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NASA’s Climate Guru James Hansen Says China Should Lead Economic Boycott of US

Posted By Jeff Dunetz On January 18, 2011 @ 6:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | Comments Disabled

James Hansen of NASA is not just any global warming Moonbat, he is Al Gore’s official global warming Moonbat. It was Hansen’s data that was used in Gore’s Oscar/Peace prize winning film. Hansen’s work is ruled by one motto: “If God deals you bad numbers–fudge them.” This guy has been caught with more phony numbers than Al Capone’s CPA.

In October of 2008, Hansen made the announcement that it was warmest Oct. in history. A few days later after all the doom and gloom headlines passed he announced “OOPS NEVER MIND, I was wrong.” It was also after he was “outed” by other scientists. Oct. 08 was quite an average October. It Ranked 70th in the last 114 years.

That wasn’t the first time Hansen has screwed up his numbers. In 2007 he was forced by reporter Stephen McIntyre to revise his published figures for US surface temperatures, to show that the hottest year in history was not 1998 as he had claimed, but 1934.

Well It wasn’t exactly a correction. He fought tooth and nail  against changing the numbers, misled the press and in the end didn’t fully make the change.  Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request and gained access to all the NASA Documents related to the incorrect data, unlike a real scientist the grand guru of climate change wasn’t very anxious to correct his mistakes.

Knowing that he cannot prove his global warming hoax, Hansen has a new model, he believes that “climate protection” laws should be imposed on Americans the same way things are imposed in his new favorite kind of government, a Chinese-Style Dictatorship. And even worse this government employee suggests that China impose an economic boycott on the United States because we don’t have a plan to reduce our carbon consumption.

To read all about Hansen’s disloyalty to his home country (and his employer) click here for the full story at Yid with Lid.

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