Keeping the Global Warming Faith

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Even as the science for apocalyptic, human induced global warming continues to implode, the Religious Left is keeping faith.  Episcopal Church activists last month gathered in the balmy Dominican Republic to tout a “carbon tithe” by the world’s wealthy nations.  This “tithe” would transfer billions of dollars  to ostensibly victimized countries of global warming, where no doubt the windfall would help third world regimes about as much as the Great Society’s transfer payments elevated America’s inner cities.  But the Religious Left always has faith in “things unseen,” despite all evidence to the contrary.

These particular Episcopal global warming fear-mongers came from the north and the south and the east and the west, as though in fulfillment of the biblical end times. Or more specifically, they came from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and the U.S., including the bishops of California, who no doubt would be piously loath to miss any global warming guilt-fest.

“We have lost a sense of connection with the world, and have become dominators rather than ‘good gardeners;’ over-developed countries have given themselves over to the sin of consumerism,” a fretful statement by the group intoned. “This sin, as sin always does, has clouded and distorted all our relationships: between people, with the Earth, and with our creator God.”  The Religious Left sometimes, a little pantheistically, likes to speak of “relationships” with inanimate objects, like “the Earth.”  For them, sometimes “the Earth” displaces a higher authority whom believers better merits a “relationship.”

The Episcopal group met around the theme of “climate justice” December 7 – 10, 2010 in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic at the Bishop Kellogg Retreat Center, intentionally overlapping with the United Nations’ climate change meeting in Mexico.  For the Religious Left, the UN carries almost transcendent authority, though perhaps not so much as “the Earth.”

The meeting originated out of a companion diocese relationship between the Episcopal Diocese of California and the Anglican Diocese of Curitiba in Brazil.

“We’re hoping to change the conversation in the church from one of climate change to climate justice,” the Rev. P. Joshua “Griff” Griffin, environmental justice missioner in the Diocese of California and one of the conference’s organizers, told Episcopal News Service.

Participants originated from the Episcopal Dioceses of California, Central Ecuador, Colombia, Connecticut, Dominican Republic, Haiti, New Hampshire, New York, Olympia, and the Anglican Dioceses of Cuba, Cuernavaca, Curitiba, Guatemala, and Panama. The participating Anglican provinces were Brazil, Central America and the mostly U.S. Episcopal Church (TEC).  All three provinces are closely related, with the Brazilian and Central American Churches having originated from the U.S.-based Episcopal Church.  Unlike most conservative Global South Anglicans, most of the small provinces of Latin America are tightly wed to the U.S. Episcopal Church and influenced by its leftward drift. Some Latin American dioceses are actually a part of the U.S. Episcopal Church.

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  • mememine69

    This plea to environmentalism is making it’s way around the Net.
    “Continued belief in Climate Change’s “death threat of unstoppable warming” is dividing environmentalism, if not all of progressivism too. I can’t look my kids in the eyes anymore and tell them they won’t have kids of their own if they don’t’ start turning the lights off more often and help to SAVE THE PLANET! Issuing CO2 death warrants to our children means we have become the neocons of fear mongering with our Iraq War of lies called Climate Change.

  • mememine69

    PART TWO of two:
    Call it a mistake if you like but it isn’t sustainable in voter consensus anymore. We all know it was just an exaggeration that got away on us. I know, it’s hard to let it go. But we have to face reality and know that support is lost and cant’ possibly come back because that would have people hanging onto THE END OF THE WORLD for another 25 years? Let’s remove the CO2 and start anew. Pollution is real. We get it now. Let’s all grow some and face the future challenges of over population, pollution, energy and waste with courage, and not lead environmentalism down the wrong road any further. DROP THE CO2 AND NOTHING CHANGES, except the fear. Let’s stop the fear and stop the lies. System Change, not Climate Change. Signed, Former Believer.”

  • Amused

    You may not want to call it Global Warming , and it in fact may not be "global warming " , but there is climate change occurring . So much so that the CIA and NSA are scampering to play catch up after years of political games killed funding . Especially during the Bush years . You see climate change , as it relates to countries like Pakistan , with massive population shifting floods , countries of South america , and Africa where crops fail on a massive scale , affects and has distinct implications on American foreign policy , and dependence upon vital resources.