The Towerlight » YWC speaks out for ‘silent majority’

YWC speaks out for ‘silent majority’

14 September 2011 By Matthew Heimbach, President of Youth for Western Civilization 3 Comments

I was surprised upon opening Monday’s edition of The Towerlight to find that, unbeknownst to me, my student organization had been officially labeled as a hate group. Indeed, it seems that even the Southern Poverty Law Center, the organization allegedly responsible for this, had also missed that particular memo. The fact, however, that the radical left has decided to attack our Youth for Western Civilization chapter, when the only event we have participated in as an organization was honoring the thousands of victims of 9/11, is bordering on absurd.

Youth for Western Civilization answered the call that the College Republicans put out to all students to honor the gallant sacrifice of our fellow countrymen. The tragic reality is, when on a campus of nearly 20,000, only dozens of students decided to show up for a Sept. 11 tribute.

None of the claims of the left have been found to be true in regards to trying to give us a label of “hate group,” and I would like to call those who parrot these bold faced lies’ integrity into question. I honestly find the very idea laughable that the Towson chapter is said to have ties with “racist” organizations when the very first event we are doing on campus is to support the nation of Israel and the Jewish people with resources from the David Horowitz Foundation. An event we also have planned is to honor our soldiers overseas and do a letter writing campaign to our troops who are far away from home and in harms way. When we host our “Maryland Heritage Day,” I want to focus on one of my personal heroes and fellow Marylander Frederick Douglass. I do not think anyone can honestly believe that a group who is planning to honor the Jewish people, African-Americans, and our service men and women in its first semester alone could ever be considered a hate group.  The organizations that attempt to destroy us are biased left-wing pressure groups that devote time, energy and resources to defame conservatives. In the past, their targets have included the Oath Keepers (police officers and military personnel who vow to uphold the Constitution), as well as U.S. politicians like Ron Paul. We are a conservative group whose views are echoed by the masses with over two-thirds of Americans agreeing on the fundamental points that YWC believes in. Rasmussen Reports recently released a poll, for example, that indicated “68 percent of U.S. voters favor strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants.” We are not some fringe organization. We, in fact, represent the ideals of most Americans!

The purpose of Youth for Western Civilization is to stand up for traditional values and give a voice to the conservative students on our campus.

By promoting an open and honest dialogue between all students on crucial issues that are facing America, I hope to motivate the entire student body to get involved in politics. Our current culture of apathy at Towson needs to be destroyed and replaced with a robust and balanced political debate. This needs to be done peacefully with the high standards we as Towson Tigers are called to uphold. We are not racist or violent as our enemies attempt to make us out to be. Instead, we are a group of students who can no longer be the silent majority.

As chapter president, I have already approached multiple organizations on campus to hold debates, forums and discussions on issues where we can safely present our opposing viewpoints and allow our fellow students to make informed decisions on topics. We are ready to guarantee that our organization will become a force on campus that will benefit the entire University community through our activism and debates. All of our activities are planned to inform and benefit our fellow students through continual education.

My only hope is that the student body will give us the opportunity to show what we truly stand for instead of listening to unfounded accusations of those who desire to silence free speech. As Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” I pray that you, my fello,w students will see that myself and the members of Youth for Western Civilization will rise to the occasion and act with dignity and honor even in the face of venomous personal attacks.


The Towerlight » YWC speaks out for ‘silent majority’.