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When we hear calls for free elections and democracy in Egypt, a theocracy under Sharia law would very likely result if such elections were to occur. Many politicians in the West fail to realize that democracy only works if the citizens of those nations have reached the level of respect for individual rights and democratic principles to handle it. Unfortunately, many in Middle East have certainly not reached that level of thought, and the cunning and sinister Muslim Brotherhood will use every tactic necessary to exploit the process in order to seize control, just like the Ayatollah and his followers did in Iran after the fall of the Shah in 1979.

The political nature of Islamic ideology makes it fundamentally incompatible with a true democratic form of government. The unfortunate reality is that only relatively stable forms of government which have been proven to work in the Islamic world are secular “Kemal Ataturk style” dictatorships that force secularism on their people, and keep the extremists in check.

Voter intimidation by the extremists in an Egyptian election is common and easy. A member of the Brotherhood is easy to spot. They oftentimes have a beard, and generally have a bruise on their foreheads from hitting their head on the floor during prayer. Sometimes they even heat up a metal spoon in the fire and place it on their foreheads to accentuate the bruise. Sounds crazy to us in the West, but you see it on one out of every five men walking down the street in Cairo. The members of the Muslim Brotherhood can easily identify each other this way, which makes it easy to intimidate others at the polls when voting occurs. A Coptic priest shared with me how this practice has directly affected him: his church once organized buses to bring Christians to vote in a local election, only to have Brotherhood thugs armed with knives stop the Christians and turn them away.

There is little the Egyptian police will do about this. It is easy to become a cop, and the police force is filled with Brotherhood sympathizers.

The biggest hurdle standing in the way of the Muslim Brotherhood taking power is Hosni Mubarak and his followers. While the police may not always be loyal to him, the national military is, as well as those in his intelligence agency. So the only way the Brotherhood could come to power would be through the guise of democratic reforms. Mubarak’s crackdown over the years on the Brotherhood, through imprisoning their leaders and fighting to diminish their power wherever possible, has been an ongoing battle in the nation for decades. Even his vice president pick, intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, was a message to the Brotherhood. It was Sueliman who put many of the Brotherhood’s leaders behind bars over the years.

The civil unrest in Egypt shows no signs of diminishing. Mubarak has just authorized now-Vice President Suleiman to speak with the opposition (which includes the Brotherhood), and a volatile struggle for power is under way. If Mubarak’s regime goes entirely, there will be little to stand in the way of an Islamist Republic of Egypt, and one hopes the policy-makers in Washington deeply understand this.

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  • muchiboy

    Of course there is much uncertainty in the region and Egypt today and for some time to come.While we concentrate our attention and concerns on the despotic regimes, we take for granted that the lone quasi democratic and stable state,Israel,has served only as a force for good and stability in the region.Nothing could be further from the truth.The reality is that Israel has served as a force for war and instability in the region as well as alienating the West from the Islamic world.Our unfair support for Israel has placed the west in a dangerous and immoral position of complicity against the Palestinian people.
    Certainly one can envision a Middle East with Israel as a worthy partner for peace and stability,but not without a fair and just settlement with the Palestinian people.As there can be no lasting and just peace and stability in the region without justice for Palestinians,there can be no lasting stability without change in the Arab regimes.Like it or not,change is coming to the region,and the West needs to place itself on the side of moral good and long term stability,and that does not include despotic Arab regimes nor a human rights abusing,war crimes ridden,accused crimes against Humanity and the Palestinians, Zionist state.In short,change needs to come to the entire region,including Israel.muchiboy

    • tanstaafl

      The state of the Muslim world is due to the iron dictatorship of Islam. The state of Israel is not responsible for the moral bankruptcy of the Islamic mind anymore than gazelles' are responsible for lion attacks.

      The only way that there be peace in the Middle East is for the millions of Muslims in the area abandon jihad and discard the harmful 1400 year old doctrine of murder, rape, theft and bigotry that is Islam.

    • Elliot

      Islamic ideology is what actually alienates the modern Western mind.Once men have lived free,slavery is unacceptable.

    • BayouCoyote

      Typical post from a koranimal. Blaming everyone else for islam's failures.

      Que "Ode to the intifada", by Nizar Qabbani, one of the most revered poets in the Arab world, praised the madness of those who are blinded by an ideology of hatred.
      ~~“O mad people of Gaza, A thousand greetings to the mad. The age of political reason has long departed. So teach us madness.”

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Your post is a crock of crack as usual and you are nothing but a duped useful idiot anti-Semitic Jew hating bigot. Collectively most Muhammadans believe there will be no peace until all the world is ruled by Islam. Indeed, the same jihad that targets the Jews in Israel, in which you spend most of your life obsessing over, also targets you and every unbeliever in the world, yet your obsession with hating Jews blinds you from reality. As for as I’m concerned useful idiot bigots are the worse scum in the world.

    • MixMChess

      "The reality is that Israel has served as a force for war and instability in the region as well as alienating the West from the Islamic world."

      Wrong again muchiboy. Israel never initiated any wars in the region. In 1948 when Israel declared independence it was the Arab States that immediately invaded and attacked Israel. The 1956 Suez crisis was a result of Egypt illegally blocking Israeli shipping in the Suez and initiating Fedayeen attacks against Israel. Egypt also engaged in unprovoked attacks against Israel which led to war in 1967 and 1973. Need I really go on? Israel has only sought peace with its neighbors, whereas the xenophobic Arab states are only interested in war. Try getting that through your stupid thick skull.

      "Our unfair support for Israel has placed the west in a dangerous and immoral position of complicity against the Palestinian people."

      How is the West' support unfair when the Palestinians receive billions from the Saudis and other Islamic states? The US alone has provided over $3 billion in funds to the Palestinians. Two percent of the UN’s total budget goes to UNRWA (UN’s Reliefs and Works Agency which provides welfare for Palestinians exclusively), while 3 percent of the total goes to all other refugees in the world.

      World Bank official Nigel Roberts reported that "The Palestinians have received “the HIGHEST per capita aid transfer in the HISTORY of foreign aid ANYWHERE."

      Between 1993 and 2004, the international community donated approximately $7 billion to the PA treasury. In fact, England’s Daily Telegraph reported that in 1999, the PLO was one of the the richest terrorist organizations in the world with over $50 Billion in assets.

    • MixMChess

      "Certainly one can envision a Middle East with Israel as a worthy partner for peace and stability,but not without a fair and just settlement with the Palestinian people."

      That's funny, because Israel has constantly offered a fair and just peace to the Palestinians on multiple occasions: 1993, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2008… Israel completely withdrew from Gaza and has agreed to withdraw from parts of the W. Bank to make room for a future Palestinian state.

      Why do the Palestinians and racists like yourself keep turning down Israel's fair and just peace? Try not to be a coward this time Ronald Grant….

    • Arius

      Muchiboy is a useful idiot apologist for Islam.

    • msddersigns

      Muchiboy obvously has done a lot of research on the middle east situation.
      My only comment is that this research much be somewhat difficult to do from within the confines of an institution for the mentally disturbed.

  • lessiboy

    There is something weird about people who think that the Middle East will be a place of love and brotherhood if only there was "Justice For The Palestinans.". If Israel were to disappear tomorrow, the Moslem Brotherhood would just become devotees to human brotherhood, and proponents of full equal rights for women, Christians etc. Iran would stop its nuclear program. The angry Moslem youths with their "no-go" zones in France would suddenly become lawabiding peaceful and contributors to the welfare of Francel. Anti-semites like the bunch who tortured Ilan Halimi to death would become lovers of Jews. Peace would break out all over. The sun would shine. A new day has come!

  • Granuaile

    Muchiboy needs to read history. Most of the "Palestinians"are not historically indigenous to the area at all, but a mish-mash of peoples from various states. He seems to have swallowed the myths and re-writes of history so beloved of the Left. It is so depressing to read yet again legends with no basis in fact. A just settlement based on truth would come up with a solution which Muchiboy might find surprising.

    • MixMChess

      You are absolutely correct Granuaile! During the 18th and 19th centuries the Holy Land was essentially repopulated by foreigners: "Egyptians arrived in a number of waves, with an especially large one from 1832 to 1840. Sudanese pioneered successfully in the swampy marshlands. Entire tribes of Bedouin from as far away as Libya settled on the coastal plane. Lebanese Christians and Algerians settled in the Galilee. Coastal towns attracted Armenians, Syrians, Turks. Russians, Circassians and Georgians from the Caucaus founded villages. The Austrian advance into the Balkans led to the emigration of Bosnian Muslims to the region. Turkomans from Russian Central Asia and Kurds also arrived in the region during this time."

      Of course, the only indigenous culture that survived was that of the Jews, who pray and speak in the native language of the land, Hebrew.

  • oooStephen

    didn't i just read a FP article about how moderate and benevolent the muslim brotherhood actually are? that doesn't seem to match their global caliphate goals of this article.

  • Alex Kovnat

    I can't help but wonder if Islamic folk are the only ones in the Middle East who are prejudiced against Jews. If Helen Thomas is a Lebanese Christian and if her views are typical of the Lebanese Christian community, I wonder how sorry I should feel for them if they suddenly find themselves at the mercy of Hezbollah and Al-Queda.

    • Arius

      It's the dhimmi attitude of Middle Eastern Christians from centuries of Muslim oppression.

  • greg

    After living in Egypt I can only beg Christians to pray for these Copts. Muslims follow a false prophet that murdered, raped and stole. With that as your basic way of life that you follow, no good can ever come of a follower of moohammed. May G-d forgive these sick muslims who prefer murder to life.

  • Aliens

    A book for lending from Tehran's National Library of Iran. Just appalling what they are taught about us, and about Christianity in general. American History is the Islamic version of American History. World Civ is the Islamic version of World Civ. It is completely different, and wholly inaccurate compared to what we learn. What we learn is based on fact. What they learn is based on opinion — Islamic infused opinion in every sentence with SELECTIVE facts to support their foregone conclusions.

    Western Civilisation Through Muslim Eyes

    • believer

      and the saddest part of it that we didn't just close our eyes to the problem, but encourage it to come closer to home. UN distributes books to Palestinian schools with fully biased attitude to not only Israel but the whole world. and now our history books are bringing distorted history lessons to our schools at home. and i'm not talking about a couple of private schools – we are talking about main-stream schools….. our universities are filled with anti-government propaganda and hateful attitude to our army and justice system (we cannot be surprised about Israel), our papers are filled with lies or gossip to support their selective conclusions……..

      i wish more could be done to stop it, i just wish.

      btw, i can tell you that i lived in a couple of different countries and the situation is the same. time to WAKE UP and face the problem

  • muchiboy

    "Typical post from a koranimal." BayouCoyote

    Typical post from a poor relative of Wile E Coyote.muchiboy aka Road Runner

    • MixMChess

      BayouCoyote, muchiboy (AKA Ronald Grant) isn't a Muslim. He is just an old fashioned anti-semite who moonlights as a corrections officer in Hamilton/Ontario. He never misses an opportunity to defame Jews and Israel.

  • muchiboy

    "As for as I’m concerned useful, idiot bigots are the worse scum in the world. "

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion.And it's healthier that you vent here among strangers then elsewhere.The fact that you don't seem to say much that is useful and repeatable is lamentable.muchiboy

    • MixMChess

      "The fact that you don't seem to say much that is useful and repeatable is lamentable."

      I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Everyone is sick of your rhetoric muchiboy. You don't engage in debate. You are a coward who runs away whenever you are confronted with facts. You just create a new comment with more gibberish. You can go away now.

  • DrBukk

    Maybe I'm Pollyanna, but I don't think Egypt will become another Iran. The internet is exposing citizens to where they stand in terms of poverty. They are realizing democracy has created the wealthiest and happiest societies. They know the terrible situation in Iran.

    They will lose $2B/year if they break the treaty with Israel. Mubarak has been talking out of both sides of his mouth; ignoring the growth of Islamists while using their threat to stay in the good graces of the US.

    A bigger threat to Egypt and all Muslims is their explosive, unsustainable population growth. We need to do a Berlin-style airlift and drop condoms and birth control pills.

  • Taim

    It is extremely insulting to the Egyptian and Arab people as well as racist and Nazi type thinking to the extreme to say that Egyptians or Arabs have not intellectually evolved to such a mental state as to deserve democracy. If Israelis, who elect leaders like Natenyahu who continue to occupy Palestinian lands and continue to build illegal settlements; if Americans, who elect rightwing extremists like Bush who wage wars against other countries, are deserving of democracy, I say Egyptians and Arabs win hand down in the argument that they too are totally capable of democracy. The author, who is engaging in racism, should realize that self-rule is the wish of every human being, and if he considers Arabs human beings (which I doubt), he should support the democratic reform rather than voicing opinions against it under the garb of minorities and women rights.

    • MixMChess

      "It is extremely insulting to the Egyptian and Arab people as well as racist and Nazi type thinking to the extreme to say that Egyptians or Arabs have not intellectually evolved to such a mental state as to deserve democracy."

      That's just it, the Arab/Islamic world has yet to prove that it will accept a true liberal democracy. The power to vote is BOT democracy. In fact, whenever the Arab/Islamic states are given democratic reforms they inevitably vote in Islamic radicals to power, such as Hamas. Even Turkey, the most western of the Islamic states has slowly slid from a Western leaning county into Islamism.

    • MixMChess

      "If Israelis, who elect leaders like Natenyahu who continue to occupy Palestinian lands and continue to build illegal settlements"

      Um Israel doesn't occupy any Palestinian lands. Israel completely withdrew from Gaza and the PA has autonomous control over its W. Bank territories. How are Jews building on historical Jewish land illegal?

    • Arius

      The point is that democracy in Islamic dominated countries will be used to turn the country into an Islamic Theocracy, a democracy in name only. Islam is a retrograde force that always tries to return to the seventh century.

  • Wahid Boctor

    Exellent article and it has so much details about the Egyptian History… The only point I have to add is that if the Corrupt regime leaves now the Islamic Brotherhood will have a difficult time to infiltrate a fair governement ….But if Mubarak continues to kling to power . He will help them to come in just to undermine the revolution.

  • Amused

    Your "cause " ??? Indeed you DO ignore the rest . Here's an education in a nutshell muchi-boy [purposed naive -boy ] ….it is Israel/Jews -against an arab muslim world , that cannot tolerate their presence indeed their existence in the middle-east .All goals , treaties, cease-fires, et al , merely serve the ultiate purpose of Israel's ddestruction..

  • Amused

    .Only a MORON could miss this message in all of their media . mosques , writings , editorials etc. So lets just call a "spade a spade " ….Israel knows this and plays the game for the west , and the US, but at the end of the day , does what it MUST to survive .[ with or without approval ] .__ And so it shall be muchi-boy , and you find it hard to understand , because survival is superior to hatred , and will always prevail over the other . Israel has had to deal with at best , dictators and despots , in ALL of it's "surrounding neighbors " … events in Egypt are nothing new .Perhaps you forget what precipitated an earlier war , with Egypt moving it's Armies to the borders of Israel, posturing for attack , and publicly ramping up the rhetoric for war . As for your alleged "concern " over the settlements ? that's just so much B.S. , YOU know what the REAL issue is .

  • Stephanie

    FANTASTIC ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!! Radical Islam must be stopped at all costs. And when we decide to take part in this battle, then it will cost us. The cost is public ridicule, violence, vandalism, death threats, losing friends and family, possibly our jobs. The question we must ask ourselves is are we willing to pay this kind of a price to keep America free?