Stop the Islamization of America

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Do you want to live in a country where you could be put to death for saying what you think about Islam? Or about Catholicism? Or any other religion?

FP: What would you say to those who think this scenario is impossible in terms of America and the West?

Geller: Consider this: What I am suggesting as a consequence of Sharia is happening right now in the world in places where Islamic law reigns supreme. Right now a woman is in prison in Pakistan and awaiting death for blasphemy. This is Islamic law, and this is the Islamic law that Muslims want to bring to the West.

The very idea that truthful speech about Islamic supremacism and jihad could be categorized as hate speech and/or criminalized is the equivalent of shredding the Constitution. The fundamental principle of free speech is the protection of all speech, not just speech we like. Because who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden? CAIR? The United Nations? The Organization of Islamic Cooperation?

That is precisely the role that CAIR and the OIC would like to play in American society. We cannot and will not allow them to do so because free speech is the line in the sand. Once free men have lost that basic human freedom, they have no other recourse but to resort to violence.

FP: Okay, so how does the book equip people to fight back?

Geller: Stop the Islamization of America explains why what is happening is happening, and how you must fight it. It is an action plan for the preservation of our freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.

Trust me, when you see a giant mosque going up on your tiny tree-lined street, where there are no churches and there are no synagogues and there are no businesses and there are no Muslims, it’s no accident.

And there are ways you can fight back. Do it. Paraphrasing Ayn Rand: The question isn’t who is going to let you, it’s who is going to stop you.

FP: This does sound like what people need. Can you give us some more details?

Geller: Well, Jamie, the book includes a four-step plan to protesting mosques effectively, and an illuminating case study. It also contains a twelve-point plan and much more advice and direction, plus five courses of action that freedom fighters should avoid. It includes direction on how to spot and avoid media traps, and how freedom activists can fight back when charged with “Islamophobia.” There is much more, of course: the shocking details of the high-level agreements that opened the door for the Islamization of America are included in the book, among other startling revelations, including new information about the full extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the Department of Justice, and its brazen pro-Muslim activities, including its “Monthly Outreach Meetings” with Muslim and Arab groups at the Civil Rights Division.

I’ve also got revelations about the close ties between the Justice Department and the Islamic Society of North America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and the Muslim Students Association – all of which are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. I expose the connections of the organizers of the Ground Zero Mosque to the Muslim Brotherhood; how the Justice Department is fighting for Sharia in the U.S.; how public officials in Detroit, New York, San Francisco and elsewhere are kowtowing to Islamic supremacists’ demands to curtail free speech about Islam; Islamic schools that receive public money –

FP: Islamic schools are receiving public money in the U.S.?

Geller: Yes, Jamie, right here in the U.S.

FP: That’s astounding.

Geller: That’s not all. The meat you buy at your local supermarket could be halal – even though it is not labeled or advertised as such. And you can also read in the book about the shocking details of the travesty that is the 9/11 victims memorial: its plans to put the unidentified remains of 9/11 victims seven stories underground inside a museum that charges admission — and which will include lavish profiles (above ground, of course) of the 9/11 hijackers. Then there is the American Bar Association’s coverup of its work to resist anti-Sharia initiatives. Also, my colleague Robert Spencer and I have developed AFDI’s new Threats to Freedom Index, identifying the groups that are the greatest enemies of the freedom of speech and other freedoms.

FP: That is much needed. Can you tell us what groups are on the list?

Geller: CAIR and the SPLC certainly are, along with the Center for American Progress. But to find out the rest, you’ll have to get the book.

FP: Thank you for joining us, Pamela Geller.

We encourage all our readers to get their hands on Stop the Islamization of America!

And we hope everyone that is able can come watch Pamela Geller speak at the Wednesday Morning Club, at the Beverly Hills Hotel on 9641 Sunset Blvd, on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. To make reservations, click here.

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  • Flipside

    This interview reminds me of Vladimir and Estragon on the devastated heath of nowhere, except that they are a couple of failed advertisers looking for a way to market inner ear deodorant to middle class white people. But first they have to convince white people that they have stinky inner ears, but before that they have to convince themselves that they themselves do not have stinky inner ears as they sniff one another like scruffy stray dogs. They pass back and forth the ugly, stunted carrots and rutabagas of hatred. It is so hard to generate need where there is none. There is no need for your ugliness. The sky is not falling, and you cannot save us from it.

    • john

      yawwn… you took care of my insomnia

      • mrbean

        I don't think that you can tell me one good thing about Islam – so you engage in argumentum ad absurbum. You sound like the little kid who says; "Mommy I throwed mud on all them!"

        • Flipside

          They have good calligraphy.

          • RBlan

            You are thinking of Arabic calligraphy. It can be quite beautiful and is practiced by secular, Christian, and others of Arab ethnicity and by others who are literate in Arabic. I am not aware that American Muslims are renowned for their English-language calligraphy, however. Apparently you think Islam is coextensive with Arabic.

            Since you are so quick to find hatred where others see legitimate warnings about aggressive intent, maybe you think that to be anti-jihad is to be anti-Arab and is motivated by ethnic bias. That would be consistent with your having guilt issues regarding your own racist hatreds and projecting them onto others.

          • Flipside

            I know what I am thinking of, and I know plenty about Ibn Muqla and his geometric standardization of Arabic script, and its variance from Koranic calligraphy. The terms Islamic Calligraphy and Arabic Calligraphy are interchangeable, and you are splitting hairs. I don't recall alleging that every American Muslim has excellent penmanship.

            I also made no bones about people making legitimate warnings about aggressive intent. I made an issue about professional Hasbara alarmists making a living by selling propaganda to Americans to inflame their racial hatreds, or more accurately, to instill Jewish racial hatreds in non-Jews. No hack-Freudianism is necessary. I don't have guilt issues or racial hatreds myself. Zionism is a Jewish political movement and insofar as it is presented as a safeguard against Islamism, I am wholly justified in laughing it off.

          • potb

            Yawn. This is just getting boring.

          • John_Kelly

            Time to increase your Ritalin dose Flipside !!!!!

    • myohmy

      funny that you should bring up the subject of stinky inner ears while discussing the stinkiest of all stinks in the world which is the stinking murdering cult posing as a legitimate religion known as islam. In fact your stinking post is stinking up the entire place much the same way muslims stink up every single place they go with their stinking sharia law uncivilized rules for everyone on the planet. As if muslims have some superior rights above everyone else' rights, even the right to kill someone who dares offend their stinking so called religion. Why don't you just stfu and stop stinking up this place?

      • Flipside

        Hold on, while I calculate my royalties.

    • Infidel III

      F'idiot. Yours will be the first throat they cut. The do not want to live in peace, they want to rule, so you have 3 choices: 1) convert and pray to the moon god, 2) pay a tax to bankrupt you into submission, or 3) die.

      If you disagree, put you money where your mouth is: why not vacation in Saudi Arabia, West bank, Gaza, Tunisia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. You won't because – unless you're a moslem – you may end up dead there.

      • Flipside

        I have to accept your racist paranoia or else move out of my own free country of birth and go vacation in Saudi Arabia and the West Bank? What are your kingly credentials again?

    • PK

  • Asher

    This is a good book to read, Knowledge is Power. The Left has been sucked into and bought the concept of Sharia Law too. The collapse of our economy, lack of jobs, illegal immigrants getting all the benefits of taxpayers, bailing out companies, and spending us into oblivion, is tearing down and destroying America's infrastructure. The Solyndra company claimed bankruptcy and it was foretold that they would run out of money in Sept. of 2011….Well it happened. These were more buddies of Obama that got special favors, it worked in 2 ways, it paid back special interests, and it spent over 520 million of taxpayer money. Cloward and Piven and Saul Alinsky both tell us how to collapse the system, and over spending by the government is contributing to that cause.

  • msmii

    Quietly Obama does a few things in relation to Syria

    Let’s recap the situation;
    For six months Baher al-Assad has been slaughtering sunni muslims
    At month five, Obama has said next to nothing about Syria while touting his success in Libya
    In contrast, he signed an executive order banning financial transactions, business deals between the US/US Persons and the government of Syria
    Yesterday the State Department tells US Citizens to leave

    Is this plausible deniability?

  • montlasky

    We are being warned about the attempted Islamization of the world from many quarters and in many publications,debates and university campuses . Is anybody listening?
    Aside from Pamela Geller and some others why aren't we paying attention and becoming proactive to stop Islam in it's tracks-now? We must wake up and soon. It needs a concerted effort on the part of Western civilisation to fight back by what ever means possible. Now!

    • jacob

      Because in order to react in a fair and acceptable way, AMERICA needs another PEARL HARBOR and even then I doubt it, judging from the fact that the 9/11
      number of victimts equaled or surpassed that of PEARL but it didn't stop BUSH
      from claiming that very evening, that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE.
      He just forgot to add their PEACEa is that of the graveyards and so, leadership
      crisis is what allowed a "parachutist" like BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA to become President in this country and now with a big possibility of being reelected…
      After all, it is not the blind's man fault. It is the fault of whoever gave him the stick
      and, in the present case, it was none other than the American public itself…..

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Jacob we had another Pearl Harbor on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.
        It was a more deadly day for Americans and the cost is in the trillions of
        dollars. Islam gave us this devistation and political idiots gave us Islam
        is peaceful, insane or complicit? The majority of the suicide Islamists were
        Saudi Arabians but that was pushed down and the Saudis suffered nothing
        while they have raised the price of oil. Our politicians are the root cause of
        all that is wrong with our ability to respond meaningfully. You know this,
        I know this and come the next election hopefully the rotten politicians
        will know this. My greatest hope is to rid America of Islamist and Leftist
        politicians both Democrat and Republican and then prosecutions for
        all who have been involved in the destruction of America………..William

        • Barbara Layman

          The Constitution established term limits for each office. It is the obligation and RESPONSIBILITY of the American voting public to enforce those limits. We are here because that has not happened in more than 40 years. What to do? Register, if eligible, to vote; go to the polls on election day (at EVERY level), and NEVER, NEVER vote for the incumbent. "How does this save us?" you ask.. Simple – no matter what the elected official does, you will not vote for him/her when the Constitutional term limit is up and he/she is running for reelection. What I have for years advocated and call the 'Silent Revolution.'

          It will break the backs of political action committees and stymie the likes of the media and George Soros as they will have no clue which way the wind is blowing. This is our Red Dawn opportunity before the guns are drawn!!

  • BLJ

    All I know is they will have to kill me first before I have anything to do with Islam.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I shall have "something" to do with Islam while they're trying to kill me!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        A shovel ready job, burying Islamists, leftists and all forms of anti-American

    • Andrew

      Yup , I agree. However, you better start buying arms now before we are stripped of our personal defenses. Well, I guess we could all use swords as an alternative…

  • Reason_For_Life

    Geller is confusing the surfer with the wave he is riding. Islam is the surfer, moral relativism is the wave.

    Free speech has been under attack as "hate speech" for decades before the rise of Islam in America. The idea that any moral code is as good as any other has been a staple of university philosophy departments for the better part of a century. Totalitarian philosophies provide certainty in times of doubt which is the key to their rise. When people doubt the existence of right and wrong they will look for something solid to center their lives around and not be too fussy about what that something is.

    Banning surfing will not stop the tsunami that Islam is riding. Get rid of moral relativism and the Islamic threat is stripped of its power.

    • Christian


  • Dispozadaburka

    Pure Luciferian Doctrine.

  • Stephen_Brady

    There's an old Popeye cartoon in which Olive Oyl runs for … ahem! … Presidink. I think there's a dream sequence in which Popeye looks at his life when Olive gets to office. In this sequence, Congress consists of a two groups: elephants and asses. The elephants always say, "We reject it!", and the asses always say, "We accept it!" It was a very perceptive cartoon.

    The DEMs accept anything, as long as it will further their dreams of socialist utopia. The GOP, most of whose members live on planet Earth and have a stake in America, want the Republic to continue without due undue disruption.

    As a member of the latter group, I will say, "Sharia. I reject it …"

  • zillaoftheresistance

    I got my book & I'm reading it now!

  • jacob

    As somebody stated days ago, if fear of being beheaded (and may I add, of being
    allowed to live like a Dhimmi, the kind of "infidel" allowed to live among the faithful
    as a third class citizen by paying a yearly tax) makes me an ISLAMOPHOBE, then
    I confess to that…

    If my opposing to make the SHAARIA the law of my country, then I confess to be
    I would love to emplace our "Christian" President to educate us about his notion
    that the American independence owed anything to Muslims or Islam and to which
    "misdeeds" did America commit against the Muslim world when he apologized for
    it to the Muslim conference in Cairo, Egypt…
    And this cozing up to Muslims must stop, whether the President likes it or not…
    I remember reading somewhere CAIR people being showed intelligence stuff
    at QUANTICO…

    Did our ineffable Mr. HOLDER had anything to do with such braying ???
    It surely falls in line with MIRANDAZING terrorists or judging them in civil courts

  • ObamaYoMoma

    There is only one way to stop Sharia and the Islamization of America: Outlaw Islam and ban and reverse Muslim immigration, as Sharia and Jihad are intrinsic to Islam. Hence, you can't allow Muslims to migrate to America without also at the same time allowing Sharia and Jihad to migrate to America right along with them.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    They do not want critics explaining the actual goals of political Islam:

    It's a mistake to talk about political Islam as if it is separate and apart from real Islam, which according to the prevailing political correct myth is a Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, as political Islam is not only intrinsic to Islam, it is indeed the essence of Islam.

    In fact, that's what taqiyya spewers that are self-proclaimed so-called “moderate Muslims” like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser claim in order to dupe gullible useful idiot kafir infidels into believing that only a tiny minority of extremists are the problem because they are adherents of so-called “political Islam,” i.e., Radical Islam, as opposed to the Religion of Peace™ that he and the vast overwhelming majority of so-called “moderate Muslims” supposedly adhere to. This is a totally false dichotomy.

    The reality is there is only one version of Islam and that single version of Islam is incredibly political, meaning that Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a stealth non-violent jihadists. Indeed, through stealth and deception Jasser has even managed to hijack several videos dedicated to exposing “Radical Islam” to promote the idea that “Radical Islam” is a whole separate entity onto itself which is separate and apart from the version of Islam that is a so-called Religion of Peace™ and that is practiced by the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world, which, by the way, is not only a false dichotomy but is also demonstrably false as well.

    The reality is Jasser is a shyster and really a stealth and deceptive non-violent jihadists. Hell, he's even appeared on the pages of FPM on several occasions to promote his absurd deceptions and FPM credulously allowed him to do it. Of course, most writers featured on FPM today also adhere to this totally false dichotomy, so it is not like it is too surprising.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    There is only one version of Islam and it is the enemy of freedom which subverts
    life on several levels with confusing allure that in the end has you bending over
    a prayer rug with the Islamist perverts riding you like a dog. All leftists in
    America are self loathing, suicidal (add any profanity or obscenity) that must
    be eliminated with the Islamists who they support in their demented thinking.

  • Wesley69

    If you want to stop the Islamification of this country and keep Sharia Law out of the US courts FOREVER, SUCH AN IDEA MUST BECOME THE LAW OF THE LAND.

    Sharia Law of Islam is a grave threat to this country because you're dealing with a political-religious ideology that, if given the chance, will impose Islam and Sharia Law upon the entire population because it is part of their duty as a devout Muslim.

    So what can be done? Good question; CURRENT LAWS ARE NOT ADEQUATE to fully address this problem, and there is always the danger that some liberal-minded judge will throw out state or local laws restricting the use of Sharia Law in their decisions.

    We must realize this is a contest that we can't afford to lose. It is our way of life, or theirs. Compromises with the true believers will be viewed by them as weakness. This is a nation built upon the rule of law and the equality of all people. This is our protection. This defense needs to be built stronger so there is NO QUESTION as to the intent of the law.

    Within this country and other countries laws need to be passed to eliminate or restrict the Sharia Law within its territory. Here is a NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT that would insure that religious law does not become civil law in the US. While this is directed at the imposition of Sharia, it also applies to any other religion with similar designs.


    "While all citizens enjoy freedom of religious preference, practices that; coerce belief; indoctrinate minors using public funds; that physically, mentally or monetarily harm an individual, which are in conflict with a citizen's rights under the Constitution & its Amendments are forbidden. Nor shall the practices of a religious group seek to overthrow by subversion or insurrection the institutions of government at all levels."

    Naturally, it would need to be enforced to be effective. But as part of the fundamental law of the land, judges and justices have little lattitude as to the interpretation of the amendment. This specific amendment will put the entire country under a Sharia Law ban. Violators would be treated as criminal under the amendment and whatever laws Congress enacts to insure the implimentation of said amendment.

    The enemies of freedom both within and without, need to sit back and watch the backlash coming as the people of this country remember who and what they are and elect someone that will shut them and other groups down. Many have tried to advance the interets of these enemies, but no more. In 2012, we need to elect a president who will lead the revival of this country and we will see a "new birth of freedom." BUT THIS AMENDMENT OR SOMETHING SIMILAR MUST GO INTO THE CONSTITUTION.

  • Winston

    Pam geller is crazy

    • BS77

      Would you care to explain your assertion? No, I didn't think so……..

    • Common Sense

      No you are crazy because or maybe you just wear blinders.

    • Fred Dawes

      Why do you muslims hate freedom and God will? i know your god is the moon God but why are you so evil?

  • Fred Dawes

    The only way to stop that evil of isalm is to remove this government by force of human arms and that will never happen people have no idea what will happen soon, the enemy od freedom is not at the gate but is in our homes and is about to behead you.

  • myohmy

    Pamela Geller is doing a great patriotic service to America and the world. If America falls to Islam who in the world can stand up to them? People you better realize that we are the only thing standing between this evil cult and the free world. Imagine the entire world living under Sharia law. Is that acceptable to you? If you don't know what Sharia law is you better start learning about it right now. Ignorance and apathy is our enemy. Don't think you're here to be entertained. You better become proactive about defending our way of life against Islam. Start today.

    • Fred Dawes

      You are right but many do understand what this means but many many more do not or do not care,

      Many want this evil, sharia Law is the end game. It is about control and the one world guys are using it to kill this nation just look at Red China WHICH BEEN USED TO KILL THE USA.
      The political system is total against freedom and which the one world bankers setup and ask who did this to this nation and to many other nations, it is always about money which means control.

  • Steve

    Thanks for posting this! We were all over this on Common Cents as well…

    Common Cents

  • Ken Gourley

    The phone rang, idea lost! New idea and that is that all religions be declared not lawful, that is not against the law but unrecognized by any law therefore those that wish can be members and those that don't believe do not have to be members. The other solution is to remove them from this world and all believers of any religion like wise!

  • rbla

    The real cause of the problems we are having with Islam is the 1965 Immigration Act and the attendant stupid policies such as admitting masses of Somalis as "refugees". Without this and the resulting chain immigration there would be none or much less terrorism including 911 and there would not be politicians feeling that it is necessary to appease the Muslim vote. This inconvenient truth must be acknowledged before any effective action can be taken to counter the Islamic threat.

  • http://N/A Samuel

    As a black African (sub-Saharan), I watch with horror as Americans are at each others neck while the enemy prospers within you. May be the liberty you have there is turning into a curse after all. The problem is not that you do not love your country; it is that you hate each other (Libs vs. GOP) more than you love your country. I consider myself a Christian and America as the leader of the christian world. What happens in America affects every person who professes Christianity around the globe. Having said this, I would like to say that americans are some of the most misinformed/ uninformed people on this planet. Many Americans are in this state because they have simply chosen to close their eyes and ears to what is happening around them. The threat of islam is real; it is not a right wing agenda. Some americans accuse Ms. Gabriel of inferiority complex. How naive! Granted that most Americans have never met a ‘real’ Muslim, and when they meet one they show the what they would like them to see. What you need to do is to convince all Americans of the danger islam presents. Stop this Right vs. Left nonsense. I’m no Obama apologist but since am from Kenya, I should set the record straight. Mr. Obama is an American. He was born in Hawaii. There should be no question about it unless somebody wants to play mediocre politics. At the time Obama was born, Kenya was a British colony with its cities divided into three sectors: the withe sector, the colored sector for arabs, asians etc and the black sector. There was no way an american woman and an african man could cohabit. Furthermore, no hospital could deliver a white woman pregnat by a black man. Only the British-trained lawyer Argwings Kodhek (check on Wikipedia) managed to bring back home a white woman from abroad as his wife. So get over the birth issue americans. You wont bend history. I don’t agree with some things he’s done , but to bring up the debate about his birth robs this cause of its seriousness it deserves. Make every american feel this is their problem too. Stop politicizing the matter. The time to get serious was yesterday, and Americans are still playing silly little pranks on each other.

  • John_Kelly

    Great comment and right on target.

    There is no time for complacency and we all have a role to play as we combat the malignant cancer of Islam which is permeating every nation.

    In 6000 years of recorded history there has never been a greater threat to world peace than that posed by this political system disguised as a religion.

  • PatriotX

    Well said however some of Obama’s policies along with the poltitical left’s are pratically rolling out the red carpet for these lunatics. Now, I would admittedly have to agree on the fact that we are divided by a nation but this is something that is being purposely done, divide, separate and segregate it is simple socialist tactics. Now, I personally don’t care whether the man was born in Kenya, Cairo, Iran, Iraq, Tinbuctu…etc, I just know that Islamization is something that he seems to want to push for. Now, it’s not blatant and overt. It’s subtle and at the same time in front of everybody. For example, have you noticed how during the 10th 9-11th Anniversity you hear no mention of the link between Islam and terrorism. This was purposely done. It was aimed at a much younger audience, the audience that’s too young to remember, the audience that is the most impressionable, our next generation of young adults. Even all of the FBI training is avoiding the ugly truth of the link between radical Islam and these attrocities committed by them on a daily basis. Islamization is not so much the threat of terrorism as it is the threat against the ugly truth of what it’s goals are. We are losing the information battlefield because of all the political correctness that’s infesting our school system and our news media, which by the way, the majority are left leaning. The same thing is happening in the U.K. and all over Europe due to people’s lack of intestinal fortitude to stand up and grow a spine, Islam is conquering that region of the world and is starting to make it’s push here in the U.S. The democrats are flocking to it with open arms with the argument “You can’t generalize and criticize Islam (even though they blatantly do this to Christians all the time) they have a right to practice their religious faith, you can’t violate their constitutional rights” I don’t care about them practicing their religious faith just don’t try to impose it legally (which seems to be the way they are trying to do it) or violently (when all else fails). They are adamantly pounding on the doors of American society and the liberals are opening them right up and welcoming them in. They say “separation of church and state” but what they really mean is “separation of Christianity’s influence from society”. They curse at Christians as the killers of free will and liberty and welcome radical Islam, the true murderers of both.

    Samuel, I’m not completely disagreeing with you, but there’s a reason why both sides of the political spectrum are at such odds with each other, trust me. While your at it, could you please try to talk some sense into the black community regarding this religious ideology. You see, I’m a black man myself and one of my biggest frustrations is watching the Islamization of black people. It’s a long, complicated and tragically sad story of the demo-liberal propagada machine playing blacks and other minorities as pupets in their sick little game to turn our country into a Socialist Republic. Alot of blacks, not all, but enough to cause concern seem to think that Christianity is the white man’s ploy to controll us and keep us back when in all actuallity it was Islam that enslaved us from the beginning many years before whites ever did. 400 years of slavery, LOL, try 1100 years of pure brutality that would make the worst of dictators seem like choir boys, all done by Arab Islamists to African nations. and blacks in our country seem to adopt this religious faith as one that liberates them from oppression and discrimination. How ironically sad. If I try to tell them, they view me as an “Uncle Tom” or “sellout” however maybe they might listen to a black man that’s seen it up close and personal from the land of our ancestors. I have also seen it, but I’ve seen it during war. A war that I’m sure alot of them see as a white man’s war. How foolish!!! This is a war that’s not only America’s war but the entire free world’s war.

  • PatriotX

    Samuel, believe me, I feel what you are saying but there’s a reason why we are so divided. You might find me a little biased in saying this but the liberal left is opening the doors for the islamization of our country. With the constant rantings about “separation of church and state” translation “separation of christianity from society”. Alot of them hate christianity and want it removed from every aspect of American heritage and culture however they welcome Islamic practices with open arms. It’s like watching a mouse run from a house cat and jump into the jaws of a tiger. They THINK that we want to restrict their freedom (we don’t), when they really wouldn’t have it if weren’t for the Christians that wrote the constitution or the Christian ethics and teachings that formed the foundation of it. I have no idea where they think “God given, a.k.a. “inalienable rights” came from but without Christianity, without God, there would be no freedom. Many, not all liberals, but a vast majority of them don’t realize this or realize it and want to hide from the fact that it’s true. So, in their ignorance, they create an environment hostile to Christians and freindly to socialism or Islamization. The ACLU is a good example of this, extinguishing everything moral and decent in the name of “separation of church and state”, which by the way, is nowhere to be found in our constitution. I had a short debate today about this idea would sound great if weren’t impossible. Here’s a little cold hard reality for you. Our basic principles of right and wrong wouldn’t even exist if weren’t for the 10 Commandments why do people think that murder, adultry, lying, stealing, cheating people of wages, false testimony…etc, is morally and legally wrong in just about every country in the world? Civilization, at least one that’s worth living in, is governed by these basic principles that came the bible. So, we can talk all we want to about separation of church and state but it won’t happen without total and utter chaos because we would be living in a lawless anarchy. Barack Obama has mocked the bible and outright said that this country was no longer a Christian nation. He actually said this and took some scriptures (typical), used them out of context and passed this off to people in the audience (most of them already had it in their minds and hearts that they didn’t want to accept God’s way to began with) so it didn’t take much convincing. That’s okay, that’s his right, I just hope that those that aren’t buying it won’t go down in flames with those are.

    You know, maybe this is poetic justice in a way. Maybe God figured “okay, so, you want to be hardheaded? That’s awwwwright. So, you don’t want to submit to me, that’s okay, you don’t have to. I’ll tell you what, let’s see how submitting to another god suits ya. Let’s see how Allah works for you.” People just don’t get it, you see, when you remove God, you invite other people’s gods. He did this all throughout the Old Testament with nations that got to be real hardheaded and they learned bitter lessons from it. They brought it all on themselves. They didn’t want God fearing men or women to be their leaders. They wanted men and women to tell them what they wanted to hear they wanted men and women to proposed ideas that sounded good. You know one of the first signs that I’ve noticed about Satan? He always says and has what you want to hear or want to possess at the time.

    While you’re at it, could you please talk to the black community about Islam. Could you please talk some sense into my fellow black americans about this religion that so many of them are being drawn to. You see, they won’t listen to me. A black man with conservative values to alot of them is a “sellout” or “Uncle Tom” but maybe they will listen to you. They seem to think that Christianity was used to enslave us when in reality it was Islam that was used by Arabs, shortly after it’s birth, that enslaved us for 1100 years. It made the 400 years of slavered suffered in the U.S. seem like nothing in comparison with it’s unspeakable brutality.

  • CisscoKidd

    Can illegal mexicans wear these jackets? They can surely afford them–

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