Ron Paul’s Destructive Foreign Policy

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Nevertheless, in the face of such evidence, Paul asserted, “we’re claiming that they’re gonna build a nuclear weapon and there’s no evidence for this.” Speaking directly to Rep. Michele Bachmann during the December 15th Fox News debate after she confronted him with the IAEA report regarding Iran’s progress towards nuclear weaponization, Paul said that the IAEA “produced information that led you to believe that, but they have no evidence.”

During the August 11, 2011 GOP presidential debate in Iowa, Paul tried to justify Iran’s aggressive posture towards the United States: “We started it in 1953 when we sent in a coup, installed the Shah, and the reaction — the blowback came in 1979. It’s been going on and on because we just plain don’t mind our own business. That’s our problem.”

Paul went on during this same debate to treat Iran like a mama bear just trying to protect her cubs. He asked rhetorically, “Why wouldn’t it be natural that they might want a weapon? Internationally, they’d be given more respect.”

During the Fox News debate on December 15th, Paul repeated his defense of Iran’s right to pursue a nuclear weapons capability and pointed to what happened to Muammar Qaddafi after he abandoned Libya’s nuclear program:

So the fact that they are surrounded, they have a desire. And how do we treat people when they have a nuclear weapon? With a lot more respect. What did we do with Libya? We talked to them. We talked them out of their nuclear weapon. And then we killed them.

Appearing on the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show earlier this month, Paul called allegations that Iran had attempted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States a “propaganda stunt” of the Obama administration.

In fact, Paul has run interference in Congress for the Iranian Islamist regime for years – so much so that Iran’s state television has run admiring stories about him under headlines such as “Ron Paul Blasts U.S. Policy on Iran.”

In 2005, for example, Paul was the only Republican lawmaker who refused to vote for a resolution condemning Iran’s President Ahmadinejad after he said “Israel should be wiped off the map,” and predicted that “Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation.”

On June 19, 2009, the House voted to pass H Res 560 by a 405 to 1 margin, with Ron Paul casting the only vote in opposition. The resolution was entitled: “Expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and rule of law, and for other purposes.”

Paul opposes economic sanctions against the Iranian regime. In 2010, he led the opposition to the “Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act.” He explained his position to the House as follows:

I rise in strong opposition. I object to this entire push for war on Iran, however it is disguised. . . We need to see all this for what it is: Propaganda to speed us to war against Iran for the benefit of special interests. . . A vote for sanctions on Iran is a vote for war against Iran.

In Paul’s mind, the “special interests” pushing for war against Iran include Israel. While he claimed in a recent interview with Newsmax that he was a friend of Israel, during a 2009 appearance on the Iranian government owned PressTV station he called Gaza a “concentration camp,” which he blamed on Israel, and criticized American foreign policy for “blindly” supporting Israel.

Earlier this year, Paul offered an amendment to cut off $6 billion in U.S. aid specifically to Israel and three other countries, lumping Israel with Pakistan.

“Why do we have this automatic commitment that we’re going to send our kids and send our money endlessly to Israel?” Paul asked in a November 22, 2011 Republican presidential debate on CNN.

Eric Dondero, Ron Paul’s former senior aide, has written that Paul is uncategorically anti-Israel:

He wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations. His view is that Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the America taxpayer. He sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs.

Such views and actions directed against Israel by Ron Paul are perfectly consistent with the Israel-bashing that has appeared in newsletters published under Paul’s name and written in the first person over two decades. One of these jewels, dealing with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, hypothesized that it might have been “a setup by the Israeli Mossad.”

Paul has disavowed any involvement in these newsletters’ racist, anti-Semitic content, as recently as last week during a heated CNN interview which Paul cut short in a huff. Nevertheless, Reuters is now reporting that a letter appearing to have been signed by Ron Paul himself has surfaced promoting the controversial newsletters. The letter states that “as the only former high official to publish a financial letter, I supply facts and analysis available nowhere else.” It goes on to boast that “I’ve laid bare,” among other things, the “Israeli lobby, which plays Congress like a cheap harmonica.”

Is it any wonder that Ron Paul’s campaign has appealed to anti-Semitic, white supremacists? When he ran for president in 2008, he received a donation from a prominent white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan grandmaster. The campaign did not return the donation even after it was made aware of the donor’s neo-Nazi connections. Moreover, the Paul campaign did not remove a link from the white supremacist website, Stormfront, to a Ron Paul fundraising site from which prospective donors could click into the Ron Paul 2008 donation page on the official campaign site. Stormfront commentators continue to support Paul this time around, which the “libertarian” candidate has done little to discourage. While Paul claims to reject white supremacists’ extremists views, he does not reject their support. “If they want to endorse me, they’re endorsing what I do or say – it has nothing to do with endorsing what they say,” Paul said.

It is tempting to treat Ron Paul like the kooky uncle whom you tolerate but try to ignore at family occasions. However, as he rises in the polls and could run a formidable campaign as an independent if he loses the GOP nomination, Paul’s crackpot brand of Blame America, Excuse the Enemy foreign policy is far too dangerous to dismiss.

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  • Tukadoodle

    Yep, Libertarians also demand Liberation from America no different than our ” social” democrats. Ron’s many racist/Antisemitic Newsletters prove this yet they get a pass. Yep, the Koch Bro’s are anti American and purposely defeat GOP wins as their goal. Nothing but KKK/back woods hicks by another Uber sick Dr. killing babies as his sideline income. Yep, like all drug dealers Koch donates to charaties just like Pablo Escobar. Yep, like democrats they want drugs for votes with old Ron only passing one minor Bill in 40+ years. Paul,Jeb, Christy are nothing but NWO/GOP’s trying to keep raping our kids by the perverts,Pedophiles, degenerates they truly are. Yep, Common Core/Porn is just one along with their loud/proud NAMBLA Pedophile as our very first/illegal Safe Schools Czar now ” wanted by the FBI going on 5 years. Yep, they want to destroy Israel and us many million Drop of Blood Jews…Once Again. I’m sad/disappointed that this 2011 article doesn’t have even one comment…..


    "Ron Paul puts America first."

    No, he does not.
    IF he did, he would bless Israel, not curse it.

    The Liberty is an old propaganda point that left wing Paulans use, without questioning 1. WHY we were in the middle of a war that was none of our biz, 2. that we were not an ally with Israel until 1979. 3. That GOD is real and if we CURSE Israel, we sill suffer death. (Re. USS Liberty)

  • intrcptr2

    So does that meant we should stop buying bullets for our M-4 arsenal from them, too?


    They ARE fascists!

  • RonPaulWins2012

    The funniest thing about your comment is that you purposely left out the important fact that Ron Paul will cut ALL foreign aid.

    Ron Paul will win 2012. Get ready for it. :)


    Clinton did nothing in the 1990's.
    Refute that.

    He did ZERO.
    REFUTE IT!!!!


    We got attacked OVER AND OVER in the 1990's overseas, the last blast in 2000, with the USS Cole.
    You are a man, and its unbelievable that a man can be idiotic.


    Mah: You know, like I do that Paulans care about Fakestine FIRST.


    Why is RU Paul for 'gays' serving openly in the US Military?
    Knowing that Muslims hang 'gays.'?


    Right Mah, 1.2 BILLION USD has went to the Fakestinians since the coronation of BHO- plus 1.6 billion annually 3 years since he has occupied the W.H.
    He also sold Israel defective bunker busters.

  • Quinterius

    Do you know how to talk without insulting people? You are certainly no lady. You are totally irrational. It is useless to try to talk to you. Why don't go to Israel and leave us alone.

  • Dave Head

    No. Founding Father
    “Observe good faith and justice toward all….. Permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations [Iran], and passionate attachments for others [Israel], should be excluded. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” – George Washington
    Please take time to read the rest of Washington’s Farewell Address. Washington, like Paul, supported a strong DEFENSE of the homeland not sending-out ships like the British Empire.

    Paul’s plan is to put 4 aircraft carriers on the east, and 4 on the west, plus thousands of support ships. Any nation stupid enough to attack us would be blown out of the sky before they had a chance.

    He is STRONG on foreign policy. Not weak

    Weapons & Defense Engineer