CAIR’s Campaign Against the Truth

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The handbook proves the critics’ case, but perhaps its illustration of the Islamists’ supremacist caliphate message would be far more believable if communicated directly to the law enforcement personnel by the communications manager of CAIR’s Los Angeles, California branch herself, Munira Syeda. CAIR would have a much more difficult time dismissing, with its usual kill-the-messenger accusations of Islamophobia, what its own communications manager reads directly from the handbook.

Here are a few excerpts from the ICNA handbook to help her get started:

“The Islamic Circle of North America is…an organization struggling towards Iqamat-ad-Deen in this land… a national Islamic movement”

“‘Islamic movement’ is the term used for that organized and collective effort waged to establish Al-Islam in its complete form in all aspects of life. (Emphasis added)

“The following are some characteristics of the Islamic movement as we learn about it from the model of the Prophet Mohammad.

1) This movement is based on the ideology of Islam. It considers humanity as one family based upon our common parents and common Creator. Therefore, it addresses all human beings, regardless of their race, color, national origin, language, culture, ethnicity or economic status. It wants everyone to succeed before Allah. Its message is, ‘Oh Mankind, submit to your Lord who created you’ (2:21).  (Emphasis added)

2) It considers disobedience to Allah as the root cause of all human problems. Moreover, it believes that obedience to Allah is the only solution for all human ills. Until the human being submits to Allah’s Guidance, there can be no true peace in our lives. (Emphasis added)

3) It believes that human beings are overburdened under the obedience of other human beings and their oppressive systems. It is only the obedience of Allah that will set everyone free… (Emphasis added

Wherever the Islamic movement succeeds to establish true Islamic society, they will form coalition and alliances. This will lead to the unity of the Ummah and towards the establishment of the Khilafah [the Caliphate].” (Emphasis added)

In addition to a reading from the Islamic Circle of North America handbook, the law enforcement training programs could include an expert in Islamic law such as Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, a CAIR and ICNA favorite who also was invited to the White House by President George W. Bush in the days following 9/11.

Dr. Siddiqi is the former president of the Islamic Society of North America, the Saudi-funded organization that is used by the Muslim World League to finance and exercise control over most of the mosques in the United States. Dr. Siddiqi is currently the chairman of the executive council of the Fiqh Council of North America, an association of Muslims who interpret Islamic law on the North American continent.

What better expert is there to speak about sharia law and the Islamist ideology than Dr. Siddiqi? Apparently, the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department thinks so, since he is planning a law enforcement “education” program at the Islamic Center with Siddiqi.

But this can only work if Dr. Siddiqi goes beyond the feel good rhetoric of inter-faith harmony that he likes to use when addressing Western audiences. He has to explain how the nice-sounding resolution passed this September by his Fiqh Council claiming that there is “no inherent conflict between the normative values of Islam and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights” (at least “so long as there is no conflict with Muslims’ obligation for obedience” to Allah) squares with some of his teachings about the rule of Allah over all aspects of our lives, Islamist notions of tolerance and supremacism, and the need to implement sharia law everywhere.

All this learned Islamic scholar has to do is elaborate on past statements attributed to him, such as the following:

  • “We must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction.”
  • “Our work, school, athletics activity, family life, economics, politics everything must be according to Allah’s Rules.”
  • “It is true that Islam stands for the sovereignty of Allah the Almighty and Allah’s rules are not limited to the acts of worship, they also include social, economic and political matters.”
  • “Tolerance according to Islam does not mean that we believe that all religions are the same. It does not mean that we do not believe in the supremacy of Islam over other faiths and ideologies.”
  • “Once more people accept Islam, insha’allah, this will lead to the implementation of Sharia in all areas.”

Of course, the last thing CAIR would want to do is persuade Dr. Siddiqi to own up to his own real beliefs as part of educating law enforcement personnel about Islamist ideology, or to recommend the inclusion of documents such as the ICNA handbook as part of the training curriculum. Instead, it cries Islamophobia in its relentless campaign to suppress the truth.

It is time that the spotlight is focused on CAIR itself and other Islamist groups which are pulling out all stops to impede effective law enforcement training and replace it with false, self-serving propaganda.

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  • Adrian

    Please stop using the term 'radical'. This distinction has no basis in reality, it is a Western invention. 'Radical' Muslims are adherents to the faith and devout Muslims. I made a comment on Al Jazeera one time pointing this out, and a Muslim replied calling the description of Muslim 'radicals' as "invented categorizations of the Muslims by the West" (Her words not mine). The only real distinction is those who use violence to advance Islam, and those who don't, say CAIR and the makers of All-American Muslim. Muslims are trying to conquer the West and Muslim immigration has to be stopped.

    • Beth

      "Please stop using the term 'radical'


      Murderers- is a better term

    • randy

      What about the christians who conquered north america? All christians should be kicked out.

      • intrcptr2

        Does that include those "injuns" who (voluntarily) converted, like the slave woning Cherokee?
        Or how about all the mestizos in Latin America?

        Although, if you're offering to go first, best wishes.

      • Sharia Is Shitake

        God allows His followers to conquer pagans who worship false Gods…that would include anyone following Islamist mantra who pray to a black stone in the middle of mecca five times a day.

      • Blaze Pascal

        What about the muslims who conquered the entire christian middle east.

      • James

        Sorry to say, trolly, but your idotic attempt at trolling this site will get you nowhere.

    • Stephanie Berg

      Keep it coming. One day, perhaps just one day, your scare tactics might work and we might be able to drive all the Muslims into the sea ;)

  • Beth

    The officials have committed treason:

    Article. III. Section. 3.

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, GIVING THEM AID AND COMFORT. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses (the koran is on the internet for ALL to see) to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    Have they not? Where are the lawyers? the judges? Are they not protectors of the koran? simply because it is called a 'holy' book? (yep, I believe that is the case – simply because they have not done their own homework:)

    Koran (chapter and verse given for proof)

    047.004 Beheadings
    033.052 Gang Rape of female 'infidels'
    005.041 Racism
    005.033 Crucifixions
    008.067 Treason

    How does a person who claims to be a "Human Rights" defender STILL defend those words of the koran?

    You are finished un – once enough people begin to ask that question.

    • Sharia Is Shitake

      Excellent points! This really gets to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM with the followers of Muhammad!

  • Anamah

    We are here, and we are going to stop this pest. This is dangerous perverted people and they are going to understand America is not Europe. All of them are really unbearable.

  • kafir

    I liked the picture of the terrorist supporter holding one of those joke toilet paper rolls.

  • montlasky

    Until all "infidels"-non Muslims world wide wake to the fact that Islam intends taking over the world at large and enforcing Sharia law on all of us the sooner we will understand that there are no Non Radical Muslims-just Muslims who are all radicals who are fast pulling the wool over the eyes of admisnitrations into believing that there are Muslims and Radical muslims. TheMuslims are involved in a Jihad against the infidel world and the majority of the Infidels are not vauguely aware of this. Sad but true, regrettably!

  • Mike

    Its time for the infidel armies and citizens to rise and cleanse our country of muslims and their backward way of living. Its too late for Europe. Their citizens and government officials are too scared to do anything about the problem. They'll sink , no doubt. But Americans (non-muslims) have a chance to stand up and fight both intellectually and physically. (More so intellectually because it only takes a few lines of common sense to dispell any argument coming from a muslim) This needs to happen quickly. Americans need to beat back the dark cloud that is Islam. Its slowly creeping overhead.

    • randy

      And it is time for the scummy christians to leave north america for all the murder and enslavement of the natives.

      • Yetwave

        Pack your bags, Randy.They don't want you, either.

  • Al Dente

    One imagines American IED's at and near mosques as a trend of the future.

    • hajid

      yes, planted by muslims who thinks they are better than 'moderate' muslims.

      • blakbird

        planted by anyone ;)

  • Sharia is Shitake

    When will CAIR be indicted for their crimes?! Google: Anti-CAIR for more information!

  • Sharia is Shitake

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE! Keep up the great work! I would like to see more articles like this!

  • BayouCoyote

    All of these filthy koranimals are participants of the jihad against the West.

    All of them.

  • jacob

    I was rollimg on the floor watching TLC's whitewashing of American Muslims…

    But who truly cracked me up was the Catholic moron who converted to Islam
    just so he could marry that Muslim girl, changing his faith the way he changes
    his underwear….
    What he probably wasn't told is that if he ever wants out, his neck is in danger…
    And so, the ignorants among us watching the program will swallow that crap
    line, hook and sinker, he way our government allows African-American jailbirds
    to be converted into Islam by Muslim prison champlains
    As to "Radical" vs. "Moderate" Muslims as pointed out above and which TLC's
    whitewash pretends us to swalllow whole, I would like to ask whether those
    dancing and giving out candy in the streets of QUEENS New York on 9/11 while
    people were jumping to their deaths from the WTC windows, were all of them
    "Radicals" or "Moderates " ??????
    Why isn't this question posed to the Islamists among us ?????

    • Beth

      "I was rollimg on the floor watching TLC's whitewashing of American Muslims"


  • Beth

    "changing his faith the way he changes
    his underwear…."

    you are assuming he changes his underwear? (just being a smarta**)

  • jacob

    Just one folish question, if I may ask….
    "Infidels" or Muslims ??
    Did we "infidels" sent for them or is it the way around ??
    And on top of it, why do we have to bend over backwards to please them ??
    Are we so damned stupid as not to realize the kind of game this scum is playing
    us for, thanks to our government stupid POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ??


  • LindaRivera

    November 19, 2011. WorldNetDaily: Hundreds of Muslims march on NYPD headquarters
    Protesting surveillance: 'We want for you to respect us, and we will respect you'

    Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

    On 9/11, 3,000 Americans were cruelly murdered by the followers of Islam at sacred Ground Zero and Muslims demand NYPD stop the surveillance. So that future Muslim attacks will succeed and the suffering and death will be far greater than 9/11 will take place?

    • randy

      What about the native americans that were cruelly murdered by the christians as thier land was stolen?

      • whatever

        You are off topic and contribute nothing to the discussion.
        But in response:what about the native genocides between tribes? the natives kidnapping other natives,blacks and whites,enslaving them and cutting off their foot so they couldn't runaway? selling their children for guns,alcohol and into slavery? forced suicides,extreme racism and starvations? breaking every peace treaty,selling land granted in perpetuim,being given self government then demanding welfare,the deliberate destruction of $200,000 homes built on reservations,the destruction of schools,the never ending rape crisis by natives against natives,the partnerships with Mexican drug cartels,hiding criminal illegals………

  • LindaRivera

    In order to protect our country, why has CAIR and all of the other Muslim Brotherhood groups in this country not been deported? The stated goals of CAIR:

    Council on American-Islamic Relations: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." – Omar Ahmad (CAIR co-founder).

    Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine's annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who "kill themselves for Islam,"

    Protecting our nation should be the TOP priority of our leaders.

  • Ghostwriter

    I recently saw a thing on Current's "Vanguard" series called "Islamophobia." It features video of the Yorba Linda protest. But their view is slightly different from this website. They seem to think those fears are overblown. Unfortunately,what happened in New York yesterday would seem to suggest those fears are valid and based in reality.

  • sod

    Should come up with a law (or enforcing the current ones?) to criminalize anyone or organization (include Feds) who supports and/or associated with known terror groups directly or indirectly.

    Sanction all their activities and treat them fairly!

  • BigPat

    Interesting, I attended this Jihadist fundraiser in Yorba Linda last Feb, once I realized the Yorba Linda major had not the spine to shut this event down. Went there armed with a First Navy Jack flag, a still cam and a videocam.

    Yorba Linda had brought in 50 or 60 police from another near-by city to ensure the Jihadists were protected, if needed (seems all their police work was contracted out).

    The number of Jihadists attending this fundraiser was just about equal the number of police ensuring nothing happened.

    The number of American Patriots attending was far greater, if I needed to apply a number I'd say 800 to 1000.

    But they were protected from our violent steps of telling them to 'go home'…

  • Ishmael137

    With every effort to shut down free speech and intimidate critics, CAIR reveals its fascist heart. Even as they demand respect, they commit actions which in America guarantee disrespect, and it has nothing to do with being Moslem. Their basic ignorance of American traditions of honesty, fair play and earned respect will eventually make their group even more marginal and impotent than it already is.

    • kafir

      cair is comprised of muslim terrorist supporters that support islamic terror (islamic terror is that terror which is supported by, suggested, and insisted upon by mad mo, the false prophet of the muslims, and the terror guide he shat). They are connected to muslim terrorist organizations that commit islamic terror, and primarily exist for the purpose of supporting islamic terror as muslim terrorist supporters, and the muslim terrorists they support.

  • voted against carter

    ' TAQIYYA '
    Do your own research about it if you don't know what this means.

    i s l a m IS EVIL. PERIOD.

    i s l a m strives for world domination.

    The q u r a n commands m u s l i m s to exercise jihad.

    The q u e r n commands muslims to establish s h a r i a h law.

    The q u e r n commands m u s l i m s to impose i s l a m on the entire world.

    i s l a m is NOT a religion, it IS a totalitarian ideology.

    i s l a m IS and has remained a death cult from its beginnings.

    i s l a m wants to dominate all aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave.

    s h a r i a h law is a law that controls every detail of life in a i s l a m i c society.

    From civic- and family law to criminal law.

    It determines how one should eat, dress and even use the toilet.

    Oppression of women is good, drinking alcohol is bad.

    The core of the q u r a n is the call to j i h a d.

    J i h a d means a lot of things and is a r a b i c for battle.

    i s l a m means submission, there cannot be any mistake about its goal.

    i s l a m and freedom, i s l a m and democracy are not compatible.

    They are opposite values.

    m o h a m e d 's "wife" was six years old.

    That makes m o h a m e d a P E D O P H I L E!!!

    And you want to base a "R e l i g i o n" on this a z s -holes rantings?

    Are you INSANE?

    I STAND with Israel