The Ground Zero Mosque: Moving Forward

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One way to manifest Islamic supremacy over all other religions, especially Christianity, is by ensuring that its leading mosque in a neighborhood is larger and taller than any churches in the vicinity. Not only will the PrayerSpace mosque dwarf any churches or synagogues in lower Manhattan. It will rival the Catholic Church’s pre-eminent symbol in the United States.

The pitchmen for the mega-mosque complex are trying to transform the narrative regarding their wisdom and sensitivity in putting up their mega-mosque complex in this particular location to what they like to call a “teachable moment” on religious freedom and non-discrimination. For example, a package for use in schools prepared by the Morningside Center for Social Responsibility, entitled “Controversy over the NYC Muslim Community Center  & the 9/11 experience,” provides “public announcement” videos for students to watch that were produced by the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

One such video is called “We Have More in Common Than You Think.” It uses the Golden Rule as an example of what Islam, Christianity and Judaism purportedly have in common, and it solemnly declares that “If we don’t have our rights, you don’t have your rights.” This is dishonest in two respects.

First of all, CAIR believes in neither the Golden Rule nor equal rights of all religions. Its public spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper has been quoted as saying that he would like to promote the idea of a future Islamic government in the United States – not violently mind you, but “through education.” In 2003 Hooper stated that if Muslims ever become a majority in the United States, they will likely seek to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, which they deem superior to man-made law.

Secondly, opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque are not seeking to restrict Muslim-Americans’ right to build mosques and to pray freely there, or to take away any other rights that other Americans enjoy. We believe strongly in religious pluralism, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. But we don’t believe that tolerance or accommodation is a one-way street. With rights come responsibilities.

New York City has close to 130 mosques, two of which already exist several blocks from Ground Zero. But not in the location where one of the hijacked plane’s landing-gear assembly crashed through the roof.  And not within 350 feet of where human remains were found. Yet that is where the Ground Zero Mosque or PrayerSpace will be built.

We are simply asking Sharif El-Gamal and his cohorts to empathize with the suffering of families and friends who lost loved ones on 9/11 and with the feelings of those who survived the horrors of that day.  Do the project sponsors really believe that seeking federal money meant to help rebuild lower Manhattan after 9/11 is appropriate for use on a Muslim-centric entity controlled by a Muslim-majority board and which will adjoin, and be under common control with, a mosque that is slated to match or exceed the capacity of the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York? Is there no other site in lower Manhattan that could accommodate PrayerSpace and the Park51 community center?

Instead of trying to outdo the capacity of St. Patrick’s Cathedral so near the hallowed Ground Zero site, the Ground Zero Mosque sponsors should emulate what the Catholic Church decided to do when objections were raised to the building of a convent adjacent to the walls of Auschwitz. They followed the Golden Rule and moved it.

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  • Ellen

    If you are in agreement with allowing the mosque to be built, watch the 9-11 videos. Enough said.

    • affdgaserg

      Because the 19 muslims that perpetrated 9/11 are exactly like the other 1.6 billion muslims

      • JeremySB

        Because putting a Muslim building where Muslims killed Americans is a bit like gloating.

    • oldtimer

      And they have the nerve to apply for a government grant(taxpayer money) to accomplish this.

    • julienne

      If you are in agreement that Muslims did it, call the muslim families who lost their relatives in the attack. If you are in agreement with saying Muslims did it, perhaps you should watch your own conspiracy videos, or tune into x-files reruns where such an attack is predicted by your own movie industry.

  • asdf

    We have to tackle the problem from the roots. Which is spread reason, logic and science and push back on stupid religions like islam.

    • al Kidya


      I am totally inagreement with your statement, however, Islamists have their own version of science based on Mohammad's "stupid" and superstitious resoning in the Qur'an, aHadith, and Sunnah so it is near impossible to change a Muslim's mind with reason and logic.

      • myomy

        you're right. And during WWII Japanese imperailsm was also fanatical and the only way we changed their minds was decided by a strong leader, Harry Truman. And he was right. He changed their minds in one week. Once he showed them what was going to happen to their entire country if they didn't change by demonstrating in real time what we were prepared to do to them, they go t the message. The dogmatic based ignorance of the muslim people will only be changed the same way. Once they are convinced that the world is so fed up with them that they will be exterminated they will change. That's the only way to win a war today and it needs to be done. Starting with Mecca would send a strong message.

  • Larry

    Plain and simple the Mosque doesn't belong there. Whatever their reasons Muslim's are responsible for the death of 3000 innocent people on 9/11. Pretty soon our Muslim community will want to build a monument memorial in Washington for their brothers who died committing this and other atrocities in the name of Allah.

    • julienne

      Firstly, MUSLIMS ALSO DIED in that horrific attack! There were MUSLIMS at work that day, it wasn't muslims who were forwarned! You sound extremely ignorant. You should take a look at what you guys are doing in Afghanistan if you think the WTC attacks are bad (which indeed they were)

  • Flipside

    When The David Project and slumlords Anna Kolodner and Monty Gold tried to force the Boston Redevelopment Authority to prevent a mosque from being built in Roxbury, they failed. This is not a new thing, corrupt Jews using a combination of media stunts, the Kehillath and real estate cartels to prevent the construction of non-synagogues. This effort to prevent freedom of worship in NYC will probably fail just as miserably.

    • Ken

      You know, if you are prejudiced against Jewish people, have the guts to say so!!

      • Jennah

        Well many people in the usa, dont like muslims. And if osama bin laden did iy why are people so ignorant and blame the entire muslim societcy? What if ur religion had a terriost attack how would u feel if everyone in the usa didnt like u? U would feel depressed!

    • StephenD

      Curious that you haven't noted for us that the Roxbury Mosque was investigated by the FBI as the home of Terror Conspirators. Would this have been too "insensitive?"

      • Flipside

        Organizations are investigated for things every day. The ADL was investigated for keeping dossiers on American citizens. The FBI investigated AIPAC for espionage. The New Square, NY Yeshiva was investigated for embezzling funds from the Pell Grant. The president of the Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic was investigated for human trafficking. Really. I didn't think it was relevant to point out that religion is corrupt. I thought that was known.

        • StephenD

          The problem with your rant is…the FBI was right. The Roxbury Mosque was housing terrorist supporting folks all along.

          • Flipside

            So was the Continental Congress. If Jews are allowed a church, then so are Muslims. Period. First Amendment. That's life in a free republic.

  • Pat

    Excellent article as always Mr. Klein. Thank you for all that you and Front Page do.
    Pat/Freedom Radio

  • mgoldberg

    And the last statement, about removing it because muslims should follow the Golden Rule, like Christians did at Aushwitz is the key: Muslims have no such golden rule. Their's is a dual system: one set of ethics for muslims and another for 'all others'. The fact that it is their fervent wish to plant as large a mosque as they can in an area that was destroyed by muslims ought to give a clue. These immoral phony developers, insurance fraudsters, slumlords, haven't even been vetted by any normal standards which would have thrown out their plans before they even got off the ground. But using the 'racism' fears that are the rage of political correctness-now reassembled as 'Islamophobia'- these people aren't even vetted lest the ghost of 'racism' be whispered- and of course as the politicians bloviate about tolerance and such being the ultimate goal.
    And so, since there is no such 'golden rule' coming out of these proceeding- pardon the coarseness of the comparison, but it's more a golden shower, which is the muslims crapping on the City, on the US, with the aide and comfort of all the politically correct to bathe in the lies to show how mucho good they really are.

    And the Church that was there for 90 yrs? It can't get rebuilt because it's a bit too big- even though it's less than half the size of the muslim mostrocity that they're peddling.

    • Raymond in DC

      Exactly so. Christians have Jesus' "Do unto others" maxim. Jews have Hillel's "That which is hateful to your neighbors" maxim. Muslims have nothing comparable. Instead of the Judeo-Christian notion of man being created "in the image of God", Islam assumes we are all "born Muslim", but most are lead astray and should "revert" to the true faith. Everything is linked to the distinction between "believers" and non-believers. And charity? That's only intended for believers.

      • julienne

        You need to be educated… I know of Muslim charities that proivide for everyone, not just muslims. In case you didn't know, Jews think that theirs is the only saved race and everyone else is going to hell. Christians largely believe that if you don't accept Jesus as Lord, you will burn in hell. Muslims believe that yes muslims will ultimately be saved, but God only knows what will happen to individuals. And in the Prophets example he cared for those who were Jew Christian, and Pagan. Islam is built around building the community regardless. And there is punishment in the hereafter for those who mistreat others full stop.

        See all these gossip columns you read, backbiting stars, well thats not permitted in Islam, neither is leaving your neighbour hungry or in need regardless of religion. The majority of what you see on TV isn't true. So perhaps you should educate yourself using different means. You can ask me if you like.

        • FedUp

          If what you say is true of islam, then why are there people in the middle east, in all muslim counties mind you, can barely feed themselves? That's because once the objective of converting everyone to islam is met then the ruling muslims can do whatever the hell they want to the people and all they have to say is allah said so. And the first thing they do in the name of that allah is to take away freedoms of any kind and to completely prohibit free thought. I can't say this will never happen to the America, because it will if we continue on the path we are on; where we're afraid to offend muslims and islam. But I can tell you that as long as there's breath in me and people like me, we will fight against it.

        • FedUp

          The only thing you're right about is that what Americans see on TV about islam is not true. That's because they are presented with skewed information meant to present islam in the best light they could. The media is terrified of offending. The truth about islam is actually more terrifying then what is being presented to the public. One needs only to have a fifth grade education in order to be able to read the islamic books and see the fallacies, hate, and intolerance it spews page after page. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! If you want to believe in that non-sense, fine, but leave the rest of us alone to believe what we want to believe. A true God would know what's in everyone's heart and doesn't need you to be the judge on his behalf. LET GOD JUDGE, He doesn't need your help.

    • julienne

      'their fervent wish to plant as large a mosque as they can in an area that was destroyed by muslims ought to give a clue'.

      I'm sorry perhaps I didn't quite understand, WHICH Muslims destroyed the WTC's? Would that be American, pakistani, chinese, west indian, british, egyptian, slovakian or russian muslims?

      Its like saying all the americans raped innocent women, men and children in afghanistan. It's like saying all americans hung blacks from trees, its like saying all americans support the Israeli war. I doubt you were at any of these crime scenes committed by YOUR government. Or were you?

  • BS77

    Read LONDONISTAN by Melanie Phillips. Read Infidel and Nomad by Hirsi Ali…..and read Brigitte Gabrielle's books . Get educated.

  • H. Carman

    Regular citizens have no idea on what is really going on, sharia finance ……what is that? Educating our friends is the most important thing we can do, sometimes it seems like a lost cause by the time they all wake up it will be to late.,

  • Phantom II

    Thanks for the info, Mr. Klein. I hope you will follow up with a list of Architects, contractors, material suppliers, unions, trucking companies, politicians, lawyers,etc. who will facilitate this crime. This will help us select Patriotic companies for our own projects.

  • jacob

    What makes me laugh is the blatant stupidity of most of the people into following
    the moronic dictums of "political correctness"…

    I want any of the readers of FRONTPAGE to tell me, whether he/her considers
    'MODERATES" the Muslims who, in the streets of QUEENS, New York on 9/11,
    were dancing and giving out candies while people were jumping to their deaths
    from the WTC windows….

    And if they still see nothing wrong with allowing this monstrosity to take place, as
    does the piece of work of New Yorks mayor and his ilk, then I will rest my case…

    I know what I would do if, GOD forbid, a relative of mine would have perished in
    the 9/11 horror but then again, a single tree doesn't make a forest…..


    • julienne

      Oh really you know what you would do? Then perhaps you could share with the MUSLIM families who DID lose their realtives in the 9/11 attack. It wasn't the majority of muslims who were off work that day.

  • john in cheshire

    I have a genuine question : did mohammad ever exist. I'm sure I read something recently that suggested he didn't. And if that's so, then the koran is also a fake.

    • Greenpen

      I think he existed, but he was no prophet. He was a murderous, lying, woman hating paedophile according to his books.

      • julienne

        What a horrible thing to say about someone you don't even really understand. Funnily enough it sounds a bit like the majority of your politicians. Perhaps you have the descriptions mixed up.

    • julie

      Are you serious? Did he exist? This isn't a real question.

    • jake

      i read something recently that suggested jesus never actually existed… does that mean the bible is fake

  • Marty

    islamic supremacists lack any conscience or sensitivity. This isn't surprising, but we need to resist our incorporation into dhimmitude. Europe is already being destroyed by "no go" zones to prohibit non-muslims from traveling though neighborhoods in their own cities. Any mosque becomes essentially an enclave of shariah law and an imam funded by and trained in saudi arabia to rant about the requirement to destroy democracy and reduce resisting non-muslims (who aren't slaughtered) to slavery. The propsoed islamic center in New York City will simply be one more testimony to our mistaken regime of toleration. One Surpreme Court justice pointed out many years ago that the Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact. We do have the constitutional and moral obligation to resist the evil that is islam.

    • julianne

      You also have a moral responsibility to get out of Muslim countries that you have raped with war for years. WTC attack wasn't right, but I wonder who attacked it? You can carry on resisting, in fact you should drive down there a protest with your middle eastern oil. Hypocrite

  • Moishe Pupick

    M., 08/29/11 common era

    Mayor Bloomberg is a major useful idiot for the forces of jihad. Doesn't he know (or care) that as a Jew, he is reviled in the Koran? Jewish liberals should wake up before it's too late. "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" must stay that way and no longer kowtow to the Moslem Brotherhood, an evil organization that was allied with Nazi Germany. "Never again!" ought to be more than a slogan.

    • julianne

      I don't agree with the brotherhood, but maybe you should check your records. It wasn't so long ago that Bin Laden was working for the CIA, and not so long before that YOUR GOVERNMENT TRAINED THE TALIBAN! Land of the free…yeh right

  • Kyra Nelson

    I just hate these inbred illiterate jew hating child raping thugs and their brainwashed mutilated women in trash bags.

    • Greenpen

      It really bothered me when I saw all those youtube clips of Apache helicopters and gunships mowing down taliban and al queda scum twenty at a time as if they weren't human beings. Now I begin to see these characters as something less than human who want to wipe out everything we in the West stand for. Every one killed is now one less to worry about when the time comes. That probably sounds harsh but it's how they have made people with their evil prophet and his disgusting book of lies and hate.

    • jake

      I love being able to believe something without knowing absolutely anything about it, i mean facts just really get in the way of my opinion.

  • George

    I still want to know why they haven't bought the Con Edison site.

  • Soapy Johnson

    Just wait until the Ground Zero mosque moves, as is being reported. Cortland Street location is surprising to many >>

  • Brujo Blanco

    Give an inch; give a mile. NYC is backing this Mosque at ground zero but will not permit a 100 year old church to repair damage from the actual attack. It this continues we will have Muslim sections of this country that will be no fo zones for non-believers.

  • DeShawn

    This whole argument is crazy. Everyone else in the world who's media isn't jew-controlled knows that Israel did 9/11, not Muslims. Check out for DEFINITIVE proof. Forget the mosques, it's the synagogues we should eb protesting. Wake up, shabbas goys!

    • Greenpen

      Are you a muslim????????????

      • click

        Must someone be a muslim, to not believe your corrupt government

        • Amin

          If you are not a muslim, you need urgent psychiatric assessment.

    • FedUp

      I would say more but my time is more valuable than fighting with an idiot.

  • Ghostwriter

    Actually,DeShawn,far more careful investigators have proven that the nineteen hijackers were Muslim,so please stop with the conspiracy nonsense and your already stupid and tiresome anti-Jewish rants. You're not doing yourself any good here.

    • julianna

      Oh and I suppose the MUSLIMS who died at ground zero who were in the building don't get ANY sympathy no?

  • Honest

    I think it's high time the USA as well as all civilized countries come clean about Islam. This "religion" is an affront to the real Creator in heaven and, should be aggressively confronted by civilized leaders everywhere whether they be politicians, educators, clergy, parents or others in authority. It's pretty strange really, when you think about it, that Islam even exits today. Many of these imans are nothing but monsters to any thinking person. Imagine the nazi like evil and mayhem they spread throughout the world every day, it boggles the mind. Can it even be reformed? Scholars are divided on this, with a large amount agreeing it's too far gone to be reformed. It's a huge job for humanity but we'll never get anywhere unless we start being honest. Perhaps, bit by bit we can persuade Muslims to come to a more mature notion of the divine. All non Islamic countries should be voicing their disgust with this miserable ideology and the sooner the better.

    • chris

      And what about the US and their hideous idea of justice peace etc bla bla bla? When America goes into a country, and trains terrorists to kill, then sells arms to these poorer countries, when they get into deals over oil, and support dictators like mughabe, gaddafi, when they hire so called terrorists like osama bin laden to work for their secret services, when they support the israeli genocide in palestine, when they continue to develop nuclear weapons and then stop everyone else from developing them, when they imprison many innocent muslim men in guantanamo bay, rape them and treat them like dogs, when they lie to their own people, when they support oppression…. how exactly, do you consider them to be more civilised? And why would anyone want their advice? Hypocrite. You have one finger pointing and three pointing back.

  • OffendedAmerican

    Muslims want to take over. Sound racist? Does that offend you? well its true. Oh that's right, freedom of speech isn't for Americans anymore, its reserved for the diverse minority culture, we wouldn't want to offend the people who killed over 3 THOUSAND INNOCENT PEOPLE, THEN BUILT A VICTORY MONUMENT ON THE SPOT OF THE MASSACRE, would we? That would just be INTOLERANT and RACIST. We need to just stop and look at the world in a way that is sane. We got attacked, we were slapped in the face, then we allowed the very people who perpetrated a massacre to piss on their victims' graves. This is absolutely detestable, and if this is how our leaders are going to handle things, then we need new leaders. We are under attack, maybe not with guns blazing, but we are under attack and being challenged none the less. Whats worse, if you recognize this, and speak out, you are painted as intolerant, then ignored, as the attacks barrel on. Our way of life is being challenged and attacked. For god's, AND our sake America, Defend yourself! Think I'm wrong? If I am not mistaken, over 30 terrorist attacks have been stopped since 2001, how many have you heard about? Probably none, like the bomb that was planned to blow in the subways of NYC, under the Hudson. Imagine that devastation. We are actively under attack. We are involved in a holy war that we didn't even know was happening. Watch a movie called "The Third Jihad", it is a real eye opener.