We Are All Noor Almaleki

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All of us who genuinely care about women’s rights and the millions of women who live under death sentences due to Islamic gender apartheid have an obligation to follow this trial and to voice what needs to be said about it. Hopefully, with our voices and concern, we can bring not only some kind of justice to Noor’s memory, but also to the memories of the thousands of other honor killing victims — which include those on North American soil, like the Said girls (Amina and Sarah) in Texas and Aqsa Parvez in Toronto.

It is in the Left’s interest that the murders of thousands of innocent Muslim girls like Noor, Aqsa and the Said girls, and the monstrous Islamic ideology that engendered such murders, are pushed into invisibility. For the Left, it is crucial that historical amnesia is imposed on these uncomfortable matters (i.e. the extermination of Muslim girls), for the truth about Islamic honor killing makes it difficult for the Left to pursue its top priority: waging war on capitalism and on its own host society. Indeed, if an adversarial culture and religion turns out to actually be evil, then we might have to admit that there is something good and superior about our own civilization and that it is worth defending. This notion is anathema and unfathomable to the Left — and it explains why leftist feminists like Naomi Wolf engage in a romance with the burqa.

Because of the Left’s agenda, therefore, Noor, Aqsa and the Said girls, and the millions of suffering Muslim women they represent, must therefore be sacrificed on the altar of the Left’s utopian ideals. Feminist freedom fighter, scholar and heroine Phyllis Chesler has illuminated this phenomenon in her masterpiece book, The Death of Feminism, and has deconstructed how it has affected the way our culture deals with honor killings in her documented and unprecedented article, Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?

Pamela Geller, meanwhile, another modern-day freedom fighter and heroine, has stepped forward to bring a voice to the victims of honor killings by reminding us of who they were and how they suffered. All of us have a moral obligation to see her article, Honor Killing: Islam’s Gruesome Gallery, and to support her noble efforts, such as her honor killing awareness campaign, which posts ads on top of taxicabs offering safety to Muslim girls who feel their lives threatened by their families.

Let’s not allow the inhumane and vicious leftist hatred of human life and callous indifference to women’s suffering to continue to control the boundaries of our national discourse. Let’s all stand up during this honor killing trial and let Noor know, and all those who loved her know — and also all those radical Muslims and leftists who want us to forget about her — that she is not forgotten and that we will respect her memory and fight for the protection of future potential victims of Islamic honor murder. And we will not be silent about the Islamic ideology that paved the foundation for the taking of her innocent and precious life.

Let’s all declare with firm unison, loud and clear: We are all Noor Almaleki.


To get the whole story on Islamic honor killings and why the Left excuses them, read Jamie Glazov’s new book, Showdown With Evil.

See also Jamie Glazov on Fox & Friends discussing the New Ground Zero Imam’s Radical Ties:

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Naomi Wolf and feminists like her embrace the Burkha essentially for one reason (though they publicly espouse others). They really don't want Muslims to progress and evolve beyond their primitive hatreds,…because Islam is the battering-ram which they hope will topple America from its perch of freedom.

  • Dr Bill

    Talk about removing "hate speech" from America, nothing politicians, conservatives, or liberals say can compare to the horrible human injustice indoctrination the mosques and Imams dish out to American citizens. Where does religious freedom end and human rights begin. For Christ's sake, Christian churches are being persecuted for speaking out against homosexuality, but Muslims teach hate, oppression, and murder of all who oppose their beliefs, including their own children. Something is wrong here, seriously wrong. Who's making the laws here?

  • Longdrycreek

    The primitive father ought to be tried and given a quick execution. The Muslims will not learn the lesson but the state will not be charged for his room and board in prison.

    • Michael Elmore

      Longdrycreek, your right. Locking up Muslims does no good. Their minds have been locked up for 1300 years. Going to prison is like vaction for these morons..elmore

  • Abigail

    Bless you, Jamie, for not allowing this horror to be swept beneath the carpets of denial. America must begin to face the truth.

    • jamie glazov

      Thanks Abigail. And bless you too for your fight for the truth.

  • tanstaafl

    Bravo, Glazov! Bravo!

  • 888jah

    I'm so disappointed in our country for not protecting these mulim women from sharia law. Remember Rifqa Bary. If she hadn't run, she would be another Noor. If muslims don't want their families being affected by our culture. Don't come here, stay home or go back to where you came from. I hope America wakes up or we will all be living under sharia law or worse yet, DEAD!

  • SaraElkins

    You are a brave man Jamie! This is the time of truth and the hour of definition for America. IFthe judge interpret as a religion freedom, and this killer gets exonerated, it will means America is submitting to Sharia law.And is America going to react? If he is condemned, how are the islamists going to react?

    Immigrants who don't want to assimilate, are not immigrants! Thay are invaders!

  • http://jc.does-it.net Gene

    All visitors, guests and citizens must abide by the laws of the country and local. True adherents of the Koran refuse to acknowledge any authority in conflict with their belief, and they should, but then they must suffer the consequences when they break the local laws. If that is too much to accept, then do not come here and go to where the Koran is accepted as law. I will not miss you.

  • Chris

    Can't wait to see if any of this appears in the mainstream (liberal) media. Doubt it.

    • 888jah

      Don't hold your breath.

  • kafir4life

    How is it different for a muslim to practice his faith than for a Christian or Jew to practice theirs? If their pedophilic murdering "prophet" says that this is the way to prroperly practice the gutter cult of islam, who are we to say? How is killing a daughter or beheading a wife any different than say, a Catholic praying the Rosary, or a Jew lighting candles. Isn't it really the same thing? Following your faith? Any muslims care to back me up on this one? Crabnutters from Texas?

    • alan g

      Kafir, Its time to pack up your faith and take it to a place where it will be appreciate it. I hear Iran is nice. They practice 15th century islam, just the way you like it. Have fun killing and beheading all you want.

    • CAROLE63

      How can you say that!
      There`s a world of difference, Islam is full of violence and killing!!
      How many catholics or jews have you heard about recently beheading, blowing up people in churches and elsewhere! This is happening all around the world. See Islam-The religion of peace website for a start!!

      • kafir4life

        I am sorry if my sarcasm missed its mark. Islam is truely a gutter cult practiced by brainwashed and braindead followers. Have you ever noticed the dead look in their eyes, especially the women?

        • CAROLE63

          I must have been tired not to realize what you meant!
          Yes, come to think of it I have noticed that when I lived in London!
          Where I live now, in a rural area, I don`t often see any muslims so I`d forgotten.

          I live in a place where it is more how the UK used to be, but how long this will last I don`t know but I`ll enjoy it while I can!

      • Jennifer

        What do you make of the US bombing Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other countries? Are women being liberated as they are being killed and raped by the US army? What of the Trophy or Sports Killings that happen on a daily basis in Iraq? Has the US spread democracy by invading foreign land and stealing its resources? Or that of Israel's occupation of Palestinians, their deprecations of basic human rights (i.e. food, water, movement etc.) Has Israel's destruction of homes, displacement of people, rape of women, imprisonment of innocent women, CHILDREN and men, has this brought about democracy? Lets cover some domestic issues, such as the priests raping children and going unpunished, the list can go on. Can you truly justify that Christianity or Judaism to be any different from Islam? The world has been so quick to stereotype Islam in one category but that simply shows ignorance. As far as Islam is concerned, Arabs are living in all parts of the world, even here in the US (believe it or not) most of Muslims live a normal peaceful life (shocking, I know) others may practice extremes (such as those of Christianity or Judaism or another religion.) Take a hint and educate yourselves. What this man did was horrendous and unacceptable and he should be punished with the full extent of the law but it does not give you or anyone else the right to stereotype a religion or its peoples based on a small groups actions. I have faith in the youth of our time that they will liberate people such as your self from this hatred towards a people that you only know through the media…A corrupt media to say the least!

  • tagalog

    If the guy didn't want his daughter to adopt Western ways, what in the world possessed him to bring her to the United States, a country known for its seductive culture?

    I mean, we even Coca-Colaized and Disneyfied the French!

    What could he possibly have been thinking, that somehow America wouldn't affect his teenaged child if he immersed her in American culture?

  • BS77

    See the film THE STONING OF SORAYA M and you will understand the mind set of a culture that believes women are chattel, possessions without any rights….

  • RiverFred

    Why are these morons allowed in our country? Don't they get screend for their beliefs? What a beautiful young lady, what a senseless way to die. Lets hope the thousands of Palestinians that Obama allowed to immigrate to the U.S. with assisted education, housing, food, etc. all paid for by taxpayers do not go the way of this jerk.

  • HostileLogic

    "Will the Left, which sees itself as the leader in the field of women’s rights, be in the forefront of this effort on behalf of Noor, who can no longer speak for herself?"


  • Thatcher

    To consider: How would Governor Chris Christie's nominee of a Muslim lawyer (with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood) rule in such a case?

  • pianoforte54

    If Muslims are allowed to practice their sharia law here in the US, then I believe Mormons should be able too. You can't let one segment of society do one thing and then another be prohibited. If our laws are not going to be extended to the Muslim community, then the door is wide open for ANYTHING to be practiced under the guise of religion.

  • Michael Canzano

    Islam ,killed Noor . The Koran killed Noor. The Women's rights groups of America killed Noor. She was killed because she wished to assimilate and refused to live under that tent. She was killed for wanting to be free of that "Junkyard Dog Religion".
    The daily "Suicide Bombings" are a testament to …"An addition of muslims to a Nation is a subtraction in civilization." Wake up America.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • CAROLE63

    It is so sad that this beautiful young girl was murdered by her own father!
    The trouble is in Islam men are given permission to treat women like 2nd class citizens and as possessions rather than treating them as equal and with respect for their individuality!
    This religion/ideology is barbaric and evil and is surely not from a loving God!
    I`m afraid to say it is pure evil and can be laid at the door of satan!!

  • Abigail

    Mr . Elmore, you obviously don't know who I am, since you clearly think I know nothing about Islam. Maybe you should read the interview jamie did with me recently here on FP, the articles I've written for him here on FP, my columns for Forbes, my book – something to give you an idea of what you're talking about before you say it.

  • John Corrigan

    Noor was a beautiful young lady and her murder is an incredibly insane act. I've noticed that when I mention this lovely lady and her tragic story to people they do not know what I am talking about. They haven't been told this story by our twisted "politically correct" media. What a total discrace we have become!

  • Phoenix

    You can read Noor's life story in Marie Claire magazine: http://www.marieclaire.com/world-reports/news/lat

  • John42

    While I am heartened to see more men speak up about violence against women, I am disappointed that you simultaneously demonize the women’s movement and those that have been risking their lives to speak out against domestic and cultural violence before you were even born. It makes me question your good intent when I cannot find a single thing you have written in support of women’s rights – without it somehow being twisted to a critique of the “left”. I also find no hint that you have any support from women who work in the field on this issue. Mr. Glazov, do you truly care about Muslim women’s rights, or even Noor Almaleki? Or are you highlighting this issue for your personal gain and to further your career.

  • Senshi

    Islam is a religion of peace! Yeah Right, I say nuts to that. That bastard needs to be force fed the entrails of a pig and executed.

  • luscious twinkle

    I unserstand what you mean….I love my freedom as a western woman and Im probably a bit of a leftie but those leftie feminists you describe are very extreme ones. The truth is that islam is very unpopular in britain….every woman has a story to tell about being harrassed by a muslim man and honour killings have been going on ever since eastern immigrant families arrived. You will find out in the USA that muslims lie and lie and lie about their faith and culture and their intentions…they are slippery as eels and not to be trusted. There are reasons we dislike islam and it is not because we are racist nor prejudice but becuse we are sick of having this cruel,archaic culture growing in our country. I have no problem with any muslim who wants to live in britain and integrate fully – that means letting their daughters (and sons) enjoy the freedoms that all brits have. I don't understand why telling those who do not want to integrate to go and live in a muslim country is considered so out of order….surely it is more outof order that they have brought their hideous customs to our country??? I feel physically sick when I see a woman or worse, child, in hijab or niqab because of what it reprsents. I will be pleased when something is done about this – for the record I love living in a country with Afro-carribeans, Chinese,Buddhists, Jews etc etc….I just want islam on the wane….

  • AR. Bahry

    What her father did was NOT based on religion at all, it was based on tribal tradition where the misogyny prevails. Islam never taught a father to kill his daughter/son. Yes, he dead wrong. Any Qs? email me abahry@hotmail.com, Imam at OH govt. inst.

  • Lily

    Wow. It's unbelievable to see so many comments which stem from a deep ignorance of not knowing abt Islam at all. As a young Muslim woman (expect to get bashed for simply saying this), I can easily say that honor based violence is not a practice of the religion itself, but a CULTURAL practice. It's abt time that people begin to see the difference. Unless you would like for me to go around saying that all white Christians are Timothy McVeighs hoping to cause some destruction? I would think not. So similarly, it's abt time we let go of the ignorance. Hatred of any religion or culture is jus as wrong as honor based violence itself. Grow up, people.

    • 888jah

      Timothy McVeigh was a scapegoat. I think pictures of young girls with their noses cut off, burned by acid or brutally murdered are horrific. I don't want to see sharia law in the USA. I have no hate for muslims but I hate the things some muslims do to their fellow man. That's a big difference.

  • Mary

    "honor killing" is another term for domestic violence. Anyone in this position should be encouraged to file a restraining order & seek support of domestic violence shelters. I mourn the loss of this girl. I have a friend who was murdered by an estranged boyfriend because she wanted to leave him. Noor's life was taken away for the same reason. Someone wanted to control her life & she refused.

    We can not allow violence against women in any form.

  • kellyy

    We are not all her. She was from Iraq and a muslim…a country and religion that processes peace will exacting horrible crimes. Until all religions learn they are not better than any other religion these things will continue to happen.

  • Abigail

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you very strongly on this last part of your post, Mr. Williams. My closest friend is an Iraqi Muslim who was kidnapped, shot, and left for dead by Iraqi militants because she assisted an American journalist in Basra. She literally risked her life for America, and we owe it to those Iraqis and others like her who have done the same to welcome them to the USA and offer them the freedom they have fought for so valiantly in their own countries. Think of the Iranians forced off the streets in the Green uprisings a couple of years ago, beaten and tortured in Iranian prisons. They are our allies. We need them. And we need to bring them to the US in order to undermine and counterattack, and indeed, in order to call attention to, the extremists in America — because non-Muslims don't have the access or the insight. Beyond the fact that closing borders to people on the basis of their religion is undemocratic and inhumane (Holocaust, anyone?), it is also impossible. All anyone has to do is lie. And in the meantime, what do you do about the fact that the majority of attempted attacks in the past few years on American soil were perpetrated by American-born citizens, converts to Islam, many of them blue-eyed blonds who used to be Boy Scouts and choirboys?

  • Michael Elmore

    Abigali, I am not afraid to disagree with you. We don't need Muslims or Islam, your talking more moral and religious relativisms, the idea of a moderate muslim is one who is disobedient to Islam. The true moderate muslim is the on killing and blowing up people. The extremist is the one doing nothing. Islam stands for nothing short of destroying, subjugating and conquering anything non muslim. Islam has a divine mandate to do so written in the Koran, Haditha and Sira. So the sooner all true Americans learn this the sooner they will take the side of defending principles of Western Civilization and give up the idea that there are nice Muslims that want to assimilate as Americans first, muslims second, there is no separation of church and state in Islam. Just look at the Middle East and ask your self why it's such a sh-t hole and it all comes down to Islam. It's really that simple but that's why it's so hard for people to grasp…elmore

  • Abigail

    So, Mr. Elmore, in your view, Noor, the woman who was killed by her father for Westernizing, basically, you know, deserved it ,because hey, she was a Muslim?

    If I read your words and the writings of Islamic extremists, truly, I can see no difference.

  • Michael Elmore

    Abigali, you just made my point. Noor was killed by a Muslim because she was not a Muslim and that's what Muslims do to Non Muslims. Westernizing and being a true Muslim are incompatible no matter what crap you are hearing from those who say it's a religion of peace. When you study Islam and it's ideology you will come to the same conclusion. You can never win this debate because you have not studied Islam and when you do you are not going to like it, especially being a women. Just ask your self honesty why these people do the things they do and you will find the answer..not trying to be a horses ass I am just being honest..sorry if you find that offensive..have a nice day. elmore