Ron Paul’s Destructive Foreign Policy

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Rep. Ron Paul believes the United States is a greedy, militaristic empire that brought 9/11 upon itself. He believes that Iran poses no threat to U.S. or Israeli security and that Iran deserves to have a nuclear weapon if it wants one. As for Israel, he does not think it should have ever come into existence as a Jewish state. Nevertheless, Ron Paul, whose crackpot beliefs would be disastrous for the United States and the free world if ever implemented, is a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination.

With money, good organization, a demagogic message that has a surface appeal to voters looking for a radical break with the status quo and an enthusiastic cadre of supporters fueling his campaign, Paul has vaulted into the top tier of Republican presidential candidates in the Iowa caucuses, which he could well win on January 3rd. He is virtually tied with Newt Gingrich for second place in New Hampshire after the heavy favorite, Mitt Romney. Overall, Paul is currently running third in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls.

Paul’s foreign policy philosophy hearkens back to the pre-World War II “America First” isolationist movement that was shattered with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. In fact, Paul would have been right at home in that movement. According to Eric Dondero, a former senior aide to the congressman, Paul believed that the United States had no business getting involved in fighting Hitler in World War II. “He expressed to me countless times, that ‘saving the Jews,’ was absolutely none of our business,” Dondero said. “When pressed, he often times brings up conspiracy theories like FDR knew about the attacks of Pearl Harbor weeks before hand.”

Paul has harbored similar conspiratorial thoughts about 9/11. Dondero said that his former boss

engaged in conspiracy theories including perhaps the attacks were coordinated with the CIA, and that the Bush administration might have known about the attacks ahead of time. He expressed no sympathies whatsoever for those who died on 9/11, and pretty much forbade us staffers from engaging in any sort of memorial expressions…

Paul was opposed to the war in Afghanistan from the outset, and to any military reaction to the attacks of 9/11, according to Dondero. It was only after feeling intense political heat from his home district that Paul reluctantly reversed his initial opposition to the resolution authorizing military action in Afghanistan and decided at the last minute to vote “yes.”

In Ron Paul’s Blame America world view, the U.S. military, which conquered fascism and has since World War II helped to liberate many millions of people from the cruel grip of totalitarian communism, fanatical jihadism and secular dictatorships, is somehow the world’s greatest source of evil and conflict in the world.

“Just come home,” Paul has repeatedly intoned, echoing George McGovern’s 1972 campaign slogan “Come Home, America.” A President Ron Paul would gut the nation’s defenses and homeland security as he carries out his promises to drastically cut military spending and to repeal what he has called the “police state” Patriot Act.

It’s no surprise that the left-wing, anti-American Code Pink likes Paul’s message. Code Pink activist Liz Hourican told that the “Ron Paul people are closer and closer to our talking points with each election.”

Paul also has other friends on the hard Left such as Tom Hayden, who wrote:

Paul opposes the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He opposes the empire of military bases. He opposes Wall Street thievery, tax subsidies for oil companies, the suppression of WikiLeaks, the drug war and the criminalization of marijuana. Those positions might just save America.

At the same time, Paul’s message is in sync with that of the paleoconservative, Israel-hating isolationist Pat Buchanan. Consider, for example, their common perspective on 9/11. Buchanan said that “Terrorism is the price of empire. They were over here because we were over there.” Paul has attributed the al Qaeda attack to America’s interventionist actions in Muslim lands and to our support for Israel.

In a speech he delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives in January 2003, for example, Paul said:

We believe bin Laden when he takes credit for an attack on the West, and we believe him when he warns us of an impending attack, but we refuse to listen to his explanation of why he and his allies are at war with us. Bin Laden claims are straightforward. The U.S. defiles Islam with bases on the Holy Land and Saudi Arabia, its initiation of war against Iraq, with 12 years of persistent bombing, and its dollars and weapons being used against the Palestinians, as the Palestinian territory shrinks and Israel’s occupation expands.

As for Osama bin Laden, whom our Navy Seals dispatched last spring, Ron Paul criticized the one decision that Barack Obama got right. Paul said he would not have authorized the mission, arguing that killing bin Laden was unnecessary and that he has “respect for the rule of law.”

Ron Paul remains steadfast in denouncing U.S. foreign policy as one of occupation that justifies what he has referred to as the terrorists’ “blowback” response. During a CNN-Tea Party Republican presidential debate last September, for example, Paul stated that

we’re under great threat because we occupy so many countries… We have to be honest with ourselves. What would we do if another country, say China, did to us what we do to all those countries over there?

Anti-American guru Noam Chomsky claimed that what Paul said was “completely uncontroversial.”

It may be “uncontroversial” to Chomsky, as well as to Pat Buchanan who thinks 9/11 was the price we paid for empire-building. But it is way out of the mainstream to most Americans.

As the New York Times put it in a front page article on December 26th about Ron Paul’s campaign, Paul and his closest political allies have “sought to forge a movement from the nether region of American politics, where the far right and the far left sometimes converge.”

Ron Paul does not only attribute al Qaeda’s terrorist attacks to American foreign policy. He also blames America and Israel for frightening Iran into taking defensive actions to protect itself. When asked how he might deter Iran if it ever did pose a threat, Paul said “maybe offering friendship to them.”

While defending the terrorist-sponsoring Iranian regime’s right to seek nuclear arms, he denies that Iran’s nuclear enrichment program is anything to worry about. He says there is no credible evidence that Iran is advancing towards achieving a nuclear bomb capability, despite a disturbing report to the contrary issued last month by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The IAEA report found that there was information indicating Iran was conducting activities “specific to nuclear weapons.” The IAEA was particularly concerned about “activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile.”

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  • Newt

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • rick

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • Brett

    Go pick up a gun and go fight the war yourself, warmonger. Otherwise, shut up and make way for the peacemakers.


      'shut up and make way for the peacemakers.'

      Jeremiah 6:14

      And they have healed the breach of the daughter of my people lightly, saying, Peace, peace! when there is no peace.

  • michele

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • mitt

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • tim

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • donald

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • chris

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • herman

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • barack

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • hillary

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • support

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • troops

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • ……..the troops

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • ron paul

    Who on earth would ever support Ron Paul?

  • Mainini Tembie

    Ha ha ha, this article is just downright silly propaganda.

    • Ben

      Okay, then rebut it. Word by word. With facts.

  • Joel

    Wow! I love reading the comments on this obvious and ridiculous hit piece. America is waking up. I am sending Ron Paul a donation first thing in the morning.

  • USA-1

    Thank God there is a nominee that isn’t hell bent on sending America’s children off to war.

    Thank you, Ron Paul.

  • Dosgel

    Mr. Klein, your understanding of history is woefully inadequate if you believe that the attack on Pearl Harbor was not known about in advance. I suggest you read a bit more on the subject. It was necessary to allow it to happen in order to get American public opinion behind a war in the Pacific. Just as it was necessary for 9/11 to happen to get Americans behind an attack on either Iraq or Afghanistan. And,  it was necessary for the Gulf of Tonkin incidents to allow LBJ to send the Marines into Vietnam (and I believe McNamara himself admitted that the second incident never happened…). There are many well-documented examples of such events. I would also like to point out that your use of the term "anti-Semite" is objectionable and inaccurate. I'm surprised that a Jew apparently doesn't know that Arabs are also Semites. The Israeli treatment of Palestinians over the last several decades would qualify as anti-Semitic. Many of us have had enough of the unbalanced American mid-east policy, that has allowed Israel to commit war crimes and human-rights violations against the Palestinians. And we plan to do our best to end AIPAC’s control of the American political agenda. Thank you.


      'The Israeli treatment of Palestinians'

      Tell this to the JOOS that are in Ashkelon and Sderot, who get rocketed on a DAILY basis. Jew hater.
      NO person in their right mind is with AIPAC.

  • Deeptoad

    Have you any idea how much we are hated around the globe? What has all this militarism done to benefit a single American? Other than make enormous amounts of money for companies contracted with our military, not a dang thing.

    This insane push for more war, more invasion, more drones, more bombing of innocent men, women and children has absolutely GOT to stop. Even if you don't give a flip about human life, is the blistering debt worth it?

    Paul is being attacked for his staunch peace stance.

    His supporters are being labeled misfits because they (wait for it…) support his ideas.

    He has more veteran and active-duty support that the others combines, but that never makes the new (in a country where we are taught to have respect for our troops).

    The caucuses in Iowa will be tabulated in an 'undisclosed location'.

    The gov is telling people that if Paul takes Iowa, it won't count.

    Precisely what the heck is going on here?

    This country has gone from a represented republic to an empire and a police state. What you and I want are no longer relevant. Profits over lives is the new name of the game. Because Paul stands against that mentality, I expect the attacks to continue.

    What a shameful, disgraceful state of affairs.


      'Paul is being attacked for his staunch peace stance. '
      Jeremiah 6:14
      And they have healed the breach of the daughter of my people lightly, saying, Peace, peace! when there is no peace.

      Tell it to the ghost of Chamberlain who talked like Paul re. peace on the brink of war all over-courtesy of OBAMA

  • Safetyfield

    I must have woke up in 1984. War is peace? 2+2=5? You’re an idiot, Joseph Klein. How’s it feel to be another cog in the propaganda machine?


      Jeremiah 6:14
      They have healed also the hurt of my people lightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

  • Richard G.

    Ron Paul is one of America's leading apologists for radical Islam. In this category
    he is excelled only by Barack Obama himself!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I hate to rain on all you Ron Paul kook acolytes, but Ron Paul isn't qualified to be dogcatcher in a mental institution, let alone president of the USA. In any event, Paul doesn't have a prayer in hell of ever being elected president of the USA by virtue of the fact that there aren't nearly enough unhinged Jew haters living in America to vote for that moonbat. Just stating the obvious.

    Indeed, Ron Paul like the unhinged severely paranoid delusional loon he is, believes that 9/11 was America's chickens coming to roost. As he believes that 9/11 was retaliation for America's interventionist foreign policy on the behalf of Jews and Israel. However, I have news for that obsessed anti-Semitic Jew hating bigot, 9/11 was NOT a terrorist attack. Instead, it was a violent jihad attack in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme.

    Hence, Ron Paul's self-destructive positions on foreign policy are really a direct manifestation of his severe paranoid delusions emanating from his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) relative to his intense Jew hatred that totally consumes his entire life.

    Therefore, Ron Paul should be locked up in a strait jacket in a mental institution somewhere and should never be allowed anywhere near the White House.

    • JDavis

      A straitjacket, eh? Like what the Bush administration tried with Susan Lindauer after she told the White House that an attack was immanent on the twin towers? They locked her up under the Patriot act for years. They said she was crazy and tried to drug her, and finally released her, saying she was too crazy to put on trial. Ie, they gave her the standard Soviet treatment.

    • HermitLion

      I believe he can bring his own strait jacket from home (as well as tinfoil hat, and anti-lizard-aliens body lotion).

  • pATRiotEyeS


  • RonPaulWins2012

    Some Ron Paul facts:

    [1] Ron Paul has won all the straw polls in Iowa, other than first GOP straw poll in August, which was a statistical tie for 1st with Bachmann: 4823, 28.55%, Bachmann; 4671, 27.65%, Paul. Less than 200 votes difference, total number cast 17,000.
    [2] Ron Paul has won the most straw polls nationwide – more than 25; The mainstream media anointed "front-runner," Newt, has won 2 straw polls. [laughs]
    [3] Ron Paul recently had his Tea Party moneybomb, which raised 4 million dollars in less than 48 hours, from tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of individual supporters.
    [4] Ron Paul receives more money from individual US citizens than any other GOP candidate, and more than twice the money the two mainstream media anointed "front-runners," Newt and Mitt, receive COMBINED.
    [5] Ron Paul receives more money from US military personel than OBAMA and ALL other GOP candidates receive COMBINED.
    [6] Ron Paul wins virtually every single online poll by landslide, usually by such a huge margin that most mainstream news organisations stopped having Ron Paul related polls (the polls didn't jibe with their organisations' skewed, dismissive reporting and usually outright fallacious opinion blog pieces.) Several mainstream news organisations also used the purposely deceitful tactic of deletion and/or reseting of poll results, while other mainstream news organisations offered polls which purposely excluded Ron Paul, usually replacing his name with the choice Someone Else (who completely hilariously, by the way, ALWAYS had the most votes by landslide.)

    Clearly Ron Paul is far and away the real front-runner nationwide. No other candidate comes close.

    More Ron Paul facts:

    [1] Ron Paul will pardon all non-white US citizens ever convicted of nonviolent drug crime.
    [2] Ron Paul will end the War on Drugs (which is really a war on minorities).
    [2] Ron Paul will end the war on terror (which is essentially a war on non-whites).
    [3] Ron Paul will end all foreign wars (completely stopping the killing of said non-whites).
    [4] Ron Paul is against racial profiling of muslims as terrorists.
    [5] Ron Paul voted Yes for MLK Day holiday.
    [6] Ron Paul has the support of NAACP leaders who say [he's] not racist.
    [7] Ron Paul is the most favorable GOP candidate amongst non-white voters, says a recent CNN poll.
    [8] Ron Paul has stated that 3 of his heros are MLK, Rosa Parks, and Ghandi.

    ps. Non-intervention was the word you meant, not Isolationist. Because Ron Paul wants free trade, free travel and diplomacy with all nations. You know that already – you just chose to lie to your readers. But that's okay. I can't wait 'til Iowa and New Hampshire!

    Ron Paul will win 2012. Get ready for it. :)

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Ron Paul will win 2012

      Moonbat…that's numerically impossible as there simply aren't nearly enough Jew haters in this country for Ron Paul to ever be elected.

      • RonPaulWins2012

        I'm happy you're very scared, troll. :)

        • HermitLion

          I think you forgot to copy-paste another series of nonsense statistics that are only meaningful to your own army of zombie followers. Go ahead, give it a try, you're *that* close to winning the war on the demons in your head.

          • RonPaulWins2012

            Yeah, solid facts are nonsense. [laughs]

  • Richard G.

    Ron Paul is one of America's leading apologists for radical Islam. In this category
    he is excelled only by Barack Obama himself.

  • troy

    Ron Paul is correct!
    Paul / Jones

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Anyway, how do all you paranoid delusional Jew hating Ron Paul kooks mobilize in numbers so fast? Do you moonbats have a system in place to mobilize?

    Nevertheless, it is obvious that all you unhinged Jew hating loons aren't conservatives, as conservatives aren't addicted to emoting the same way you mentally handicapped Paulytes are.

    • Rango

      The anti Semitic and Jew hating line has been compromised my friend…try something new..!!

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Damn…you obsessed Jew hating moonbats are even more mentally handicapped than I first realized.

    • HermitLion

      They're sharing links between themselves, and skip straight to the comments section to copy-paste something remotely relevant.

      If even one of them was able to realize that their actions speak louder about their cult than all the words in the world, then… well I guess he wouldn't be in the R.P camp anymore.

    • Hitler

      We don't hate the Jews. We hate Hitler for not getting them all!!!!!! Next time around we will get them all.

      • dr pepper

        Disgusting! Is that what Ron Paul's supporters think?

  • Jakob

    This “wiped off the map” statement is very controversional and apparently based on a wrong translation. One can read all about it on wikipedia. What is meant seems to be that Ahmadinejad want the regime to end, not to simply eradicate the people living there and the physical land. I’m sure many people in the world would similarly want the militaristic regime in the United States also to end. This doesn’t mean these people would want to drop hundreds of nuclear weapon on the US and eradicate the whole of US and its people.

    Listening to media now reminds me too much about the situation with Iraq where insinuations was made that Saddam could drop nuclear bombs on american cities.

    Now, even IF Iran had a nuclear weapon, even IF they had the capability to actually drop it over Israel, why on earth would they do such a thing when 1,7 million arabs live in Israel, including 250.000 iranians??

    But if Israel even despite this – actually getting a nuclear bomb, actaully being able to drop it on Israel, actually want to do such a thing – would it still be our job to take charge of the situation? Netanjahu said in a speech in may 2011 that “Israel can defend itself”. It doesn’t need the US. It may need to buy some weapons, but they can afford it. There’s no point in using US taxpayer money to give money to a rich country as Israel. Iran, btw, is a 3rd world country, with a GPD/capita 1/10 that of the US. So we need to see all this in perspective.

    And Paul never said he wanted Iran to get a nuclear weapon. In all the debates, Paul have called for more diplomacy, trade, that we actually talk with the iranian and other regime. Also he wants us to trade with Cuba etc, like most americans do.

    • Ennis

      "Now, even IF Iran had a nuclear weapon, even IF they had the capability to actually drop it over Israel, why on earth would they do such a thing when 1,7 million arabs live in Israel, including 250.000 iranians??"

      And what makes you think they give a damn about the wellbeing of arabs and their own people. Oh and by the way Iranians aren't arabs, they're Persian. Both of whom by the way have had years of animosity between them

      • Jakob

        Iran is actually one of the most peaceful nations in the world, they have not attacked or gone to war with another country in over 300 years.

        So do they care about their own people? What makes you think they don't? Does US care about its own people? In US you have twice as many people in prison per capita compared to Iran (743/100.000 vs 330/100.000). Life expectancy in Iran isn't great at 71 years (compared to 78 in the US), but it isn't that low either.

        Are people generally unhappy and miserable in Iran?

        I'm not suggestion Iran has a good political system, but I do not belive regime change of the type in Iraq would be beneficial whatsoever, the best would be if they implemented changes themselves which is only possible if we leave them alone (otherwise they will unite against the outside "enemy" that are attacking them or putting up sanctions against them, and that will give more power to the likes of Ahmadinejad).

        Also look at how much better we now to with China, Vietnam etc when we accept their regimes and try and talk and trade with them instead of putting up sanctions and dropping bombs. A war against Iran is not only going to be costly and unnecessary, it may also trigger off even WW3 due to Iran's close ties with Russia and China. Only 15% of the US population want military intervention in Iran, the majority want diplomacy. So I do not see why Paul's ideas are considered "crackpot" when it comes to Iran.

        Please also also see the possible 1 nuclear warhead developed by Iran MAYBE in some years from now, relative to Israel 200 nuclear warheads, and Russia's over 10.000 (and Pakistan's 100).

        • MAD JEWESS

          they have not attacked or gone to war with another country in over 300 years.

          This is idiotic. They were at war with Iraq for a LONG time. Look at the casualties of the Iran/Iraq war.

          • Jakob

            Of course I know about the Iran-Iraq war, but this was started by Iraq, not Iran. (During this time Israel supported Iran.)

    • Ben

      "Now, even IF Iran had a nuclear weapon, even IF they had the capability to actually drop it over Israel, why on earth would they do such a thing when 1,7 million arabs live in Israel, including 250.000 iranians??"

      Because they don't give a hoot how many of their fellow Muslims they annihilate just as long as they can kill an even larger number of Jews and obliterate the object of their unending hate? Yup. That's why.

      • Jakob

        Iran has NEVER attacked Israel. Even today some 40.000 Jews live in Iran. They are not tortured or sent to prison etc, as one may believe after watching american television. Actually there's more Jews in Iran today than 20 years ago.

        • Ennis

          You're right, but they're equally treated as bad as well as all the other Iranians.

        • MAD JEWESS

          Jews dont live in Iran anymore.

          • Jakob


            "Estimates of the Jewish population in Iran vary. In mid- and late 1980s, it was estimated at 20,000–30,000, rising to around 35,000 in mid-1990s,[27] and estimated at less than 40,000 nowadays, with around 25,000 residing in Tehran. However, Iran's Jewish community still remains the largest in the Middle East outside of Israel.[24]"

  • Jamie

    I watched something today I think every American needs to see. It is a BBC documentary called THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES. It is so very relevant to the current geo-politcal climate in this country and throughout the world. Make sure to watch all 3 parts and share with others.

  • Mark

    "Rep. Ron Paul believes the United States is a greedy, militaristic empire that brought 9/11 upon itself." Well Mr Klein he is not alone in that belief, your allies now see the US as an out of control war machine, who have not only become a tyrant to their own citizens by throwing out their constitution and bill of rights but also wiling to make war at the drop of a hat under the false pretence of a terrorist threat. Your allies are sick of these useless wars where our young men and women are spilling their blood to make the energy conglomerates and defence contractors richer. Your country has a sickness and Dr Paul has the only cure.


      GOD has the cure and Paul is not the messiah

  • Jimmy

    All we are saying is give peace a chance! Come on America vote RON PAUL.
    Liverpool UK

  • Rango
  • Brian Donegal

    What I can appreciate about Ron Paul is his commitment to individual and property rights. Perhaps that is something todays republicans have forgotten.

    • HermitLion

      Nothing says "individual rights" like an army of cloned commentators.

      • trickyblain

        As opposed to the cloned commentators nattering on endlessly here about evil Muslims and birth certificates?

  • Steve Trotter

    I would have to agree with those that are saying that war and occupation are destructive for America. Paul is perhaps the only one that is willing to say what is on most peoples minds especially regarding Israel.

    • HermitLion

      Having multiple personalities does not turn you into "most people".


      Re; Israel…. Meaning how we sh*t all over Israel, forcing their people out of their homes?
      I have not heard Paul address that.

  • montlasky

    Call the paddy wagon quick to pick Paul up and fit him out with a straight jacket before he dresses up like an imam and converts America into a Muslim shria law embracing state!

  • Ludwig von Mises

    Photographic proof that Ron Paul is a racist!!!

    The presstitute shills and the Neocons are going to pull out all of the stops against RP—now even comparing him to Kim Jong un in one article I just read— and they will come down on him with both feet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the establishment MSM so scared in my lifetime; It’s because they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

    By the way, if you want to see some great pictures of Ron Paul acting like a racist, then check out the following link:

    Please spread these photos around!

  • ChrisCantwell

    Eric Dondero is an ignorant, racist, war propagandist

    Sometimes I think these idiots just post these articles so we'll drive up their traffic counters when we come to comment. I can't believe that anybody would take this author seriously.

  • noam
  • Ben

    I have tried to have conversations with Paul supporters in the past. They always break down. Here's why

    1) Ron Paul supporters yell and hurl insults. They do not debate.
    2) Ron Paul supporters do not back up their assertions with facts. They think their ideas are so self-evident that they don't need to.
    3) Ron Paul supporters believe that any disagreement with their hero is trying to keep a good man down. It's always "the establishment" running scared of "the truth". No one can legitimatally challenge or criticize Paul because if they do, that means that they are against him. And people who are against him are not to be trusted.
    4) Ron Paul supporters believe everything Ron Paul says, even if the historical record contradicts it. If Ron Paul says that he never voted to invade Afghanistan, they believe him. if he says that he didn't write his own newsletters, they believe him. And then they arrogantly order other people to just stop talking about it because that one's already been "debunked".

    So go ahead and prove me wrong. Have a rational conversation with me. Tell me where the writer of this article is mistaken, and why. Back up your assertions with facts. Go ahead. i dare you.

    • josh

      Were not talking about Ron Paul supporters, were talking about Ron Paul. I've talked to many different people about all kinds of politics. It's all the same. One person voicing their opinion about what they believe. You must have been lied to your whole life, because you have no idea what the truth sounds like.

      • HermitLion

        Hey, 'josh', thanks for proving proving point #3, "It's always "the establishment" running scared of "the truth"."


      I cant hardly converse with them either.
      One thing I can thank them for; Watching their fascistic ways and a demand for us to worship Paul, I have become more tolerant of listening to dissent, UNLIKE Paulans

    • Quinterius

      OK, Ben, here are two statements that Klein makes that are absolute nonsense:

      1. Klein says, "In 2005, for example, Paul was the only Republican lawmaker who refused to vote for a resolution condemning Iran’s President Ahmadinejad after he said “Israel should be wiped off the map.” Well, he never said such a thing. It is all a lie. It was simply a mis-translation. If you want to know the gory details, see:

      2. Klein ridicules Ron Paul for saying, "we’re claiming that they’re gonna build a nuclear weapon and there’s no evidence for this.” Well, do you have evidence that they are building nukes? The 2007 and 2011 US NIEs both said that they are not. This is a consensus of 16 US intelligence agencies. Now, you may have heard of the latest IAEA report on Iran. Do you know what it really says? Have you read it? Obviously not. Do you know what it is based on? It is based on a set of documents that are well-known forgeries. The report is a piece of junk. The head of IAEA is a US stooge as WikiLeaks-released em-mails from US diplomats show. It is total nonsense. It is all hype. Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. It will take me too long to explain the details to you. If you want, you can watch the following video to find out more:

    • Questions

      You're right on the money. The slightest criticism of Rep. Paul brings foaming rage from his youthful supporters that the criticism actually was a "smear." It doesn't matter if the criticism is valid and even sympathetic in tone. Like cultists blinded by devotion, their hero is perfect, not simply good. The web site, for which Paul has written regularly, is rife with this syndrome.

  • jacob

    GOD FORBID RON PAUL EVER GETS TO FIRST BASE, LET ALONE THE PRESIDENCY__As Einstein, (the German Jew Paul's policy he wouldn't have allowed into the USA)__once stated :__ "There are two infinite things in life : The universe and human stupidity" of which__ Rep . PAUL is, in my opinion, one of the highest exponents…____So according to him, good old USA had no business whatsoever against Hitler…__Just imagine this beast getting hold of the A bomb, from which he wasn't too far__away…__Does he believe good old USA would have been safe or was he contemplating __becoming Hitler's GAULETIER for America or better yet, his QUISLING ?????____And as to the destructive foreign policy, allow me to say that, if wars such as the__Iraqi and Taliban wars would have been fought the way WWII was, they would __have been over in weeks and if anyone wants proof, wasn't the war with Japan shortened and saved uncountable lives and destruction on both sides if not the__dropping of the A bomb on Horoshima and Nagasaki ????__But of course, under President PAUL, GOD only knows what would have happened…__I only hope and pray the RNC doesn't get the same HOOF IN MOUTH it got with__McCain…__AMEN

  • Joshua

    Im worry about Ron. Ron, dont go hunting with Dick Chaney. I don't want him to accidentally point a shot gun at you and pull the trigger.

    • josh

      I' worried. ^ :D

  • jacob

    To all those morons ranting and raving about USA involvement with ISRAEL…

    Would any of you please tell me when in the hell has an American soldier
    shed one drop of SWEAT, let alone of BLOOD for ISRAEL ???

    Why don't you rant and rave about the billions given to PAKISTAN, EGYPT,
    JORDAN, etc,. and there is nothing there to show for all those billions.??

    Most of the financial help good old USA gives Israel is in the form of LOAN
    GUARANTEES which, contrary to SOLYANDRA's, has the string attached
    it repaid by Israel

    • josh

      Are you Jewish?


      drop of SWEAT, let alone of BLOOD for ISRAEL ???

      Friday, 7 February, 2003, 12:59 GMT Israel warns of Iraq war ‘earthquake’
      The head of the Israeli army has warned of an “earthquake, which will reshape” the Middle East if America goes to war with Iraq.

      Lieutenant-General Moshe Yaalon told an Israeli newspaper that while he expected America to launch a strike, he was more concerned about attacks by Palestinian militants than any danger posed to Israel by Iraq.

  • Brujo Blanco

    It is hard to believe Ron Paul is a member of the Republican Party. It is obvious that if he gets into the driver’s seat Iran will get nuclear weapons and the Jews not only in Israel but all over the mid east had better run for their lives. I also believe he would degrade the military to the point that we would not be in a position to defend ourselves from anyone. I am very concerned regarding his positions on Jews. We do not need an anti American president.

    • Josh

      The Jews have made the bed they sleep in. Every sovereign nation has the right to pursue nuclear power. Besides, that's between Israel and Iran. It would probably work better if they both stopped talking about how they want to destroy each other, and start talking about how they can benefit from each other.

  • ukant

    What world have you been living in ?.. Find another job !!

  • Cynic

    Sadly some of the comments here are making the case for the person who commented in a Czech paper in March of this year:

    ” The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him
    with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency
    than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to
    have such a man for their president. “

  • Josh

    I dont think Ron Paul is a Racist, I think he just doesn't think we should support Israel. If Israel could play nice, and stop all this talk about preemptive strikes on Iran. Maybe Israel wouldn't have so much to worry about.

    • Ennis

      "If Israel could play nice, and stop all this talk about preemptive strikes on Iran. Maybe Israel wouldn't have so much to worry about."

      I'm sorry? Last I check the Iranians are the ones who have repeatly called for the destruction of Israel, ,they say the united states is a satanic power,they been caught sponsoring death squadsand they've to the Un about their nuclear program. Who is looking for a war here?

      • JasonPappas


        Let me add: Iran has repeatedly attacked Israel through its proxies. What has Israel ever done to Iran? Clearly, Iran is the aggressor.

      • Ennis

        Edit: they've lied to the EU about their nuclear program


      Yeah, maybe Israel should roll over and play dead.

  • Maxwell

    Dude…you're obtuse. 911 boils down to this…Tom gives guns to Jill. Jill uses guns to forces Bob out of his house. Bob drives over to Toms house and punches him in the face and telss Tom exactly why, "Tom you gave gund to Jill and she stole my house! Stop giving guns to Jill!" What's Tom's retort? "You hate my freedom!" Get your head out of the sand Joseph and stop drinking the coolaid.

    • Ennis

      Wow, I don't really know what to say to that. First off, you're saying Israel would never have guns if it weren't for the US? Second You forgot to mention that Bob was using his house to harbor terrorists and as a means for smuggling in weapons through the tunnel has has under his house.
      Also none of the 9/11 hijackers were Palestinians, as a matter of fact not many members of Al qaeda are Palestinian at all.

  • crypticguise

    The picture of the female Ron Paul supporter in this article:

    looks a lot like the MSO female leader that David Horowitz "outed" in California in this video:

    Is it possible that sleuth Muslim Brotherhood Muslims are supporint Ron Paul? Just asking. If you compare the pictures of the two young woman you'll be astounded that they look like twins except the one in NH has a pink wig and the MSO leader in CA has her Palestinian "schmata" on.

  • colhghtsva

    Speaking of empirical behavior! I know an enlisted man who is personal chef to an Admiral in Italy. One must wonder whether there are enlisted personal maids, butlers, gardners, bartenders, handymen, etc. The Romans (of the empire) would be envious.
    The practice of the brass using enlisted personnel as personal servants must stop. It is a blatant and offensive waste of taxpayers' money. All Americans should contact (as I have) the President and their Congress persons, and encourage all of their acquaintances to voice their opposition as well.