Symposium: Sex, Drugs and Psychological Warfare

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In this special edition of Frotnpage symposium, we have gather a distinguished panel to discuss how drugs have been used as a weapon of psycho-chemical warfare by our enemies. What have been the historical ramifications of the flooding of the free world with acid, heroin, and hashish from enemy territory, especially since the late 60s?

Remarkably little research has been done on Cold War drug-supply, even though the communists clearly stated their intent on poisoning Western youth with drugs.

Joining us today are some of the people who have looked into this subject more closely. Towards the end of the talk, we hope to be able to draw some parallels with the current threat of Islamic Jihad:

Our guests are:

Frank Kitman, a blogger and independent researcher who specializes in how America’s enemies have used drugs as a weapon against us.

J. R. Nyquist, the president of the Strategic Crisis Center, Inc. ( He writes a column on global strategic issues for Financial Sense Online.


Dr. Joseph Douglass, among the first defense analysts to identify the Soviet intelligence operation to move narcotic drugs into the “enemy’s camp” to undermine the youth and culture. His first articles appeared in 1987 and 1988 and his book, Red Cocaine, in 1991. He was also the first to write about the development and covert use of psycho-active drugs by their intelligence services in covert operations to influence thinking and behavior in the Medical Sentinel journal. He has also written several books on Soviet nuclear strategy, decision making, on the Soviet practice of arms control violations, and on the missing American POW/MIAs from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cold War.

FP: Frank Kitman, J. R. Nyquist and Dr. Joseph Douglass, welcome to Frontpage Symposium.

Dr. Douglass, let’s begin with you. What is the best way for us to begin this discussion?

Perhaps you can enlighten us on some of the evidence that has linked communist activity with the massive increase in drug-supply in the United States — especially following U.S. entrance into the Vietnam war?

Douglass: Thank you Jamie.

To work our way into the Vietnam War, I would look first at the late 1940s following WWII. Because of constraints on shipping during the war and efforts of the US Narcotics Bureau before the war to bring the use of opium and heroin under control in the United States, the use of  “illegal drugs” after WWII had dropped to its lowest level since the early 1900s. The stats on over dose of heroin in NYC had dropped to zero in 1948 as those on first use of heroin in San Francisco was close to that also. This all changed in 1949 when there was an abrupt rise in the use of illegal drugs. The same was true in Japan. US intelligence and Japanese intelligence independently determined that the rise in both countries was due to a new flow of drugs out of  the new Communist China. This might be viewed as the opening of today’s psychochemical war using drugs.

The first book to report on this was The Traffic in Narcotics by the legendary Harry J. Anslinger. It was published in 1952 right on the heels of a USG report submitted to the United Nations on the increase in international narcotics trafficking. Two quite substantial books that added considerable detail to the new “Chinese communist drug offensive” were Psycho-Chemical Warfare by A.H. Stanton Candlin and The Peking Bomb by Gerd Hamburger in 1973 and 1975, respectively. Both described the new drug offensive with maps on poppy fields, organization and soforth. My information from a high communist source later confirmed this message and the deliberate use by the top Chinese leaders of narcotics as a weapon in a covert war against the United States and Japan.

The Chinese expanded this practice during the Korean War in 1951-1953. They targeted their trafficking specifically against the US military forces engaged in the Korean War, both those in Korea and those stationed in nearby bases, such as Japan and Okinawa. This was an especially important beginning of the use of psychochemical drugs as a weapon in war. This practice gained little attention in the West at the time, but it had a significant effect in damaging the readiness of US forces, especially in logistics units. Additionally, it proved the effectiveness of the tactic that would be greatly expanded in the Vietnam War.

The Chinese undercover war was also noted by the Soviets who had directed the Czechs to build a experimental hospital in North Korea for use in running experiments on American and and allied force POWs during the war that was about to start. The Soviets wanted to test the effectiveness of Soviet chemical and biological agents and the effects of atomic radiation on American and other nationality soldiers who were captured during the war. In the process of conducting autopsies on the American bodies who were both taken dead from the combat area and who died during the experiments, the Czech and Soviet doctors noted that a significant percentage of the American soldiers had experienced “mini heart attacks.” They concluded that these must have been the effect of the hard drugs the Chinese had trafficked against the American soldiers.

The Soviets also used American POWs for testing the effects of new mind-altering drugs that Soviets and Czechs had developed. These drugs were quite effective. They were what were used to change certain attitudes the American boys held. One of the effects were what caused the Americans to speak badly about America and to tell how wonderful life in North Korea was. Videos of these interviews were run on American newsreels and caused alarm and confusion in America. Another of the drugs inhibited the American POWs spirit and motivation and was what led to the absence of escape efforts and the absence of any “leaders” among the American POWs.

It was in during this time period that both the KGB and CIA, who both had mind-altering drugs in development since the mid-1940s (and much earlier for the Soviets), began to experience significant progress. This progress was accelerated then because of German scientists working on mind-altering drugs that had been captured after WWII and because the field of psycho-active drugs for use in medicine had, in effect, been born with the discovery of the effects of lithium and chlorpromazine on the mind in 1949 and 1951 and the publication of the formula for LSD in 1951 and related information on Dr. Hoffmann’s discovery at Sandos in Switzerland. The psychoactive drug Genie was out of the bottle for both positive medical use and for the dark side of intelligence warfare.

In the mid-1950s the French decided to leave Vietnam after the battle at DienBeinPhu. It was at this time that the Americans sent their first contingent of forces and aid to South Vietnam. The Chinese watched these events slowly unfolding and concluded that a new war involving American forces in Vietnam was likely in the near future. With this in mind, the Chinese began to increase their own production of opium and heroin to use on the American soldiers in the upcoming war. This was also the time when the Soviets began to develop the trade craft for a new “strategic intelligence” operation, international drug trafficking. This decision was made by Khrushchev in 1955 following a major study of the potential vulnerability and effects of possible drug trafficking into America, Canada, France, Britain, and Germany. There conclusion was the drug trafficking would be tremendously effective and that the covering tactic should be to make the trafficking appear to have been managed by organized crime.

The background work to launch a major covert drug trafficking operation was initiated in 1956 and would not be completed until 1959. It was during this time that the Soviets moved to learn the techniques for manufacturing various drugs in crude laboratories and to learn how much US intelligence knew about the drug trafficking. The Soviets, with the assistance of the Czech intelligence set up training schools for drug traffickers and began recruiting indigenous people from all the countries that were targeted countries, most notably Latin American countries where the supplies would be manufactured and the targets that were global, but with special emphasis on America and Europe. The training centers were first developed in the Soviet Union and then duplicates where set up in North Korea, Eastern Europe, and Cuba. Those recruited in various countries where they would become drug traffickers would be sent to training centers for a three-month course. The actual trafficking began in 1959-1960.

In preparation for the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese sent a delegation to Czechoslovakia seeking military aid and assistance. It was during this week in 1963 that the decision was made to help North Vietnam. Also, the Soviets began training people for moving drugs into Vietnam against the American servicemen. The actual war began in the 1964-65 time frame and both the Chinese and Soviets trafficked drugs in competition against the Americans. The drug weapons led to a plague of drug use among the Americans and by the 1970s caused the US Air Force more casualties than the conflict caused. The effect of the use of these drugs, often given away free to the Americans, had become a major US military problem, along with desertion at the time that General Abrams was given command of US forces in Vietnam. These two problems were separated out as especially troublesome problem for the opening briefing for the new commander and his staff.

Unfortunately, to ease the picture presented to the new commander, his deputy directed those two embarrassing topics be removed from the briefing. This enabled the problem to continue to grow. It received grossly inadequate attention because the US military did not know about or understand this new dimension in war fighting.

FP: Thank you Joe Douglass, such tragedies and crimes you remind us of, and how little the American public knows about them.

J. R. Nyquist your take on Douglass’s comments? And how would you build on them?

Nyquist: Joe Douglass’s research warrants a brief side-discussion on Jan Sejna, who was a high ranking communist bloc official and a key source for Douglass’s work on Soviet drug trafficking and the strategic use of psycho-pharmaceuticals. Sejna had been briefed on Moscow’s long range strategy in 1967, the year before he defected to the West. Like all defectors with direct knowledge of Soviet strategy, Sejna had a message few wanted to hear. Unfortunately his warnings were ignored by the U.S. national security establishment, and his story was misrepresented in the press. In 1982 Sejna published a book with the title We Will Bury You. If anything demonstrates his credibility it is the prophetic character of this book, which describes long-term communist bloc operations across the globe, including plans for the future breakup of Yugoslavia along ethnic lines, the planned breakup of the Warsaw Pact alliance (as a deception), and the advent of a “progressive” American presidency coinciding with a severe financial crisis. All these future events were mapped out by Soviet planners in 1967. If this sounds incredible, anyone can read Sejna’s book and see for themselves.

According to Sejna, the Soviet regime based its policies on long-term strategic thinking. The Kremlin was obsessed with future scenarios and active preparations to trigger key events. Mind control drugs were to play a key part. This is all quite alien to our thinking, and Americans will not believe in it. But the leaders in Moscow are not Americans. They do not share our notions of development and growth out of the free play of a free society. They continue to believe in a planned future. And their strategic plan in 1967 was about destroying free society. About this, Sejna wrote: “One of the basic problems of the West is its frequent failure to recognize the existence of any Soviet ‘grand design’ at all. Those rejecting this concept unwittingly serve Soviet efforts to conceal their objectives.”

Since the main objective of Soviet strategy was destruction, it follows that psycho-pharmacology under the Soviet Union would be used in the development of a new kind of warfare. Under the Soviet Union, subversion and terrorism became sciences. Every scientific advance was harnessed for the sake of revolution. The Soviets developed thermo-nuclear weapons, launched the first satellite and put the first man in space. All of this was used to advance socialist power, which styled itself as a “scientific” power. Here every science was subordinated to strategy. Nothing could be more natural to Soviet leaders than the use of mind-altering chemicals to advance psychological warfare operations. It is inconceivable that Moscow would ignore this area of research. At the same time, the West’s openness and freedom signified a ready vulnerability to new forms of attack. Our collective refusal to acknowledge the Kremlin’s deployment of mind-altering technology is a potentially fatal error.

We need to admit that psychological warfare has a chemical warfare component. We know that consciousness can be chemically altered. We know that the “drug culture,” which appeared in the 1960s, was opposed to the Vietnam War and suspicious of the capitalist system. (Was this accidental?) We know that the moral structures of our society suffered a blow from which we have yet to recover. The morally corrosive effect of illegal drugs extends from the realm of the addict to the realm of money laundering and organized crime. I hope that during this discussion we will see how Soviet strategy sought to exploit linkages between drug trafficking, organized crime, terrorism, and the subversion of various governments. Drugs cannot be looked at independent of Soviet involvement in organized crime and terrorism. All of these elements are part of what Sejna called “The Strategic Plan” (the title of Chapter 10 in We Will Bury You). But who is brave enough to discuss this? In terms of the media, the subject itself is toxic.

Kitman: To begin with, I will try to expand on some of the points Joseph Douglass made about experimentation on American POWs in North Korea. These early experiments tell us that psycho-active substances were part of the communist military efforts from the very beginning. In fact it was the knowledge of such experiments that made the CIA start their own mind-control programs, in an attempt to keep up with the communists. This implies that discussions like the one we are having here concerning the communist use of drugs in psychological warfare is really the natural line of inquiry. It is not a conspiracy theory.

Secondly, within these experiments, the communists combined drug-testing with different strategies of persuasion and exposure to communist propaganda. The main objective was not to improve interrogation techniques and truth-drugging. These were full-scale, re-education programs, where prisoners were tortured, exhausted, forced to memorize propaganda, write private confessions and family history etc. In this setting, drugs would be used to generate experiences of extreme pleasure and all kinds of emotional confusion. The mental vulnerability inherent in many such altered states of consciousness then gave plenty of opportunity to change a person’s opinions, values and undermine his faith in God and Country – which communists have always considered of utmost importance.

This blend of modern pharmacology and behaviorist modeling is disturbing, to say the least. And unfortunately, I think it is fair to assume that most of the communist know-how developed through these experimental re-education programs must have been more or less directly applicable to the unsuspecting youths of the free world.

Now remember, moving a decade ahead as America enters the Vietnam war, we suddenly begin to see these massive increases in the supply of the very same psycho-active substances used in the earlier experiments, especially LSD and marijuana extracts. And at all the hotspots for consumption of these drugs concerts, festivals etc, we often find a presence of some kind of communist agitation and propaganda materials. Furthermore, the drugs are very generously distributed at all major, anti-war rallies and after-parties. This suggests that drugs were used by communists as a lubricant for their propaganda efforts, as well as for a key reinforcement for “revolutionary behavior” and other activities helpful to China and the Soviet Union.

It is of course debatable to what extend this was part of “The Strategic Plan” that Jeff Nyquist points to. But if we consider the testimony of Jan Sejna, the Cuban defectors and other dissidents, as well as the crucially important writings of Joseph Douglass, it becomes hard to miss a grander scheme of things. And honestly, this need not be phrased as an incredible conspiracy. Suffice to say, that during the Vietnam war, communists skipped the sugar and candy and instead used LSD, marijuana and other psycho-active substances to win “hearts and minds” among Western youths.

And, with devastating results.

FP: Joe Douglass?

Douglass: Both Nyquist and Kitman have expanded our journey in several very important ways. Nyquist points out that we cannot look at the use of drugs independently of other major operations such as organized crime and terrorism. All three work together in subverting cultures and governments.

Actually, there are numerous other groups of operations that are also part of the Soviet long-range plan, such as infiltration of various mass organizations and then working from the inside to slowly turn the organizational policies so that they support Soviet policies. Nevertheless, these have not been as strategically important and directly attacking cultures and institutions as were drug trafficking, organized crime, terrorism, and the all important Soviet “active measures” (a combination of targeted deception and propaganda to confuse other nations as to the Soviet intentions, policy, and ideology) one of whose goals was to hide the Soviet role in international drug trafficking, terrorism, and organized crime and another parallel critical goal, in respect to banks, that was to divert attention away from the banks that handled the very important money laundering.

The primary goal of drug trafficking in the Soviet Union at the start was not money. Nor is it such today. Money is only a beneficial side effect to the goal of undermining the financial strength of capitalist countries. The real primary goal was, through drug trafficking, to undermine the moral, mental, and physical gifts of our youth, which would under mine our military strength within a few years (drugs impair the cardiovascular system) and, as our youth mature in the future, the strength of our future leaders is also weakened through corruption and their inability to think well. Because these drugs were mainly tools of sabotage operations, drug trafficking was run out of the GRU. In contrast, the organized crime was directed at the power elite, to corrupt them and open doors for direct policy influence, and espionage at the highest level. Because the dominant role here was political, the organized crime element was run by the KGB. Terrorism had two different goals, one was to destabilize countries and make them vulnerable to insurrections and take-overs, and the other was to help isolate the United States from the rest of the world. Because of its nature, it, too, was run by the GRU.

While these all began as independent covert operations, by the mid-1960s their boundaries were getting fuzzy because each would benefit from some contributions of the others. Additionally, there were some capabilities that were shared among all of the three because they were critical to each one, for example, the movement of monies, that is, money laundering and associated financial support.

Also as pointed out by Kitman, we need to consider the large range of drugs and their different effects, and, hence, their very different usages. For example against the youth, which is indicated above in the targeting of the youth, are the so-called recreational drugs. These were drugs for the masses, mainly the youth. And, the main idea was to get the youth to become addicts and drug users before the age of 25, which was when the youth were most vulnerable. The second largest category of use is specific mind-altering drugs whose object is not a trip that puts people into la-la land, but drugs that are used, mostly, on individuals who are the target of special psychological operations designed to change the target’s way of thinking or acting to the Soviet benefit. There are many different types, as Kitman explains. Only a few such drugs were developed to extract information or “truth.” The largest range of drugs are for very different usages, such as to cause the targeted individual to become very paranoid, aggressive, frightened, unable to make decisions, sleep inducing, chaos or “craziness” inducing, hate inducing drugs, and some that just made people happy and accepting or able to support different policies and people. These were used on leaders and individuals of power and influence in a very different fashion – that is, the target has no idea he or she have been given a special drug covertly. There is also a third very different category which is for military use, drugs for use against group targets, up to battalion-sized targets, drugs for use against commanders or control centers, and drugs that affect the mind in such a way that facilitates recruiting individual officers and turning them into unwitting Soviet agents.

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  • Gideon

    I don't want to appear as a lunatic, but from personal experience, I can say that there are other drugs – drugs that cause sexual urges to increase extremely dramatically, drugs that can knock you out as you sit in a train seat, so that the person next to you can get your keys or flash drive, drugs that can poison your heart and mind, and whats more, they can applied through the air. This may sound nuts, but remember that whole Kurdish villages in Saddam's Iraq were destroyed by chemical weapons (I saw some of the victims trying to walk after being sprayed on the show '60 minutes')
    Its even conceivable that people like Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer were partly victims of sex drugs (though I doubt it). But they are real.

    • Kabud

      It is true. Russians do tricks like that. The whole russian history is interlaced with political poisonings. It is in their blood. It was a `household` regular story about the sex drug.

      May I ask what episode with 60 min you refer to? Who was it?

      • Gideon

        I checked the 60 minutes tab at, and I cannot find the episode. However, you can see youtube:
        for something similar to what I remember.

        • Kabud

          Thank You. God Bless

    • Rochmoninoff

      I have a friend who was robbed on a train in Italy.
      The entire car was knocked out by invisible, odorless gas.
      Everyone had their wallets stolen, purses rifled and even their luggage opened and valuable items removed.
      Nobody knew what happened until they reached for their wallets – all they knew is that they felt groggy/headachey as the pulled into the station.
      This was in criminal activity in 1986.
      I would presume that military units have much stronger stuff.

      • Kabud

        russian mafia in italy goes 50/50 with local organized crime. It is OFFICIALLY KNOWN to Italian Law. Transportation and agriculture is totally their on 50/50 basis. Hence the SPY GAS on the trains. Think of the amount those scum extracted from the train car. it may be better then to hit a bank

  • Chezwick_mac

    Should we also hold the Soviets accountable for the millions of prescriptions of Ritalin we fill annually in order to drug our children so that they need not be burdened with the task of developing coping skills?

    • Kabud

      it is a possibility that infiltration into the educational system at a very early stage started it all. Years before they started teaching `joys` of alternative sexual practices to school children.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Up to the point, yes. Here is another corroborating evidence:

  • Amused

    Oh what a croc of utter B.S. Hey Jaimie , I got a Catholic Bishop I want you to meet , you know the one whose blaming the hippies "free love " attitudes on the pedophilia predominating the priests in the catholic Church . You weren't around in the sixties Jaimie , and if by chance you were, you were still in diapers .Truth is 99% of those hippies were A-POLITICAL , they wanted an end to the War .People like YOURS TRULY David H, were busy at work in Ramparts , and an even SMALLER number engaged in SDS or Weatherman groups . You can get all the crackpot theorists, you want , like the one you cite to revise history .LOL….and you conveniently FAIL to mention the BIGGEST , MOST INFLUENTAL sex drug of them all —–ALCOHOL . Do you spend all your time looking for chara=latans likje Douglas , to get your skewed history and fractured fairey-tales ?

    • Kabud

      >they wanted an end to the War means they wanted millions of people in Cambodia to die in genocide. Bravo to stupid and DANGEROUS idiots.

      Alcohol is a top drug by consumption levels. Though the damage it does relatred to volumes consumed makes it the least dangerous drug, of course after caffeine pure MDMA and cannabis .

      So alcohol is tested by thousands of years and by the way military wise alcohol doesn really effect how russians fight. Drunken bastrads fight all right. Thats what matter.

      But not for you. Because you sound like an enemy someone allied with genocidal murderers. I hope they got your ip

    • ajnn

      "they wanted an end to the War"

      isn't that one of the points of the article ? is this not a 'political goal' ?

    • Paul of Alexandria

      You miss the point. It's not that the Russians and Chinese wanted the hippies to be "political", they wanted them to work against the interests of the U.S. Which they did, unknowingly. We didn't lose the Vietnamese War militarily, we lost it because of the actions of the "peaceniks".

  • gidmeister

    I don't think Douglass is a charlatan, but his source, Jan Sejna, may have been. And the fact that we have spontaneous movements does not mean that other countries can't manipulate them. For instance, we now know the "nuclear freeze" movement was indeed manipulated by the Soviets.
    'Amused' says alcohol is a sex drug. Let me tell you, from my experience, Alcohol ain't nothin compared with whats out there, and what I've been exposed to.
    — Gideon

    • Kabud

      I read practically everything Sejna wrote. From my personal life experience in USSR – Sejna is 100% right on all account.

      I DO know it. My close relatives were trained at top comunist party school and i happened to met many soviets at different capacities in the system.

      Jan Sejna is a unique source of still extremely hot information for those who gets russian strategy and goals

  • Amused

    Truth of the matter is , it took 50,000 G.I. lives , 1 million casualties , the bombing of Hanoi , incursions into Laos and Cambodia , and still no progress , lieing to the people of the US about it all , that finally got our politicians DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICANS to finally end it . And YES , it wasn't pretty , Nixons " Peace with Honor ", although not an out and out defeat , was a double-time retreat leaving the South to its fate . I was there , neither YOU nor Horowitz was . Neither you nor Horowitz were hippies , Horowitz was an intellectual; radical , 99% of Hippies were NOT . You guys use a tool that you impune on the enemy [communists ] – REVISIONIST HISTORY .

    • Kabud

      USA won all battles there. Dont lie. Too much good living here(for time being though) to weak the national character, weakened by DRUGS including.

      Vietnam War is a disgrace in a WAY weak american government ended it

      Millions were murdered after USA pulled out. This WILL NEVER BE FORGO

  • Amused

    Go find another more credible SCAPEGOAT , for the disconnected and confused foreign policy of this country. Everyone knew [hippies included ] what McNamara eventually confessed to in his 80's . The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a contrived excuse , it never happened, unless you consider a "bumboat allegedly attacking" US military ships , a causus-belli ./ And Gideon , dont know what kind of drugs you are or [were ] on . They do no lead to declarations of war , nor cessation of war . Those drugs you claim to have taken , whatever they were ,have affected your brain . I relegate you to the a-typical extreme minority, whose world views on EVERYTHING got changed by a drug experience .B.S>

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      disconnection of the Foreign POlicy of USA began when your government recognized mass murderer bolsheviks for a legit government of the territories they took from the murdered millions. Are you a communist lover too?

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      Do you have any thing new? the boys in the KGB/NKVD All made money before that.

  • Tycho

    I think there is some truth in it actually, although I agree that Alcohol is just as bad. I was completely brainwashed from a young age to be 'left wing'. The drug counter culture has always been that way and it is only now I am nearly 40 that I am becoming free of it and seeing the world differently. Capitalism needs to be fairer that's for sure, but I am no longer utopian and the alternatives have never worked, human nature isn't pretty and people will always want power and money, no matter what 'side' they are on.

    • Kabud

      socially alcohol is well tested for thousands of years. If one looks at figures and it is so easy with internet of course one may find that Alcohol at its volume of consumption is an absolute champion drug. Yes it damages us in many ways as persons and as society. But compared to volume of consumption and number of people drinking-not so bad.

  • Loupdegarre

    Hey Amused, I've got really bad news for you. Even thought we left VN in a big hurry it wasn't because we lost the war it’s because we didn’t need to occupy the country anymore. Baron Rothschild said that if he controlled a country’s money he controlled the country. We left VN because the plan was to beat them up so bad they would have to come to the international banking cartel and take loans to rebuild. We won every major battle in VN and contrary to what Walter Cronkite said when he went on TV and told the biggest bald faced lie in history (and millions of Viet Namese and Cambodians died because of it) we won the Tet Offensive and had a clear path to Hanoi. But the plan was to shove them into the arms of the Bankers and not to occupy. People have gone to Hanoi and returned to say how wonderful the Hilton or Sheraton hotel they stayed in was and how westernized the country is . Not only that but Hanoi is right now negotiating to allow US warships to return to Cam Rahn Bay. So Woodstock is over, step away from the Bong and join the 21 century.

  • Amused

    Woodstock was just that ….wooodstock , not the skewed foreign policy changer that all of wet behind the ears [most of which were NOT even old enough } NOW claim it to be for more of your B.S. partisan talking points . If Cronkite LIED , sdo did Westmoreland and the CIA . We "won " the Tet Offensive " lol…I can tell you were still in diapers , the Tet Offensive , was not a battle to be won , yeaq we beat them back , but it exposed a hard fact , the VC and Army of North Vietnam could strike with impunity …even Saigon . In spite of the years of carpet bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail . It was a warning signal and game changer , and everyone knew it . Woodstock ? LOL….sorry , but I was in Cam Rahn Bay at the time . Woodstock was a party , nothing more . That's why people like you should not even bne commenting or oipining on things you know absolutely NOTHING About . Check out Ramparts Mag of that time , and you'll see who the REAL RADICALS WERE >

    • coyote3

      I was there, after the Tet, the VC virtually ceased to exist, in significant numbers, NVA took up the slack. The NVA were excellent soldiers, and for the most part, well led.

  • Loupdegarre

    C'mon Amused anyone with any sense of history can tell you were never in Viet Nam. You're a poli- sci student at Berkely sitting in your dorm with your lap top, pulling info from the Workers World website or Rosanne Barr or Rosie O'Donald. You might even be a 20 someting girl involved in the more hard edged style of femminism, but you certainly aren't a Vet or have been anywhere near Viet Nam or any other action except maybe throwing bags of your own urine at the cops in Seattle. Your rhetoric is tired and mundane, it's the same old same old that the left has held tightly to for years and now they are cramming your poor empty skull full of the pap. The wall of deceit is crumbling after all the years of being propped at the universties and the people can now see who the real liars were.

  • Loupdegarre

    Oh by the way Amused, I am leaving for work now so I won't be able to play anymore. Have a nice day in class and ask your professor if he knows anything about Potemkin Village. I think you'd like it there.

  • mrbean

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  • Tom

    Time is the final test of truth. The defectors and others quoted here from books and other sources,dating back decades, describing in detail what is in store for the US have come true. Not only in this article, there are many other investigators who have told the same story. Too many sources from unrelated times and locations all warning of the same facts. When they all come true a few decades later…what can we say? The demoralization of America, the rise of the "progressive" politics and finally the appearance of Obama, the ultimate created president, right at the time of created financial crisis. So, what's next? The next phase, the defectors say, is the a huge crisis, worse than any seen before, that allows for the state to seize control and finalize the new dictatorship. Then dissidents are rounded up and killed or re-educated. Anyone following what's really going on knows we are in the final phase. The deniers will still be denying right up until that their front doors are kicked in and they are dragged off into the night, wondering how it all happened.

  • Peter

    Don't even bother trying to get Amused to directly answer any point you make. I know from personal experience that he is ONLY capable of ad hominem attacks if pressed, but will never directly take on any opposing points of view with a salient fact or counter-argument.

  • Questions

    Putting men on the moon was a great achievement, but you're missing a larger point, too. It took "irrational" dreamers — hippies, if one will — to inspire the planning and execution of this and subsequent moon landings. A lot of those "filthy" hippies of the Sixties and Seventies turned out to be excellent software designers.

    All scientific gains spring from science fiction, whether told or untold.

  • LindaRivera

    Thank you for this absolutely outstanding article! America has many enemies within and without! We desperately need patriotic Americans in the White House and government! Indeed, communists and Muslims work together. Iran has vowed repeatedly to "wipe Israel off the map" and "destroy America". With so many enemies and traitors within, how can we save our country?

    Back in the nineties, I listened to famous George Putnam on the radio. More than one immigrant from a communist country called in to say that America was exactly like their country was before it was taken over by the communists. Things have become much worse since the nineties.

    At this point, we are so far gone. Our freedoms are eroding rapidly. We have been reduced to swat teams firing some 70 bullets at an innocent vet. The swat team refused to allow medics to attend the vet. The ambulance was kept waiting for one hour and 14 minutes while the poor man lay in agony surrounded by his ruthless killers. The SWAT team made certain he would never be able to protest his innocence.

    Another SWAT team from the Department of Education invaded a home and seized an innocent man and his children.

    TSA Security? Dirty security. The government must be celebrating their enormous power and control over the People. They are letting us know that our bodies don't belong to us. They belong to the government. On the EXCUSE of catching terrorists, government agents are molesting men, women and children. Israel has the best airport security in the world. Our government doesn't want to implement the best security in the world (Israel's) because that would not allow government agents to molest innocents. How can it be said any more that this is a free country?

  • LindaRivera

    It is not just other countries that want to destroy our bodies and minds. In Germany's concentration camps, Hitler used fluoride in the water – the fluoride, a deadly dangerous poison made the prisoners passive. Highly toxic fluoride is deliberately added to our water against our will. It is a lie it helps teeth. Fluoride damages the thyroid, bones and teeth and causes cancer, etc. Fluoride causes hypothyroidism.

    The public are DECEIVED into believing that soy is a health food. It is not. It causes cancer and many health problems. It causes hypothyroidism which damages the body and causes brain fog (which is what STREET DRUGS would do). Soy that is both organic and fermented, such as miso, is safe. Most of the soy on the market is not organic, NOT fermented and is genetically modified. Many Americans WHO WOULD NEVER TAKE STREET DRUGS are extremely unhealthy – slow-working brains, overweight and obese because of hypothyroidism caused by soy and also fluoride. Another victory for our enemies.

    American children are made to take far more vaccinations than any country on earth. The vaccinations and flu shots contain deadly ingredients injuring the health of our people. Another victory for our enemies.

  • SpiritOf1683

    When it comes to drugs, you can take them or leave them. If you take them, it is a personal choice you have made to become a druggie. No country on earth forces you to become a crack addict.

    • Kabud

      crack has to reach you. think about it. crack has to be invented, advertised, pushed, manufactured, smuggled. If you REALY think about it: this is GLOBAL extremely clever and super-complex strategic operation with enormous military gains for the enemy, like a chemical attack , constantly applied on Americans. Well, may be it is new to you but 99% cof humans are completely utterly stupid idiots. If some GUY tels them ANYTHING they buy it. If it makes them high they buy lots of it. look around. look at those people. If not for the image of God the bare do they look human to you ?

  • SpiritOf1683

    I should have said "No country on earth forces you to become a crack addict if you live in the West".

  • Soleilmavis

    Mind Reading; mind control technologies had been well developed.
    More information about Mind Reading technologies
    More information about Mind Control technologies

  • jamie glazov

    A whole bunch of leftists who pride themselves on their progressivism and are now showing their true colors and what the Left is really about.

  • Kabud

    Do you guys know how METHAMPHETAMINE entered US of A?
    in USSR they developed the initial process in the early 80s. It was designed in a way that anyone can cook it at home, then later the process was improved and brought to USA by russian mafia. I know people who were tasting the first batches of rose powder in the late 909s here, from the russian mafia hands directly , in Chicago(!). If you dont know WHAT METH is and HOW it works its SOCIALY-POLITICAL scenario watch `Breaking bad` lots to learn. it is all real.

  • Alexander Gofen

    I don't think, that the totality of our catastrophe should completely be credited to the efforts of KGB/GRU and China. Rather, KGB noticed certain strain of microbes called fellow travelers and useful idiots (since Lenin), and then they skillfully cultivated and spread the infection. So now we have a pandemic situation, supported by another corroborating evidence:….

    Yet truly our demise began earlier than Soviets even emerged:

  • Kabud

    its not a catastrophe . We are winning. It is just very hard process.

    One should read this book: Victory: The Reagan Administration's Secret Strategy That Hastened the Collapse of the Soviet Union by Peter Schweizer

    it is based on interviews with ppl like Roger Robinson.

    It shows how weak USA government was and how enemy destroyed Reagan team at the end. So all that was achieved was basically him , his close friends and John Paul II. Not much help from anyone else. Not easy.

    It has all Reagan' directives NSDD 32, 75, 66, 166 and how hard and IMPOSSIBLE it was to achieve what was achived.

    and what was it in fact? right?

    Well it was victory. Just trust me. A victory in a battle not in the war. War continues. But we are winning it.

  • Alexander Gofen

    I wished you were right, Kabud, but the reality is different. I do not have the book "Victory" at hand, and I cannot comment on it. I can comment on what I do see:

    * 100% of the university and school system run by liberasts;
    * 100 of mass media run by liberasts;
    * All the three branches of Government have betrayed the Constitution and backed the impostor;
    * US army run by stooges of liberasts and of islam; betrayed their oath to uphold the Constitution.

    What we have now is

    indecisive and stupefied…

    Does it really look like "Victory"?

    • 2maxpower

      Alexander …you are very pessimistic. and unfortunately correct. I do think there are enough good people in the USA to turn it around. But short of a civil war I don't see how.

  • Donald

    Great Symposium,
    I conduct research in New York Hospitals. Due to "Crack", a highly addictive form of cocaine which can be smoked, I see lots of addicts. Heart Attacks are common in 30 and 40 year old men due to cocaine, costing at least $50,000 in acute medical care, plus the cost of a permanently disabled man.

    Addicts are very vulnerable people. It is no surprise the Marxist would target them. One heroin addict I dealt with had a $700.00 a day habit. He needed to rob 4-5 homes or break into 24 cars per day to support his habit. He was a one man crime wave in a New Jersey County. In the Marxist arsenal I think narcotics have been their most devastating weapon.

  • Donald

    Are there studies on the side effects of narcotics and also on their tangential costs? Something like an MRI study of 2000 marijuana users?

    I have read the basil ganglia in the brain are destroyed. Also, I read about a rebound effect where people become violent after the initial sedating effects of the marijuana wear off.

    One study on patients suffering from a syndrome causing nausea and vomiting and the need to take very hot showers about 18 times a day found a cure. Those suffering ceased smoking marijuana.

    Marijuana can’t be harmless. Let’s be realistic the drug is used during chemotherapy to prevent nausea and vomiting.

  • Theo Prinse

    Excellent article ! Foreign secret services must have a great help in mafia denier Edgar Hoover, CIA director Allen Dulles, TSS Sidney Gottlieb of MKULTRA, Adolf Hitler interviewer and convict Richard Helms etc. to distribute it further down the line.

  • Theo Prinse

    Great article.. It took people like mafia denier Edgar Hoover, CIA director Allen Dulles, TSS Sidney Gottlieb, CIA director over the project MKULTRA and convicted interviewer of Adolf Hitler Richard Helms to get it further into the American society.

  • Kenneth Olsen

    This is foolishness on top of drug war foolishness. The principles of liberty are clear. The right of persons to ingest chemicals of their choice existed in the U.S.A. until the early 1900s. There were no drug cartels and violence, no vast prison population, and no vast therapeutic bureaucratic state. (I'll venture to guess that there were also no symposia held to blame the actions of free persons on insidious foreign governments.) Perhaps the culture has more than a little to do with stimulating the desire to ingest narcotics and hallucinogens…

  • Fred Dawes

    For over 40 years both the boys in the KGB And our bitchs in the CIA Have been working to make side money we have so much info and facts and books from the bitchs in the KGB Its a joke but what you should be asking is who made the money who and when? in 1968 the BOYS In the FBI HAD info about all of This.

  • Maxie

    I believe the concept of a drug-induced Utopia was explored by Aldous Huxley in his novel "Brave New World". Any political system that depends on a population that's in a perpetual drug-induced stupor cannot long endure.

  • topeka

    Not to quibble, but even if everything in the article is true: it's still irrelevant.

    1. Our government institutions are completely overrun by True Believers. Most of these people are simply products of our public misinformation systems and university indoctrination. The True Believers form an army vast beyond the comprehension of the most lurid desires of any commie spy.

    2. If the commies want to destroy America, the best thing they could do is just wait. Whether the moral disintegration is their doing or not, the True Believers are in charge, and doing a great job.

    3. If the commies screw up and cause America to wake up, it would be all over for them, and their influence would simply soak a gutter in some hole.

    Upshot: Defeat the Left, here and now, and these criminals will face the music. Fail to defeat the Left here and now, and the mafias of the world will not only inherit, they will prosper and profit.

  • Jim

    Seems like the communists out witted them selves with their "conquest by drugs". After the fall of Communism drugs spread like wild fire especially in the isolated mining town. The rich dirty old men descended on those towns with lots of treats to trade for sex especially with under aged girls and boys. Little is heard about drugs in Russia now. But who needs drugs when you have vodka.
    One should read Cockburn's ,the editor of Counter punch,account of his son who went insane on Marijuana . The father said "who knew it could be so dangerous?" Well a close relative of Cockburn knew . He was a researcher on drugs and had issued warnings about Marijuana's extreme danger.

  • Lois

    I think that hard rock, rock/roll loud music, legal and illegal drugs, refined/junk/fast foods, pharma, TV, movies, media, government public education…. were/are used to destroy our youth, our future generations. We are dealing with demonic people.

    The enemy has infiltrated every institution in the country.
    I knew a young boy that was drafted into the Viet Nam war. He came out a drug addict. He died in his 40's of liver damage. I know another man of the Viet Nam era with the same scenario, he is a vegetable in so many words, hasn't been able to function properly.

    We're in a war with Ishmael, Esau, and the serpent seed.

  • Loma Vollenweider

    Thanks for that great article! Have a happy new year!

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