Palestinian Statehood Bid Deadlocked

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The Palestinian bid to become the 194th member state of the United Nations has come one step closer to collapse – at least for now. There has been no formal Security Council vote as of yet. However, the United Nations Security Council’s Committee on the Admission of New Members, consisting of representatives from all fifteen Security Council member states, adopted a report on November 11th indicating that they were unable to reach a consensus concerning what recommendation to make to the Security Council on the Palestinian application for full membership in the United Nations.

“We will be studying this report and the whole exercise thoroughly … and we will make a determination very quickly as to the next step forward in the U.N. system,” Palestinian UN representative Riyad Mansour told reporters. Only “one powerful country” is blocking Palestine’s UN membership, he claimed. However, it appears that the Palestinians have been unable to round up the nine supporters in the Security Council that would vote their way and force the United States to use its veto to block their membership application from moving forward.

As described in the report, the committee was deadlocked:

The view was expressed that the Committee should recommend to the Council that Palestine be admitted to membership in the United Nations. A different view was expressed that the membership application could not be supported at this time and an abstention was envisaged in the event of a vote. Yet another view expressed was that the applicant did not meet the requirements for membership and a favourable recommendation to the General Assembly would not be supported.

The committee report will be taken up the Security Council itself at some undetermined future date, most likely after the conclusion of the Arab League’s November 16th meeting in Cairo with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Depending on what is decided at the Arab League meeting, Lebanon, the Palestinians’ leading advocate on the Security Council, may try to force a vote on a draft resolution recommending Palestine’s admission. If so, it would need nine votes to pass and no veto. The U.S. will be one of the members casting a negative vote. Germany and Colombia may also vote no, or simply abstain. France and the United Kingdom will probably abstain, along with Portugal and the nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This leaves eight current Security Council members most likely willing to support the Palestinians’ application – Russia, China, Lebanon, Brazil, Nigeria, Gabon, South Africa, and India.

Thus, currently it appears that the Palestinians are at least one vote shy of the nine supportive votes they need to pass the resolution and thereby force the U.S. into a diplomatic corner by having to veto the resolution. Without the nine positive votes to pass the resolution, a U.S. ‘no’ vote is not considered a veto overturning a resolution that would otherwise have passed.

In view of their being one vote short, the Palestinians may prefer to wait until next year to press for a formal vote. Five non-permanent seats will have changed hands, which may present a better chance of securing nine votes in their favor.

In the meantime, the Palestinians can be expected to apply directly to the General Assembly for an upgrade of their status to a non-member observer state, building upon their recent admission as a member state of UNESCO.

Palestinian UN representative Mansour emphasized the symbolic importance of the UNESCO vote, saying “now it is a fact that we do exist in the U.N. system as a state.” They are certain to obtain the majority they need in the General Assembly for an upgrade to a non-member observer state status on par with the Vatican. The United States has no veto power in the Assembly to block it.

While an upgrade to an observer state status by the General Assembly will not entitle the Palestinians to all of the privileges of full UN-wide membership, it will represent recognition by the world’s most inclusive international body of their statehood aspirations and will allow the Palestinians to press claims against Israel at the International Criminal Court.

The report adopted by the Security Council Committee on the Admission of New Members summarized the members’ different perspectives, without specific attribution, on whether Palestine meets the requirements for admission as the 194th member state of the United Nations. These requirements are contained in Article 4 of the Charter of the United Nations. With the help of legal experts, the committee members considered whether the existing Palestinian governing entity met the criteria for statehood, was peace-loving, and was willing and able to carry out the obligations contained in the Charter.

By all objective measures, the Palestinians fail on all counts. But the UN is anything but objective when it comes to the Palestinian issue.

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  • UCSPanther

    For all the braying of the Palestinian supporters online, the "country" they root for is no more than a shabby construct. It is a failed state, a place where the terror groups rule, and don't care about their subjects, viewing them only as a source of recruits, suicide bomber fodder, propaganda points and resources for them to pilfer. As such, it is hard to see how such a "state" will survive for much longer (Causing me to wager that it will implode in a few decades, becoming no more than a dark memory).

    The UN is also a joke as well.

    • alex

      In that case U.S. and Israel are even bigger terrorist because they kill innocent palestinians, Iraqi, and Afghanis.

      • stern

        Perhaps you'd be more comfortable posting in Arabic? You might find Arabic sites more to your liking as well.

        • Herman Caintonette

          And your rank in the Mossad is?

          • ziontruth

            And your rank in the KKK is?

      • ziontruth


        • Herman Caintonette

          Facts simply are … but drooling Evilgelical Christian snake-handling nut-cases like you wouldn't know about that.

          • ziontruth

            "…but drooling Evilgelical Christian snake-handling nut-cases like you…"

            I'm an Orthodox Jew, but OK, I realize all theistic believers with the odd (or not so odd—explained quite easily as appeasement) exception of the Muslims are equally anathema in your Enlightened eyes.

          • InRussetShadows

            Hahaha. Boy did your assumptions bite you in the butt! And how many snake-handling Christians do you suppose there are in the entire world? Uhm, not many — but it goes to show you that people who make crazy claims are usually projecting.

      • UCSPanther

        To bad, lefty.

        Palestine will be finished by the time the 21st century wraps up.

      • InRussetShadows

        Alex, are you really that stupid? Incidents where the US troops have killed innocents are A C C I D E N T S. Incidents where Palis kill innocents are P U R P O S E F U L. That is, the US has no plans to target bystanders, women, children, and so forth, but Palis target innocent people on purpose.

        Quick quiz: who makes the claim that there are no bystanders (thus no innocents)? Who goes out of their way to develop precision bombs, missiles, and so forth (with the objective of minimizing innocent deaths)?

  • StephenD

    There is no such entity as Palestinians. They are not a distinct people. Even so, Israel has been willing to negotiate a real peace with them. It is not to be however, when the goal of these "people" is to annihilate Israel; teaching from cradle to grave that they should be honored to die while killing Jews is an affront to humanity. The UN shows it's true colors by promoting such a move and as was stated in the article that:

    “By all objective measures, the Palestinians fail on all counts.” So does the UN.

    • Herman Caintonette

      They were the owners of the land.

      • ziontruth

        "They were the owners of the land."

        Nope. The Ottoman Empire was, and it's long gone.

        P.S. And it's none of your business.

        • Joseph A. Klein

          Well said! The notion that Jews were outsiders who emigrated to the Holy Land and seized land illegally while the Palestinians were its original inhabitants is bogus. Jews bought their land from Turks of the Ottoman Empire who owned the land. The ancestors of today's Palestinians were not native to the land. They emigrated from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria and Libya, migrating largely during the 1800's into the 20th century. 30,000-36,000 Syrians migrated in the 1930's alone.

  • mrbean

    Listen up dhimmis – it is a matter of record that Palestinians strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other innocent women and children in markets, restuarants, on school buses, and in their homes. The Palestinians in their own words and by their actions are committed to the genocide of the Jewish people abd the destruction of Israel, therefore, have foreited their rights to even exist at all let alone having a UN and US sanctioned seat in UNESCO and/or a UN and US sanctioned terrorist state of their own.

  • cindy

    Disgusting…… the Palestinians have to bargin wth isrHELL a state that ethnicllly cleansed them for the past 68 yrs nothing will change ,the only way to gain freedom is to fight for freedom not bargin. Through out history that land has been through so many crimes from the mongols,crusades now a cruler oppresion IsraHELL and we know what happened to those other ruthless empires there gone beacause the people in that region knew fighting for your rights is the only way to be freeeeee and those empires were stronger then ISraHELL . The point is they fought for freedom, NO BARGAINING you call yourself a christain im sorry JESUS is not going to walk over palestinian corpses most of them childern and women ha HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ziontruth

      "…the [Arab settlers] have to bargin wth isrHELL a state that ethnicllly cleansed them for the past 68 yrs…"

      68 years ago no one thought of calling the Arab colonist land-thieves in Palestine "Palestinians." That means no one, not even they themselves.

      "Through out history that land has been through so many crimes from the mongols,crusades now a cruler oppresion…"

      Yes: The Arab imperialists and their allies in the West, the Marxist agents of treason and assorted neo-Nazis (like some who post here on FPM, hint hint).

      Back you go to hell, your original home, before you catch a cold here.

    • alan g

      Are you telling us he would prefer to walk over dead Israell bodies in his own domain, the one that he promised to these people? Give me a freaking break.

    • InRussetShadows

      The fight for "freedom" isn't going so well for your merry band of honor killers is it, Cindy? They can't even aim rockets correctly. All they can do is sneak into places and blow themselves up — sounds like some real bravery there. Also, do you have any idea how stupid you sound when you spend all your time in run-on sentence land? Hurry and logoff before your hubby sees you on the computer without his permission. He'll beat you for sure.

  • cindy

    Listen (mr bean) i bet your a look like of mr bean LOL , anyways back to the point the only people killing and destroying other peoples life is ISREHELL ,mudering palestinian childern women heck even destroying the trees and plants and animals .Lets face it isreHELL is a plaque in the middle east it will be a matter of time when it gets destroyed look at its on people desperate for the worlds attention to belive that they are GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE LOL you guys are a disgrace for humanity. Wait a minute i just had dream oh my god ,yaweh told me i can have hawai and japan ,france ha ha wait i have to catch by breath, england ,india ,spain ,USA oh wait i already have that stupied country, and the capital is JEW YORK thats how jews think not all but the majority and thats a fact read history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way whats up with the dhimiis thing how about Goyim.

    • ziontruth

      "…look at its on people desperate for the worlds attention…"

      Fact is, we'd prefer the world stopped devoting so much attention to us. It would be better for the world, not just for us Israeli Jews, if people started attending to the real problems of the world.

      You don't want to hear Israel in the news so much? Get the news agencies and policymakers to stop focussing on Israel so much. Very easy!

      "…and the capital is JEW YORK thats how jews think…"

      ♪Jew York, Jew York…♫

      Mudering peeple is a plaque on hunamity. Ha ha wait, thats stupied. LOLzor

      • Herman Caintonette

        Jesse Jackson could sing the encore: "Won't you take me to … Hymietown?"

        You steal my land, and it is your REAL problem, Zionut. How can I deny that right of revenge to others, Shylock?

        • ziontruth

          "Jesse Jackson could sing the encore…"

          Why Jesse Jackson? You're a much better singer. I mean, no one performs the Horst Wessel Lied better than you.

          "You steal my land, and it is your REAL problem, Zionut."

          I steal nothing, they want to steal and do a classic turnspeak. But that's not the issue. I wish to know why it's your business at all. And don't give me "Because my country's giving aid to Israel"—you've already made it clear that cessation of America's aid to Israel won't be enough to please you (you want Israel bankrupted).

          "How can I deny that right of revenge to others, Shylock?"

          Very well. Then neither can I deny, for example, the Russians' right to burn Chechnya's cities to the ground in revenge for Beslan. Right, Adolf?

    • Ted

      Wow Cindy, Hate much? revise history much? Do you really understand Islam at all.
      The whole problem can be laid at islams doorstep. Period. This isn't about land or the ficticious people you call palestinians or anything else other than islams command to conquer and destroy all things un-islamic.

  • kgf

    For UCS panther you know there will be a day were good honest humble people will fight the evil in this world, you sure are a part of these evil weirdoes, anyhow PALESTINE is a very ancient country with its people dating back to the Canaanites days before the Israelites were even homeless slaves living in Egypt and then wandering around the Sinai desert like freaking thieves.

    • UCSPanther

      Got a problem, lefty?

      The truth hurts. Glad I could blow your small mind.

      Also, if you want to attack me, remember: I have a nasty tendency to shoot back…

      • StephenD

        UCS: "Also, if you want to attack me, remember: I have a nasty tendency to shoot back… "

        Now that would just be uncivilized…shooting at retards is just…wrong.

        kgf: "PALESTINE is a very ancient country…." HAhahahahahahaha

  • kgf

    ( to be continued)Palestinians compromise of so many nationalities they mixed with a lot of empires that once upon a time conquered that land and were gone in a few decades. That’s why Palestinians look different than other Arabs because they have been Arabized meaning they speak Arabic but are ethnically not; that’s why you find a blond to a redhead to a tan to a very pale Palestinian mostly look Mediterranean, some are Muslim ,Christian atheist. Israel is an apartheid country that was created in 1948 by explosion and massacres of the native Palestinians, Jaffa aka Haifa these are famous ancient Palestinian cities and were built by the Canaanites their names are in the Canaanites language. What has Israel bought to this world but a headache to the east and west I could argue that even Nazi Germany contributed to this world in science medicine much more then Israel , sorry they don’t even come close to what Germany did.

    • ziontruth

      "…I could argue that even Nazi Germany contributed to this world in science medicine much more then Israel , sorry they don’t even come close to what Germany did."

      Just an inch away from expressing its (this creature's) true thought that it was most unfortunate for the Germans to have been defeated before finishing their great work.

  • kgf

    Israel is full of radicals who think god told them they can kill steal from the non-Jews and they are better than everybody else this self-entitlement will lead to its isolation and destruction it’s only a matter of years. The whole world knows Israel is a crime against humanity.

    • UCSPanther

      Yep. A textbook case of projection here…

    • ziontruth

      Sieg Akbar, as they say.

    • InRussetShadows

      You'd think that Hamas would at least put periods in the ready-made agitprop they send to their followers.

  • purple ring

    Have you seen obama and sarkozy calling isreal and its leadership liars thier micros were on they were telling the truth im not a fan of niether but they are still cowards because they did not say it to the public or the media. face it everyone in the world is sick and tired of isreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. isreal do us a favour and leave humanity alone go too mars for all i care.

    • InRussetShadows

      Ok, I'm not sick of Israel. Therefore, your logic "everyone in the world" fails. What are you, a third-grader? Nanny nanny boo boo? *laughs*

  • kohl

    Isrealis get youself in a car and drive yourself into the sea jewish bedouins. BOYCUTT ISRHELL PLZ. they deserve to be ignored .

    • UCSPanther

      If this is what the opposition looks like, then this is going to be easy.

      Just like bedbugs, the Pro-Palestinian crowd hide in cracks and crevices, and come out to make nuisances of themselves at opportune times.

  • Right

    It was the europeans and germans who wanted to exterminate the jews funny the worst thing a human can do to harm himself is not to know who exaclty his enemy is stupied isrealis!!!!!!!!! i mean that could lead to your own destruction.

    • UCSPanther

      And look where that thinking led Hitler and Nasser.

      Both got defeated, and their legacies are no more than bitter memories…

      • Herman Caintonette

        Hitler would have succeeded, had he only had the good sense to ally with Russia.

        • ziontruth

          Betcha your eyes welled with tears when you wrote that. Tears of lamentation that he hadn't succeeded.

        • UCSPanther

          Yep. We have a confession here…

  • Flowerknife_us

    If Jews cannot have a "Jewish State" then what makes one think the Muslims can have a "Muslim State"?

    Where is the logic that states one is OK while the other is not?

    • ziontruth

      "Where is the logic that states one is OK while the other is not?"

      The logic of appeasement (at best) or just plain Jew-hatred.

  • UCSPanther

    I just love posting logic and watching the pro-palestinian bedbugs come crawling out revealing what pests they are.

  • Debanjan Banerjee

    The last part of the article is disturbing though when it comes to American support about Israel.

    In my view , American electorate is the most uninformed and uneducated electorate ever. A people who can elect Mr. Bush (in 2004 despite the debacle in Iraq) and Mr. Obama (in 2008 despite that he has been nothing but a community oganizer with no experience in serious policymaking) is not a trustable entity to be given the job to decide on an issue like Israel-Palestine.

    I think Alexander Hamilton was right when he wanted a president-for-life who can be only elected by the informed and educated people presumably the ones who have property.