Ninety-Nine Percent Narcissists

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The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators call themselves the “99 percenters,” pitting those whom they characterize as the rich, greedy 1 percent capitalists against the 99 percent of the people whom the 1 percent are supposedly exploiting. A more accurate description of the demonstrators is that they are 99 percent narcissists engaging in a form of self-glorified street theater. And that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt that 1 percent of them may be misguided but authentic idealists.

The narcissists think they are the American incarnation of the Arab Spring. But whatever one believes about the motivations and effectiveness of the Arab Spring movements, the protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and other countries in the Middle East-North African region were protesting against real oppression. They have been gunned down and tortured for demonstrating against some of the world’s most repressive regimes. By contrast, the 99 percenters are complaining that they were briefly detained after disobeying police warnings not to block traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge or further uptown. Some of the drivers who were blocked by the protesters were themselves part of the 99 percent trying to get to work and back.

Occupy Wall Street does not have a clear focus. Its “causes” are all over the map, but with a common anti-establishment theme. They crave media attention for themselves and their various complaints du jour. A proposed list of demands posted by one user on the website, which its administrators describe as a “collective,” were disowned by the site’s administrators.

But at least one of these demands – “free college education” –  seems to be resonating with many of the mostly young crowd. They want their student loan debts forgiven.

The demonstrators are clueless about the fact that since July 1, 2010, under a bill signed by “hope and change, yes we can” Barack Obama, it is the U.S. Department of Education that has taken over making student loans from the banks and other private-sector or quasi-private sector lenders such as Sallie Mae who had received a federal subsidy for making government-guaranteed college loans. The anti-Wall Street demonstrators clamoring for free college education and student debt forgiveness are wasting their time in New York’s financial district. They should be joining their comrades protesting in Washington, D.C. at the White House, Department of Education and Capitol Hill. They should also be protesting at the colleges themselves, which have been raising their tuitions at a far greater pace than the general rate of inflation.

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  • Brujo Blanco

    If you talk to a liberal about the word free they cannot by their nature understand that nothing is free. Someone has to pay. These Wall St commies cannot everything has to be paid for with money, barter, or labor. Their I’ll has no understanding of capitalism.

    • UCSPanther

      They also don't know what they want, be it big government (IE communism) or anarchy..

      Remember, these troublemakers are a mix of anarchists and communists…

  • guest

    aww, tea partiers jealous because their movement has lost steam and because finally the nation is speaking with an authentic voice of spontaneous outrage at the corporate investment in our political system.

    Yes, there are disparate voices, yes there are different priorities–the 99% is not a uniform blob that agrees on what is most important–but what is agreed on is that current inequities are caused by a system of politics that is bought with corporate $$, and by a structural inequality that continues to pervade our policies, taxing schema, etc.

    Well, we will get the last laugh, because as you can tell the movement is only growing; but it's interesting to begin to notice the dissent of those who only two years ago rallied around "Tea Partiers" as the democratic response to America's ills. Too bad you didn't last for more than 2 years, and A+ for hypocrisy.

    • UCSPanther

      Try a 1917-style bolshevik revolution here and now, and see where that gets you…

    • davarino

      Again I say to you sir…..yawn. When does the beheading start? Probably in a few more days or weeks when the mob gets worked up into a frenzy.

      Your little movement just started, so can we give it a few more months to make a success statement?

    • StephenD

      "…what is agreed on is that current inequities are caused by a system of politics that is bought with corporate $$, and by a structural inequality that continues to pervade our policies, taxing schema, etc."

      What the F**k are you talking about?!?

      ".we will get the last laugh…."

      Ok. But I'm laughing my a*s off at you right now! What a Dolt!

    • ApolloSpeaks

      The 99 Percenters is an authentic leftist movemsnt of socialist idiots and imbeciles-all steam no light soon to evaporate or turn very violent.

      • Grayzel

        If these people knew anything about our past history, they would be at the Federal governments door, not Wall Street. It was the Federalist Hamilton who created the Bank of America and allowed the corruption to enter Nation. Now they cry for more government to protect them from their forefathers evil Frankenstein monster, the Federal government.

    • crypticguise

      Pretty amusing comment. Comparing these know-nothings to the Tea Party members is actually more than amusing. It's obvious, you're not capable of thinking.

    • John S

      The tea party has not lost steam, we just go to work everyday to pay for these spoiled ingrates who suck on the government tit. Wait till the next election.

    • Serafino

      Please learn to spell first before you start spewing ignorant and idiotic ideas, sir.

  • Chris

    You talk about the 99 percent wanting handouts. With your logic, we should stop giving Israel the 3 billion dollar annual handout it's currently receiving from us. Again, with your logic, they are sychophants leeching off of the hardworking taxpayers of the United States. They should get a job. Oh wait, there are none in Israel. Maybe that's why 500,000 Israelis were camping out in Tel Aviv for the past three months.

    • Steven Plaut

      Your 500,000 Tel Aviv campers were more like 200.

    • SHmuelHaLevi

      Actually they were about 1000 paid by Soros through the New Israel Fund. And organized collective farms… people, AKA kibbutniks all under the control of the Greenberg and associates, all from the Soetoro and Clinton-Soros aggregate. A few days ago the scum remaining at the Tel Aviv median park, were physically ejected by the BP and municipal law people.
      Those 1000 were fully employed Chris… Paid by your administration to sabotage Israel's government, fellow. The unJews in that gang will be attended to later on.

      As to the 3 billion. Merely a loop kick back to US companies that Israel is ordered to buy from, using that US taxpayer money. Cute, is it not?
      It is in fact, the US corporations that both benefit and suport that loop.

      Any time you feel like getting true facts Chris, let us know.

    • davarino

      Wow, nice segue. I'm sure that made sense to you.

    • Sound Doc

      You should read the news. Obama sent BILLIONS of Tax payer's monies to other countries so THEY can drill oil wells, and shut down American's ability to get its own oil from its own soil and put many to work. He has crippled this economy in every direction, and blames BUSH. His whole agenda is to destroy America, and THAT was evident from the day he held his crotch instead of placing his hand over his heart in respect of the American flag. And do not tell me he did not know that his Reverend Wright was not damning America while he attended that church for many years. Obama is a pathological liar, a deceiver and a destroyer.

    • potb

      500.000? Ha ha! You're out of your mind.

  • proxywar

    ^ Socialist Israel? Say it aint so, lol.

  • JamesT

    I supported the tea-party before it was co-opted by the GOP/media/corporations (see Koch bro's). I almost fully support wall street protesters. They are doing much more than people sitting behind computers, name calling, and not seeing/not wanting to see the issues at hand. There is no concrete goal, because so much has been corrupted/co-opted. Read their signs, see individuals from the left, right, and middle – all there for reasons that are almost beyond wording into a single cause, or catchy slogan. I'll try to make it simpler in another post.

    • Sound Doc

      A 6th grader football player in Ak. [Demias Jimerson] is so good he is not allowed to make more than 3 touchdowns so the others can get a chance. Why don't the teachers make everything equal, and give those students who are on the honor roll, some ''F''s so everything will be equal and the rest can FEEL good too? Why don't we make those healthy people, sick, so we can all FEEL equal? To take money from the rich is NOT the answer. It does NOT belong to us. Charity is voluntary or it has no virtue.

    • crypticguise

      First, you never supported the Tea Party people because you don't understand that the Tea Parties across the country haven't been co-opted by anyone. ____Second, these incoherent lunatics on Wall Street and around the country are totally cluesless about HOW ANYTHING ACTUALLY WORKS – business, economics, corporations, government… rabble all, without a coherent thought or idea.

  • JamesT

    Basically they want people to be held responsible for the actions they have done, the oozing corruption to be stopped and for financial reforms to be put in place so that peoples financial security isn't completely destroyed because some ****** in a suit on ten million a year has no idea what he's doing.
    The protests are designed to spark conversation, which hopefully will eventually lead to an overhaul of the nations financial systems. It's being done in Wall Street because it is the biggest symbol of Americas financial system. Some others also want removal of money from politics, so that legislators don't put corporate well-being over the people they should actually represent.
    Some suggest things like "you have to own a stock for 24 hours before being able to sell it". If you name call, or label these people trying to help "99"% of you, that is not a step forward. If you can disagree, and coherently tell why things are so great the way they are, please do so – the movement hasn't been co-opted, or marginalized successfully yet. It is not solely a left/right issue either.

    • Joseph Klein

      A protester himself captured the essence of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators perfectly: "We don't look serious! We look like a bunch of dirty kids hanging out.!"

      Examples range from the hateful to the absurd, including the nasty, foul-mouthed kid saying to an elderly Jewish fellow who was asking him why he was protesting," You're a bum,Jew," and the guy marching around with a sign announcing that he was the "Fart Smeller."

      Throw in for good measure the anarchists, 9/11 truthers and radical Leftie hangers-on.

      This isn't some sort of tea party demonstration. It's more like a Kool-aid laced with pot Woodstock wannabe party.

      • Crio

        Unlike the Tea Party…which is filled with gun toting psychos ready to fight "them Federal Government"….the Birthers….a bunch of old idiots standing around wearing ridiculous colonial outfits and doing symbolic reenactments of 200+ old events as if that somehow will fix things. And then all those pasty racists. And the Libertarians still trying to figure out who John Galt is….with their dream of anarchy with money.

        Brilliant logic yokel.

        • StephenD

          Whatever they are doing…it's working. Have you noticed the last elections results? I'd rather be associated with working folks that say we are Taxed Enough Already than a group of misguided children.

        • Joseph Klein

          Your gun-topting racist image of the Tea Party resides solely inside your own head. In reality, the Tea Party consists of Americans of all ages, ethnic groups and races united by a belief in lower taxes and less intrusive government. If you want to call someone like Herman Cain a racist, then go right ahead. When the Occupy Wall Street crowd figures out what they want other than free college and other hand-outs and when they stop blocking traffic in their attempt to confront the police and get media attention as the poor "victims of police brutality," then they can be taken more serioiusly.

          • trickyblain

            Actually there is video of people toting guns, and there is video of racist signs, t-shirts, etc. All at "Tea Party" rallies. Deny they exist all you want, but the record shows otherwise.

            And while you deny their existence, you take various videos of slackers to try and demonstrate that they are what's at the core of this anti-corporatist (the criminals who ruined our economy are assuredly not "capitalists") rally. Capitalism does not involve losing billions because of fraudulent actions, causing trillions of dollars in damage to the world economy, then getting bailed out by the gov't to the tune of billions. That's what is being protested. And millions of us true capitalists agree.

            Your position is just as faulty as that of the people who blanket label Tea Party activists as "racists." Many slackers are protesting in NY, and there are many, very real, "gun toting racists" involved in Tea Party activities. But it's not what the message is about.

          • trickyblain

            "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties
            than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the
            banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."
            – Thomas Jefferson

          • Joseph Klein

            I especially liked the image of the protester defecating on an NYPD squad car. Very constructive.

            Tea party spokespersons denounced the racist elements trying to attach themselves to the tea party movement and told them they were not wanted. Where are spokespersons for Occupy Wall Street denouncing anti-Semitism at their protests? And why do some protesters feel they have the right to invade the premises of small businesses in the neighborhood and cause unsanitary conditions where they have set up their occupation if they are so interested in the welfare of the 99%?

          • Maxie

            ". . .and there are many, very real, "gun toting racists" involved in Tea Party activities."

            Your assertion is false w/o some tangible evidence to support it. You don't have any because there isn't any.

      • Goebbels

        And this passes for analysis or reportage? Usually in less partisan publication they have pointed out how people from a number of backgrounds have shown up to express their frustration with what they see as corporate influence at the federal level, seems to be frequently associated specifically with the bank bail out and lack of any government intervention for reform to prevent another bail out. And that current steps for economic recovery can be viewed as significantly shaped by the same interests. This can be found by searching news and reading the AP or Reuters reports. Cherry picking the extreme quotes is entertaining but partisans. Exactly what the Daily Show does with conservative views night after night. The real question is does your article purport to shed light on a small movement about there representative beliefs or simply using the protest to launch a poorly argued partisan screed. Not looking good for the former.

        • Joseph Klein

          Actually, Goebbels (a good name for you), the mainstream press including AP and the New York Times have reported on the lack of any clear focus on the part of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

          Or as ABC News put it, "its message is becoming a bouillabaisse of views representing the many groups that have signed on, and their demands are unclear."

          Perhaps you should send them your message above to give them some direction.

  • Chris

    I am a lying horse's patoot

  • Chezwick_mac

    Kind of puts it all in perspective.

    • Crio

      Yeah…a link to dickwad Breitbart, the BIGGEST con man this nation ever produced and a person with the morals and the ethics of a rat with the bubonic plague.

      Nice try.

      • theleastthreat

        This can't be your best analysis, can it?

  • theleastthreat

    In 20 to 30 years, these protesters will be occupying Wall Street; as brokers, bankers, CEOs, CFOs and corporate attorneys. Of course, their perspectives will have changed by then. It's called the circle of life. (Capitalism tends to makes people sensible.)

    • crypticguise

      I'm going to have to disagree. These folks are absolutely CLUELESS. There is no hope for them.

    • Serafino

      It is so true. I hope these pot-heads come to their senses in 20-30 years. I have seen this type of a marxist crowd in Germany in the 90's, when I was a student there. My friends tell me that these idiots are now bankers and corporate lawyers… How ironic…

  • Crio

    I'll take ANY of these kids over those Tea Party imbeciles wearing their stupid colonial hats. If this people are narcissists, at least they are looking forward. You and your stupid Tea Party yokels are nothing but the geriatric nitwits of 50's who want to take it all to the grave while allowing the nation to turn into another Mexico where 1% of the population owns and controls everything.

    • Joseph Klein

      See my response to your earlier post which was along the same silly lines. You must have drunk a double dose of Kool-aid this morning.

    • trickyblain

      Those "ineffective" protests of the 60's permently change the way the US conducts foriegn policy and uses force.

      • trickyblain

        Oops! Post meant for Yetwave below. Sorry.

    • crypticguise

      Amazing…you just have no understanding of what is occuring.

    • Serafino

      How about you transport your own nitwit mind to the Soviet Union, where your narcotic-induced utopia came true. The generation of my grandparents, parents, and my own generation lived in the 70+ years of nightmare, which included over 80 million innocently murdered "enemies of the state" who dared to speak against the government. How would you like having your bread rationed? How about forced abortions? Or perhaps you wouldn't mind the secret police monitoring every part of your life? Growing up in the Soviet Union, I watched your liberal breed visit the country, oh, they didn't endure a single minute of hardship; on the contrary, they stayed at the best hotels and dined at best restaurants, they looked at the misery of our lives from behind the windows of the touring buses. We despised them then and even more so now. Shame on you, selfish, hartless, and mindless breed.

  • StephenD

    I have to laugh at these morons that try to defend what these mobs are doing. They actually try to compare themselves, in a better light, to the TEA Party! Charges are made, names are called and yet nothing of substance is ever offered.; not in the charges, not in solutions sought. They have become no more than an annoying noise. This is a sad commentary on how we raised them; on what we allowed the schools to teach them; on granting liberties to children unearned.

    • tagalog

      "I just got my degree in Ethnic Studies/English Literature/History/Philosophy, and I can't get a job!"

      "So eliminate my student loan since I can't bankrupt out of it!"

      "What do you mean, loan forebearance? I demand that loan be totally eliminated!"

      "Higher education should be free for me, paid for by the taxpayers!"

      "And smash the corporate state!"

      Thinking of the future, all right. Unlike those selfish Tea Partiers.

  • theleastthreat

    It's the Kool-Aid Party!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Now that the bloodless revolution is failing to save America from capitalist greed and inequality the persuasion of force is on the march. They know what's good for you, what's right for you, what's best for you, what'll work for you whether you know it or not, like it or not, want it or not….

    Click my name to continue reading this piece.

  • leciat

    hey tagalong did you know that if you join the peace corps for 2 years your student loans will be absolved? of course that means you will have to work and give something of yourself.

  • Yetwave

    The innefective protest tactics of the 60's have never died, this gaggle of demonstraters shows. Street theatre replete with zombie costumes, folk music soundtracks, the issuance of absurd 'manifestos' and an unmistakable scent of sweet smoke, consumed, no doubt for medicinal purposes, all render this burgeoning Woodstock on Wall Street the laghable charade that it is rapidly becoming.
    Silly rabble, tricks are for kids.

  • Lbfent2

    “But at least one of these demands – “free college education” – seems to be resonating with many of the mostly young crowd. They want their student loan debts forgiven.”

    I think these students should organize a class-action suit against their schools for its defective product.

    • crypticguise

      They should be rallying on the college campuses and in Washington DC regarding their FAUX education and exhorbitant costs… dummies!

  • mrbean

    These are the same people that demonstrated for socialism and communism in Washington DC last year.

  • TxPatriot

    These moronic fools learn about these protests on their computers and IPhones and then go and protest against the evil system that produced those things. Without Capital that these Banks and these Wall Street Institutions provide, this country would be just another 3rd World Agrarian society whose people barely scratch out a subsistance living apart from an occasional famine. Marxist Claptrap.

  • steven l

    American middle class is massively victim of the excesses of the government and WS. Both democrats and republicans are scumbags. It is all about power and greed in Washington and WS.
    The "wealthy" forget that without the masses, they would be NOTHING.

  • Clinton Fan

    You, JK sound like one of the people they can't stand, a closed mind is a Republican mind. I'm sure you earn so much you have no idea what it's like to struggle every day of your life.

    • mrbean

      Bill wants you to bring your knee pads when you come tonite!

  • Wil

    Funny, you don't see any of the protesters screaming for the right to be the person who has to work hard every day, only to have a large chunk of his pay taken and given to others who demand free money as their "right".

    • EchoTangoDelta

      you're a partisan parrot repeating your memes .They're not all students , they're not demanding free money , that's simply the trained response of mindless lackeys . I suggest you take a good look and listen to who these people are …..and the protest is growing , spreading city by city .The teaparty is fast becoming irrelevant , for they are in fact part of the problem , not part of any solution . Or are you dumb enough to believe that the 11 % approval rating [lowest in history ] is due soley to Democrats ?

      • John_Dvorack

        Wow I have just read several of your posts and find them absolutely astounding.

        You have a gift for compressing more insults, more arrogance and more BS in a single paragraph than any other blogger on the planet.

        You are a world champion Dick Head.

  • Robert

    What a sham, this is government sponsered Class Warfare. Just look at who has been called out, the Unions…the Unions support the Democrats. The 1M+ Wall Streeters support the Democrats. What? Ask yourself what this is all about, it is to create a diversion from the plundering of the American Public by the politicians and Wall Street bankers.

  • mlcblog

    I see and hear the MSM fanning this up, as if it is real and continuing to grow, etc. I wonder how many people are buying into the line. Should we worry??

    • Goebbels

      Don't know if you should worry, judging by the hysterical responses here many are. "As if its real and continuing to grow" um…as of right now that is real. Reuters reports:The Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York last month with a few people has expanded to protests in more than a dozen cities.
      They included Tampa, Florida; Trenton and Jersey City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Norfolk, Virginia in the East; to Chicago and St. Louis in the Midwest; Houston, San Antonio and Austin in Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Portland, Oregon, Seattle and Los Angeles in the West."

      So seems it inaccurate to say it not real and not spreading. Is inaccuracy then the opposite of MSM? Just curious.

  • StokeyBob

    The root reason for the, “Occupy er’s” and the “99% er’s”. Gaze upon it if you dare. Maybe this will help make the danger of fiat money clear. Imagine you and me are setting across from each other. We create enough money to represent all of the world's wealth. Each one of us has one SUPER Dollar in front of him. You own half of everything and so do I. I'm the government though. I get bribed into creating a Central Bank. You're not doing what I want you to be doing so I print up myself eight more SUPER Dollars to manipulate you with. All of a sudden your SUPER Dollar only represents one tenth of the wealth of the world! That isn't the only thing though. You need to get busy and get to work because YOU'VE BEEN STIFFED with the bill for the money I PRINTED UP to get YOU TO DO what I WANTED. That to me represents what has been happening to the economy, and us, and why so many of our occupations just can't keep up with the fake money presses.

    • grayzel

      I agree Bob, the only problem is maybe 1 out of 200 in the unwashed mob would even know what you are writing about.

  • JD1

    This so called 99% group is nothing more than a grop of useful idiots being ordered around by George Soros, the biggest Wall Streeter of them all. Too bad they are too dumb to see the forest for the trees.

    • grayzel

      Just as in the 60's and 70's most people protesting did not know the protests were orchestrated by the communists, these unwashed do not know the true motivation of those that called them out., communism.

  • Ben

    Great headline-Narcissists. Very preatty woman talks about her liberal life and how she have had her Yom Kippur on the wall-street among the protesters.I was puzzled of her snobbish look in Forvard.

    • EchoTangoDelta

      next time Ben , try a coherent , adult reply .

  • Flipside

    Joe Klein is simply making the Bazooka Joe argument that the food is terrible and the portions are not big enough. The appropriate response to his cynically crafted tirade is to spit on his shoes, not craft a six ways rebuttal. We Americans do actually have something to fight for even though we are not Tunisians. I suppose If he does not like it, he can go hide in Canada with Judi McLeod.

  • Antonio C.

    With every year that passes the mentality of Americans is brought closer and closer to that I see in my home country Brazil. Particularly on what regards the clash between government and free initiative. The overall spice is toned down but the objectives and demands of leftists end up being exactly the same: bigger more controlling government and smaller more controlled individuals and business.

    While in Brazil the socialist ideas are historically more tolerated, therefore making the speech of leftists less flourished and more to the point, in America leftists added a bit of glitter to achieve the exactly same effect. Here they are clearly against private ownership, in US they accuse the big corporations.

    The mobs are similar. They achieve their "loudness" through law breaking and violence rather then clear points and people's adherence. Composed of many kids and state employees from the top of society's wealth pyramid. The tone is defiant and angry. The police is treated as enemy. The organizers are professional "mobbers" of the radical left that will know how to get media attention at any cost. Unions pour money in the mobs. And so on.

  • Serena

    I live amidst many “99” types. Flyers with vaguely threatening, red-black-and white, abstract, empty propaganda abound. Most of the anarchists and socialists in the neighborhood are very, very deeply confused about how everything in the world works. When I have tried to discuss anything with them, they take my words backward, shriek and go into conniptions as if it is their first time talking with someone who disagrees with them. Some have degrees in women’s studies and other reasons they aren’t paying off their loans. If anyone is “oppressing” them, for one thing you can’t really tell by looking at them, and for another, it certainly isn’t Wall Street. One of their most ROFTL-inducing slogans is, “Unemployed? Blame Wall Street.” That’s like saying, “Dry? Blame the heavy rain.” Another one that sticks in my craw is, “We will be silent no longer.” When exactly have they ever been silent?

  • EchoTangoDelta

    so they are "mobs " are they ? lol….the teabaggers are realizing they are irrelevant , and they been sucking up to big buisiness and wall Street .The mobs are exposing the agenda of Conservatives and their teabagger mutants .
    The "mobs " care about their country , and what Wall Street is GUILTY of doing to it , their pissed that no meaningful restraints on their unbridled excesses have been applied .They see that all the reps. AND Dems. are nothing more than whining rivals more concerned about partisan bickering than solving the country's problems .NOW it's time for the independents and Centrist to express themselves , although most of you here are too ignorant to realize that .THEY will decide the next election .

    • John_Kelly

      Echo Tango Delta your I.Q. is only exceeded by your shoe size.

      But looking on the bright side, your writing skill is unique as you are the only blogger I know who can make Forrest Gump look like Albert Einstein.

      As they say in show business "Don't call us….we'll call you…..and don't leave your phone number."

      • EchoTangoDelta

        Truth hurts don't it John ….go kick yourself to sleep tonight ,CHUMP

  • John_Kelly

    How appropriate that these protestors are called the “99 percenters,”

    99 % of these mindless minions give the other 1 % a bad name.

    Comparing these gullible stooges to the Tea Party is like comparing "darkness" to "light."

    Their only glimmer of hope was that Comrade Obama spoke favorably of their cause.

    Beware America, Obama knows that all of his policies have failed and like his cousin Raila Odinga did in Kenya, Obama will use LAWLESSNESS as his only remaining weapon to stay in power.

  • EchoTangoDelta

    Funny how at the teaparty rallies , some were packing heat , some threatenting violent revolution , disrupting town hall meetings in auditoriums and town halls -which is not the same as on the street , carrying insulting and RACIST placards . Who in the hell are YOU to criticize the protesters ? "Lawlessness " ? Since when are the constitutionally GUARANTEED rights to DISSENT , FREE SPEECH , and the RIGHT TO PUBLIC ASSEMBLY – "lawlessness " ? You must be a fascist . There is no comparison to the teaparty idiots , who are based in fear mongering lies , led on by their ignorant demagogues who lick the arses of Big Buisiness and Wall Street .

    • John_Kelly

      Echo Tango Delta your comments are so easy to dismantle as you begin your childish rant with an all out assault on the Tea Party and then you have the affront to say "Who in the hell are YOU to criticize the protesters ?"

      I think it's time to increase your Ritalin dose before you blow a fuse or go into total meltdown!!!

      However looking on the bright side the "99 percenters" need gullible members like you who can go into a moronic rage at the wave of the puppet masters hand.

      • john webber

        Hey John … Put that critical mirror on your comments. I see both sides raging with increasing hatred. Is there an America we can all support?

      • EchoTangoDelta

        No surprise to hear more from the deluded ignorant John . Fortunately , the “1 percenters ” , like the teabaggers just make noise change nothing and are going nowhere . And as I said , there is no comparison .To call the the guarantees of the Constitution “lawless ” is typical of a no nothing broad like Coulter , and her little army of imps and sycophants . Sorry if my description hit a raw nerve .Suck it up John .

        • John_Kelly

          Echo Tango Delta you could not offend me or hit a raw nerve if you tried.

          The simple facts are that I have no allegiance to the Democrats or Republicans but I have grave concerns about the complete disregard that Obama has for the U.S. Constitution etc

          Unlike many who post on this site, I have lived in Muslim nations and witnessed first hand the deception and ruthlessness of Islamic Militias as they slaughtered thousands in Sudan & East Timor.

          Obama's pandering to Islam is a problem of major proportion which could lead to the downfall of America and sadly the American liberals are oblivious to the real intent of Islam.

          • EchoTangoDelta

            Obama's “pandering ” is no worse than Bush Jr's or Bush Sr's , nor Clintons , Reagan or Carters ..Dont believe it ? When we got the screws turned on us in '72 by the Areab Oil Producers , we all pledged an attempt to end dependence on arab oil ….today that dependence is up by atleast 50% . perhaps you're too young to remember the gas lines .Bush holding hands with a Saudi prince on his ranch is no different than Obama's deference to the same in saudi arabia . Bush jr. attempted to sell the management of one of America's largest port facilities to an Arab [MUSLIM ] firm . Bush sr.'s Cabinmet member Baker is or was a registered foreign agent for Saudi Arabia . And please -name ONE constitutional right that you have been deprived of by Obama .The intent of islam has been Known since Churchill named it in 1923 !There's a name for all of this and it's called HYPOCRISY .

          • John_Dvorack

            I have not stopped laughing since I read your last anger-fueled, vein popping outburst.

            You have a unique gift for dishing out insults yet when a minor criticism is directed at you, your response resembles a rabid German Shepherd on a chain.

            Are you the twin brother of "Walter" the obnoxious, arrogant, idiot dummy who sits on the knee of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

            Check out your twin here:

            Have a great day and thanks for the laughs you Schmuck

          • EchoTangoDelta

            Let's see now Dvorak , 9 breplies in less than 24 hours , and not a single intelligent response or refute ……who's got the closed mind ?Or a better question …do you have any mind at all ? Go kick yourself to sleep tonite Dvorack .

      • Amused

        Well then John , why don't you try to start dismantling them , right now …point by point .
        Meltdown ? lol…are you serious ? You and your fellow lackeys are the ones blowing fuses . The ignorance here is stupifying , and rivals only your fearless leader . I see the Pavlovian Response in all its glory .

        • John_Dvorack

          Wow another pseudo-intellectual like Echo Tango Delta.

          You girls are such a laugh as you foam at the mouth and gnash your teeth at the slightest provocation.

          Time for your rabies shot.

    • John_Dvorack

      What a load of crap Echo Tango Delta.

      You have obviously risen to your full potential and become a pseudo-intellectual moron.

      • EchoTangoDelta

        WOW, 7 e-mails from 7:49 to 10:54 EST ! FIVE of them repeats , so who's the FU__ING Idiot here ? You off your meds Dvorack ? And with all that blather , you haven 't refuted a single statement I made …WHO'S the moron here ? It's YOU Dvorak .Why dont you just crawl up your arse and disappear , you Breitbart arse kissing sycophant .It's not at all surprising that Andy-boy attracts imbeciles like you . Come back and argue my points when you stop frothing and foaming at the mouth .

        • John_Dvorack

          This is definitely the most fun I have had in years reading your "rabid dog" response to a little truth which you cannot handle.

          Hey jackass you are a real laugh as you said "you haven 't refuted a single statement I made". Why would I bother as, like all Obama worshipers, you have a closed mind.

          Thanks for the hilarious mouth foaming response.

          Just a thought "have you ever had a rabies shot you pseudo-intellectual schmuck?"

          • EchoTangoDelta

            Sorry Dvorak if I got you pinned , it's rather easy putting down a juvenile ….still haven't heard a single word of refutefrom you ,on ANY of my statements .So far you're still dribbling on your keyboard . Angry ??? How can one be angry at such utter ignorance , no chump it's not anger ,if anything , you have my pity . I do however havesome concerns of any progeny you may be capable of producing and thus poisoning .

          • John_Dvorack

            Yawn !

            You still keep me laughing. Why would I even waste time trying to refute a closed minded clown like you.

            Be a good girl and stop boring me.

          • EchoTangoDelta

            Agreed , why would you “waste your time trying to refute ” ….it takes a brain and a coherent sentence structure to attempt that ….I understand . Keep laughing chump ….they say “ignorance is bliss ” eh , Dvorack ?

          • John_Dvorack

            You remind me of a University Professor I knew several decades back.

            He was a pseudo-intellectual rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination that could at all times command an interminable and inconsistent series of arguments to malign an opponent and to glorify himself.

            The highlight of his day was dazzling college students with his command of the English language but underneath this veneer of confidence and intellectual prowess was a very empty man as he committed suicide at the age of 54.

            Your bombastic Thesaurus laced posts remind me of this Professor and like you he was extremely agitated by anyone who dared to challenge his ideas.

            Your agitation is a constant source of amusement…..but I have more important things to do… sorting out my sock draw.

          • EchoTangoDelta

            Trying to prove you got a brain now Dvorak ?Since you've got nothing in the way of an intelligent response OR a credible refute , other than juvenile knee-jerk reactions , yes , indeed , go sort your sock draw , a most challenging task for one such as yourself . Adios CHUMP , you're on empty now running on fumes .

          • John_Dvorack

            Adios CHIMP you have given me more laughs than I have had in the past year.

          • EchoTangoDelta

            uh yea , dont forget to sort the right socks from the left ones .

  • Seeker …

    Could there be a few people who really hate Capitalism and their impression of America as a “George Bush world”? Could they be fanning the flames of frustration into a revolution against the “American – Capitalistic” system? Is that a good thing?

    Could there be a few selfish greedy people who really hate what’s happening now and blame it on the current state of affairs labeling it “Obama’s world”? Could they be fanning the flames of frustration into a nationalistic uprising in defense of “American – Capitalism”? Is that a good thing?

    A Painful History We Must Not Forget. Our world history is rich with examples of how peoples frustrations can be harnessed and focused in the wrong direction.

    Rather then extending energy by feeding peoples anger would a rational approach of a dialog asking the right questions be in order? I hope the mainstream media … the alternative media and every other concerned American could start a dialog of uniting America, stop taking sides.

  • Levi9

    Mr. Klein, Harvard-trained lawyer, has a very superficial view of the protesters and no complaints from him about Golman Sachs and JPM Chase execs living off taxpayer bailouts/bonuses.

    As far as world hunger/porverty is concerned, he needs to read Perkin's "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" to find out how the IMF/World Bank really operates.

    Steve Jobs? He was a phony! A master exploiter and not an entrepreneur! More garbage coming out on him after they lay his useless carcass into the ground.

    • Joseph Klein

      Your vile remark about Steve Jobs who accomplished more good in his lifetime than you could in one hundred lifetimes says it all aboutt the garbage you spew in common with the narcissistic Occupy Wall Street crowd.

      • Levi9

        steve jobs was a patent troll! he was not an original thinker and stole other people's ideas! You are very shallow for a Harvard trained lawyer! After all,Harvard Law is a neo-con academy similar to the defunct Lenin Political Academy,and I bet you never heard of or read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".Probably not because you are a shallow individual.

  • gman213

    The tea partiers don't have time to live in a park for a week at a time. We have a job, some have multiple jobs. Someone has to pay to wipe your butts.

  • socal

    These guys want free college educations. College isn"t always the answer. Especially with some of the Bogus courses of study that lead to worthless Degrees leading to worthlees job prospects. A lot of guys have made it BIG in Amertica without college degrees. They had IDEAS and HARD WORK! The OWS goofballs apparently have the capacity for neither!

  • Amused

    Yea , they must be just as dumb as the teabaggers huh ? Yes the Tea party where ignorance is GLORIFIED .