Syria Guns Down Palestinians

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Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi said earlier this week that it is “the duty of all Muslims to help stabilise Syria against the destructive plots of America and Israel.” He is echoing the opinion of Iran’s supreme ruler Ayatolla Khamenei, who considers himself to be the representative of Allah on earth and the deputy of the last Islamic messiah, Imam Mahdi. Khamenei declared last spring that the protesters in Syria were “God’s enemies.”

The thugs running Iran have carried out their “Muslim duty” by intervening on the side of their Syrian ally, President Bashar al-Assad, against “God’s enemies.” They have deployed snipers in Syria, for example, to support Assad’s brutal crackdown against protesters, according to a former member of the regime’s secret police. They have sent Assad’s regime arms, riot control equipment, intelligence monitoring technical support, oil and personnel assistance from the Iranian Republican Guard. Khamenei is also reported to have ordered the transfer of $9 billion in unconditional aid to prop up Assad’s regime.

In addition, Iran agreed to fund a new multimillion-dollar military base at Latakia airport on the Syrian coast. As reported by the Telegraph:

Teams of Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers are to be stationed at Latakia on a permanent basis where they will co-ordinate the arms shipments with officials from Syria’s Mukhabarat intelligence service.

The arms are said to include machine guns, rockets and medium-range missiles.

Now it turns out that the Iranian regime, which professes to be the Palestinians’ biggest supporter, has been helping a dictator who is not only brutalizing his own citizens, but also the Palestinian refugees living in Syria in a camp not too far from where the new Iranian-funded military base will be located.

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a Palestinian refugee camp near Latakia had been shelled from the sea. Several people were killed and thousands of Palestinian refugees fled or were forced to leave their living quarters. This was no accident. There was firing directly into the refugee camp. The Syrian authorities have to date refused the UN agency access to the camp where it is feared that wounded and elderly residents are stranded.

“The situation is very bad,” Christopher Gunness, spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency, said. “We have a handful of confirmed deaths and nearly 20 injured…There are more than 10,000 residents of the camp, and half of them left out of fear of incoming fire from the land and sea. We don’t know where they are, and we’re the ones responsible for them. We’re just desperately trying to find out where everyone is.”

The Syrian security forces have reportedly herded thousands of Syrians and Palestinian refugees into a stadium and taken away their identification cards and cell phones. Based on what Syrian forces have done in previous city stadium round-ups, executions are expected.

The Syrians have hypocritically used the United Nations to excoriate Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people. So have the Iranians.

For example, in explaining its vote last November on an anti-Israeli draft resolution, the Syrian representative declared that Israel must be compelled to put “an end to violating the human rights of the Palestinian people systematically and its excessive use of force… Syria will never accept that murder triumph over justice and law.”

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  • esperantominoria

    Double Standards again.It is only when Israelis kill violent Muslims that there is widespread outrage by Leftists.Yes,Leftists have protested but not much,they are rather indifferent.
    See this documentary about Liberals and Leftists who condemn the Double Standards of the Left regarding Israeland Palestinian Terrorists

  • Chezwick_mac

    How interesting…Iran imports Arabs (Lebanese and Syrian Hezbollah) to do the dirty work of shooting down Iranian demonstrators in the streets of Tehran…and then Syria imports Iranians to shoot down Arab demonstrators in the streets of Syrian cities. Mutual cooperation, Islamic style.


    When i write this i'm speaking for the rest of the planet that is not muslim and never will be .
    We read with real sadness in our hearts everyday about muslims killing muslims in small numbers.
    We are waiting for the day when they start hitting the million plus figure on a regular daily basis.
    What can we do to help them reach those daily millions of muslims killed by muslims targets?
    Shall we give them more ammo or more money ?
    Shall we print more evil korans and evil khomeini's evil green book in dirty arabic and in English and whatever language they prefer just so that muslims can kill each other more and more ?
    When will these sweet daydreams of the rest of the planet that wants to live in peace on a muslim free planet come to be real?
    When will we read the good news that all muslims have wiped themselves out in their sweet bloodlust and all the arabs are gone too ..
    Oh….when will iran bomb saudi arabia and the rest of the middle east so that it can bask in the afterglow of the 12th MADDY that they're all waiting for ?
    Oh to hear the elusive good news on a daily basis .

  • Tziona

    Nu, come on, don't you know the deaths of Palestinians only matter when Da Jooz did it!

  • Flipside

    Headline should read “Israel Overjoyed Someone Else Has Killed Some Palestinians.”

    • stern

      Yup Flip, I know you wrote that flippantly, but y'know what? It's not far from the truth. Won't be long before the NY Times or some other mass media marvel comes up with something very similar to this.

    • stern

      Meant to add: even when the Jooz have nothing to do with Palestinian deaths, somebody like Flip the flop will find a way to blame them.

      • Flipside

        No. I don’t think that killing people is a good thing or that Israel is responsible for atrocities other than its own. Israel has been trying to destabilize Syria though.

        • ziontruth

          "Israel has been trying to destabilize Syria though."

          We have also planted microscopic cameras into your morning cereals, but don't tell anybody, that's a secret.

          /do i really need that tag?

          • Flipside
          • MixMChess

            Of course all the protesting Syrians are paid Zionist agents. I understand they are being compensated nicely with dividend checks from the Learned Elders. Syria isn't a corrupt regime that horribly oppresses human rights – Israeli propaganda is just making it seem that way.

          • Flipside

            Syria IS a corrupt regime that horribly oppresses human rights. Nevertheless, it is a fact that for reasons other than that Israel is trying to destabilize the country. Same in Eritrea. Same in Sudan.

          • MixMChess

            Yawn, more finger pointing at Israel.

            Syria has been at perpetual war with Israel. The Assad regime has threatened Israel and horribly oppresses human rights. Why wouldn't Israel try to take Assad out of power?

            Israel has had relations with Eritrea ever since they gained independence, "despite protests among Arab countries." Relations are close and Israel has no reason to destabilize the country. Israel has been trying to work with Eritrea to put down Palestinian linked Jihadist terrorists in that country.

            In Sudan Israel is trying to stop genocide and slavery inflicted by the Arabs against the non-Arabs in the south. The N Sudanese government has aligned itself with terrorists entities such as Hamas and Al Qaeda. Every moral person should be opposed to the Sudanese genocide.

            Keep playing the blame game…

          • Flipside

            Right. Israel is not the evil country. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, France and Norway are the evil countries.

          • MixMChess

            "Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, France and Norway are the evil countries."

            All of them except for the last two are pretty evil. You're getting better at this game.

    • ziontruth

      No, headline should read, "World Media Proves Faux-Palestinian Cause Is About Nothing But Delegitimizing Israel."

      For the sake of those deluded enough to have bought into the idea that it's about self-determination for some nation. They're not a nation but part of a nation that already has self-determination way beyond what a nation deserves (the Arab nation), and it's about taking away the self-determination of the Jewish nation.

      But I don't expect Flippy to understand that. He got flipped on the side of his head long ago and hasn't been able to think straight ever since.

      • Flipside

        I understand perfectly well that the Ben Gurion Periphery Strategy has failed and Israel is more afraid than ever of Pan-Arabism.

        • MixMChess

          Pan-Arabism doesn't even exist, the Arab dictators are all in it for themselves. Of course, Israel has long been a handy target to rally the people no matter which way they go.

          • Flipside

            A lot of things seem to "not exist" when talking to a Zionist. Whole peoples don't even exist. I have a question: International disgust with Israel, does it exist or not? According to Aaron Klein, even the President is disgusted with Israel. Even half of American Jews are disgusted with Israel, and that's a quarter of all Jews in the world.

          • MixMChess

            "Even half of American Jews are disgusted with Israel, and that's a quarter of all Jews in the world."

            Wrong, an AJC report confirms that over 74% of Jews strongly support Israel and over 94% support Israel's right to exist. Nice try though.

            An even better question is, Palestinian xenophobia and hatred, does it exist or not?

    • MixMChess

      Why would Israel be overjoyed when Israel is responsible for the exponential growth of the Palestinian population? Sorry, the facts prove your logic bunk. :-(

      • Flipside

        Do you really think anyone believes Israel is successfully cultivating a crop of Palestinians or growing them like an investment?

        • MixMChess

          Um, in Gaza, the Palestinian population increased from 731,000 in July 1994 to 1,324,991 in 2004, an increase over 80%. The Palestinian growth rate in Gaza was 3.8%, one of the highest in the world. This is a direct result of improvements in income and health services made by Israel.

  • davarino

    You were waiting for proof of the double standard? Well here it is, plain and simple.

  • Mark Rogers

    The news that the Iranians are supplying the Syrians and that this is to be consolidated at the airbase of Latakia, which is on the coast, puts the ruling Egyptian Military Council's decision to allow two Iranian warships passage through the Suez Canal, en route to join the Syrian navey, all the more disturbing: Mubarak consistently denied the Iranian navy passage in the Canal.

  • Cynic

    Why do people ask what the UN or their idiotic politicians do or say about Syria when the media has basically been unspoken on the killings there?
    Why isn’t the media screaming its head off about the “human rights” abuses etc?
    Syrians killing Palestinians isn’t news in the bigoted hypocritical world of Journalism and politics.

  • scum

    Joseph Klein hasn't read the news lately. There's been global concern about Syria's slaughter of innocents. The U.S. has now officially urged Al-Assad to 'retire' and is implementing a fairly tough series of sanctions. Of course, Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place: When he 'gets tough' on civilian massacres, as in Tripoli, he's quickly attacked by the RIght and FPM in particular. No doubt if he gets tougher on Syria, you'll see posts here attacking him once again. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

    • ziontruth

      "When he 'gets tough' on civilian massacres, as in Tripoli, he's quickly attacked by the RIght and FPM in particular. No doubt if he gets tougher on Syria, you'll see posts here attacking him once again. Hypocrisy reigns supreme."

      Not hypocrisy, just the recognition that, as far as any country with a Muslim majority is concerned, there's no chance for improvement. You get to pick your poison in a choice between brutal, repressive semi-secular dictators and equally brutal and repressive Islamic theocrats.

      After the fall to Islamic darkness of what used to be the Muslim world's best hope for modernity and moderation, Turkey, I now hold that no good could ever come from the Muslim world. They bring the desert with them, both spiritually and then later physically, wherever they come to reside. Their hell-hole states serve to advance not any facet of human progress, but only the imperialistic agenda of jihad.

      • Flipside

        You’re funny. You can tell which Zionists are Communists by how they talk.

  • T.P. Munrab

    I'm organizing a flotilla to Latakia, Syria, leaving from Izmir, Turkey in two days.
    All donations in support should be directed to Front Page Magazine.

  • Ghostwriter

    Gee,what a suprise!! Iran and Syria killing Palestinians. Maybe if Assad and his pals in Iran were gone,the Middle East might actually have some peace.

  • steven l

    Muslims and the rest of humanity live in different worlds.
    We on Earth until we die. They (Muslims) as soon as possible in Heaven with the virgins.

    This is a fundamental paradox!

  • Flipside

    No, I am saddened that Israel thinks more atrocity justifies their atrocity.

  • MixMChess

    Israel has never inflicted any "atrocity." Its too bad that you try to defend terrorist murderers and troll on every thread to attack tiny little Israel. I guess its a slow day in the Aryan Nations compound?

  • Flipside

    Oh yes. Bulldozing a entire section of the world and its inhabitants. Nothing atrocious about that. An 8 to 1 kill ratio is not an atrocity. It is a sign of Israel's poor tininess.

  • MixMChess

    "Bulldozing a entire section of the world and its inhabitants."

    Israel only bulldozes terrorist smuggling tunnels and the homes of terrorists. I wasn't aware that it was considered atrocious to prevent murder and punish terrorists.

    "An 8 to 1 kill ratio is not an atrocity."

    The Israeli army has one of the strictest rules of engagement of any country in the world and does NOT target civilians. Which side has more casualties has NOTHING to do with who initiates and perpetuates the violence. More Palestinians than Israelis have been killed largely because Israel has managed to thwart most Palestinian terrorist attacks. If Israel reduced its vigilance and its anti-terrorism tactics, Israeli casualties WOULD FAR SURPASS those of Palestinians. The fact that the Palestinian Authority and terrorist groups have not succeeded in killing more Israelis does not mean they have not consistently tried to do so. For example, there were over 30,000 attempted terrorist attacks in the first three years of the Intifada ALONE.

    Look no further than the statistics from the 2009 Gaza War. Even according to the anti-Israel UN, over 85% of the Palestinian casualties were Hamas operatives. Israel did more than any other Western democracy has ever done to keep the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths low.

    For example, during NATO’s two-month military operation in Kosovo in 1999, over 67% of fatalities were civilians. No NATO forces were killed and NATO deemed the operation a great success.