Rift with Iran Deepens

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For its part, the United Nations Security Council managed to find enough consensus to issue a tepid statement reminding Iran of its international obligations:

The members of the Security Council called on the Iranian authorities to protect diplomatic and consular property and personnel, and to respect fully their international obligations in this regard.

Considering that Iran has flouted a succession of Security Council resolutions regarding its nuclear enrichment program, has sponsored terrorism around the world, and stands accused of authorizing the assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the United States on American soil, Iran obviously has no intention of respecting its “international obligations.”

In case anyone thinks the Iranian government is listening to the Security Council this time, Larijani provided the answer: “The hasty move in the Security Council in condemning the students’ action was done to cover up the previous crimes of Britain and the United States.”

The United States has seen this movie before, with even more disastrous consequences. Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution devolved into the seizing of the U.S. Embassy and the holding of fifty-two Americans hostages for 444 days. We know first-hand the level of barbaric behavior in violation of all norms of international law to which the thugs running the Iranian regime are willing to descend.

Yet, President Obama’s reaction to the sacking of the British embassy and diplomatic residence was little more than a bland rhetorical slap on the wrist. While meeting with Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the White House, Obama said he was “deeply concerned” that the Iranian government had let the rioters “overrun the embassy and set it on fire.” He added that he found the situation to be “unacceptable.”

The only thing that seems to fire Obama up these days are all those terrible Republicans blocking the expansion of his reckless, failed economic agenda. When it comes to Iran, he says he is “deeply concerned” and then resumes his attacks on the Republicans.

How about Obama showing some real concern with the Iranian regime by joining Britain in cutting off Iran’s central bank? Yes, it will hurt the global economy, including ours, as a result of sharply higher oil prices. But if it helps destroy the Iranian government’s economic base for funding its nefarious programs and provide the tipping point that can lead to a favorable regime change in Iran, we finally may remove an existential threat to world peace and security without the need for direct military intervention.

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  • tagalog

    Today's (12/1/2011) news reports that the Iranian authorities have, without stating their reason, released the people who broke into the British Embassy from custody.

    What a perfect time for the U.S., Great Britain, and Israel to join in an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. The nuclear project is distributed over several facilities and not all of them could be destroyed, but the ones we could destroy would cause delay in Iran, an international outlaw operating openly in defiance of international standards, in becoming a rogue nuclear power.

    • BS77

      Looks like appeasement, as a policy, isn't working out so well.

      • tagalog

        The thing that's most frustrating in the present set of international circumstances is that we all know that Islam and the Arabic states only respond positively to the threat of overwhelming force coupled with the apparent ability and willingness to use it, but the West lacks the resolution to do that.

        Maybe they're right in the Muslim world; maybe the democratic West is just a paper tiger, just as the Nazis, fascists, and Chinese and Soviet Communists have always said.

  • Steve Chavez

    Isn't this another reason the Keystone pipeline should be approved.

    IMAGINE THE BLACKMAIL Iran will use if they acquire a NUKE! North Korea attacking ships and shooting missiles at will is child's play compared to what Iran will do. They could take over the world if they want and will do it the day after their nukes become operational!

  • mrbean

    Put me in charge. I will solve the Iranian problem permanently. There is no shortage of napalm or cluster bombs. Nothing like smell of napalm in the early morning and the sound of the rolling thunder of carpet bombing in the evening. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war on Iran as the Romans did to Carthage.

    • tagalog

      I was thinking along the lines of satellite lasers, JDAMs, MOABs, and bunker-busters.

      • mrbean

        Overkill is not off the table either

  • Debanjan Banerjee

    The Islamic republic of Iran is not too much off the mark.

    See after all , the UK was responsible for the overthrowal of Mohammad Mossadegh when he talked about ending the monopoly of British oil interests in Iran.

    Even few months back British Defense Minister Liam Fox and his sidekick werrity were talking with Mossad about assasinating Iranains and nuking Iran.

    @MrBean & tagalog

    I have a better suggesion. Why not hand over Liam Fox and Werrity as well as the current British ambassador to Israel , to Iran ?

    Also what about the head of MI6 handing over all the documents of Operation Ajax to the Iranian government as well as asking for forgiveness to the Iranian people.

    Look the UK is bankrupt. So why not come up with solutions which suit UK at the moment which is ACCEPTING IRAN'S DEMANDS.

    • tanstaafl

      Appeasement did not stop World War II, why think would anyone think that it would work now?

    • Ghostwriter

      Or do the right thing and bomb those lunatics into the ground with American assistance! The world would be better off without the psychotic mullahs running Iran.

  • Marty

    Other democratic states should follow the example of the United Kingdom (which is finally demonstrating a semblance of courage) and dramatically reduce their diplomatic presence in iran until or unless the genocidal socipaths running and destroying the country are removed from power. The iranian leadership must feel a sense of frustration because of the assassination of nuclear scientists and the destruction of nuclear installations. Good. Hopefully, both will accelerate. But, why stop at iran's nuclear program? Targeting the top iranian leaders would be another step in the right direction.