Mobilizing Against Durban III

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On September 20th at 7:00pm an organized prayer rally for Christians and anyone interested will be taking place at the Crenshaw Christian Centre East in New York City where dozens of leaders, prayer networks and hundreds of Christians will gather to show support for Israel and pray.  On September 21st, a protest against Durban III will take place at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza from 11AM-2PM where people of all backgrounds will show support for Israel.  Leaders from a wide spectrum of political and religious perspectives will be speaking at the event.     On September 22nd, The Perils of Global Intolerance: The United Nations and Durban III Conference presented by The Hudson Institute and Touro College Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust will address the question of ‘what happens when a group of states collude to corrupt the meaning of human rights’ like at the Durban III conference.  Among some of the speakers at this conference are: Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Bolton, a former US Ambassador to the UN and Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas among many others.

I believe we all have a responsibility to respond to the assault on Israel in the international community.  There are several ways that we can exercise this responsibility.  First, everyone can sign the petition to Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at  Second, I want to invite you to join the thousands of people who will protest at the United Nations on September 21st to confront the hypocrisy and the evil enabled by the UN and to express support for Israel.  Third, those who hold to Judeo –Christian values and anyone else interested should attend the prayer rally at the Crenshaw Christian Centre East on in NYC on September 20th.

The enemies of Israel are also enemies of our Western values and culture, Judeo-Christian beliefs, and essentially enemies of anything that does not fit into Radical Islamic religious and cultural perspective.  If we do not stand up against leaders in the international community who are using the United Nations as a platform for the spread of their racist and radical beliefs and policies, it is only a matter of time before our own rights and freedoms become threatened, the time to speak out is now.

As a Christian woman I often hear about my religion’s dark anti-Semitic past of persecuting Jews and also of spreading Replacement Theology.  However, today I and many others have the opportunity to say that we will not repeat history but rather we will stand up for what is right and support the Jews by standing for Israel in this critical moment in history.   People often ask the question “if I was there what would I have done” when they visit Yad Vashem or some type of Holocaust memorial.  Today, we don’t have to ask what we would have done in the 1930s and 40s, we have to ask what we are doing now!?

Josee Chiasson is a York University student completing an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in psychology.  She is a current intern with a pro-Israel Christian organization, Eagles’ Wings, where she is the coordinating administrator of a protest to confront Durban III at the United Nations.

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  • Foolster41

    Another one? We really need to not only leave the UN, but tell them to get off our land. Sadly, our current President with no spine won't do that.

  • aspacia

    I have often wondered why the UN does not condemn the Muslim/Arab world for rejecting the 1948 partition which gave the lion's share of the land to the Arabs?

    Just typical European AntiJewish thinking.

    • Anamah

      And why is Mrs. Navy Pillay lying to hurt Israel and protect the real offenders. Is she and General Sec. Ban ki moon leaving their finger tips exposing their selves as responsibly in this giant shameful scam distorting the human rights issue around the world to attack Israel and protect real offenders. Are this people sure of their impunity?

      • aspacia

        The UN is notoriously antiIsrael/Jewish. Most of their condemnations are against Israel regardless of the horrific human rights violations occurring in other regions (Rwanda, Cambodia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, et al)/

        You ask why. I am no telepath, but the antiJewish thinking is an old hate, but at the moment it probably stems from Arab oil wealth.

        Ban will probably change his tune if North Korea starts sending rockets into South Korea on a daily basis.

  • LindaRivera

    The exact address for the prayer rally on Sep 20 at 7 pm is:

    Crenshaw Christian Center East
    1 West 96th Street. At Central Park West, New York City.

    I always find it extremely frustrating that rallies are held at the UN. The UN does NOT care about Israel's suffering or the suffering of other non-Muslims. Almost no one sees these rallies by the UN. It would be so much better if the rallies were held at Times Square or even Union Square – lots of people, lots of cars and buses – for maximum publicity. The world must know of the terrible injustice against Israel.

  • LindaRivera

    Deceitfully called the Arab-Israeli conflict, it's global jihad against Israel, America and the Free World. Global jihad rages across our world, but because in Israel the jihad victims are Jews, the elites – world leaders and media adore Palestinian Authority Muslims where children are inculcated from birth with a murderous hate for Jews and brainwashed with the wicked LIE that Israel belongs to Islam. Where Muslim children as young as five years old are taught to "die for Allah" in terror attacks against hated Jewish infidels.

    Everyone except the naive understand that the peace process is a WAR process against Israel. The bloodthirsty Muslim goal is a Second Holocaust.

  • findalis

    This prayer rally like every other protest will do nothing but make those attending feel good. It will not change the fact that due to European (Christian) persecution of Jews for 2000 years the tiny nation of Israel will be once again singled out as the world's worse violator of human rights instead of those nations that truly do violate their people's rights.

    So have your prayers, but remember this. You are the cause of this hatred, this atrocity. No matter what Christians do, your hands are bloody. No amount of prayers can wipe that from your souls.

    • stern

      findalis, as a Jew who lost family in the Holocaust, I think you are being unfair. This is a new generation, and I, for one, am grateful that they are not following in the footsteps of those who went before them. It took the horrors perpetrated by previous generations to finally make them see the light, and we can only hope that future generations of Muslims will likewise come to see that when you turn your fingers, your weapons and your hatred against the Jews, it results only in your own destruction.

      As for the author of this piece, I thank her – and I want to make a special note of the fact that she is a student at York University in Toronto (my own daughter's university), a school that has been known for the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic views of far too many students. You are a brave woman and we appreciate your words.

    • Foolster41

      Sadly you are a Christian-hating bigot.

      The horrors of the holocaust, IF ever done in the name of Christ (Hitler called christianity weak, and practiced a from of paganism based on germany mythology) then it is in SPITE of the teachings of Christ. Yes, those Christians who did those things have blood on their heads (if they are still alive), but that does not in any way implicate the other beleives now.

      And before you pull out the old arguments, no, Christianity is NOT anti-semetic, or more specificly anti-Jewish. Christ and Paul condemned those SPECIFIC Jews in the time and place who rejected him. Neither said anything against all Jews (also hint: Jesus was a Jew and so were his disciples.)

      • findalis

        Why shouldn't I hate Christians? For my whole life it has been "good" Christians who followed me down the street screaming "Dirty Jew", who beat me for the crime of being a Jew, who hated myself and my people for our religion. This didn't take place in Germany or the Soviet Union, but in the Good Old USA.

        While the basis of Christianity isn't anti-Semitic, the practitioners of the faith are. it is taught to them in their Mother's milk, reinforced by sermons from their ministers and the media, allowed by governments worldwide.

        The only difference between the anti-semitism of the Muslims vs that of the Christians is that the Muslims are at least honest about their hatred and Christians cover it up and lie.

        • jasonz

          u really want the difference? ok the difference is the fact that aside from a couple of aholes the problems you faced were not anything more than stupid bullies. islam will hunt you, they will find you, and they will kill you. how much evidence do you need? islam sided with the NAZIs, Islam is trying to eliminate israel. what do you need to convince you of this? millions and millions of muslims screaming "DEATH TO THE JEW"? how about the leaders of major and prominate countries in the middle east activly trying to kill jews and israel?…how about powerful muslim groups where the main focus of their charter is the destruction of jews and the jewish state of israel? we got all that and more including countless attacks by muslims on christions and the govt not only looking the other way but supporting and funding it. so you really want to compare some stupid christians bullying you when you were a kid to what is happening with islam? you need perspective and to prioritize. and frankly i really dont believe your story

          • Foolster41

            Darn it, sorry about the vote down. I was meaning to up you.

          • findalis

            Ouch I struck a nerve in you jasonz. I know the hatred Muslims have for Jews very well, their history of such hatred, the verses in the Koran and Hadiths. I never said that they didn't hate Jews with any reason. In fact it is so ingrained in their lives and culture that it has driven them to stupidity and destruction.

            But you forget that the biggest pogrom held in the US was 20 years ago in Crown Heights. It was led by a Christian Minister who whipped up the crowd into a murderous fury. No punishment was ever given to the minister involved. In fact he has been rewarded with his own TV show on a major news network.

            Or shall I mention Ann Coulter with her quiet anti-Semitism? She is "perfected", Jews are garbage to her.

            Or the not so quiet anti-Semitism from major Christian churches. Calls to destroy the Jews, etc…

            Or the official anti-Semitism spouted from the governments of Norway, Sweden, Russia, Spain, and Great Britain?

            Oh yes. While the Muslims are loud about their anti-Semitism. Christians were quiet but now they too are screaming for Jewish lands, Jewish money and Jewish blood.

          • jasonz

            well the chord is because i see the biggest enemies of israel and America if not western civilization mobilizing. these groups are natural enemies as well but they are joining together to fight a common enemy and destroy them,.,.,.,.,.,.US. and we cant seem to drop petty bickering for a few min and focus on the real enemy to destroy them. while there is antisemites on both at this point i think the 'cristian anti-semite' is far preferable an ally than islam. at this point if we cannot come together to stop this crap then we are gonna go bye bye. as for the antisemitism of norway france etc- thats communist and socialist, and marxist our other enemy. they use whatever they can to gain, keep power

          • Foolster41

            More unapollogetic anti-christian bigotry. You show you don't really understand the difference between Christian anti-semetism (a deviation of Christianity) and Islamic anti-semetism (a core aspect of Islamic teaching, for example the "rocks and trees" hadith I mentioned above.)

            "Or shall I mention Ann Coulter with her quiet anti-Semitism? She is "perfected", Jews are garbage to her."
            If you mean Coulter believes that Christianity fulfills Jewish prophecies, there is nothing anti-semetic in that. What is the actual quote? Last time I heard, she was a strong supporter of Isreal's right to exist. Generally anti-Semites don't do that.

            Of course, you wouldn't dream of libeling Coulter, right?

            "major Christian churches"
            Which ones? Where? Honestly, I don't believe you. I suspect you can come up with a few fringes like that one gay-hating church.

            "Or the official anti-Semitism spouted from the governments of Norway, Sweden, Russia, Spain, and Great Britain?"
            What does this have to do with Christianity?

          • findalis

            Anti-Semitism is the same whether it is done by Muslims or Christians. It leads to the same path. While the New Testament is void on this, many Christian writers past and present aren't. It is their works that are quoted. As for the quotes from the Koran, I've known them for a long time. But just because one group shows hatred doesn't mean that its ok for another group to do so.

            As for Ann Coulter I refer to this quote of hers:,2933,301216,00.htm… it is not libel when you have the person saying it on tape.

            Churches: Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Unitarian Universalism, United Church of Christ for a few. All major Christian Churches. They advocate the destruction of Israel and for the Arabs to rape, pillage and murder the Jews that survive.

            Norway, Sweden, Russia, Spain, and Great Britain are all CHRISTIAN nations. They designate themselves so.

          • Foolster41

            "But just because one group shows hatred doesn't mean that its ok for another group to do so."
            Of course, this is Ad honim. I never made such a claim. I don't beleive that wrongs by one group justifies another. My point is you are generalizing christians as being mostly anti-semetic when this is not true, and not in the basis of core their faith (which you yourself admitted). That SOME christians authors are anti-semetic (though you can't seem to actually name any respected ones) doesn't mean that the core of christianity is anti-semetic.

            "Churches: Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Unitarian Universalism, United Church of Christ for a few. All major Christian Churches. They advocate the destruction of Israel and for the Arabs to rape, pillage and murder the Jews that survive"
            Thank you for all those overwelming sources to prove your point.

          • Foolster41

            And it appears the Coulter thing is just as I said. Coulter believes that Christianity is a fulfillment of Jewish prophecies, and since she believes that Christianity is true, it would be better if Jews believed. So now believing Christianity (or for that matter any religion) is true (and the only true one) is anti-semetic?

          • Stephen_Brady

            Having read all of your posts in this thread, I simply don't believe that you're actually Jewish. I think that you're a leftist shill, probably in the pay of George Soros. Your purpose is to stir up hatred on this website, and influence Christians to stop supporting Israel.

          • findalis

            Not only am I Jewish, but a Conservative and Republican to boot.

            All I ask is that the Christian right call out those on the Christian left for their anti-semitism. And to acknowledge their own hatred in the past (like not letting Jews into their Country Clubs, quotas for Jews in the best schools, etc..). Until that past is addressed, how can both groups move on. For no matter what a Christian says, we don't really trust our Christian neighbors.

          • Stephen_Brady

            If you say that you are truly Jewish, I will believe you.

            You said, "Until that past is addressed, how can both groups move on?" In reply, I say to you that … on a personal level, I have moved (even though I have nothing to move on from). I was not responsible for the pogroms of the Middle Ages. I have never killed a Jew (indeed, I helped the IDF as a contractor in their occupation of Lebanon in the 1970's, putting my life on the line for Israel). I grew up in a combined German/Jewish neighborhood in Chicago. I'm a member of CUFI.

            I'm one of your Christian neighbors, but I would defend your life to the death.

            Do you still include me in the set [Christians who hate Jews], based upon what I've said?

          • findalis

            My anger is NOT directed at individuals but at the Christian establishment at large. Durban is a symptom of the quiet approval that the Christian establishment and leadership has given. Silence at the first Durban conference came from every sector of the Christian community (Left and Right). Christian voices have said that G-d doesn't hear the prayers of Jews (Jerry Falwell) to Ann Coulter's Jews need to be perfected. It doesn't help, it keeps Jews in the Democratic Party (Yes I know about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton there.), for it has been made very clear to the Jewish community at large that there is a big sign out front: NO JEWS OR DOGS ALLOWED HERE!

          • Josee Chiasson

            The Christians who are standing at the UN this September are standing on the conviction that the past must not be repeated and BACKING up this conviction by putting ourselves out for the sake of standing with Israel and the Jewish people.

            I can't think of a better way to 'address the past' and furthermore to counteract the 'silent approval' displayed NOT ONLY by the Christian establishments but of Jewish and Secular establishments in the face of global anti-Semitism.

            Findalis, at the end of the day we are all saying the same things and are on the SAME SIDE, so perhaps we can put an end to the argument- we agree that all the things listed above are wrong and if you belive it too, then stand with us at the UN on September 21st at 12PM to make your voice heard and to support the Christians who are finnally trying to get things right!

          • findalis

            Can't attend. Won't be in New York and have to work. But I will be writing to Obama (like that will do any good) and my representatives on my disappointment in their allowance of this horror being done on our shore.

          • Foolster41


            findalis, you're still repeating the Ann Coulter lie, but without answering me on my objections to it. Coulter believes that Christianity is a fulfillment of Judaism. this is what ALL Christians believe. How is this anti-semetic to believe that one religion is true, and thus others are false? Is then any mono-theistic religion automatically anti-semetic in your view? If not, why not?

            And you've failed to show how "at large" on the left and right there is any anti-semetism. You throw out the names of a few crazies like Falwell and leftists like Sharpton, and pretend that's most Christians. It is not. As I've said, anti-semetism (latent and blatent) by and large is endemic of the LEFT in general.

            I suppose Christian defenders of Isreal's right to exist and those who report on the latent anti-semetism like Robert Spencer, Ann Coulter (Yes, she does!), Glenn Beck, David Swindle (I think he's Christian, but I'm not sure) and Calvin Fruignger (I believe he's Caltholic, but not sure. Sorry for the mangled name.) don't count? You said NO Christian does, but there are plenty if you just look past your bigotry.

          • Foolster41

            "My anger is NOT directed at individuals but at the Christian establishment at large."
            That's good, but tilting at giant windmills is still bad as tilting at little ones.

            "from every sector of the Christian community"
            Is it EVERY sector now? Not just the left huh? You're saying EVERY denomination of Christianity has anti-semetism? Or by "sector" do you mean left and right? If the later, then I'd accept that, since one case would mean it is "coming from" that sector. You might be even right about the former.

            However, having anti-semetism FROM a group is not the same as permiation of anti-semetism in the group. You still are to prove any sort of large cases of modern anti-semetism in Christianity beyond naming some wackos.

        • Foolster41

          Again, hating an ENTIRE group based on the actions of a few in the group who are not following (and in fact contradicting) the ore beliefs (as you admitted yourself) is called BIGOTRY. That you admit that Christianity is not anti-semetic, but you choose to hate Christians anyway shows how much of a bigot you are.

          "The only difference between the anti-semitism of the Muslims vs that of the Christians is that the Muslims are at least honest about their hatred and Christians cover it up and lie."

          This is completely dishonest.

          Islam's anti-semetism is rooting in Mohammad's teachings (in the future the rocks and trees will cry out for the murder of Jews) vs. OPPOSED in the teachings of Jesus.
          How can Christians (as a whole group) be "dishonest" about an anti-semetism, that bv your own admission doesn't exist in the core teachings?

  • Marty

    The united nations and the council on human rights are a disgrace and an immoral travesty. The United States and other western democracies (those with backbone) should depart the un and leave it to its deserved fate of irrelevance. They should then establish an association of free states united in their desire to remain democratic and avoid or confront the islamic menace of sharia law that threatens to slaughter or enslave free people everywhere.

  • jasonz

    if we want to stop the UN then there is only 1 option. America and its allies, and israel MUST pull out of the UN. The UN is nothing more than a corrupt front for dicatators who want to pretend they are noble. its time we stop pussyfooting around with terminology and political correctness and grow a backbone and sac and stop these evil countries. we are going to wait to long, they WILL get a nuke or be able to make them and they WILL attack. you want peace, destroy islam, you want freedpm, destroy communism. destroy these evil things and their supporters. destroy them before they destroy us. its that simple! any questions?

  • LindaRivera

    Dear findalis,

    I am so sorry for your horrible experiences. You say your tormentors were "good" Christians. They were NOT Christians. G-d tells us in Jewish Scriptures in Micah 6:8 that KINDNESS is G-d's requirement for ALL humanity. G-d's Word is eternal.

    I am so sorry, findalis.

    • findalis

      You're is one of the few CHRISTIAN voices I have heard. It is too bad that the majority of those who follow your faith don't follow your example.

      • johnnywoods

        findalis,your problem is that you have not met many real Christians. Most of the so-called Christians you speak of were "Christian in name only". As a follower of JESUS CHRIST I could never hate Jews or Israel. I will always stand for Israel and Jews everywhere and oppose any movement against them(you). I am disappointed that so many of you do not believe in my JESUS but I bear not animosity toward you or your fellow Jews.

        • findalis

          The real problem is that Christians will not take responsibility of the anti-Semitism that:

          1. They committed over the millennium.
          2. The hatred that is done in their name today.

          When Christian ministers run through Jewish neighborhoods screaming: "Kill the Jew" and fellow Christians do not condemn him but instead applaud his efforts, then there is a problem with Christianity and its theology.

          Christians cannot have it both ways. Either they are appalled by the hatred the Christian leadership espouses or you approve of it. But silence only tells us that you approve of it. For silence = acceptance!

          • Josee Chiasson

            Findalis I am afraid you may have missed the point of the article and the statement about this generation. It is absolutely unpresedented that Christians are taking the lead in standing with Israel and the Jews in this moment in history… and please remember that many Jewish organizations are nowhere to be seen in this case but are being silent- so please look at all the variables before you make accusations against one group.

            I too am very sorry that you have experienced bullying at the hands of so called Christians and as a Christian woman, I myself am disollusioned and disappointed by people who call themselves Christians and claim to represent Jesus Christ but then act comepletely contrary to His teachings. However, the reason I stand with Israel and the Jews today and thousands of others are as well is BECAUSE of Jesus' teachings and the teaching from the Tenahk about Israel and BECAUSE I recognize the Jewish roots of CHristianity and have a deep conviction that the holocaust is wrong, that the way Christianity was carried out was wrong and I am commited, with many others in this generation, to act differently and according to the TRUE words of Jesus Christ.

          • Josee Chiasson

            I agree with the statement made that you cannot lump ALL christians into the same category just like you cannot think that EVERY SINGLE Muslim hates Jews and believes in Jihad…

            Finally, I with you all the best and I hope that you meet some Christians who represent well the teachings of Christ. Hating Christians will only propogate the issue, being critical of SOME Christians is healthy, but I think hating all christians is unfair considering that the very problem I set out to address is the blanket hatred for Jews that exists and how wrong that is.

          • findalis

            Everyone seems to think I hate Christians. I don't. But I don't trust a Christian in a pinch either. There is too much bad blood between us.

          • Foolster41

            Yes, I know it's crazy but generally when people make broad self-contradictory generalizations (your unfounded claim that Christians today are in general anti-semetic without giving any sourced proof, while admitting the core teachings of Christianity is not anti-semetic. ) and lie about a group, that person is often suspected of hating that group.

            "Christians do not condemn him but instead applaud his efforts, then there is a problem with Christianity and its theology."
            Who applauds this? How many followers do they have? Which denomination? Also, who was this Chrisitan minister(s)? What denomination did they belong to? How many people did they have as followers? How did they generally respond?

            Again, I think you are lying, or at least exaggerating. One person or group does not a majority, or even large number make.

          • findalis

            "Who was this Christian minister?" Al Sharpton.

            Never condemned by any Christian. Given a cushy job at MSNBC. Don't you know anything about the man? As for followers, how about thousands. Especially the ones who ran through Crown Heights 20 years ago screaming "Kill the Jew!"

            Christian Ministry at its best?

          • Foolster41

            Ha! Sharpton's radical form of Christianity is hardly mainstream. Your truly deluded if you think he is.

            And MSNBC has nothing to do with Christians, so it is not Christians who are rewarding him (Or do you really beleive that MSNBC represents Christian interests and worldview? If so, I have a nice bridge hardly used you might interested in buying).

            I agree Sharpton getting a job is pretty ridiculous, but has nothing to do with anything.

          • Foolster41

            Also, I find it interesting that it seems the denominations you cite as being anti-Israel are for the most part left of center (unitarian, Episcopal) and the "Christian minister" you cite is far left of center.

            The Christian Left tends to have a more loose intepretation of the bible and belief in the deity of Christ.That is NOT to say that left-leaning Christians cannot be true Christians, but my point is that as a whole is less credible to point to as "mainstream" or "fundamental" (I know, a dirty word, but just means following a core belief) Christianity.

            Also, I should point out the political the left tends to in general side with the Muslim world against Israel (And if you don't believe me, take a good look at the articles here in the archives).

            I suspect then that the anti-semetism you've seen is in fact political, and not religious. Especially since there is no religous basis (again, I'll point out you've admitted this yourself).

          • keoke888

            Examine the idea that Leftism=(Christianity)-(God)+(dumbed down Marxism).

            Leftists are the physical and ideological descendents of Christian Imperialism. The difference is that actual Christians/the white working class are also cultural scapegoats, and do not rationalize antisemitism by identifying with Muslims. Keffyiyah=black face. The left is totally silent on this transparent vulgarity, as well as any genocide, massacre, or human rights violation committed by someone they approve of for political reasons.

            I agree completely about the racism stuff, but perspective goes a long way.

          • johnnywoods

            The real problem is that you do not know what a Christian is. These "leaders" you speak of are NOT Christians no matter what they say. If you are a Jew and I am assuming you are, you were born a Jew though you might have "converted" to Judaism . No one was ever "born a Christian". JESUS said "Ye must be born again".If one is not "born again" he is not a Christian (John 3:3-21; New Testament KJV). "Born again Christians" do NOT hate or kill Jews or anyone else. I do not deny that some ignorant "professing" Christians may say and do some stupid things on occasion but I have never known a believer in JESUS CHRIST who would persecute and or kill Jews. The most committed supporters of Israel found in the U.S. are "Evangelical Christians", of which I am ,and if we saw such activity as you have described occurring we would no doubt denounce it. I know of no "Christian minister" in America who has done what you have stated. Please give evidence so I can see what can be done about it.

  • Terry

    The UN is an antithesis of its reason for being. It is now the worst instigator of Jew hatered outside the muslim world, an agent of islamofascism. All western countries should abandon it. Most haven't got the balls to do so.

    This nazi rally in New York should be expelled. But when the Jew haters turn up to rant, how about the US government arrests them for racist incitement.

  • Mel Zukerman

    How about a rally on the West Coast protesting Durban 3. I haven't heard from any of our Israel support groups, Christian and Jewish, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Etc.

    We also don't hear much protest from the So. African Jewish Community. There are
    70,000+ So. African Jews that should be out there demonstrating and protesting.

  • tomsextoyshop

    As for the author of this piece, I thank her – and I want to make a special note of the fact that she is a student at York University in Toronto (my own daughter’s university), a school that has been known for the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic views of far too many students. You are a brave woman and we appreciate your words.

  • ex prof old timer

    The hatred, insanity, and evil that gave birth to Durban I, Durban II, and now this Durban III, are endemic among faculty, students, and administrators, in many of our "finest" American colleges and universities. The halls of academe stink of it.

  • KKKK

    excelent analysis!