional. Islam is a religion that advocates violence. Stop apologizing for it and read their texts.

    • MarkRich

      What I find ridiculous and frightening is the degree of tolerance for sick beliefs- which Islam consists of. I could only imagine a KKKer in a religious sect promoting racial strife and hatred of Blacks and Jews being afforded the protection Islamists receive from the media and most people. Its unimaginable. Words- and beliefs matter. The fact is Islam has a sordid history and the fact that children are taught from infancy these devilish doctrines and we are supposed to ignore them in the name of political correctness is the most frightening aspect. I remember the cold war and I served in the military during it and I remember the fascination people had with regimes that torture-murder and maim their own and others and how this was denied- its unreal the amount of blind PC thought that somehow believes that what a philosophy or religion teaches is irrelevant to the discussion. The fact is there APPEARS to be many Muslims who do not harbor such beliefs- if so why not expose these beliefs as much as possible and monitor any such behavior or dualism. The west cannot survive if this dualism is allowed to be unexposed.

    • aspacia

      For 1500 years the Middle-Eastern Muslims have committed far more grievous human rights violations than Israel ever did. You lack credibility.

      • muchiboy

        aspacia,it is pointless to engage in arguing that your race or my race or this people or that people persecuted or suffered more or less over the past 1500 years.In modern history,I would rate the crimes of your people against humanity and the Palestinian people somewhat lower then the Holocaust,but greater then Hamas and Hezbollah and Islamic Iran.And what benefit is that to anyone.It only serves to distract us from genocide and other human rights violations.muchiboy

        • MixMChess

          I love how muchiboy claims its pointless to argue after he's been made to look like a complete moron.

          • aspacia

            He is a fool and a Muslim dupe.

        • aspacia

          No, their crimes are not reported; in contrast Israel is free and all crimes are reported and discussed. There are video of the PLO impaling those they believe Israeli collaborators, or setting them on fire without trial.

          You, sir are a fool.

    • vlparker

      A major religion founded by a mass murdering psychopath. Anyone who adheres to a religion founded by a violent lunatic is themself a lunatic. Islam, all of Islam, is pure evil.

    • JAMES


    • donna

      Don't blame a religion for rape? Maybe you should read the history of Islam, the phony prophet mohamed was a rapist.

    • wsk

      It's obvious that you didn't read the article , you idiot!

  • waterwillows

    It is a funny type of truth that people really do get what they want. They actually get to live under, with and by the rules they found to be acceptable for others.
    Yet, it is no surprise that when these 'rules' they found to be acceptable to others, come home to roost and are now a part of their daily life, they suddenly change their mind.
    But changing your mind, while definitely an improvement, does not cut you any slack. One tends to get the 'full meal deal' when one has spent a lifetime asking for it.

    • aspacia

      Sure, because I wear a bikini in the pool or at the beach: "I am asking for it?"

  • tim heekin

    I appreciate Mr. Warner's service but have a minor quibble about his African history of slavery. My own figures are that the muslims facilitated 16 million slaves to market while the West's total is about 12 million. Mr Warners combines his Muslim/West figures (less than mine) to equal 24 million and takes his death/captivity ratio (provided by David Livingston of "Dr Livingston, I presume" fame) at 5 to 1. Mr Warner implies that all the slaves delivered to the European slavers were supplied by muslims. This is not correct. South of +/- 7 degrees north was beyond the reach of Muslims as they had not penetrated that far into Africa. This geography obviously means the modern day Angola and the Congo basin were not exploited by Islam. The interior slavery in these areas was conducted by Africans who delivered them to the the coast for purchase by European..

    • aspacia

      Not so, I have read numerous volumes on .edu sites that argue it was indeed Muslims who sold numerous Africans into slavery after first brutalizing them, albeit, not all of those sold Africans into slavery were Muslim.

    • wsk

      Still, we are talking about millions of people…..

  • tim heekin

    part II
    Remember that North America was the ultimate destination of some 500,000 African slaves, about 4% of the total European slave trade. Meanwhile Brazil was the largest recipient of African slaves numbering about 5 million. Virtually all these Brazillian slaves came from areas well south of 7 degrees north and well beyond the reach of Islam. Therefore, I would put the "death of Africans" by the muslim slave trade closer to 80 million than Mr Warner's 120 million. Please forgive my "quibbling" over 40 million human beings. Everything else with Mr. Warner's commentary I agree with and absolutely realize the evil that is Islam

    • Fred Dawes

      in fact the so called american slaves was a muslim trade business for over a 1000 years before the USA Became a country, and the head business guy from 1800 until whites stop it was Black and muslim. up until 1800 many whites became slaves in muslims hold areas of African north and in the south and east african was well known for its white woman as slaves. it is said that well over 130 million whites died under the slave trade from about 800ad to 1800 ad.

  • Cuban Refugee

    When Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted by a frenzied mob, every Western woman, every Jew, and every sentient being — man, woman, or child — on this planet was degraded and brutally raped by agents of evil. Where was the National Organization for Women? Where were the outspoken liberal feminist talking heads? The hypocrites, one and all apologists for Islam and socialism, were nowhere to be found. Was this an example of a bloodless revolution for the good of all? Or, were the gates of hell opened wide in Cairo?

  • USMCSniper

    It is culture aand race even in the USA. U.S. Department of Justice which monitors all types of crime categorized by race of the offender and race of the victim. go to As you can see, Black offenders committed 37,460 rapes or sexual assaults against White women (shown by simply taking the percentage from the total). The same chart shows that Whites committed 0 (zero to less than ten) sexual attacks against Black women. (The number of reported White sexual attacks on Blacks is so low it is statistically 0). Next time you hear on TV or read in the media how racist and terrible White folks are to Black people think about the 37,460 White women who are raped by Blacks and the fact that no nationally known political figure (except me) even dares to mention it. If the numbers were reversed and White men were raping Black women by the tens of thousands, our cities would burn!

    • Fred Dawes

      who would want to rape its evil and if you rape hell is next.


      Wee stated!!!, Sir.

      Incidentally, I was Unsuccessful in making contact through the site however I will continue to try desiring to post all of that data to a file document for ease of including with emails to hopefully concerned folks.

      Sigma Fi

    • emily

      how stupid are you -Sniper- Smart people know that these figures only account for the people who have been convicted of crimes. Studies have been shown that black men are arrested and convicted for crimes much more often than white men, and many times wrongly convicted. You have to look at these statistics carefully. Are you really so in denial that you don't think that white men rape black women??? If you don't you need your head checked.

      • USMCSniper

        Studies? By who? Professor Dubois of Black Studies atHarvard. Let me give you an undeniable example of black behavior and your kind of liberal babblespeak denial of Black violence. Remember Rodney King and the LA Riots. Rodney King got wrongly roughed up a little bit with no serious injuries after being chased at 110 miles an hour on a freeway causing three accidents with a serious injury to an inncoent. Gangs of Blacks in Watts looted and rioted, burned out the Korean businesses, dragged and assaulted whites people from cars, resulting 200+ whites seriously injured, 50+ whites and Koreans killed and their RACIST Congresshag Maxine Waters spewed in ebonese " Youse gottsa unterstan' ar rage."

  • BS77

    Funny how the lamestream lib mass media reported, with exultations, that the screaming mob violence in Egypt was all about "democracy"….what a pile. There were over four hundred people killed, looting, burning, vandalism of the Egyptian museum and many businesses….countless attacks on news reporters and innocent bystanders…….There is a lot of rage and chaos, a lot of frustration with the political system in Egypt but democracy is not a priority, except in the minds of the indoctrinated leftists. What is very sobering….how closely the events and military movements of Iran, economic hard times etc etc …all mimic the 1930s leading up to WW II. We are witnessing an upheaval in the Middle East that could lead to major strife and even war. I hope not….but things are very unstable in that region now.

    • donna

      islam is the cancer of all cancers growing on the face of the earth, war is the only thing going to stop this cancer from spreading~!~

  • Fred Dawes

    people rape in the muslim world is normal, read they must be stopped, listen to savage nation if its still on the AIR? IN YOUR AREA? the enemies of freedom are many and the rape of this woman is only the start, just wait 10 years from now and millions of woman inside this so called nation meaning the USA Will know all about the muslim guys.

  • Victor Laslow

    My guess is that Lara Logan will no longer be reporting for CBS.
    Not because she has been so visciously tramasized to the point that she cant handle it. But only to prevent Lara Logan from reporting the truth in a media controlled by the Socialist Muslim elite.

    • Fred Dawes

      You are so right the system boys will never let her talk about evil.I just hope she is not reported as a suicide in YEAR.

    • curmudgeon

      your fears are unfounded. lara logan is a liberal, and an islamophile. she will find a way to blame anyone but muslims for her rape. she will be able to continue to promote islam at cbs.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        After all, the dolt Robert Fisk blamed it on Bush after he received a good going over from a mob in Afghanistan, and an even bigger dolt John Pilger blamed it all on John Howard after 84 Australians were murdered amongst the 202 in Bali.

  • Paardestaart

    Sniper , your link doesn't work, do you know why??

  • Victor Laslow

    My guess is that Lara Logan will no longer be reporting for the American media.
    Not because she has been so visciously tramasized to the point that she cant handle it. But only to prevent Lara Logan from reporting the truth in a media controlled by the Socialist Islamic elite.

  • USMCSniper

    Rape is very common in the Islamic world,because the only people that suffer is the rape victim themselves often being sentenced to death, for being raped. The Muslims have brought their rapist ways to the west, where their God says that all women are fair game for raping except for married covered Muslims. Not, only are western women targetted for rape because they are not covered but because Muslims believe they are in a constant battle against the enemy, the free world to spread Islamic law, so all women of that country are considered "war booty"… Thus it is clear that this is not only a European problem but a problem for all Western cultures. Islam teaches muslim men to not only feel entitled to rape our "inferior" women but see the rape of western women as a victory over the infidel on their path to Islamization of the world or Global Caliphate. It is time to look at big picture and see the ever growing numbers of rape of "kaffir" women as not just a muslim crime but also an act of terrorism.

    • Jamie O.

      Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has written particularly about the rape of young women in Sweden (Malmo) and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Malmo has become a no-go city for westerners, both Christian and Jews. We are going to see this in the US very soon. We really have to stop immigration from Moslem countries unless the immigrants are Jews or Christians, but good luck with that. We have too many dhimmis here who will object.

  • name

    Read “The Forth Turning” if you want to understand the parallels you mentioned (i.e. WWII).

  • muchiboy

    "It is time to look at big picture and see the ever growing numbers of rape of "kaffir" women as not just a muslim crime but also an act of terrorism."

    Rape is a crime of power.It is used today by men all over the world against their women.In war,the innocent,powerless suffer the most.The Rape of Nanking in China by the Japanese,the systemic rape of German girls and women by the Russians in Berlin,and today the systemic rape of Congolese girls and women in the Congo,which should be considered a war crime and crime against humanity.muchiboy

    • Fred Dawes

      THANK YOU MUCHIBOY, The ideals of rape are well known by our enemies, it is a tool of evil and terror.

    • curmudgeon

      the rape of nanking was not about rape, although rape was certainly going on. the rape of nanking was mostly about the wholesale murder of chinese. raped or unraped probably wasnt much of an issue to the murder victims.

      • wsk

        In fact it was so titled because it was the first city that was indicriminatley bombed from the air and then the subsequent actions of Japanese ground troops.

  • SeaMystic

    All that is left for us, is to declare total War against Islam or perish, or worst become their slaves.
    Check the "Ban Islam" petition:

    • donna

      I think I will check out the Ban Islam petition and sign it.~~!!~ Thanks bro.

  • Regina

    What powerful read- thanks!!

  • ranti

    these `turd world` countries are praised by our liberal media because our christian beliefs are considered inferior

    • LizaF

      For 400 years Greeks were dominated and enslaved by Muslims. But in the early 19th Century March 25 was a day of joy for the Greek Nation because it's the day Greek's kicked Muslim ass and regained their independence as a Nation. Greek Orthodox Christianity survived the Muslim rath.Thousands of Greeks through 4 centuries were slaughtered and yes children were stolen from Greek families and raised as Muslims and became the hated jennasarries who raped and killed Greeks. How many Muslims are there in the world with Greek blood running through their veins? Greek Independence Day is celebrated every year on March 25. Greeks and the Orthodox Christian faith survived . My Greek grandparents came to the US in the early 20th Century. They brought their Christianity with them and built Christian churches for their children and grandchildren. Indeed, it's not only blacks who have suffered under slavery. 400 years is a long time to be ruled by the evil Muslim Nation, but Christianity continued to thrive in the hearts of the Greek people in spite of the evil Islamic hords. I'm a woman and a senior citizen but if I was young I'd be training to kick some more Muslim ass.

  • JosephWiess

    This is why islam needs to reform to the 21st century, and this is why Iran is falling short of men to fight it stupid wars. No real man should ever treat a woman in the way that Muslim's treat their women, or any woman. It's just one more reason why Islam is a cult, not a religion.

  • Tim Wiseacre

    I'm not sure that the statement, "Islam does not enslave Muslims," is correct. It depends on how a "slave" is defined. Half the population in most of the M.E. Arab countries are not allowed to drive a car, get more than a minimal education, or be seen talking or walking with anyone of the opposite sex. Once Islamists move in, women stay home, breed, feed, and must keep hidden under a black burqa in public. Their women can be forced into marriage at age 12, and polygamy is a property right. Nor can these modern-day slaves request a divorce. Violating any of the above is a capital offense.

    While Islam, with its Koran, may have encoded slavery and rape as a property right, the essence of that behavior began thousands of years before Mohammad figured out a way to justify it with his best-seller. Those traits are part of the barbarian instinct and method of warfare and expansionism–"fear" being their goal.

    Barbarianism still exists wherever rape is used as a weapon, whether in Europe or deepest Africa. it's Barbarians that Western civilization is at war with, not just Islam. It's not that hard to see a connection between economic globalization and the growth of barbarianism. The fact that the dhummies in Europe don't see this, should stay their problem.

  • howard from broward

    the brainless thugs who did this should be grateful to allah and mohammad l. logan does not have a kentucky father, west virginia brothers, tennessee uncles. when it comes to cowardly folks messing with our treasured mountain women…well, the consequences aren't pretty, but there are definitely no repeat offenses.

    • LizaF

      Well said Howard from Broward.

  • hijinx60

    This will be listed as another "man-made catastrophe" perpetrated by "Islamist extremists" by the Obama Administration. Of course, they as usual are full of shiite.

  • muchiboy

    "Anyone who adheres to a religion founded by a violent lunatic is themself a lunatic. Islam, all of Islam, is pure evil. "

    That's helpful.muchiboy

  • guest

    wait, let me get this straight. A bunch of thugs deployed by the secular, US backed dictator sexually assault a reporter. She is saved by a group of average Muslim women, backed by soldiers. And the conservative take away is? Muslims are rapists. Hmm, thanks for the lesson in lynch mob mentality!

    • Rifleman

      Perhaps you missed the fact that it was an islamic mob that committed the sexual assault against a woman they claimed was a Jew.

      • guest

        oh, is that a fact? Funny, i thought you guys were always suspicious of what the media reported.

        If I were Mubarak, i would also tell my goons to play up the nutty fundamentalist anti-Jew angle. You know, to remind people why i was valuable. But you're probably right, it was just a crazy Islamic mob. But why are they more authentically Muslim that the mob that saved her?

        Sorry for the hard questions, hope your head doesn't hurt too much.

  • Lew B

    We have seen other instances of reporters, who usually wear badges, carry recorders, microphones, cameras, etc. being protected by members of the crowd when under assault. Their "protectors" are actually not interested in protecting the person, male or female, but the destructive image that they fear will be presented to the world. It's that person's way of saying, "Hey man, knock it off! Don't you know this will be broadcast around the world, and everyone will think we're savages?"

    In this case, some women got involved in cluing in the clueless mob. They were protecting the image of Egypt, not the physical person. The recent ABC reporter whose beating was recorded, kept yelling "Journalist, journalist!", as if it should have been a protective shield. Those "average women" would probably have run the other way and said nothing had they not known the victim was a CBS reporter.

  • BS77

    Lara Lorgan would have been wise to never have entered that hell hole in Egypt. Had she seen Not Without My Daughter or The Stoning of Soraya M….she would have stayed far away. My sympathy with her injuries, trauma and pain…….I am sorry this happened to her.

  • joel

    The liberal "intellectuals" have been frustrated til now that they have been unable to bury jews and christians who do not acknowledge the "intellectuals" as God. They are sadly mistaken in their belief that the Islamists will abandon allah for them.

  • kafir4life

    One of the reasons that rape is so popular with males in the muslim world, is that it's a known fact that no muslim man has ever successfully pleased a woman sexually (or any other way for that matter). This is very frustrating for them, so it gives them a feeling of power and control to replace the satisfied feelings that non-muslim men get knowing that their partners are pleased.

  • guest

    wow, the stupidity.

    There's a difference between saying the members of the mob are Muslim and that it is because they are Muslim that they attacked her, which is what you and your mob are saying. Get the difference?

    And you are making an argument about authenticity. You are saying this attack reveals something about real Muslims. I am saying that you could make the same argument about the women that saved her. I'm not the scholar that you clearly are but i'm sure i could find lots of text in Islamic scripture about helping those in need. Get it?

    Finally, you really mean that someone can deploy stereotypes about a group only if they are valid? That seems to be what you are saying.

    I guess the left can only play up the nutty fundamentalist angle about tea partiers because it accurately describes them. At least according to your reasoning.

    You have no evidence that "most of his opposition" is nutty fundamentalist anti-Jew, etc. Obviously you want it to be true, but that don't make it so.

  • Laszlo

    My family background is Hungarian. My ancestors have experienced muslim rule for about 160 years (1526-1686) during which time Western Europe left the Kingdom of Hungary to their own resources. Hungary is in the very heart of Europe. A careful observation of a map will clearly demonstrate, that Eastern Europe begins east of the Carpathian mountains and ends at the Ural.

    When east wished to conquer the west the Eastern European/Asian hoards traipsed all over Hungary and when then West desired to expand eastward Hungarians suffered again.

    The Byzantine/Ottoman muslim horads were constantly trying to expand into Europe, and the Magyar armies of Hunyady, Mathias Corvinus fought against them for three/four generations, before the battle of Mohacs in 1526. The population of Hungary during the previous centuries was similar to the population of England, France and Spain. After the century-and-a-half muslim occupation of the central third of the country – which in reality represented constant battles – the population of Hungary was never able to recover.

    Yes we know first hand about the muslim mentality, “culture,” and of course the janissaries, the majority of whom were simply kidnaped, or taken from their parents. Yes we remember!

  • trencherbone

    Sexual Jihad – Degrading and Humiliating the Infidels, the religious motivation behind the Islamic gang rapes and pedophile abductions:

  • donna

    Burn the koran, deport all muslims, that is the only way we will save North America from the same "plight" that is going on in Europe. I don't care about the muslim countries, they bring it upon themselves.

  • barry

    i don't believe any religion has anything to do with whatever created our universe.that said i weigh each religion based on its relative threat to my freedoms and cultural heritage.
    i hold that the reformation and european rennaissance are what gave spark to western civilization and its progress from ox cart to spacecraft within 3 centuries.the freedom FROM religion and the right to question it are critical thinking tools which helped the west to become the most advanced civilization in history. political correctness , cultural relativism and historical revisionism are the tools of leftists to deny us our place earned through sacrifices made by our ancestors.we have implacable enemies who have no heritage of personal liberty or indivdual rights. our surrendering less than perfect allies to appease them didn't work with national socialists and it won't work with islam.
    they only coexist with us until they are capable of enslaving us.peace is just phony b.s.

  • Irfan Mohi ud din

    I think the columnist is a son of a devil and is writing such damn bloody things…A non-muslim isn’t so much knowlegeable about ISLAM to discuss such matters.for this he has to devote his entire life to understand QURAN and Its Teachings.what u r writing it is all out of islamic context and is only to defame muslims.Dont induldge in such things otherwise u will be perished INSHALLAH.And what the mob has done in egypt it is their own fault and u cant judge the whole muslim community n Islam by taking their example.May ALLAH give u understanding to understand ISLAM propely n make u wise enough

  • Hillary M. Wiseman

    Great stuff!!! I found your site on Google . Much thanks for taking the effort to research and write this.

  • wsk

    It's obvious that Islam is a cancer on this world. We treat cancers in the body with radiation, maybe we need to do the same thing with Islam. We have quite a few "treatments" in ICBM silos all around this country. Think of it as international Obamacare.

  • NewsCollective

    The courage and bravery shown by lara logan is very much appreciable and the incident is not going to take her courage down

  • Saber

    Yes, I'm beginning to think this is a religion of hate and depravity – teaching societies to rape murder and pillage – all things that stand opposed to the concept of "civilization".