Muslim Rape, Feminist Silence

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In Holland, myriad women now bear the horrible scar that has infamously become known as “smiley,” whereby one side of the face is cut up from mouth to ear – a war mark left by Muslim rapists as a warning to other women who don’t veil themselves.

In France, the phenomenon of Muslim gang rape as punishment for non-veiling even has a word to describe it: “tournante” (take your turn). In areas where Muslims form the majority (i.e. the Muslim suburb of Courneuve, France), even non-Muslim women feel pressured to veil themselves in fear of Muslim sexual and physical punishment.

In the context of this epidemic of Muslim violence against women, and the open legitimization of it pronounced by Islamic clerics, one would think that the Western feminists of our time would be up in arms, sympathetically coming to the side of their raped sisters and standing up for women’s rights in general.

But this is just not the case.

The West’s leftist feminists are responding with an apathetic heartlessness and deafening silence. [2]

It’s all very much understandable and expected, of course: it is politically correct and cutting-edge to scream with moral indignation about a woman’s right to an abortion in the West, but to actually care for – and come to the public defense of – the female victim of a gang-rape committed by Muslims is unthinkable. This is so because admitting the Muslim rape epidemic, and the theology and institutions on which it is based, and denouncing it, would violate the central code of the “progressive” leftist faith: anti-Americanism and cultural relativism. No culture can be said to be better than any other – unless it is American culture, which is always fair game for derision and ridicule. But to criticize any Third World culture in general – and an adversary culture in particular – is to surrender the political cause and faith.

And that’s why leftist feminists are also completely mum on the horrors of forced marriages, honor killings and female genital mutilation within the Islamic world.

The worldview of Oslo Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Unni Wikan, is perfect in representing leftist feminists’ stand on Muslim rape and Islamic gender apartheid. Wikan’s solution for the high incidence of Muslims raping Norwegian women stresses neither the punishment of the perpetrators nor the repudiation of the Islamic theology that legitimizes such abuse of women. Instead, Wikan recommends that Norwegian women veil themselves. This is because, in Wikan’s view, Western women must take their share of responsibility for the rapes, since they are not dressing and behaving according to Muslim understanding. The Norwegian women, in her view, are to realize that they live in a multicultural society and should, therefore, adapt themselves to it. Sheikhs Taj al-Din al-Hilali and Shahid Mehdi would be proud.

It has long been evident that Western leftist feminists couldn’t care less about real actual breathing women; they care only about their ideological beliefs. For them, the victims of Muslim rape can be easily forgotten and dismissed — for the pursuit of their ultimate goal: to aid and abet the West’s totalitarian enemies and to wreak the destruction of their own free societies which bestow the individual liberties and rights that they despise and abhor.


[1] Although debate exists about whether Islam enforces women’s veiling, and there are some valiant Islamic reformers fighting for a tolerant Islam that does not enforce veiling, the unfortunate reality is that Muslim fundamentalists find legitimacy for forced veiling in Islamic texts. See Robert Spencer’s Onward Muslim Soldiers, pp. 77-78 and The Truth About Mohammad, pp. 44 and 61.

[2] Dr. Phyllis Chesler has powerfully documented Western feminism’s betrayal of Islamic gender apartheid’s victims in The Death of Feminism.

Get the whole story of leftist feminists’ alliance with Islamofascists in Jamie Glazov’s United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    I recently spent three days last week at a liberal web-site "discussing" the Lara Logan rape and the linkage to Islamic theological and cultural misogyny. I was attacked relentlessly for my thesis. My opponents were incensed that conservatives were "using" the rape to "bash" Muslims. I quoted from the Quran and the Hadith to make my case. Like Jamie above, I quoted Uni Wikan to document the feminist-left's unconscionable collusion in this oppression of women. Nothing I wrote made one iota of difference.

    What struck me throughout was the hatred these liberals have for Christianity. My entreaties that Islam is far more rigid, anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-freedom once again made no difference at all. To these people, Christianity, and to a lessor extent, multinational corporations, are the fount of all evil. When I tried explaining that the multinational was the most efficient mechanism ever produced for the distribution of goods and services, I was accused of being a paid troll. It was unbelievable.

    The experience has left me shaken. I always knew that liberalism was religion-by-another-name, but I still had faint hope that liberals – unlike devout Muslims – were rational enough to moved by irrefutable facts and logic. I've lost the last shred of my naivety.

    Friends, I think the liberal-conservative divide is irreconcilable, that consensus on major issues is impossible, and that America is in the throes of a bona-fide civil war. This war is currently being fought in the political realm, but prepare for the eventuality of violence – particularly if the left continues to suffer electoral defeats. Judging by the irrationality and vehemence of their hatreds, it's not likely they'll go quietly.

    • mlgnaples

      good post. I am beginning to think you may just be right in your assessment of a coming civil war. The actions of Wisconsin labor unions and elected representatives are proving your point. May God help us.

    • Michael

      There is no way to make a liberal understand this as long as they are living in the comfort of America's safety. The only way to make liberals understand is to give them an education based on real world experience. This is why we must round up all liberals and send them on a field trip to the middle east for a few months. They will not be allowed to dress as the muslims do, during their stay. The should be required to continue dressing in the typical American fashion. While they are there, we should equip them with video cameras for documenting and journaling their stay. When they make it back (if most of them are lucky enough to have survived), the footage will be broadcast over American television as a documentary. Unedited/uncut. Then we'll see if people start changing their tunes on who they'd rather support.

      • ruth

        You sound like a typical, God Loving, Christian, Conservative.
        Your God is not mine ~ I can't imagine where this hatred of you and yours comes from.

        • Barbi Rose

          Well Michael he was discussing Islam and how evil it was and found that many Liberals hate Christians even worse and won't listen to facts. People such as you who didn't even read his post.

          • Remember 911

            Barbi Rose, just what are you trying to say. Can you put down the cell phone long enough to be coherent?

        • HelgaMarie

          It never takes very long before a liberal pops up and throws around the "H" word.Without a real argument to make,accusing someone of "hatred" is all they've got,I suppose,but you know,ruth,that hatred you sniffed out is your own.

        • kafir4life

          Ruth, I've read Michael's post several times, and see nothing hateful in it. Are you confusing hate with truth? It seems to be a common mistake these days. Sometimes the truth is very inconvenient (appologies to the inventor of the internet and global warming).

      • Supreme_Galooty

        Michael, your idea is an interesting one, but unachievable since as soon as you round up the first dozen or so of those mentally disordered folk, the rest of them would magically become lifelong conservatives. But assuming you could achieve your ends, why in the world would you allow them back in the country?

      • KeenObzerver

        Sounds like an interesting idea, i heard another similar idea a few days ago.
        They are called “Tourists” who flock to the Middle East by the milllions every year, and have a wonderful time there with their “American clothes”and Video cameras.

    • tgbrowning

      What boards were you on? I'd like to see how they defend such crap.


      • Chezwick_Mac

        Just to clarify, it wasn't the hostility that was so dismaying; we've all come to expect that on internet discussion forums. It was the uncompromising, irrational world-views that really got to me. There was just no hope for even a semblance of constructive dialogue.

    • Alicia

      I first have to say that your butt must hurt from sitting so long at a computer trying to change the beliefs of idiots. I wouldn’t call them liberals because it is misusing and unfairly categorizing people who don’t deserve the term. Now, I must say I consider myself liberal with a nice sprinkling of conservatism. A TRUE liberal would NEVER justify inequality for any one. Think of a hippie when you think of a liberal because injustice & hatred isn’t what we represent ourselves with. Now on the Christian aspect I am Christian. Yes, liberal Christian! Go figure right? Anyway, these idiots that bash Christianity & organized religions, well I see their point, but I love Jesus & that won’t be changed. They are only angrily looking at one point of view: that many atrocities are committed in the name of God/Allah, they just go about it in a distasteful way. Afterall we are a ‘Christian’ nation that doesn’t turn the other cheek, no we drop bombs. WWJD? Not drop a bomb that’s for sure! These people who want to say “drop a bomb & kill them all, those towel heads & their baby raping” Well they are just obviously ignorant right? I sure wouldn’t claim them in my liberal club. You conservatives can have them though since you support dropping the bombs & our economy based on greed. A true Christian knows that Jesus said what does a man have if he gains the world but looses his soul? I’m not here to save this world and die for the ground beneath my feet. If I’m meant to die defending Jesus to these terrorist that you are just waiting to take over this country then so be it.

  • PAthena

    These dogmatic irrationalists should not be called "liberal" but "illiberal." John Stuart Mill wrote ON LIBERTY and would certainly not support these closed-minded people.

  • Jake

    Kafir Women are Sub Humans and Can Be Raped and Enslaved
    The brutal rape of Lara Logan is not an aberration of Islam. It is the TRUE Islam.

    Go to:

    Muslim Men Can Capture Kafir Women As Sex-slave Booty

    Islam is the only religion in the world that condones, even encourages, rape
    of female captives taken as slaves or held for ransom as a tactic of war and a reward for victorious soldiers who conquer kafirs. (Repeating these sex slave teachings:)
    The Quran:
    Sura (4:24) “All married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” You can't have sex with married women, unless they are slaves obtained in war (with whom you may rape or do whatever you like). A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage.

    • motomanic

      Oh, no….judaism and particularly in the Tulmud permits and even sanctions rape of non-jew. Rape of goyim is not rape, stealing from goyim is not stealing…sounds familar???

      • MixMChess

        Typical Islamist diversion tactic. Someone rightfully trashes radical Islam's unsavory aspects that you clearly cannot defend and so you just fling mud at Judaism.

        Of course, its clear you never bothered to read the Talmud. If you had, you would know that you are LYING and that the Talmud explicitly forbids any type of rape, of a Jew or non-Jew alike. Further, the Talmud holds non-Jews in the same esteem as Jews. The only difference is non-Jews are not required to follow all of gods laws.

        Go crawl back into the sewer from which you came.

      • cantanz

        Motomanic, Where on earth did you get this idea? I’ve studied the Tulmud, the Torah and numerous writings of Judaism and have never in over 40 years of study ever found anything close to this. I’d be interested if you could source this accusation.

      • Kang-Sung

        I checked on the Talmud and found no such thing.

    • motomanic

      A quick search provided this for sura 4:24: Also prohibited are the women who are already married, unless they flee their disbelieving husbands who are at war with you.* These are GOD's commandments to you. All other categories are permitted for you in marriage, so long as you pay them their due dowries. You shall maintain your morality, by not committing adultery. Thus, whoever you like among them, you shall pay them the dowry decreed for them. You commit no error by mutually agreeing to any adjustments to the dowry. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.

      A pathetic liar you are

      • cantanz

        Well, I’m not sure what rock you crawled out from under, but sura is an Islamic numbering system. What book of the 20 volumes of the Talmud are you reading from? And, are you quoting the Babylonian Talmud or the Talmud Yerushalmi ?
        It seems you have quoted some obscure commentary which most often missed the point of many passages of the Talmud because the passages were often cryptic and difficult to understand even for the Hebrew speaking commentators.
        Antisemites have claimed that the Talmud has been systematically hidden from non-Jews, and that it is the supreme authority of Jewish law, philosophy and ethics. In truth, it is available in most good public libraries and most Jews regard it as simply one branch of Jewish theology, of limited interest outside of rabbinical seminaries.

  • imnokuffar

    Wonder what Naomi Wolf or Beatrice Campbell have to say about this ?


    I thought so.

  • Rob C

    The teacher demonstrations in Wisconsin are the beginning of the reactions that will take place when public workers have to start giving up what the private sector has already given up, such as jobs, wage and benefit cuts. This is just the beginning I think. Time has run out for States to get their act together.

  • Justthefacts

    Islam is no doubt a cult of evil, it allows the practitioner (Musselmen) to do every evil thing imaginable to the non practitioner (Kafir) and other Muslims that violate every minor infraction which includes rape of not just women but of Children (according to the perfect example to all Musselmen marriage and intercourse at the age of 9 is acceptable). ——CONTINUED———-

  • Justthefacts

    Any rape is wrong and can be a horrifying traumatic event. Accord to this article and many others in the past it is obvious that rape is factually part of the Islam and the Muslim Culture and in these countries (mentioned in this article) that boast of their Multi Culturalizm (which they regularly use to beat other countries over the head for being less accepting of Multi Culturalizm as they are) one would have to conclude rightly or wrongly that maybe these citizens who so proudly boast of their “all cultures are equal” acceptance have no right to convict a person who is only acting in the accept factual culture behavior from which they are of. ——-CONTINUED———

  • Justthefacts

    I have little pity for these folks that spit and marched in denouncement of the countries and people who have tried to point out the warnings of the obvious, the centuries old historical fact obvious of what will and is now happening to these so called enlightened ignoramus fools. When they are ready to wake up and throw off their fleas they so proudly laid in bed with we should by all means help them but to feel sorry for people who willfully accept and encourage a culture that has from its 1400+ years of existence acted in the way it does today (Milder by most historic accounts) is to only encourage the continuance of their foolish ignorance.

  • Keith

    Here is my suggestion. ALL men who profess to by muslim should be castrated. Just as they mutilate young girls genitalia in some Muslim cultures. How can any one who has any humanity believe that this is justified in any form or fashion? Only psychopaths in my opinion.

    • NestorJames

      Good point, Keith! If it holds true that women need to have their clitorises cut off in order to eliminate their pleasure and therefore their likelihood of committing adultery, then it also holds true for Muslim men and their testicles for the same reason. And why stop there? The penis should also be removed for good measure – don't you think? Adultery is fundamentally the fault of the penis. Snip it off, I say, and be done with it. This service will be available to Muslim men only and should be generously funded.

  • Gerald Treffinger

    Know them not by their words but by their deeds . GHT

  • christine

    these so called men…… in actual fact ignorant, immature , brainless trash, are quite simply TERRIFIED of women. they should gather the shreds of what is left of their dignity.. if they ever had any, and flush themselves down the nearest drain with all the other human excrement.

    • Steve

      Christine expresses my sentiments exactly. As I read her post, I was laughing and shouting my agreement. Especially the phrase: "brainless trash". A perfect way to describe all this Muslim detritus.

  • mary van de cremer

    Let us read something about this topic written by the prominent Arab journalist Diana Mukkaled in the pan Arabic daily, english edition, Asharq Alawsat, on 04/11/2010 , title : "The Harassment Map".
    "Statistics say that Egypt has one of the highest rates of women subjected to sexual harassment in the world. We do not know, if this fugure is accurate, but the growing phenomenon of sexual harassment in Egypt is a fact of life, and if it is proven that Egypt is in fact amongst the worst in the world in this regard, then it certainly would not be a shock. How can we forget what happened a few years ago, when on the 2nd day of Eid al-Fitr and in daylight, a collective frenzy of harassments took place in the most crowded streets of Cairo ?!" And further on in the article: "However, it is important to note, that most women who are subjected of harassment also wear the veil"". My conclusion: what happened at Tahrir square with that foreign women journalist, was not an exception or incident.

    • KeenObzerver

      I would like to point out that the definition of Sexual Harassment in Egypt, includes lewd remarks, wolf whistling, groping and STARING/ogling.
      Egyptian men like to stare at women, especially foreigners, and i have seen that first hand.
      Here is a list of countries arranged by rapes per capita :
      Saudi Arabia is #65, the top 10 include South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, USA, Canada, Seychelles.
      Lara Logan was not raped, she was groped and beaten.

      • Kang-Sung

        It has not been specified if she was raped, or not raped. Her employer did not want to report the story at first. They initially suppressed it. Others broke the story.
        Reported rapes are just the tip of the ice-berg. In some countries, the education system and the police have worked hard to get rapes reported and the victims helped. Those countries will show a higher incidence of rape. In some countries you go to jail for reporting, in Muslim countries, claiming to have been raped can get you killed.

      • Kang-Sung

        I forgot one other reason girls in a Muslim society might not want to report rape, the government won’t kill her because her father will do it first.

  • Chezwick_Mac


    While I opposed Obama both vocally and intently during the campaign, once he was elected, I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and was mystified at the implacable hostility of my fellow conservatives towards him. "Give him a chance," I remember imploring them…in the spirit of fair-mindedness.

    Well, they turned out to be smarter than I. Obama's economic and fiscal policies have been an unmitigated disaster, his cow-towing to our adversaries abroad has been shameful, his mishandling of relations with Honduras, Colombia, Israel, Britain, Poland, Czech Rep, and other allies has been very damaging, and his partisanship and unfortunate use of language (e.g., telling Hispanic voters that Republicans are "enemies") has sharpened our internal divisions to unprecedented levels.

    In short, the Obama presidency has been a disaster for America. One just hopes and prays that the American people are too smart to be manipulated by a complicit media into electing him to a second term. This is why nominating a viable candidate in 2012 is so critical for Republicans.

    • NestorJames

      Good post, Chezwick_Mac. Yeah, I remember the first time I saw Obama and saying to myself, "Please God, let him be a Republican". He just comes across as a really reasonable, intelligent, nice guy – excuuuuuse me for getting taken in. I guess I'm a little girl in a pink party dress who doesn't know anything about the big, mean world. Well, I do now. If Barrack Obama was being paid by a hostile interest to do everything in his power to weaken America while paving the way for the ascendance of Islam, he couldn't be doing a better job than he is right now.

  • NestorJames

    In the Hadiths of Bukhari it says there are three reasons for killing a Muslim:
    1) Murder of a Muslim, where no blood-money has been paid.
    2) Apostasy from Islam.
    3) Adultery within marriage. (100 lashes + 1 yr exile for unmarried)

    Of these three crimes, only adultery requires stoning as the correct punishment. Mohammed considered the possibility of himself being cheated on to be the greatest possible evil. This is the basis for why Muslims are so incredibly uptight about sex. Adultery on the part of a woman is the equivalent of first-degree murder in the West because it tends to hit the Arab male right in the machismo, and we can’t have that. Women should be careful around Islam; it doesn't like women.

    • KeenObzerver

      Adultery goes both ways, men or women are equally punished.
      There are well documented cased of men being stoned for cheating on their wives during the days of Mohammed.
      An earlier entry mentioned that raped women are stoned, this is not accurate. If the rape is reported she is not punished at all, and given moral and social support, she just needs to give an account under oath to a judge who will investigate.
      A guilty man is executed for the crime.
      If she doesnt report the rape, then is unlucky and gets pregnant, THEN says she was raped, its too late, the legal system will not accept it, and her case will be treated as adultery and receive punishment.
      Adultery on the other hand, is only proven by one of three ways, self confession, 4 eye witnesses, or if an unmarried woman gets pregnant.

      • Kang-Sung

        As earlier CORRECTLY mentioned, women who report and cannot find 4 male witnesses, are not protected and often stoned. Men who rape, do not get pregnant. In Muslim countries rape victims ARE BEING murdered by their families or being executed, That is history. That is reality. THAT is true Islam.

        How many men were executed for rape in Pakistan? How many men have been prosecuted for the assault on Lara Logan?
        Punishment goes one way in Islam.

      • Kang-Sung

        Adultry in islam goes one way.

        Clearly KeenObzerver is not either. He is an islamic mouthpiece. He has no guts. He is castrated.

        He could be one of 72 virgins for the hijackers.

        KeenObzerver; enjoy.


  • lensuniverse

    Neocons and other hate-inspired folks at large:

    While it is true that the Arab/corrupted/disgusting infiltration of one of the great religions of the world indeed needs cleansing – it is this individuals considered opinion you know not whereof you speak:

  • Jack

    the idea that holding liberal views obligates one to anti-american bias and an utter inability to condemn the actions of others is patently false. also, when painting a large portion of the american left with such a broad brush, one needs much more empirical support than the fringe views of one finnish anthropologist. i, for example, teach anthropology at the university of washington, and i know many anthropologists — and liberals — who love america and who know that sexual assault and systematic disenfranchisement of women is wrong under any circumstance. as a student of history, the author should note that it took progressive activism to point out that fact in this country, since if conservatives had had their way 100 years ago american women would still be systematically excluded from participation in the american political system. how soon we forget that the sweep of social change throughout american history has always been a gradual move towards progressivism. 50 years from now, after gay marriage is legal in this country, conservatives will forget that it took progressives to make that change, just as the conservatives have conveniently now forgotten all the mundane aspects of modern american social equality they vigorously opposed in the past.

  • rape help

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  • blah blah, blah blah blah

    @rape help says:

    Hello rape help says, in regards to your comment of Oct 5, 2011 I say to you this.

    There is one on the toppermost of the poppermost and without an understanding of the Culigan Man we as a people will never be able to get to the point of the pencil or the ink pen for that that matters the most in the writing on the wall and on the paper or in the book from the printer that is full of ink to be used to that it can be said that the kids on the block all see that it is happening on basis so fast that it is like being at the race track or perhaps some see dolphins as turtles or as ants that can fly faster than an army plane can land on the runway in order to refill its tank with gas and to get a drink or two with watered down pepsi not coke. So in the end of the beginning the only thing that can be said is that there are many good examples of the way that things used to be not to be that way again unless corrected a little bit before going to a ball game or playing on the fields oneself before eating lunch to go to a swimming pool and sit on the side in the sun and to then read what is written or that which should be written that is not there at all but if it is then it will be someday the best way of the best of the worst that are available so that every grill is hot but not anger with coal or natural gas but not.

  • Jamie

    My comment will not sound nearly as articulate as some of the others I've read, but true all the same. These men are filthy pigs. Using the veil of religion to act on their disgusting, violent, hateful urges. I watched the video of the french reporter being surrounded, and you can see the excitement in the eyes of these men, ready to pounce. Sickening. I am not a particularly religious person, but I certainly do NOT believe in a cruel and hateful God that would condone these actions, let alone command them. They will all have their day, and I love to imagine them going to the afterlife to be judged by a female God. Now that would be sweet justice.

  • Mohammed

    im a muslim from gaza strip,and i reaffirm islam tells us not to rape women,plus it tells us not to kill innocents,so please don’t talk about islam bad if u know nothing about it