Jerusalem’s Day in Court

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The State Department refuses to comply with a provision in a congressional statute, the Foreign Relations Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2003, which requires the State Department to record a Jerusalem-born U.S. citizen’s place of birth as “Israel” if requested to do so by the citizen or his or her legal guardian. This particular instance of dereliction of the president’s constitutional duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” began during the Bush administration and is continuing apace during the Obama administration. An estimated 50,000 individuals, who were born in Jerusalem but are considered American citizens because of their parents’ American citizenship, are affected.

Now a case challenging the State Department’s refusal to comply with the law is going to the Supreme Court, against the wishes of the Obama administration. The Supreme Court directed the parties in the case of Zivotofsky v. Clinton to address the broad question of whether the law “impermissibly infringes the president’s power to recognize foreign sovereigns.” After losing its argument that the Supreme Court should not hear the case at all, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department filed a brief last month with the Supreme Court sharply attacking the Jerusalem-related portion of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act that Clinton had voted in favor of while serving as New York’s junior senator.

The Obama administration brief makes unprecedentedly broad claims of exclusive presidential power. And it also misrepresents the Obama administration’s stance toward the final status of Jerusalem as one of neutrality, which it claims would be undermined by the Foreign Relations Authorization Act’s passport requirement.

The truth is that the Obama administration is not neutral. It has conflated the Palestinians’ claims to “East Jerusalem” with their claims to West Bank territory. By failing to distinguish between the building of Jewish residences within Jerusalem versus settlements on West Bank territory, the Obama administration has sided with the Palestinians against Israel on a critical issue.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Jerusalem is not a settlement. It’s our capital.” He has history on his side. Jews have been living in Jerusalem continuously for more than three millennia. In more recent times, they have constituted the largest single group of inhabitants there since at least the 1840s.

Whatever the reason for the Obama administration’s embrace of the Palestinians’ claims, it should not be entitled to disregard the law on the books concerning the issuance of passports and substitute its own arbitrary edicts.

Contrary to the Obama administration’s assertion of exclusive power with regard to the issuance of passports, Congress’ constitutional power to regulate the conditions for issuing passports has long been recognized by the Supreme Court. True, the Supreme Court has said in the past that when there is broad rulemaking authority granted in an applicable statute to the executive branch and Congress does not override the consistent administrative construction of the statute by the executive branch, the courts must generally defer to the administrative determination. However, this case involves precisely the opposite situation. The Foreign Relations Authorization Act’s Jerusalem provision expressly limits powers that Congress had granted to the executive branch with respect to making rules for the issuance of passports in one specific respect. It said: “For … a United States citizen born in the city of Jerusalem, the Secretary shall, upon the request of the citizen or the citizen’s legal guardian, record the place of birth as Israel” (emphasis added). “Shall,” not “may,” is the operative word.

Congress exercised its constitutional power to regulate the issuance of passports by expressly directing the executive branch to designate Israel on the passport of a U.S. citizen born in Jerusalem if requested to do so. The State Department cannot simply disregard a directive imposed by Congress on the issuance of passports.

This case is especially important at a time when President Obama has effectively endorsed the division of Jerusalem, with so-called East Jerusalem becoming a part of a new Palestine state, in calling for a return to the 1967 lines as the basis for negotiations. An overwhelming majority of Congress supports defensible borders and a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. They recognize not only Israel’s unique historical claim to Jerusalem. They also know from recent history that if Arabs regain control of access to the holy sites of all three major religions, they will most likely defile the holy sites of Judaism and Christianity and will prevent Jews and Christians from freely worshipping in their synagogues and churches located in the old section of the city. This is precisely what happened the last time Arabs controlled the old section of Jerusalem between 1949 and 1967, following Jordan’s illegal occupation of “East Jerusalem” that divided the city for the first time in its history. During that occupation, Jordanian Arabs forced the Jewish residents out of the Old City and the neighboring Jewish villages in a frenzy of ethnic cleansing. They desecrated Jewish graves and synagogues. They would not permit Jewish pilgrims to worship at their holy sites, including the Western Wall, which the Arabs used literally as a public pissoir. Those Christian pilgrims who were lucky enough to be permitted to walk the Via Delarosa, or the Way of the Cross, encountered filth and sewage. Christians were subjected to discriminatory laws passed by Jordan, including taking away the right of Christian religious and charitable institutions to acquire real estate in Jerusalem.

When Israel restored Jerusalem as a unified city, ended religious discrimination and ensured freedom of access of the members of all religions to the places sacred to them after defeating Jordan’s aggressive push to take over all of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War, Israel established its moral and legal right to claim sovereignty over an undivided Jerusalem.

In representing the United States abroad in diplomatic matters, President Obama has decided to tilt towards the Palestinian position on certain key issues such as their bogus claims to “East Jerusalem” in attempting to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, that does not give him the right to overrule Congress in all matters that the president claims might possibly affect his credibility in asserting that position. If Congress decides to place requirements on the issuance of passports in a law that has duly gone into effect, as is its right to do under the Constitution, the fact that the implementation of these requirements may collaterally embarrass the president is just too bad. The president cannot avoid such embarrassment by failing to carry out the law.

The legal case leading up to the Supreme Court had its origins during the early days of the Bush administration. It stems from an attempt by the mother of a boy born in Jerusalem, who is a U.S. citizen because both of his parents are U.S. citizens, to file an application for a consular report of birth abroad and a United States passport for her son, Menachem Binyamin, listing his place of birth as “Jerusalem, Israel.” The State Department denied her request, despite the fact that he was born in West Jerusalem, which even the Palestinians are not claiming belongs to them. The passport shows only that he was born in Jerusalem.

“If a US citizen is born in Tel Aviv, his passport will designate his place of birth as Israel. But in the case of Jerusalem, the US Consular Department will not give the country of birth as Israel,” said Menachem’s father to the Jerusalem Post. “Even though our son was born in Shaare Zedek Hospital, which is in West Jerusalem, the US Consular Department does not recognize it as being Israel.”

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  • jacob

    Now that this issue and similar others are at the Supreme Court , the attacks on
    Justice THOMAS make sense…

    With Justice Thomas out of the way, the Court's liberal majority can cater wirh
    impunity to OBAMA, HOLDER' and the rest of this "administration" whims…

    RIGHT ??????.

  • Flipside

    1) The President swore to uphold the law. This is an Act.
    2) Language giving Jerusalem has no place in an appropriations act.
    3) It is not 2003.

  • Zinnia2

    this administration has shown that it does not recognize the borders of ANY sovereign nation – also, the current wh resident has called himself a global citizen…

  • Linda Rivera

    Jew-hater ruling elites conspire with Islam to steal the Holy Land. Jews are HATED for working hard, living and breathing PEACEFULLY in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, the famous BIBLICAL Jewish homeland.

    For 4,000 years, Israel has been highly cherished by Jews, and highly cherished by Christians for 2,000 years. Israel is the ONLY place on earth where ALL of our famous Jewish and Christian holy sites are located.

    The eternal Jewish Holy City of Jerusalem, the City of G-D, the place of the Temple Mount, the site of the First and Second Temples is the holiest place on earth for Jews and Christians.

    At the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Muslims have vandalized and massively destroyed precious and unique Temple remains that can NEVER be replaced.

    Thousands of years ago, G-D prophesied in the Bible of this present time-the hate and enmity towards Israel. In the future, the Bible declares that G-D will give great victory and Israel's light will shine forever!

    • Rev. Roy Trepanier

      Amen to that, Linda. I would only add one word to your dissertation, and that word is (near). In the (near) future….God will……
      There is a confluence of events transpiring globally today that is undeniably a precursor of something Supernatural. From the "Arab Spring"..days of rage…"Why do the heathen rage and plot a vain thing?" (Psalm 2:1), to the return of Israel's ancient enemy, Egypt, to the resurgence of the Ottoman Empire of Assad's Syria, to the return of the Czar Master Putin, to the inevitable momentary collapse of the Euro and the European Union States, to the USA's upcoming implosion, to China's…..blah, blah…blah ad infintum, (near) may not be decriptive enough.
      The GOOD news though is that God is still in charge, and for those that KNOW Him, (I said "those that KNOW Him", ), all will be well. Maranatha…………
      Rev. Roy…<><

  • Roland

    The State Department has always tilted toward the Arabs. I thought things might get better under Hilarious Clinton's leadership but, alas, no. Rember this next time she runs for office.

    • rulierose

      Roland you are absolutely right, both about State and about HRC. I very much doubt she could win election in NY again after the way she's treated Israel since becoming SecState.

  • maturin20

    People care too much about filling out forms correctly.

  • Barry

    Yes, let's hope that the Supreme Court does, indeed, surprise us. Presidents come and go, but a law such as this one, dealing with the matter of passports, and their listing of 'place of birth', should be established for the long-term. President Obama's political maneuvering should not alter this man's wishes to have his place of birth listed as Jerusalem, if a previously established act of congress grants him the right to do so.

    Thanks for the article.