Suing Organizers and Funders of the Gaza Flotilla

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Neal Sher, an attorney practicing in New York City. Along with Ed Morgan, a prominent Toronto barrister and law professor, he is presently representing Cherna Rosenberg, who has been subjected to the mortar attacks from Gaza into Sderot.

Previously, Sher was the Director the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations, which investigated and prosecuted Nazi criminals in the U.S.  In that capacity, he was responsible for bringing many dozens of prosecutions and for barring former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim from coming to this country. He also served as the National Executive Director of AIPAC and was the President of the American Section of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

Recently, Sher has initiated two lawsuits on behalf of Jewish students at U of C, Berkeley and York University in Toronto who had been subjected to anti-Semitic harassment and bullying groups seeking to denigrate Israel and her supporters. It has been charged that the administrations at these schools failed to take adequate measure to prevent these incidents and to protect the students.

FP: Neal Sher, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Tell us about this suit that you are filing on behalf of Cherna Rosenberg. What is going on?

Sher: Nice to be back with Frontpage Magazine.

Cherna Rosenberg, a citizen of both Canada and Israel, filed this ground-breaking case in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto against the Canadian Boat to Gaza and Alternatives International. These groups raise funds for and provide material support to Hamas, which governs and controls Gaza and which has been declared to be a terrorist group by the government of Canada, as well as the U.S.

Ms. Rosenberg, along with the other residents of Sderot, has been subjected to and has suffered from the indiscriminate shelling of that Israeli city by Hamas.

The Canadian Boat to Gaza is part of the “Freedom Flotilla II” group, an assortment of coalitions from various countries which are attempting to organize, fund, and supply ships to breach the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and directly provide support to Gaza. It is committed to breaking the Israeli naval blockade and supporting the Hamas rulers of Gaza. The Canadian Boat’s raison d’être is to aid and abet the terrorist organization that rules Gaza.   Alternatives International is a self-professed fundraiser and trustee for the Canadian Boat. It provides financial management for the enterprise and assists in the financing of the terrorist-supporting Canadian Boat project.

Ms. Rosenberg has lived in Sderot, Israel and endured the constant and relentless mortar attacks emanating from Gaza. The Hamas terror group brazenly has taken responsibility for these shillings.  During these terrifying attacks, Ms. Rosenberg was forced to seek shelter, along with members of her family and, like other victims of these wanton attacks, has been traumatized and shocked, suffering from the serious symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The complaint explains how the village of Sderot has been the target of Qassam rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists on the Gaza side of the border since 2001. The height of these attacks was between 2007-2008 when rockets and mortars fell on Sderot on a daily basis. Attacks are typically accompanied by red alert sirens provided by Israeli civil defenses, which give residents a signal to stop what they are doing immediately and seek cover. These attacks have resulted in the deaths of numerous Israeli civilians and have caused enormous trauma and property damage in Sderot and surrounding region.

Under Canadian law, it is illegal to provide assistance or support to a designated terror group.

FP: Share with us the importance that you see in this suit.

Sher: We believe it is of the utmost importance to hold accountable those who provide support, services, money and assistance to the unrepentant terror group Hamas.  Such groups and individuals surely know the terrorist designs and tactics of Hamas – they cannot plead ignorance. The aim of the flotilla is not to bring humanitarian aid to the residents. It has been widely reported that there is no humanitarian crises in Gaza; the opening of the border with Egypt underscores that point.

The real aim of the flotilla is to support Hamas’s oft stated goal of de-legitimizing and ultimately destroying Israel. Those who participate in the farce which is the flotilla are willing enablers of and accomplices to Hamas.

Moreover, under U.S. federal law it is a crime to provide material support or resources to designated terrorist groups such as Hamas. The Obama administration has stated publicly that individuals and groups who try to break Israel’s Naval blockade are taking “irresponsible and provocative actions”. The Administration should go much further and put these people on notice that they run the very real risk of being prosecuted for violating our anti-terrorism laws.

FP: Can you speak a bit about your other cases of the same vein?

Sher: As to the Berkeley case:  as your readers may remember, last March a first of its kind federal civil rights case was filed in United States District Court in Oakland, California, against the University of California at Berkeley, the Regents of the University of California and their ranking officials, by a Jewish student who had been assaulted on campus last year by a leader of a Muslim student organization during a pro-Israel event.

On March 5th of last year, Jessica Felber, a twenty year old Jewish student at Berkeley, was attacked and injured on campus because of her Jewish ancestry and religious affiliation. At the time she was holding a sign stating “Israel wants Peace.” Her assailant, Husam Zakharia, also a UC Berkeley student, was the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine (“SJP”) at Berkeley.

The University and its officials were fully aware that Zakharia, the SJP and similar student groups  had been involved in other incidents on campus to incite violence against and intimidate Jewish and other students. Nevertheless, in clear dereliction of their legal responsibilities, Defendants took no reasonable steps to protect Ms. Felber and others.

The Complaint further describes how the SJP conspires and coordinates with the Muslim Student Association (“MSA”), which has a publicly documented history of affiliation with and support of organizations deemed “terror organizations” by the United States Department of State. That they have resorted to intimidation and harassment is evidenced most recently by the fact that the District Attorney of Orange County, California, has indicted eleven students from these groups for inciting and disrupting a speech given by the Israeli Ambassador to the United States at the University of California, Irvine.

The Complaint charged that the assault was the result of the university having:  (1) fostered  and encouraged campus terrorist incitements by the SJP and the MSA) ; (2) turned a blind eye to the perpetrators of illegal activities; (3) failed to effectively discipline the MSA and SJP for their pro-terrorist programs, goals and conduct; despite having ample notice that such violence was foreseeable;  and (4) failed to provide adequate security to prevent the violence, harassment and intimidation which occurred on March 5, 2010.

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  • Gary McFarlane

    So these attorneys think it is perfectly unterroristic to deprive children and sick people of medicine, among other things. The overwhelming number of dead civilians is on the Palestinian side. The people of the world are running out of patience with western hypocrisy and Israeli intransigence, occupation and anti-Arab racism – you know the settlers burnt down a mosque the other day, marched through Jerusalem in their thousands chanting death to Arabs etc…

    • Edip Yuksel

      Gary, I agree with you. But, Zionists have become so delusioned with their power, they are incapable of noticing the change in the world. Their arrogance, their agression and their narcism of considering themselves as the center-of-the-universe will only accelerate their demise. The more angry they become the more stupid they will become. So, I welcome this law suit and I hope they try to ban criticism of Israel in the USA and Canada.
      Zionists are the enemies of humanity and enemies of real Jews!

      • Shishir

        "Gary, I agree with you."

        Illiterate blowhards of the world unite!Say Gary/Edip ,did you know that Israel offered Gaza back to Egypt during the '79 peace accord but the latter refused?Or that Lebanon or Jordan were far more brutal to their Palestinians (non) citizens than Israel could ever dream? But you see ,one needs knowledge,clarity and good judgement to make an educated statement on the Palestinian issue.Qualities you gentleman sorely lack.BTW Arab citizens of Israel have the same rights as Jewish citizens.How are the Jewish citizens of Arab states faring……?

        • Edip Yuksel

          Where did I defend other Arabs? Of course, Pals were massacred by Jordanians. Damn with those murderers. But, that does not justify what Israel has been doing to Pals.

          Jewish citizens of Arab and other predominantly Sunni or Shiite countries are not doing worse than the Arabs in Israel. Besides, Iranian Jews are doing much better than Iranian shiite and sunni population.

          Again, Israeli's massacres, land-grab, subjudigation of Pals is evident and no excuse can justify it.

          • MixMChess

            "Jewish citizens of Arab and other predominantly Sunni or Shiite countries are not doing worse than the Arabs in Israel. Besides, Iranian Jews are doing much better than Iranian shiite and sunni population."

            Edip Yuskel is aware that this is a blatant LIE. For example in Egypt in the 1960's, Nasser issued deportation orders for thousands of Jews, and confiscated property and assets of Jews. With the outbreak of the 1967 Six-Day War, Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps, where they were tortured, denied water for days and forced to chant anti-Israel slogans. By 1970, Egypt's Jewish population numbered in the mere hundreds.

            Similarly, in Libya, when Qaddafi came to power, he confiscated all Jewish property and assets. By 1974 there were only 20 Jews left, most of whom are believed to have been murdered by the regime.

            In Jordan it is illegal for Jews to become citizens or own land. In Saudi Arabia, Jews (as well as Christian and other non-Muslims) are prohibited from practicing their religion. Even during the Gulf War, Jewish services were prohibited by US military personnel unless it was on a warship stationed in the gulf (in international waters).

            Iranian Jews are doing MUCH WORSE than the Shiite and Sunni population. Iran's official government-controlled media issues anti-Semitic propaganda. For example, the government published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious Czarist forgery, in 1994 and 1999. Jews also suffer varying degrees of "officially sanctioned discrimination," particularly in the areas of employment, education, and public accommodation. Iran also forces Jews to work on the Sabbath (Saturday) and has shut down Jewish educational institutions. Since the Iranian revolution in 1979 dozens of Jews have been arrested and executed due to their religious beliefs.

            Contrast this with Israel where Arabs are guaranteed equal rights under the law. In fact, Israel has employed special affirmative action programs to guarantee that Arabs are not discriminated against and are able to advance in education and in the workforce.

            The Facts prove that you are nothing but a filthy liar Edip. Take your Islamofacism someplace else. No one is buying your garbage.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Produce your own medicines, Turkish barbarian, then you wouldn't need Western imports? Oops, I forgot, Muslims aren't clever enough to manufacture them. Of course, those Jewish-invented vaccines were wasted on trash like you.

      • MixMChess

        Edip is an Islamo-facist and a racist. The arrogance and narcissism he lambasts perfectly describes the Palestinian thugs and their terrorist sympathizers.

        Palestinians define terror and are the enemies of humanity. Thousands of innocent people (including hundreds of Americans) have been violently murdered by Palestinian terrorists. When will the world stand up to the immoral sociopaths like Edip Yuskel and the Palestinians? When will Edip's lust for Jewish and infidel blood be satisfied?

        • STr0ll

          Better than you bunch of Judeo-fascists.

          • MixMChess

            There is no such thing. Shouldn't you wander back to stormfront now?

    • Democracy First

      How remarkably naive you are. If you only knew how much you'd be embarassed for the rest of your life.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Those who hate Westerners and Western civilization are never embarrassed. They're too hate filled and stupid for that.

        • STr0ll

          You mean JEW controlled civilization.

          • MixMChess

            More like Saudi controlled. Who sets the oil prices? Who sets most of our foreign policy in the Middle East (first and second gulf war)? Who undermines America and the West at every turn? Ding! Ding! Ding! The Saudis! Try educating yourself, then you can come and speak with adults m'kay?:

          • Democracy First

            I'm sure Jews would love to take credit for western civilization, one so great muslims from everywhere desperately try to immigrate to western nations. Alas, they'll have to share the credit.

    • Rifleman

      Maybe the 'palis' had best leave Israel alone. If dead civilians bothered the 'palis' they wouldn't use them as human shields. The only people depriving the 'palis' of anything are the 'palis' and their fellow muslims.

    • So Cal Mike

      Such drivel is divorced from reality.
      Just disregard this revisionism and set of lies.

    • Choi

      You're nothing but a JEW-HATING POS whose head is up your JEW-HATING A$$!

    • MixMChess

      "So these attorneys think it is perfectly unterroristic to deprive children and sick people of medicine, among other things."

      Gary McFarlane, you're an idiot… Israel guarantees that Palestinians are never denied any basic life support needs at any time. Despite CONSTANT attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations, Israel maintains an "ongoing humanitarian corridor for the transfer of perishable and staple food items to Gaza." Approximately 1 million tons of humanitarian supplies enter Gaza from Israel on an annual basis. For example, from June 2009 – June 2010, "1,025,686 tons of aid, 49,610 tons of cooking gas and 136,097,330 liters of fuel have been delivered to the Gaza Strip." That is the equivalent of one ton of food and aid per Gaza resident.

      Food and other humanitarian supplies are shipped from Israel to Gaza six days a week, 52 weeks a year. In a typical week the IDF coordinates the transfer of hundreds of trucks containing about 15,000 tons of supplies. For example, "during the week of May 18, 2010 there were more than 100 truckloads of animal food, 65 trucks of fruit and vegetables; 22 truckloads of sugar, some 27 truckloads of meat, poultry and fish; and 40 trucks of dairy products." At holiday times, Israel increases transfers – during Ramadhan and Eid al-Adha, Israel shipped "11,000 heads of cattle into Gaza."

      • MixMChess

        As for medical care, Palestinians can receive free medical care in Israel. Palestinians are only denied medical care if Hamas or the P.A. does not grant a permit to release the patient.

        Israel maintains an open medical corridor for patients coming out of Gaza. Did you know that about 200 medical staff members go to Gaza every month? In 2009 alone, "10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in Israel. Moreover, there were 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes."

        If that wasn't enough, the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donates "$3 million in aid annually to treat Palestinians in Israel." Israel also transfer tons of medical supplies to Gaza. In 2009, 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine were shipped into Gaza. In the first quarter of 2010, Israel shipped 152 trucks of medical supplies and equipment into Gaza. In a typical week approximately 37 truckloads of hygiene products are shipped to Gaza. And in 2009, Israel coordinated the transfer of medical supplies for the disabled including "wheelchairs, crutches and first aid kits. Other equipment shipped to Gaza include heart-monitors, baby feeding tubes, dental equipment, medical books, ambulance emergency equipment, artificial limbs and infant sleeping bags."

    • MixMChess

      "The overwhelming number of dead civilians is on the Palestinian side."

      You are a LIAR Gary McFarlane. Thee mortality statistics PROVE that Israel has targeted terrorists and avoided civilian deaths with a very high degree of accuracy. Whereas Palestinians have targeted civilians.

      Did you know that during the second intifada over 95% of the Palestinians killed were terrorist operatives and males engaged in combat against Israel? For example, Alexander Weinreb, the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development Postdoctoral Fellow at the Population Research Center in the University of Chicago, reports that 43% of Israelis killed by Palestinians were civilians (women, children, and the elderly). During the same time only 4.9% of Palestinians killed by Israelis were civilians.

      In Operation Cast Lead in 2009, the UN (even with it's strong anti-Israel bias) reported that 80 to 85% of the Palestinian casualties were Hamas operatives and enemy combatants engaged in hostilities against Israel.

    • KathleenP

      Israel allows medicine to get into Gaza and has been doing so ever since the blockade started; in fact they provide most of it., along with the rather a lot of medical care. Really, I wonder when we're going to see pictures of all these dying medicine-deprived Gazan children. I guess they're all being hidden in the same place the "starving" children are that everyone was talking about last May.

    • crypticguise

      It's amazing that these leftist IDIOTS continue to lie about Israel. I have absolutely no patience with stupid, vicious leftists and IslamoNazis and their supporters.

    • bombshelterbob

      I'm impressed McFarlane, you have the canned statement down pat. I'm sure that you're right about the world's patience as well, at least as far your fellow anti-semites are concerned. The only angles to this little story you tell that are hanging you up as far as I can see are as follows: 1) you have not explained yet the tactical necessity on the part of the Palestinians of attacking school children in their classrooms and families in their sleep; also, 2) the rather inconvenient fact that most if not all Isreali strikes and actions come after your guys have initiated an attack, there are of coarse many other points, but these will suffice. I will advise you that you may become somewhat more believable if you stop trying to set up the Israelis with these silly flotillas, and stop randomly murdering their children in terrorist attacks. You, sir, are an classic example of the perpetrator crying loudly that he is actually the victim; I for one don't buy it.

    • studentof history

      It was morally correct to deny medicine to German children in WWI and WWII. They had the bad fortune to reside in a country at war. The Arab children who are caught in the blockade have the bad fortune to reside in a state whose announced policy is the destruction of anoth for iter state, Israel. Innocents are slaughtered during war and there is not much to be done. As the buster William Tecumsah Sherman observed, "War is cruelty and you cannot refine it"

  • Moshe

    The fact that more Arabs die in battles with the Israeli Army only proves that they have better, or more powerful and more effective weapons. The crises is a myth that both the UNWRA and the Red Cross have debunked, the fact that the markets are full and new malls are opening only illustrates the fact that there is no crisis. Every day hundreds of trucks carrying goods and medicine and other aid enter Gaza from Israel, all Israel wants to do is check the shipments before they enter Gaza. There is nothing illegal about that and nothing illegal with blockading a country when at war with them.

    • damon mccann

      You are at war?? Why do they have an Israeli flag at Sarah Palin Speeches? Yes, yall can certainly have her, and your little PM made the whole congress look as stupid as her.

      But tide is turning and US will eventually turn on Zionism. Too bad yall got Nukes, big probllem. Viscious Kitty should have been incarcerated for life. Vanuunu promoted.

      • kwg1

        Not in your lifetime it won't Keep dreaming, but wear rubber underwear!

      • Shishir

        "But tide is turning and US will eventually turn on Zionism. Too bad yall got Nukes, big probllem. Viscious Kitty should have been incarcerated for life. Vanuunu promoted. "

        Can someone pllease translate above into English.Why are all these leftist trolls so incoherent?

        • Dan

          Because they are muslim trols and trying to convince you that you and I are wrong.

      • AL__

        Put your dirty diaper on your head.

      • Rifleman

        Wow, another reason to like Sarah Palin. I didn't need one, but thanks anyway damon.

        • trickyblain

          Well, if she's going to display the flag of another nation (which I find weird — I support Israel but I wouldn't show off a conflick of interest), hopefully her Israeli history is better than her US history.

          • trickyblain

            "conflict" argh…

          • Rifleman

            psst, I think the grammar nazis missed it. I won't tell. Oh yea, at least she knows how many states there are in the USA. Hussein has some tough ones to top.

          • MixMChess

            Not to defend Palin, but apparently it was "Jerusalem Day" on the day of her rally. That would explain the Israeli flags and Star of David necklace and blatant political posturing.

      • MixMChess

        Over 8,500 rockets were fired from Gaza (by Hamas) into Israel (at civilians) from 2000-2009 alone. This is not only illegal under international law but considered an act of warfare. Hamas has declared (in their charter, words and actions) that they will destroy Israel and promising to "drink the blood of every last Jew on Earth." How isn't this war?

      • MixMChess

        "This was not only an act of warfare, it was a war crime."

        Israel has never tested, used or threatened the use of nuclear weapons. In fact, Israel has called for the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East and has stated multiple times that it will never use a nuclear weapon first.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Israel, with all the sophisticated weapons received from uncle Sam, including atomic bomb is at war with buch of people with no tank, with no jets, nothing except simple guns. Without the aid and support of the USA-Inc, Israel could not be the bully on the block, harrassing and subjugating millions of people who are defenseless. The world is no more believing the Israli cry of being victim. Israil is no David, it is the Goliath and will soon get what it deserves. Wait and see.

      • Democracy First

        You've got it badckwards: It was Jewish scientists who largely gave Uncle Sam the bomb.

        Meanwhile, 350 million Arabs, 1 billion Muslims, something like 80 Islamic nations, Europeans needing Arab oil, wanting oil commerce, securing Muslim votes in domestic elections and fearing them at the same time, the ususal anti-Semities finding their excuse (stand up Mr Yuksel) and naive leftists, are Goliath against little David Israel, who survives by her wits. And in so doing infuriates Goliath.

      • Shishir

        There was an arms embargo on Israel from U.S during '48 and '67.I seem to remember Israel getting by somehow..

      • Shishir

        With a name like Edip Yuksel ,I assume you are a Turk.How open hearted to feel so deeply about the poor oppressed Palestinians.Now if you could only project this towards your Kurdish,Greek and Armenian brethren.Oops sorry Kurds are mountain Turks and are not allowed to have Kurdish names,what happened to all the Greeks 1453 ..why did they so suddenly pack up and leave…..similarly how inconsidrate of1 million Amernians to just one day just disappear off the face of the earth.Shouldnt they have know their supernatural feat would make everyone suspect the worst of the poor ,noble,pacific Turks?

        Best Regards

      • Gavur for ever

        You are perfect Muslim hypocrite. You are defending Hamas the terrorists when your motherland, is in a war with PKK . According to your twisted logic PKK also is freedom fighters and not a terrorist organization. . How about If we organize an airlift into Diyarbakir.
        How do you like it

      • Dan

        Edip … If Israel turned those guns, tanks and planes loose on the Arab world. Then you could claim Israel is a bully, if you survived.
        I will remind you arabs fired the first shot in 1948.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Aned simple barbaric miinds like yours. So-called Paleonazis are the most subsidised ingratiates on the planet. And devil-worshipping Turks aren't far behind.

    • Rifleman

      You left out culture and training, Moshe. The IDF was beating the snot out of the arabs back when the arabs had newer and more powerful weapons than the IDF.

  • Jack Zeller

    Those who believe, or pretend to believe, that the Gazans are in need of food, medicine and other 'humanitarian' supplies are ignorant, stupid, or jew hating ideologues. The gazans are short of nothing except weapons, and cement to build more bunkers to fire their indecriminate rockets from. I stand solidly with the Israelis, who are our ONLY friends in a lawless, murderous part of the world. We will stand with her.

  • rick

    palestine is a myth, there is no such thing as a palestinian people.

    • Choi

      Rick posts THE TRUTH

    • KathleenP

      Absolutely correct. It was a leader of the so-called "Palestinians" who said this first., nearly 40 years ago. Perhaps he thought the rest of the world wasn't paying attention.

  • aspacia

    A few more ignorant liberals who did not bother to research. Regardless of the land Israel cedes, or the money the West provides, the Arabs will probably always remain a backward, intolerant people.

    In contrast, Israelis have equality of religions and sexes in all aspects of Israeli culture. The walls are built to protect Israelis from the savages who have continually attacked Jews for centuries.

    • steven l

      These r not ignorant liberals but antisemites who hide behind "liberalism".

  • Tanstaafl

    I have a question for the "fans" of "Palestine" – why won't any other Arab nation accept them as immigrants? Bad breath? Poor table manners?

    • nina

      Actually, the other Arab nations wouldt be able to tell, as they are exactly the same. But the real reason that these countries didn't want to accept the so called Palestinians, is because they wanted the problem to fester and be a thorn in the side of Israel. And they were right. The West either doesn't see, or doesn't want to see what is very clear. The Arabs will do anything to destroy Israel. And that is why all this talk about peace is a sham. They will talk and talk, but when it comes to the real thing they will balk. Just like the other times.

  • Tanya

    Quite a few liberal, leftist trolls reading this site now!

    • Dan

      Tanya it's called fear.

      • bombshelterbob

        No, it's actually that they are unattractive, intellectually challenged losers with poor social skills that no one else wants to hang around. Oh yeah, and mom's basement is soooo safe and warm!
        Just remember; the left and Islam are THE fundamental evils of this world.

    • Choi


  • Figgy

    All liberals and self hating jews should hang! They are bringing down this country and Israel. If you love you arabs so much go live with them and bring the chief mooslim in charge with you. The liberals have destroyed the US with they silly ideas…I see what a great the head mooslim is doing in the US, more worried about his golf game than the economy and other significant problems that are currently plaguing our country.Wake up before its too late!! Stupid lib trolls….

  • jacob

    This guy GARY must be one of those who swallow anything broadcasted line ,
    hook and sinker and not stopping to realize every history has three sides:
    The accusser's, the accussed and the true truth, as Judge GOLDSTONE learned
    at his peril…

    Not a single Arab or Pali statement is true,proven ad nauseam, like that fable of
    the Jenin "MASSACRE" of FIVE THOUSAND PALIS which at the end came down to
    26 GUNMEN and one "RESSURRECTION" when shots were fired close to the burial
    procesion in front of the UN Invstigation Commission and the "corpse" and pallbearers
    took off at all the speed their legs allowed them to.

    Therefore GARY, this fable of children and women dying of thirst, hunger and sickness
    is just another story you swallowed whole…
    Perhaps the help from UNWRA for 60 lus years was late….
    After you do, then open your trap….

    • Dan

      Now Jacob don't forget the new water park.

  • al-Kidya

    I agree with rick.
    There was no Palestinian people. The word Palestine comes from the Roman for Philistine and was used to intimidate and belittle the Jews during the Roman occupation of Judah.
    Palestine was recreated by the 1919 British mandate. Palestinians are there, and increasing in Arab immigrant population, because the surrounding Arab countries want a scapegoat to blame Israel. They want a little "picked-on" neighbor that can be used at the UNHRC for violations against Israel and that is all it is there for. I am glad that Canada has agreed to punish anyone boarding the ship headed for the flotilla from Canada. Bravo PM Harper for taking a stand against terrrorism.

  • Montreal Guy

    Kudos to those who are using the courts go after islamo-fascists on campus. However, I suggest you don’t waste your time and money with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. These Canadian pseudo-courts do not follow standard legal rules or precedents. They are always biased against anyone who does not belong to a favored victim class – in their hierarchy, Muslim trumps Jew.

  • sedoanman

    “…put these people on notice that they run the very real risk of being prosecuted for violating our anti-terrorism laws.”

    What about international genocide laws?

    "The Complaint charged that the assault was the result of the university having: (1) … (2)…(3)…(4) …"

    One has to wonder what the Muslim students bring to the table of knowledge that is so desperately needed that we can’t do without.

    "Ignoring complaints from students about the poisonous climate on campus, defendants condoned, allowed and enabled groups such as the MSA and the SJP to threaten, harass and intimidate Jewish students and to endanger their health and safety."

    Meanwhile, the schools are falling all over themselves to comply with the government’s new anti-rape rules which lower the level of proof required to convict some man of rape.

  • Zena

    Neal Sher is hot! :)

  • MixMChess

    Or their two brand new shopping malls? How about the Fakestinians in the W. Bank with their high-end Coach stores and million dollar high-rises?

  • STr0ll

    Nuke JIZZreal!

  • STr0ll

    All kykes are pedophile satan worshippers.

  • SeaMystic

    Time to declare Total War against Islam, and the Treasonous Size Two Hat Allies from the left.
    Start with signing the "Ban Islam" petition at:



  • Andres de Alamaya

    Let us hope that Gary McFartlane and all those who agree with him along with the Uke from BC board the boat to Gaza and that the Israelis will have the smarts for a change to simply sink the boat which by international law they have every right to do and that will end this discussion.

  • steven l

    Finally the rule of law will get into the brains of these fascists Palestinians students hopefully. What about the fascists Americans supporting these jerks. What about all the "liberals Universities" in the US and abroad supporting the systematic disinformation about Israel and the Jews thanks to the Muslim petrodollars!