Why The Left Cried When Osama Died

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The death of Osama bin Laden has driven a stake into the heart of the Left, causing progressives to bleed and moan as their unholy alliance with radical Islam absorbs the devastating May 2 blow.

The radical Islamic half of the romance is in agony as it sheds bitter tears for the mass murderer. Indeed, Hamas, Hezbollah, the armed wing of Fatah, and tens of thousands of radical Muslims around the world have prominently displayed their sorrow and anger for the world to see.

The alliance’s leftist half is, meanwhile, also deeply grieving. The guru of the leftist political faith, Noam Chomsky, is responsibly leading the way. Having distinguished himself, among other intriguing ways, as a Jew who has traveled to Lebanon to embrace personally the leaders of Hezbollah, whose stated top priority is to rid the world of Jews, the M.I.T. professor emeritus has not disappointed the faithful, progressive flock. Furiously responding to the assassination of the Left’s idol, Chomsky fumed in his recent article: “We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic.”

The al-Qaeda leader’s killing is an outrage, in Chomsky’s mind, because Bush’s “crimes vastly exceed bin Laden’s.” Chomsky is outraged not only that the operation was clearly “a planned assassination, multiply violating elementary norms of international law,” but also that its victim had never been legally proven to be the perpetrator of 9/11. Undoubtedly, Chomsky’s Gulag Denial mindset continues unabated, for having shamelessly attempted to deny the Khmer Rouge’s Holocaust in Cambodia was clearly not enough to satiate Chomsky’s totalitarian odyssey.

Following in the leftist guru’s tracks, Glenn Greenwald fumed over at Salon.com that Americans were cheering and feeling patriotic that “someone just got two bullets put in their skull.” This is terrible in leftist eyes because that “someone” is not George W. Bush but rather America’s most wanted enemy-terrorist. Greenwald is also very upset that a question lingers over whether bin Laden really had to be killed and not taken prisoner instead.

Heaven forbid! A targeted assassination of the leader of al-Qaeda, a jihadist terrorist organization that has killed thousands of innocent American citizens. Oh, the unjustness of it all! One wonders whether Greenwald will be able to soldier on.

Meanwhile, Curtis Doebbler, a leftist “human rights” lawyer who teaches at a Palestinian university, grieves that the “West is now celebrating the death of someone who, however misled and wrong-minded, was a person who was willing to fight for the poorest and the most vulnerable people in the world to the very end of his life.” He continues: “That the US had to kill him in violation of international law makes all the more believable Osama Bin Laden’s claims of Western hypocrisy and the need for a better alternative.”

The “alternative” that Doebbler is dreaming of and that Osama had in mind? Well, it’s not that complicated: it’s what Islamists are offering leftists – and that which leftists are salivating over – in their unholy alliance: Sharia law.

Let’s also not be too confused over why “progressive” feminist Naomi Klein called out for bringing “Najaf to New York” in her infamous 2004 column in The Nation, in which she reached her hand out in solidarity to Muqtada al-Sadr and his Islamo-fascist Mahdi Army in the Iraqi Shi’ite stronghold of Najaf. Klein understands very well what bringing Najaf to New York means: the Shi’ite stronghold, where Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army at one time ran their torture chambers and sowed their terror, replicated on America’s shores.

The list of leftists weeping over the death of Osama is endless: Dan Rodricks at the Baltimore Sun complaining that killing Osama is “not justice”; Laura Flanders at The Nation condemning the raid as “Americans seeking sense and getting vengeance”; former West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt denouncing Osama’s death as “clearly a violation of international law”; and the terrorist-loving Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin unable to disguise her agony over at the Huffington Post, counseling us not to sink “into a false sense of triumphalism in the wake of Bin Laden’s passing.”

It is no surprise that members of the political faith are mourning over the death of Osama. The context for their grief is perfectly explained, as I have documented in United in Hate, by how much they celebrated 9/11. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to regain the picture. It is important to understand the Left’s sadness right now by briefly recreating the chilling scene of a decade ago.

September 11, 2001, clearly represented a personal vindication for leftists everywhere. The images of the innocent people jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers evoked glee from them – as they clearly saw only poetic justice in American commercial airplanes plunging into American buildings packed with American citizens. For leftist believers, the jihadist terror war now promised to succeed where Communism had failed: to obliterate the capitalist system itself.

In the blink of an eye after the Twin Towers went down, leftists were beating their breasts with repentance for their own government’s supposed crimes and characterizing the tragedy that their nation had just suffered to be some form of karmic justice.

Immediately following the 9/11 attack, leftist academics led with a drum roll. The very next day after the terrorist strike, Chomsky exonerated the terrorists, stating that the Clinton administration’s bombing of the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan constituted a far more serious terrorist act and warning that 9/11 would be exploited by the United States as an excuse to destroy Afghanistan.

Leftist academics across the country echoed Chomsky’s themes, cheering the 9/11 terrorist acts, which they deemed a just retribution for America’s transgressions. History professor Robin Kelley of New York University stated: “We need a civil war, class war, whatever to put an end to U.S. policies that endanger all of us.” History professor Gerald Horne of the University of North Carolina asserted that “the bill has come due, the time of easy credit is up. It is time to pay.” Professor Eric Foner of Columbia University, the renowned Marxist historian, expressed his personal confusion about “which is more frightening: the horror that engulfed New York City or the apocalyptic rhetoric emanating daily from the White House.” Barbara Foley, a professor of English at Rutgers University, felt 9/11 was a justified response to the “fascism” of U.S. foreign policy. Mark Lewis Taylor, a professor of theology and culture at Princeton Seminary, thought the WTC buildings were justifiable targets because they were a “symbol of today’s wealth and trade.” Robert Paul Churchill, a professor of philosophy at George Washington University, rationalized that the terrorist attack was justified. “What the terrorists despised and sought to defeat was our arrogance, our gluttonous way of life, our miserliness toward the poor and its starving; the expression of a soulless pop culture . . . and a domineering attitude that insists on having our own way no matter what the cost to others.”

Of course, the infamous Ward Churchill, as we know, outdid all the others, blaming not only Bush and America but the “little Eichmanns” themselves for the attacks.

Churchill, Chomsky, and their kin on the academic Left were joined by prominent figures in the progressive culture at large. Norman Mailer stepped forward to opine that the suicide hijackers were “brilliant.” In his view, the attack was completely understandable, since “Everything wrong with America led to the point where the country built that tower of Babel which consequently had to be destroyed.”

Oliver Stone affirmed that he saw 9/11 as a “revolt” and compared the ensuing Palestinian celebrations with those that had attended the French and Russian Revolutions, while Susan Sontag held that the terrorist attack was the result of “specific American alliances and actions.” From the religious camp, Tony Campolo, a leading Christian evangelist who served as one of former President Clinton’s “spiritual advisers,” believed that 9/11 was a legitimate response to the Crusades.

The American flag, a hated symbol to the Left, also became a target. Novelist Barbara Kingsolver was incredulous that her daughter’s kindergarten teacher instructed the students to come to school the next day dressed in red, white, and blue. Nation columnist Katha Pollitt had the same reaction regarding her teenage daughter’s impulse to fly an American flag outside the family home. Pollitt told her that she could “buy a flag with her own money and fly it out her bedroom window, because that’s hers, but the living room is off-limits.” This was, Pollitt explained, because the American flag stands for “jingoism and vengeance and war.”

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  • Amused

    LOL….no comments ???/ What happened to the previous comments Jaime ? Hmmm….same phony picture of "someone crying " ….over what ? ….dont know ….editorial content changes gears , whilst the original reactions and comments are disppeared . LOL where'd they go Jaime? To the Gulag ? You of all people jaime given your background , shoulkd know better , The Protocols , got the same ignominious start , and for political reasons . And look at the result .Bury the thread man , put it to sleep …it's a sham .

  • Steve Chavez

    @ Not so Amused: I await your FIFTY comments. Are you one of those "Obama Food Stampers" that doesn't have a job or are you still in your parents basement mooching off of them at age thirty?

    "When the Wall fell, we cheered, our American Communists cried! When the Twins fell, we cried, they cheered! When Osama died, we cheered, they cried!"


    Excellent use of tactics by SEAL TEAM 6. A variation of what's called the "Mosambique Drill"-usually 2 rounds to center of mass & one to the occular cranial vault. But who's counting? The murdering bastard & former scourge to mankind is now fishbait. Next?.

  • Amused

    Chavez , what's going on is soooooo over your head , that's you're not worth anything more than the author Jaimie's intended pavlovian response ……..which you gave . Don't think , you might hurt yourself .

  • Amused

    HOPLOPHILE61 , the Seals accomplishment was nothing less than MAGNIFICENT , with the very best result -bin Laden with a bullet to the brain ,and the subsequent action – Burial at sea , an ignominious UNMARKED grave – a stroke of Genius .You may have missed my point , but that's ok , atleast your post was one of intelligence , unlike Chavez' parrot- knee-jerk- ignorant reaction . And that point being , of course is , what happened to the previous thread with the same title and same intended agenda with all the comments . The Ironic absurdity however attempted a second time , and that is "a stake driven into the heart of a mourning left " over bin ladens demise ……and by whom ? lol…..That evil King of the Left himself ….Obama . And WHAT AMERICANS were "gleefull at 9/11 " ?? Yellow Journalism at it's best !

  • Amused

    oh …and BTW Chavez , I'm well over 50 ,served my country in Vietnam , paid ALL my dues , whilst you're nothing more than a scrub , still wet behind the ears . So calm down junior and stop letting your mouth get ahead of your brain , which obviously hasn't reached maturity yet .


    Amused,I'd nominate the traitor Noam Chomsky as the second "evil king of the left." He spoke locally last week bemoaning the "tragedy" that the "unarmed" bin Laden was offed rather than captured by SEAL TEAM 6 operators. Guess the AK47 that he opened up with against the SEALS must've been a cleverly designed squirt gun.

  • Amused

    BTW, HOP , that was a sarcasm regarding Obama as the EVIL KING of the Left , for that is the ABSURD irony in the rationale expressed in Glasov's thread , if killing bin Laden was a stake into the heart of the left .


    Amused,admittedly I arrived in the middle of this verbal slug fest,so I really don't have a dog in this fight. I would question the assertion that Chomsky is basicly unknown as an American hater, He's been at the revolutionary ramparts since the mid '60's. Self hating? I sure wouldn't question that. He still draws large crowds of young (& not so young) to whom America is the enemy of mankind & always will be.. RE bin Laden,,you're probably right. Most Americans don't really care about the details of his demise as long as he's dead. I bring it up because it's a source of pride with me. It might have taken 10 years,but we hunted him down,extricated him from his rat hole & eliminated him,Just like we said we would. Be well.

  • 2Ugly2Live

    We have the same problem in Australia. The clowns responsable are what we call the Latte Lappers. The Chattering classes so far removed from reality that they can't poke it with a stick. They champion Sharia in the name of PC and freedom, without ever realising that it stands against everything that makes us civilised.

  • PAthena

    The so-called Left -Marxists – seek tyrannical power, which is why they mourn the death of the tyrant Osama bin Laden. Noam Chomsky is one such, extremely conceited.

  • http://www.goatse.info DeathToAmeriKKKa

    9/11 was the greatest thing that ever happened in history and everyone that died on 9/11 deserved it. What America deserves right now is about 100 more 9/11s, with 10x as many deaths a piece.

    Oh, and I hope all the troops come home in body bags.