Islamist Professor Teaches Lesson in Violence

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Last month, Bassem Alhalabi, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and leader of a radical Boca Raton mosque, pled guilty to two separate attacks taking place in Tallahassee, Florida in March 2010. This was not the first time Alhalabi had been on the other side of the law. Yet, according to the FAU website, he is still in good standing at the school. Will the taxpayers of Florida stand by, while this publicly funded institution continues to harbor and provide legitimacy to a violent, terror-related criminal?

On March 11, 2010, after exiting the office of then-Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, while in the lobby of the State Capitol Building, this author was physically attacked by Bassem Abdo Alhalabi, an individual I had written about a number of times in the past.

I was in Tallahassee to give a government briefing on the terrorism ties of Ahmed Bedier, the former Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa), who was bringing his new group, United Voices for America (UVA), to town to lobby the State Legislature. Despite its patriotic sounding name, UVA is nothing more than a political advocacy division of CAIR-Florida.

It was this author’s job, as well as others’, to convince the legislators not to meet with Bedier and/or any members of his group. For the most part, we were successful. Indeed, I was told by the Attorney General’s Chief of Staff Bill Stewart that information I had personally provided their office, previous to arriving in Tallahassee, had stopped AG McCollum from meeting with Bedier.

Alhalabi came to Tallahassee as a UVA Delegate. That is an important detail. So when he had attacked me – and one hour later, the cameraman I was with – he did so as a representative of the UVA. While one of his hands was grasped firmly around my arm, his other hand was clutching the blue UVA packet he received for his group’s event.

Following the filing of two separate police reports, Alhalabi was charged with one count of battery on me and one count of assault on the cameraman. A warrant was issued for Alhalabi’s arrest on March 19th; he was taken into custody on March 22nd; and he was released from prison, after posting bond, on March 23rd.

The trial was set to begin on January 31, 2011. However, days prior to trial, Alhalabi admitted guilt in a plea agreement to avoid a potentially tougher sentence. He pled guilty to both charges of battery and assault. By doing so, he was ordered to perform community service and to complete an anger management course.

This was not the first time Alhalabi had gotten himself in trouble with the law. In June 2003, the U.S. Department of Commerce found Alhalabi guilty of illegally shipping a $13,000 military-grade thermal imaging device to Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism.

As stated in the government’s ruling, “The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) charged that, on March 12, 1998, Alhalabi caused the export of a thermal imaging camera to Syria in violation of the [Export Administration Regulations] EAR. Thermal imaging cameras are controlled for export to Syria for national security, regional stability, and anti-terrorism reasons.”

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  • kafir4life

    This reminded me of another cair operative that used to come on FPM and threaten other posters physically. I wonder what ever happened to that islamic coward from texas? I think he went by the name of crabnutters mikey, and he may have been Asian, as I remember he went by the nickname Cha Ching (he maybe Chinese?). In any case…….crabnuts was a paid shill for the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting, hamas linked cair. He'd come on here and do his "dua". What he'd do is try to convince us infidels that the gutter cult is actually an RoP ™. He was given ample opportunity to take his case to his religious colleagues, but time after time, he'd refuse, giving some islamically tequila filled "answer". I hope he's ok, but I suspect he's moved onto his next islamically inspired adventure.

  • Sofian Zakkout

    Joe Kaufman (“JK”) is throwing his poison around S. Fl.! JK is again promoting hatred against Muslim leaders. He brings lies and unfounded allegations to bring between Muslims and the Jewish communities. JK website, is full of hate. JK also against J. Street for their honorable stands. Sofian Zakkout,

    • flaedo

      Sarko now publicly agrees that islam and the West are not good for each other. You can go back to your muslim majority country of origin any time soon. l can come to your house and help you pack. l am happy to give you three dollars so you can buy a nice home improvement magazine to read on the flight back.

    • aspacia

      Okay, so refute his claims point by point, instead of throwing ad hom attacks.

    • EveB

      Joe Kaufman is a brave man who isn't frightened by the terrorists in CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. If there were more Joe Kaufmans we would final get rid of the cancer that is infiltrating our country.

    • kafir4life

      Sophie, do you have any evidence, or are we required to believe you because you're a member of the gutter cult of islam, invented by a pedophile, who shat the contents of the koran in a fit of intestinal distress following sex with, and a meal of his favorite pig (coincidentally named Sophie). What is Joe lying about? What is unfounded? What is hate filled? Perhaps you're just confused by truth? Do you have examples, or are you just another muslim terrorist supporting shill?

  • Judahlevi

    Joe Kaufman cannot make up a guilty plea for assault and battery. It is unfortunately followers of your faith who are committing violence and murder against innocent people around the world, not Joe Kaufman.

    Any person following the daily news knows this. Get real.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    This shows that you can take the ape out of the jihad but you cannot take the jihad out of the ape.

  • Andy Lewis

    So this clown is on the tenure track instead of serving a 10-year stint for terrorism. Only in America!

  • alwaysonwatch

    Funding our own destruction via tuition and taxpayers' dollars.

    And the media are complicit in this.

    • Ann L.

      If you really know him you would know that he's teaching many future engineers to be good people. One of the things he always emphasize is ethical issue. He teaches us to be good engineers, better yet good people. So please stop worry, your taxes and tuition are not wasted.

      • —-

        I second this. Dr. Alhalabi is a great person and a great professor. I had the honor of having him as my professor for 2 classes and he was always concerned if you learned and is always trying to help.

  • bigmouthmom

    Bassem Alhalabi needs to be asked to resign or the administration and trustees need to get rid of him. It is time to stop accommodating those who do not share the love of our culture and form of government.

    • Ann L

      How do you know he doesn't share the love of our culture and form of government? By the article up there? Isn't that a little unfair for u to judge someone by that?

  • Karl Stein

    U of South Florida again. When is the administration of this place and the State of Florida going to get some guts and do what is right?

  • Mireille M

    If we had 100 more of Joe Kaufman the USA would be free of terrorists who go under names which sound legit but there are a cover for insidious acts the likes of CAIR and others.

  • rwcx

    How does this clown claim to be white on the arrest photo. More Islamic lies.

  • Fernanda

    By his face one can tell he's a sick minded person. Evil eyes… Scary!

    • Ann L

      Can you really?

  • Ann Lertworasiri

    I am a student at FAU and I'm buddhism. I took Dr.Alhalabi's class since 2 years ago and I'm taking a class with him this semester. Of all the professors I have taken classes with, he is one of the best. For someone who has never in his life study with Dr.Alhalabi to attack him with this say " Islamist Professor Teaches Lesson in Violence", I think it's unfair. For all the people that commented badly about my professor just because you have read one article and a bad photo of him, you really should think again. I'm not saying that your opinions are wrong but please think carefully again. I can gaurantee that he has never try to teach any of his students to be violence nor against anyone. He respects his students no matter where we come from. If you don't believe me try ask any one at FAU who know Dr.Alhalabi. We, students at FAU, will be the best evidence for you.

  • Alberto A.

    For the people that make bad comments on religion. Don't judge anyone based on their religion. The core purpose of every religion is to make us better humans in different ways. There is no best religion. Be proud of your religion, race, gender and culture, but NEVER think that you're supreme to any other person.