Michael Lucas: A Gay Man For Israel

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So I guess, my friend, we are very different people. I don’t know if you had the same experiences I had. I know a lot of Russians, even Russian Jews, who miss Russia and go there to spend their vacations. I cannot comprehend that. It’s like a bad relationship where someone treated you like a dog, yet you want to go back to them. But again, don’t forget that I am a gay Jew, and trust me when I say that’s a very hard cross to bear.

FP: My heart is with you my friend.

Let’s move forward and talk about the here and now in the United States. Tell us about being a gay person in the gay community and yet not going along with the Israel bashing and the apologetics for Islam. Your experience with anti-Semitism in Russia has clearly influenced your intellectual and political journey. Share with us why you don’t go along with the Left on this realm and some of the dynamics that have occurred because of your position. For instance, have you been persecuted in some ways by the gay Left for your views and also been excommunicated by certain friends and social circles? Has this been painful to you?

Lucas: It is very difficult to both be gay and advocate for Israel because it immediately pegs you as a right-winger, which is not a good thing in the gay community. It is even worse for me since in my articles for The Advocate I go beyond support for Israel and frequently give harsh criticism of Islam. I not only oppose their aggression towards the West and Israel, but I condemn them for their treatment of gays, women and minorities. For speaking about the issues I have been accused of being a racist and called all sorts of names, such as a pro-Zionist peddler, a genocidal pornographer, and a fascist, among other things. That never stopped me and never will stop me from saying what I want when I want to.

If you look at my articles in The Advocate, you will see that no matter how well I articulate my points and how accurate my facts are, I am sometimes completely demonized in the comments sections. Have I lost friends? Some. Do I get in lots of fights with people? Absolutely. Is it painful for me? Of course it is. It is very painful. In general, you become an immediate outcast in the gay world if you are accused of being “conservative”. There is nothing remotely conservative about speaking for Israel and criticizing Islam. There is nothing conservative about speaking the truth.

FP: You ignited a fire of controversy in March 2008 while speaking at Stanford University. Tell us what happened.

Lucas: At Stanford, I was invited to speak about safe sex, but Muslim students at the university were protesting my appearance. They were putting together a petition and writing articles in the Stanford Daily. I was accused of racism, so instead of speaking on what I was invited to speak on, I turned it into a conversation about Islam and I shamed the Muslim students for not knowing that the term racism is only applicable to race and not religion. I actually got a round of applause, though some students left during the speech and Q&A.

FP: Your thoughts on the mainstream, gay, liberal media in light of how they have cover Israel?

Lucas: It is amazing how the liberal media is so persistent in its attacks on Israel. They are completely immune to the facts and reason. It is very difficult to talk to them when you give them known facts and they tell you that they aren’t true. You can tell them about the history of the Middle East, but they have already rewritten the history of the Middle East to suit their opinions. They cry only for dead Palestinians and never for dead Israelis, giving a lot of coverage Israeli retaliations but not to the aggression of Israel’s neighbors that bring the retaliations on. The liberal press turns everything upside down — truth and lies, victim and victimizer — in order to make their case against Israel. As far as I’m concerned they have no case at all.

FP: Do you think the liberal press represents the entire gay community or just a part of the gay community? How big of a part of the gay community does the liberal press actually represent?

Lucas: The liberal media likes to pretend that they speak for the whole gay community, but they don’t. They probably speak to the larger part, but definitely not for everyone. Here is a good example from Queerty. The website has made over 200 posts about me, but look at the comments under each article. More and more readers are actually approving of my views, despite the outraged tone of the article’s author, who tries to guide the audience on how to read my opinions. So in a way, I’m quite optimistic. I think gay people are waking up. There are a lot of people who think the way that I think. If you look at my Advocate articles, the comments show that there are more and more of them, but it is dangerous for people to speak up. People are afraid to do so. They feel that it will put their reputations, relationships and even jobs in jeopardy. People don’t want to be called names or accused of racism and supporting genocide and “apartheid”. These are serious accusations and many would rather keep silent than be subjected to that. That’s why there are so few voices and mine is very lonely.

FP: The gay community as a whole seems to be very anti-Israeli. Why do you think that is?

Lucas: I find it absolutely maddening that gay people, who are the number one target of Islam, are so ignorant of the facts. They are romanticizing the same Palestinians that hang gay people on cranes, but demonizing Israel, which is a safe haven for gay people. I believe that gay people are rational and intelligent, but after being persecuted for a very long time and mostly demonized by conservatives, they align themselves with the left, which has brainwashed them for years and years. This is not the fault of gay people, but an unfortunate circumstance.

Gay people were so pushed away by the conservative right and the Republican Party that they have found themselves in bed with Islamic barbarians. They mistakenly see Israel as the victimizer and Palestine as the victim. Years of homophobic attacks from the right leads to gay people associating their fight with that of the Palestinians. They see Palestinians as the underdog, and that is the fault of the media. I am about to change that with a new organization I am starting called Out! for Israel. This will be the first LGBT organization that will stand for Israel and be a pro-Israel voice in the LGBT community, supporting Israel as a Jewish state that enjoys full LGBT rights that neighboring countries do not afford them.

FP: For our readers who might not know what LGBT means, kindly explain.

Lucas: LGBT is the collective term for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals.

FP: It is interesting that you were an outcast in Russia as a gay and Jewish person and now in America, among certain communities that you are a part of, you are an outcast once again. Being an outcast and a dissident of some sorts appears to be your narrative and your fate in life. Your thoughts?

Lucas: You are right. I guess I am a very outspoken person with lots of guts and I am never intimidated by anybody. I came to the west because I wanted to be able to speak my mind and the fact that I do doesn’t sit well with many. I recently wrote an article where I accused the Israeli gay community of cowardice because they wanted to send a delegation to Berlin and not carry Israeli flags and I am already receiving a backlash. Now I fear that I will be outcast in the gay Israeli community as well. Did I predict this when I wrote the article? Yes. Did it stop me from writing it? No. So I guess it is my fate, but I am used to it, so it’s OK.

FP: Please explain a bit further that the term racism is only applicable to race and not religion (when you shamed the Muslim students for not knowing it).

Lucas: I don’t know how to explain it much better except to reiterate that religion has nothing to do with race. I have never said anything bad about Arabs. I never said that they are less intelligent than anyone else. I know they are not less capable. I am talking about Islam and Islam comes from the Koran and the Koran is today’s Mein Kampf. At least, that’s how they read and use it. And since we are on the subject, I don’t think there is such a thing as moderate Islam. To prove that racism isn’t really applicable to Islam, Muslims themselves just invented the word Islamophobia. Now I am called an Islamophobe, a racist, a lunatic, a poison to the gay community, and a long list of insults.

FP: What is at the heart of the leftist faith? What is at the heart of Jew-hatred?

Lucas: The leftist faith is supporting the supposed underdog, loving the third world, supporting anti-globalization, sympathizing with American enemies, being cozy with dictators, supposedly concerning themselves about the poor, and desiring to have government interference in every possible sector, which is a most ridiculous belief. I know very well how disastrous it is for a country since I came from a country where the government had control of every aspect.

When I think about the left, I think Michael Moore, but don’t get me wrong. I’m not a conservative. I can’t possibly be one. Most conservatives hate my lifestyle and me as much as liberals hate my political opinions. I also hold conservatives as much at fault of the Islamization of the west as liberals. Wasn’t it George W. Bush that kept preaching that Islam is a religion of peace? Wasn’t it Condoleeza Rice that kept saying that Turkey should join the European Union?

Jew hatred comes from jealousy because of supposed wealth and accusations of being disloyal to the countries they live in.

FP: You state:These are serious accusations and many would rather keep silent than be subjected to that. That’s why there are so few voices and mine is very lonely.”

What has made you the brave and courageous person that you are? You are not afraid to stand alone.

Lucas: Thank you. As I said before, I think this is something I am used to since my very early years in Russia. I don’t like to stand alone, but I would rather be alone than sacrifice my beliefs. I am a bit uncomfortable answering a question like this. I think other people should come to the conclusion about whether I am brave or not.

FP: Are you a religious person? What is your conception of God or a higher power if you have one?

Lucas: I am absolutely not a religious person. I am always stressing that I am a Jewish atheist who does not believe in the supernatural. I believe that we created God and God didn’t create us. We created him out of our weaknesses because we are afraid to live and, mostly, we are afraid to die. I am envious of people who believe in God because I think it is a little bit easier for them to say good-bye to and cope with the death of their loved ones. They can find comfort in the beliefs and it’s a little easier for them to go through life. But I never will get to the point where I start to believe. Six million Jews were slaughtered. Men, women and children. They were all praying to God, weren’t they? If the Creator exists, then he is for sure a nasty one. So in short, I don’t believe, and will never allow myself to believe, in God or a higher power.

When it comes to Jews, I believe in our heritage and our history, which was both courageous and tragic. We survived no matter how much the world wanted to and wants to exterminate us, which I attribute, by the way, to Jewish people’s strength, and not God’s will. I believe in an Israel that is strong so the Holocaust will never happen again and we will never be exterminated again. If we are to die, we should die with arms in our hands. Not slaughtered like sheep.

FP: Michael Lucas, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview. We wish you the best and thank you for your courage in standing up to the Left and for freedom, America and Israel.


To get the whole story on why leftist gays support Islamo-fascist persecutors of gays, read Jamie Glazov’s United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    It would be hard to invent anything more controversial and confusing than this article.

    Perhaps the only statement sounding completely correct and consistent is that

    "Islam comes from the Koran and the Koran is today's Mein Kampf. … I don't think there is such a thing as moderate Islam. … Racism isn't really applicable to Islam, Muslims themselves just invented the word Islamophobia." – Good.

    Then numerous confusions follow.

    "I am a Jewish atheist" – sounds oxymoron by itself.

    It reflects the fact that about 200 year ago so many Jews happened to commit apostasy, that they established de facto a new brand of so called ethnic only Jews. The Jews were reduced to the concept of "ethnic only Jews" by both Bolsheviks and Nazis which resulted in the most tragic catastrophes ever:


    http://www.resonoelusono.com/ApostasyOfJewryRus.h… (in Russian)


    • generalissimo

      "I am a Jewish atheist" – sounds oxymoron by itself.
      Not so. I think this should be taken in the same stride as Orianna Falaci's claim of being a "Christian Atheist". An atheist, who does not dissavow his ethical heritage. Same here, I consider myself a christian atheist. I have no faith in god but I do recognize the importance of my principles and morals, which I attribute to judeo-christian values; more importantly, I DO know that all religions are not the same! Islam is an anti-human monster that makes christianity look like San Francisco in the 1970's. Speaking of "gayness".

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        What you said about yourself (as a cultural Christian) happened to match exactly this definition (applied to Judaism):

        We call Jews-in-spirit those who consider themselves Jewish because of acknowledging Judaism as the ultimate guide in life. (It is up to this person to decide to which degree he or she practices Judaism, attends synagogue, or even whether the person sincerely believes in God).

        Those who do not belong to Jews-in-spirit are called Ethnic-only-Jews and they do disavow Judaism and its ethical heritage.

        If somebody uses the unspecified term Jewish, it must mean what it had meant for thousands of years: Jewish-in-spirit. In that sense an expression "Jewish atheist" is oxymoron. To express himself more accurately, Mr. Lucas ought to say something like " being a Jew only by ethnicity, I am an atheist". Indeed, a Jew-in-spirit cannot and must not embrace homosexuality.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    So yes, "atheistic Jews" objectively do exist. Yet this notion undermines the basic meaning of Judaism as a spiritual and philosophical teaching – the foundation of the Western civilization; the teaching being the only source of the very concepts of good, evil, and abominable. And homosexuality in Judaism is clearly called abomination. Some people may be obsessed and suffer from this inclination, yet I do not want to live in the world where homosexuality is "celebrated" and exhibited.

    Although Mr. Lucas doesn't like the statement, yet it is true:

    "The West is destroying itself, in part, because of its embrace of homosexuality."

    And no, it is not proved "as though perverse sexuality is genetic and not a choice"! On the contrary: There exist numerous examples of former homosexuals who have recovered and established healthy families, and there exist Christian organizations and doctors offering help to those who wish to recover – all being vilified by homosexual propaganda.

    And yes, "You should not hold hands" publicly because the moral society maintains some standards of behavior, and does not wish to be spat into face. Keep your abomination in your privacy.

    "You still cannot today because Russians will get physically violent. In my opinion, they are a dark and cruel people." – Russians may be dark in some respects, yet they have preserved some semblance of moral health at least to not celebrate abomination. Russians also invented a cute transparent neologism – liberasts – as a characteristic of the rotten Western minds which lost any moral bearings. For what else may Russians say if anybody comes to Stanford University for lecturing "about safe (perversive) sex" with straight face?…

    It was a bad – actually insulting – idea in this interview to put Jewishness and homosexuality next to each other in the same context, as though all minority statuses were mostly the same.

    And from a conservative magazine I expect maintaining of the language standards rather than promotion of euphemisms ("gay") "recommended" by the new "Politbureau".

    More talk points on the issue are here:

    • ajnn

      My gosh, why is this all about your ideas about homosexuality ?

      This is the story of a brave man; a man of courage and committment who happens to be gay.

      (PS: I find lots of things confusing. G-d created all of us and homosexuality is incontrovertably genetic. People are born 'gay'. So G-d makes people gay yet we have a problem with their being gay. MAYBE THIS IS ONE OF THOSE CHALLENGES TO US AND OUR FAITH ? )

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        It is NOT about my ideas of homosexuality, but rather about those of Mr. Lucas! I am just commenting on them!

        Although I commend Mr. Lucas for his fight against certain items of the leftist agenda, it however must be done not at the cost of propagation and apologetics for the other items of the leftist agenda (such as "celebration" of homosexuality).

        As to how God creates things we know nothing. Perhaps some steps of the creation occur autonomously, and some effects of the creation process are not pleasing for humans (say illnesses). So we are sad about our illnesses, we try to cope with them, cure them – and definitely not to celebrate. For example, people do not celebrate infertility, or birth defects, or other maladies, attempting to present them as though a variant of "the norm" and a reason for celebration.

    • David

      You may not want to "want to live in the world where homosexuality is "celebrated" and exhibited," Alexander, but in the real world — the one actually created by the real creator — there are actual, living homosexuals who will, uh, exhibit their homosexuality.

      So it seems you are, to use a common phrase, sh*t out of luck.

  • Lady_Dr

    Has Michael Lucas never heard of GOProud (Ann Coulter spoke to them a few years ago which really put the organization on the map) or the Log Cabin Republicans (Gay Jewish Republicans)? Has he never heard the term RINO? For Mr. Lucas benefit, both Geoge Bush and Dr. Rice were RINOS. Bush's father GHW Bush was a real anti-semite, so maybe some of that rubbed off as well.

    Mr. Lucas – some conservatives don't like gays. But the reality is that most conservatives just don't want the gay agenda, but don't really care what you do in the privacy of your homes, clubs, etc. because it is none of our business. I wish you well, but don't treat us as monolithic.

    Finally, I hope that you will realize that the left is largely composed of angry, bitter, stupid and/or ignorant adults trapped in adult bodies. So take heart – and keep up the good work.

    • Steve

      Many conservatives believe homosexuality is unnatural and is a symptom that something went wrong. Why not commit the $$$ to find a cure…..and stop a lot of family and individual misery.

  • David S.

    Thank you for this excellent interview. As a gay person, I can tell you that Mr. Lucas has a lot of support. There is much more support for Israel than is apparent from media coverage. The few activists who focus on the Israel-Palestinian conflict are anti-Israel, and since they have the playing field largely to themselves, that handful of loud activists can create the impression of an anti-Israel sentiment that is grossly exaggerated.__To the conservative readers of Frontpage Mag, I urge you to listen to what Mr. Lucas said about the corrosive effect of the anti-gay posturing by conservatives. Disagreement over certain policies won't push gay Americans into the arms of the Left. But the relentless attacks, the demonization, the endless series of wild statements (i.e., gay marriage would "destroy our civilization"

    • David S.

      the mere presence of openly gay soldiers will "destroy the armed forces"), and the refusal to acknowledge the positive contributions of gay people – all this makes it virtually impossible to embrace the GOP or the conservative movement while keeping one's self-respect. You all are free to oppose the so-called "gay agenda" and to do so with whatever rhetoric you prefer. But you should at least consider whether the hyperbolic attacks regularly directed at your gay countrymen are productive or fair.

  • David S.

    @Mr. Gofen:_I don't know what to say to your deranged rant. I would urge you to take a class in basic English grammar and spelling, and then to purchase a dictionary. When you get that dictionary, look up the term "self-contradiction." As when you insist that there can be no Jewish atheists, then admit that there are, and then acknowledge that Judaism can be a "philosophical teaching." Atheists do not reject philosophy.__As for your quaint views on gay people, I find it both amusing and ironic that you – from the safety and comfort of your home – would opine that gay people are "destroying" our civilization, while at the very moment you typed those words some 66,000 gay Americans were fighting for that civilization in Iraq, Afghanistan, and 100 other places around the world. They don't need a lecture from a soft, indulgent man like you on the threats to Western civilization. In a few months, we will honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11. If not for one of those "abominations" you so despise – one named Mark Bingham – the West's greatest power might well have lost its White House or its Capitol building. What, pray tell, have you done for your civilization?

  • KathleenP

    Fascinating interview; one factor I would point out in the predictable leftism of the gay/lesbian community's "official" spokespeople is the reality of political lesbianism; these are the radical feminists who actively and consciously choose the lesbian lifestyle. It's not a myth; I've known many of these women and usually they're highly educated and fall easily in the role of political advocacy, whether or not their far-left views really reflect the majority views of the gay/lesbian community (I do not believe they do.) In reality most of them don't really like gay men any more than they like straight men (trust me on that, they've admitted as much to me time and again), some of them frankly loathe them and attend only women-only social functions, and are often pretty disdainful of blue-collar lesbians who aren't political and just want to live their lives. They are as humourless, dogmatic and intolerant as the stereotype. Kudoes to Michael Lucas for standing up to these "Queers for Palestine"; I gave up on even trying to engage with them years ago and now just avoid them like bad breath.

  • Chezwick_mac

    "As we know today, sexuality is genetic and not a choice."

    I knew my next door neighbor's older brother was gay before I knew what gay was…he was so frail and effeminate, and wouldn't play guns or sports with us. In my mind, he is the textbook example validating the "genetic" argument. But let's not forget ancient Rome, where homosexuality was a cultural phenomenon and the entire patrician class engaged in it. So, I wary of those on both sides of the argument who insist it is one or the other.

    Finally, Lucas puts the entire onus of the Gays-for-Palestine equation on those evil, dirty Republicans who pushed them into it. I don't buy it for a minute. In my mind, it is identity-politics all the way, no different than feminists, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and others who have been inculcated in victimology…and who now never stray too far from the reservation, regardless of the issue.

  • jbtrevor

    I'd be interested in hearing more about Lucas' view of Conservatives ''hate'' of gays. This has not been my experience. When you believe you are 'hated' it changes the paradigm from which you view everything else…and it sounds as if the 'hate' he believes exists comes from within.
    Also, I'd be interested in the ''genetic'' gayness he's talking about. Doesn't exist as far as I know.

  • Charlotte Bonnie

    As a lesbian I'm not a leftist Kathleen and I'm glad I found Front Page because it completely reflects my views. I'm very well aware of the leftist agenda and their blind ignorant followers and about the feminists you're talking about, I've never heard any but if there are any then what they are doing is actually very offensive to the gay/lesbian community. Normal lesbians are not men haters.

    "As for the French, I shouldn’t even begin to elaborate. They completely sold themselves to Sons of Allah. If a Muslim steals your wallet, he will claim that he chased you down because you hate Muslims and not because he stole from you."

    France and Germany's future seems to be Islam unfortunately. I was born and raised in a muslim country and it didn't take me too long to get away from Islam. There ARE lots of peaceful muslims,my family and friends are quite modern and secular but the less a muslim practices his/her faith and the more secular he/she is the more peaceful he/she is. In numerous forums I was called a "xenophobe, zionist, jew" for pointing about the obvious facts about conservative muslims. I've been called names and received ad hominem attacks. The truth is I'm neither Jewish nor a muslim but a non-religious person who sees things from an objective lens. PC is the biggest enemy of the western culture and I'm really sad to see the European culture is being destroyed by Europeans themselves.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I am a Christian, and no one could be more conservative than me. I don't "hate" homosexuals. The Christ I believe in tells us to love, not to hate.

    I am also a veteran of the Vietnam War. My experience in the jungles of Southeast Asia tell me that it will be a disaster of epic proportions to have homosexuals serving openly in the ranks. In my opinion, doing away with "don't ask, don't tell" is an open attempt to weaken the US military, by this administration.

    • Jet

      What a bunch of crap. Just because you couldn't handle gay people in the Vietnam war (that ended over 35 years ago!) doesn't mean you have any clue about how much more evolved soldiers would handle it now. Different generation. They don't care. You're out of touch.

    • Kirk Marusak

      Can you explain how the United Kingdom, Canada, most European countries, and Israel having openly gay soldiers and yet having openly gay solidiers has not destroyed their militaries? None of the European countries and Canada have been questioned about their ability to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan with openly gay soldiers by our military leadership. There is more danger to our military when any soldier hides being gay than being open about it. That is what Israel found out when they did a study on having an openly gay military, and they have had openly gay soldiers since 1993.

      Did you know that the first U.S. soldier that was injured in Iraq was gay? I ate dinner with him about 2 years ago, and he had both of his legs blown off due to a land mine in Iraq. Yet, Eric Alva loves his country as much as anyone does and wanted to serve his country. His father also served in Vietnam like you.

      • Stephen_Brady

        Let them serve. But also, let them keep it quiet. A soldier that doesn't go on a mission because the LT he slept with the night, before, gave him a pass, is going to drag down the morale of the entire unit.

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      Open homosexuals do not belong to the US army not because their patriotism is questionable, but because their OPEN self declaration and behavior are inacceptable in the condition of the military service: not even mentioning possible and very probable gross abuses which will follow.

  • Mike from Brooklyn

    I am going to stay off the Alexander Gofen mishagas and just say the following about how nutty the gay left is. I remember this becasue I was late to the commputer game so when I finally got one I was computer about 6/24 which is a lot ot time. Back then I actually gave $10 to Andrew Sullivan who was conservative, I could care less about his sexuality. This was before he became a brain dead leftist. He supported Iraq, conservative causes, etc. Then Pres.Bush publically stated he was against gay marriage and Sullivan went over to the dark side. that's all it took to get him there, just ole GW saying he was against gay marriage. I mean Andrew, you are really nuts. Any hopes I could get that $10 back?

  • Zena

    Gad, people, wtf. All beliefs are either genetically influenced by such things as temperament or evolved from one's particular environment in time and place. It takes courage to be an atheist. It is scary but the mystery is exhilarating. Jewish atheists are intellectually curious with the courage to be open minded. Rare indeed!

  • Amused

    Oh Boy !!! A Gay Jewish PORNSTAR ….and he "renounces ….the left " ….lololol…..I feel better already man . Jaime , do you dream up these articles all by yourself ? And look what you did to poor Alex Gofen ! LOL…he may not get over this one . I dont think you should introduce this guy to the newly elected group of Repocons and Teabaggers , they might lynch him . And saying he's now on the right aint gonna save him either .
    I guess the bigger question here is ….WHO CARES ?
    I sense a psychosis developing ….

    • KathleenP

      No Amused, the bigger question is, who cares what you think? Outside your own warped and polarized little mind, there are more alternatives to the brainless, heartless and gutless political left than the Tea Party or the conservative Republicans you so obviously disdain, probably because you think that having a crappy little degree makes you far more intelligent than every single one of them.

  • Fred

    Great interview. I cannot understand antisemitism. How can people dislike Jewish People but worship a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus? Go figure.

  • Kirk Marusak

    There is no truth that any U.S. president, whether Democrat or Republican, has tried to weaken our U.S. military. Actually, military spending has gone up since President Obama has become president. Senator Tom Coburn, a Republican, stated that "compared to China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba, we are spending more than three times what all those nations spend, combined" on our military. "US defense spending almost matches what the entire rest of the world spends." Coburn feels the U.S. needs to reduce its defense spending because the high military spending is not making our country any safer.

    I am a gay man, and I love this country just like you do. You have a right to your own religious and personal beliefs. Sometimes our personal positions do not always hold up to reality. Yet, people often try to keep certain stands despite what they learn.

  • waterwillows

    No one is ever born gay. No more than anyone was born a paedophile. Sexuality is a choice that a person makes.
    Nor is the practice of homosexuality to be considered as one knowing more wisdom than the the Lord. None of us has greater wisdom than the Lord.
    It is the rejection of His decisions that brings far more heartache and trouble than is necessary.

    • Gay not by choice

      I am sorry waterwillows. NO ONE would choose a way of life which is different to be in mainstream society and brings on so much prejudice. No one wakes up one morning and says, "hey, I wanna be gay." You didn't choose to be straight and I didn't choose to become gay. I was born with green eyes, dark hair and I was born gay. I have no patience with people like you.

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      "Gay not by choice" is wrong in his claim as though "NO ONE would choose a way of life which is different to be in mainstream society". If it were this way, prisons would be empty. And with regard to non-punishable activities a lot of people do choose to be not in the main stream also…

      In any case, even if homosexuality happened to be an internal condition for some, say as infertility, it is not a case for exhibition and celebration! Try to cure it or at least keep it inside yourself – instead of aggressively displaying it and trying to remake the entire society to approve and celebrate it!

    • Steve

      the "practice" is a choice….the innate desire a symptom.

  • Lady_Dr

    If you read the biographies of some of Bush, Sr.'s cabinet secretaries I'm sure you will find enough statements to make this clear. I apologize for not having the exact source. I recently moved and disposed of a lot of books or I would be happy to give the quotes to you.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I agree with you. I started the comment … the way I did … because that is what I truly believe. I agree with your last statement, especially. My 6"6" nephew, who is a homosexual, knows that his uncle does not approve, because I've told him I don't, and told him why.

    To the Left, anyone who disagrees with them and their cause-celebres is a "hate-monger", so their comments roll off my back like water off a duck's! However, there is an assumption on the Left, which they aggressively market, that a believing Christian who lives what he believes is actually full of hate. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  • Rasmus

    So now frontpagemag. cares about the analysis of a prostitute from the pornographic industry. And I thought it was embarrassing to be interested in Susan Serandons political positioning… but apparently one can go so much lower.

  • Guest

    I think there are many fine examples posted here of 'conservative' views that alienate gays.

    Conservatives can't get over their own hangups to the point that they feel the need to alienate gays and in essence ostracize them from the conservative fold and push gays into the liberal camp.

    In doing so, conservative hurt themselves both morally and politically, morally by not demonstrating love which is the central tenet of Christianity and politically by driving voters away from the republican party.

    • Steve

      One loves people in wheelchairs, but doesn't give up any hope for a cure, right?

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    (Replying to Guest and the other similar views).

    There are things more important than making political coalitions with whichever party in order just to bring them in and gain the majority…

    The truth is precious in itself. Just as the sanity and survival of the Judeo-Christian values and the West.

    If some of homosexuals are reasonable enough to understand that their well being is more secured in a Conservative (Judeo-Christian) society than in islamic, they may support the conservative causes in more reasonable ways than by bringing their "values" into a wrong place and forcing these "values" into the other people throats.

    Those of them who wish to help can do it without exhibiting the part of self which must not and will never be approved and celebrated among the conservatives: among the people consistent in their adherence to the Judeo-Christian heritage (and simply to a common sense).

    • Steve

      Good point,…wait until the Muzzies take over Europe, …my guess is the homosexuals won't do quite so well then as they are doing now.

    • Guest

      Well it seems you are the judgmental one who is forcing their values upon others and expecting people to modify their behavior to be accepted by you.

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone is not just a interpretation of a possible meaning in the scripture it is supposed to be the words of Jesus himself as are his commandment to love each other.

      What value is it for you to love and accept only those things that are 'easy' for you to do so…there is no value.

  • rusyn

    i applaud michael lucas and his courage. i am,however, concerned by what i am reading in the responses to this article. the hate and even psychological imbalance is disturbing and tells me that we have more to worry about than the far left.

  • Steve

    Throughout the culture, especially the youth culture the word "gay" means 'crappy, defective, no good' and has no immediate referent to homosexality. Many of us are offended calling homosexuals "gay".

    • Chiggles

      I miss the day when it meant happy and carefree.

  • Ray

    Jamie great job as always. Michael lots of love and support from the right.

  • michael

    What's next, NAMBLA for YHWH?

    Am I supposed to be enthusiastic about a man whose lifestyle flies in the face of the Creator of both him and Israel?

    Orientation and behavior are not the same. Some of you need to consider that.

  • Jim_C

    So just how many homosexuals does God need to create before the bigots pretending to be people of faith realize they're part of His plan, too?

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