The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates the GOP

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FP: Where’s Khan now?

Sperry: Thanks to Norquist’s sponsorship, Khan has also been able to infiltrate other Republican circles, including the American Conservative Union. Meanwhile, he’s teamed up with Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama’s Muslim outreach partner, to do interfaith outreach with evangelical Christian leaders in the South.

FP: How is that possible?

Sperry: What Norquist does, and this is truly sinister business, is dress up Brotherhood agents who underwrite him as patriotic conservatives in order to give them political cover and gain the trust of the GOP establishment. Then with the backing of duped party leaders secured, he promotes these neo-Islamists to positions of power inside government.

His latest project is Imad “David” Ramadan.

FP: Tell us about him.

Sperry: Well, he’s running for the Virginia state legislature with breathless boosterism from Norquist, which is your first red flag. Last year, Ramadan signed an open letter to Republicans in support of the Ground Zero mosque. He signed it with Khan and Norquist’s wife, who happens to be a Palestinian Muslim.

There are other red flags. Ramadan, who’s a Lebanese immigrant, is a shadowy figure with suspicious holes in his resume. He says he’s involved in various “consulting” businesses in the Middle East. He also processes U.S. visas and green cards for Muslim immigrants. But the source of his sudden wealth is largely unknown for someone who declared bankruptcy. He’s given large sums of cash to GOP officials, to shore up their support, as well as to his own campaign.

Based on who’s been donating to his campaign, Ramadan would represent the interests of Islamists should he win the Northern Virginia seat he’s running for. Of particular note from the long list of his Muslim contributors is a $5,000 political donation he received from something called the Virginia Muslim PAC. Its president is Mukit Hossain. Turns out Hossain also runs a charitable front for the Muslim Brotherhood in Herndon, Va., called FAITH. A few years ago, Wachovia bank closed FAITH’s accounts due to suspicious activity related to possible money-laundering. A year earlier, the so-called charity received a $150,000 donation from Brotherhood leader and Saudi bagman M. Yacub Mirza, whose home and offices were raided by the feds after 9/11. Hossain keeps his FAITH office in the same raided building. Hossain’s benefactor was close to Alamoudi before Alamoudi landed in the slammer.

FP: The evidence?

Sperry: According to a federal affidavit (unsealed Oct 2003) for a search warrant of Mirza’s Herndon, Va., residence and offices, Mirza is president of SAAR Foundation, a suspected charitable front for al-Qaida founded by Saudi billionaire Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi (S.A.A.R.), one of the original Golden Chain sponsors of bin Laden.

According to page 53 of the affidavit, written by special agent David C. Kane: “I believe that one source of funds flowing through (Mirza’s offices) is from the wealthy Al-Rajhi family in Saudi Arabia.” He cites one transaction of $3,388,000, along with others in the millions. The affidavit says Mirza has “signatory authority” over the bank accounts. SAAR had an active account with Wachovia before closing it within weeks of the 9/11 attacks. Some checks also were drawn on a bank account in the name of Al-Rajhi Banking and Investment Corp., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Now let’s tie it all together: Hossain serves on the board of a nearby mosque run by imam Magid, the ISNA chief working with Khan and Obama. This Ramadan donor is also active in the Muslim American Society, which prosecutors say is a key node in the Muslim Brotherhood’s network here.

Another Muslim listed as a donor to Ramadan’s campaign is Norquist protege Ali Tulbah, who replaced Khan at the White House when Khan landed a high-level spot at the Transportation Department. Tulbah’s father helps run a Brotherhood mosque in Houston.

FP: So Ramadan is part of the same Islamist influence operation run out of Grover’s office?

Sperry: You got it.

FP: How dangerous is Grover Norquist?

Sperry: Very dangerous. Here you have a “conservative” who built the Trojan Horse that the enemy is using to infiltrate, sabotage and destroy the U.S. from within. Norquist is helping the U.S. Brotherhood accomplish the “Grand Jihad” spelled out in its founding archives. In fact, he’s helping pull them through the gates. I think it’s fairly plain now that he knows he’s undermining U.S. security, and that he’s doing so in a time of war.

FP: So why is he still accepted in conservative circles?

Sperry: Some Republican leaders are starting to speak out publicly against him, lawmakers like Coburn and Wolf (although Wolf endorsed his protégé Ramadan after Ramadan gave him $4,700 in campaign cash). But others still see him as just a small-government libertarian who wants to widen the GOP tent. Make no mistake: Norquist is not some random deficit hawk eyeing the bloated defense budget for cuts. Nor is he some innocuous misguided Ron Paul dove. He’s something far different, far more pernicious. He’s virulently anti-military, anti-borders, anti-security. He’s a saboteur aiding and abetting groups hostile to U.S. interests. And now that he’s married to a Muslim, I doubt money is the only motivating factor behind his decidedly anti-American behavior.

If by now Republicans can’t smell a rat — a Pied Piper of rats, no less — they have failed miserably in their constitutional duty to “defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.” If the Republican Party can’t stop an Islamist Fifth Column within its own ranks, my word, we’re all doomed.

FP: What’s the status of CAIR’s “trespassing” suit against your co-author and his son, Chris, who snuck behind enemy lines as a CAIR intern and walked out with boxes of incriminating evidence that CAIR ordered him to shred?

Sperry: The most extraordinary thing about that complaint — and so far only has picked up on this angle — is that CAIR never defends itself against the book’s claims, never alleges libel. It stipulates everything in “Muslim Mafia” to be true — which is why in its complaint, it seeks to confiscate all copies of “Muslim Mafia” in an attempt to censor the book. Of course, it cannot dispute its own internal documents, which are so damning that federal prosecutors have seized them, several boxes full, as part of a grand jury investigation of CAIR. Still, it’s highly newsworthy given the seriousness of the charges in the book.

CAIR has hit several potholes in filing its case. First it filed under a false name and had to refile. Then it ran out of money and had to replace its outside lawyers with a CAIR legal staffer who has a glaring personal conflict, given her role in overseeing the destruction of evidence Chris tried to preserve while working inside CAIR’s offices. Then CAIR failed to produce for the court a confidentiality agreement it claims Chris signed. Even so, the Clinton-appointed judge, who has ruled in favor of Gitmo detainees, has let the case go forward, and the defense is looking forward to deposing CAIR leaders. It will be the first time Nihad Awad, for one, will have to explain, under oath, why he attended a secret meeting with Hamas leaders in Philly just months before forming CAIR.

What’s more, CAIR’s executive director will have to explain why CAIR, if it’s not Hamas, would appear on a Hamas meeting agenda. The smoking-gun exhibit is reproduced in the appendix of “Muslim Mafia.” It’s a 1994 meeting agenda listing CAIR among member “organizations” of the U.S. “Palestine Committee” of Hamas. CAIR was put in charge of “coordination” among the Hamas front groups.

This document — in addition to others, including ones unearthed from CAIR’s own files – speaks materially to CAIR being founded by Hamas, controlled by Hamas, and carrying out Hamas’ agenda inside the United States. So stay tuned for the deposition transcripts.

FP: Paul Sperry, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

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  • mauricemyth

    Nice little operation Mr. Norquist has going there. Be a real shame if anything terminal were to happen to him and/or it.

    A real shame.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Our government is for sale to the highest bidder; who can fault Norquist for selling it to the Muslims?

      Not that I wouldn't mind it if Norquist drowned in the bathtub, but in cash we trust.

    • mlcblog

      Is this a veiled threat? because I don't think violence is the good answer. Much as we would like to blow things up, etc.

    • stevefraser

      My impression is it's a well known secret a lot of former top US government officials go on the lobbying payroll of various Middle Eastern governments. This list should be made public.

    • Shane

      Grover Norquist is a cancer in the GOP. He may not be a Muslim, but he is promoting Islam in the USA. He should have no place at CPAC, and Pamela Gellar should be invited.

  • Georg-ette

    save your money… buy a pizza instead.

    • mrbean

      I suppose you like Audacity of Hope more.

      • Herman Caintonette

        Pick up a copy in the local library.

        • mrbean

          I already have better toilet paper – and I don't need a doorstop.

  • BLJ

    I have created a new equation in regards to the Muslim Brotherhood:

    1 bullet > 1 Muslim Brotherhood Member.

  • Angel

    Wonder why Glenn Beck still defends this guy?

    • SusanHW

      Is Glenn still defending Norquist? If so, let's educate him!

      • John P Thomassen

        How do we get the truth about Norquist?

    • mlcblog

      He does? I need to see this for myself.

    • ron davies

      glenn also supports the brotherhood….

  • joy52

    Keep exposing.

  • vlparker

    Grover Norquist is on the NRA board of directors. I believe his term is up next year and he will be up for re-election when the ballots go out after the first of the year. For the life of me I don't know why he hasn't been kicked out of the Association and I urge all voting NRA members to join me in removing him from the board of directors.

    • NYS Parkie

      I'm with you on this. NRA Member since 1982. This is outrageous. He has to be ostracized.

    • mlcblog

      Good for you!!

      It seems to me the NRA must have been infiltrated by more than this, given their recent leftist slant, or am I wrong?

  • T.Paine

    Me thinks it's going to get quite interesting around the USA for the mb's and their sympathizers-right after we get rid of their ''benefactor'' in the w.h. next yr.

  • Philip


  • Questions

    I have no problem with exposing Muslims. But I wish we conservatives would abandon the mindless implied loyalty oath, "no enemies to the Right." Let's face it: Not all conservatives are wonderful. And the bad ones can't simply be retroactively redefined as "Leftists" — that's a copout.

    More honesty on our side would be welcome. If we have to speak truth to power, then let us speak already.

    • StephenD

      Very well stated and timely indeed.
      When the Rick Perry's of the world, who welcome these folks into the halls of power in every other regard are "Conservative" we must still confront them on this. There can be no compromise. Islam is anathema to our American way of life. One or the other will ultimately reign supreme. I choose Freedom and those that will see Islam for what it is.

  • Arius

    Jamie, thanks for reminding conservatives about these two traitors in our midst.

    Must read: "Europe, Globalization, and the Coming Universal Caliphate" by Bat Ye'or. The situation in Europe is much worse than I thought, and coming to an America near you.

  • mlcblog

    I have admired Paul Sperry for a while and can hardly wait to read this.

    I was aghast when I saw somewhere recently that Grover N and Ralph Reed are pals.

  • mlcblog

    Very interesting YouTube. Simple. Informative. Straightforward.

    Thank you.

  • aprilnovember

    Don't we enforce Treason Laws in this country anymore?

    • flyonthewall

      They sure don't. Look at Jane Fonda, they welcomed her back with open arms. She should have been charged with treason. Our forefathers would have taken care of her in a hurry. I do not believe our forefathers would allow people in this Country knowing full well they intend to destroy our Country and turn it and the people into slaves with no freedom, none. You either do what they say or they will kill you and do it in the most horrible way they can think of. Our fore fathers wouldn't allow them to be here and for sure would not take the people's tax money and force them to pay for their transportation here and take care of them. They give them rights we do not have anymore and hide or defend all they do

  • aprilnovember

    And how about this man in the White House? Is he the true son of Malcolm X? Wasn't Malcolm X a Muslim?

    Bâri′, Barry, Barack
    by Martha Trowbridge

    Barack Hussein Obama and Malcolm X Like Father Like Son?

  • Anamah

    Maybe somebody could tell if it was for his brotherhood ties than Grover Norquist is pushing a project to modify our Constitution adding something new about the parenting rights over their children; something to do with Sharía laws? Perhaps he is opening the door to Islamic changes in our Constitutional Law. I would not be surprised if the modification Norquist and other are trying to pass, allows parents to kill their own child or in the near future we find honor killings are constitutional. Please Jamie Glazov, tell me that nightmare has no chance in America!!!

    • ron davies

      Norquist is the most successful Muslim infiltrators ever, the republicans are following him like sheep over the cliff.

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Revolution and war have always been the most direct and extreme forces of "change
    in society. During the last few ceenturies Freemasonry has been quick to foment and exploit revolutionary tensions and to profit from the consequences of civil or inter-national strife. It is only with hindsight that this influrence can be so clearly revealed; only time will allow us to see how contemporary Masonic schemes will play out in the future, although many already believe that the introduction of the EURO has been instrumental in furthering the Masonic agenda." Secrets of the Freemasons by Michael Bradley Lets see if the Amerco becomes our new currency.

    • Guest

      Are you on drugs?

    • sue

      and to think, George Washington was a Mason! Oh, my, this country never had a chance.

  • nondhimmicrat

    Norquist is married to a muslim woman. Muslim law forbids one of their women marrying a non muslim. Either he is secretly muslim himself or there has to be a death fatwa against them. Since he is running interference for the muslim brotherhood he is either secretly a member or they leave him alone since he's so useful to them.

    • Guest

      It should also be noted that Norquist, who looks like the old troll dolls of the 1970's, is married to a woman who is by any measure sizzling hot. The archetypal hot babe "trophy wife" marries ugly older men because they are multi-millionaires. It is very difficult to explain this phenomenon unless she/they are somehow gaining financially by this marriage, or are so dedicated to their infiltration cause that they are simply horses in harness together. As much as I'd like to believe smokin' hot women marry ugly guys who are not wealthy just for true love, it happens so rarely in the real world that this simply HAS to be another red flag. I've seen them at a Republican event.

    • mlcblog

      Brilliant, my dear Watson!! Thank you.

  • Paranoid

    The moo-slims are out to get us and marry our daughters to raise terrorist babies who will wage war on Christmas! Good bye "A Charlie Brown Christmas"! What is that warm, wet feeling spreading across my crotch? Oops! I feel a men's room coming on! Gotta go — really!!!

  • Fred Dawes

    Normal after all our government is all about money and if i am right in 5 years the government may just justify muslim laws over our own system.

  • stevefraser

    A very interesting essay…..I still think the Progressive/Democrat plan A is to use the Mexicans to destroy the Republic.

  • Matt Turner

    It must be too difficult to see the obvious. The Muslim Brotherhood is a tool of the American – Saudi – British oil-oligarchy, Norquist is not helping Muslims infiltrate the US, it's the other way around. The Saudis have a split personality, 1. Corporate Empirical partnership with the USA and British Central Banks and 2. Fundamentalists (like OBL).
    Al Queda is simply the fundamentalists that oppose the Fascist Muslim / Western Oligarchical partnership. The Muslim Brotherhood has been Westernized, they are essentially GOP OIl power partners. The Saudi Wahabbists (Royal Family) are just right wing fascists that want to maintain power, just like the GOP. The Muslim Brotherhood probably has it's own internal struggles between sects, but the bottom line is: they are "our" allies, that is to say the allies of our Oil Oligarchical Cabal. Syria will be next to fall to the Muslim Brotherhood, which will be a successful coupe d'tat for Saudi/US/British partnership, (clandestinely)

  • mlcblog

    I heartily disagree. I believe we need to empower our govt to deal with traitors and terrorists. It comes down to how much we trust our public servants and law enforcement personnel.