The Truthophobes

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This prominent Islamic scholar also minced no words in discussing the Islamic obligation of  charitable donations  (zakat) and the Islamic prohibition of blasphemy, which are part of Sharia. He characterized charitable donations as  “jihad with money, because God has ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and our money.” As for criticisms of Islam or its prophet, he called for “an international resolution criminalizing any insult to any religion.” (Sources: BBC Panorama, and, respectively.)

These ideas do not seem to match up with the CAP authors’ assertion that Sharia is consistent with “the core values at the heart of America” – at least not the American core values that most of us were brought up to believe.

In sum, Qaradawi’s description of Sharia sounds much closer to the way that Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, one of CAP’s targets for condemnation, has described Sharia in its book “Sharia: The Threat To America”:

[A] “complete way of life” (social, cultural, military, religious, and political), governed from cradle to grave by Islamic law… Shariah is, moreover, a doctrine that mandates the rule of Allah over all aspects of society.

The Center for Security Policy book quoted Qaradawi as a source for its analysis of Sharia, in addition to quoting extensively from the Koran and other primary Islamic texts. The CAP authors avoided any mention of Qaradawi, and did not quote from the Koran or any other primary Islamic texts to support their thesis. Are they prepared to say that Qaradawi is not really a legitimate scholar of Islam venerated in the Muslim world after all? Even worse, do they think that Qaradawi’s views on Sharia are falsehoods, perhaps proving that he is somehow secretly part of the Islamophobic network whom they accuse of making things up about Sharia? Or are they simply hiding the truth, which is what truthophobes do?

The trouble with being a truthophobe is that you always have to worry about whether what you have said in the past will come back to haunt you. One of the authors of “Fear, Inc.” and the CAP Sharia report denying that Sharia had anything to do with political matters is Wajahat Ali. He must have forgotten what he wrote back in January 2009 concerning “political Islamists,” whom he said included the Muslim Brotherhood. Ali cited approvingly Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at Stanford University, who distinguished between “mainstream practicing Muslims” engaging in the political arena, voting like other Americans citizens based on their candidates respective platforms, and “political Islamists” who have “a passionate desire to implement sharia law.” Wajahat Ali went on to say that such political Islamists were not to be lumped together with violent groups such as al-Qaeda.

Whether he realized it or not, Ali was helping to make Frank Gaffney’s point that focusing too much attention on al-Qaeda distracts us from the broader efforts of political Islamists seeking to implement Sharia law through the existing system.

That’s not all. Back in March 2008, Ali interviewed Professor John L. Esposito regarding the results of a global Gallup poll of Muslims to determine their thoughts and attitudes on a wide range of subjects. While commenting on the relatively high education and income levels of “politically radicalized Muslims,” Ali remarked: “Islam must in some way inherently cause or inspire the violence, right?”

After Esposito rejected that theory, Ali nevertheless returned to this theme without ascribing it to any fringe group of so-called Islamophobes: “We see terrorists in Europe, in Latin America, in Asia, yet this overwhelming brand of suicide bombing and terror networking, if you will, runs rampant throughout Muslim regions. Isn’t this more proof of an inherently dangerous religion; that something exists within this religion that causes the violence?”

Perhaps the next report that the Center For American Progress puts out on their specter of a network of Islamophobes should include Ali himself as one of the so-called “validators” referred to in “Fear, Inc.”

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  • Flipside

    Don't lie. This is the real reason you are mad at George Soros: "On Israel, America and Aipac"… It has precious little to do with CAP. CAP is just the frosting. Soros openly suggested that Israel not blow the peace settlement by refusing to deal with the Palestinian unity government in 2007. You all wanted to hold out for a nice big war across the Muslim world. Isn't a psychometric gamble to try to append Zionism to the populist hatred of George Soros? He is listed in discoverthenetworks as a hippie drug radical socialist from Greenwich Village and a pro-Nazi kapo, but really isn't he one of the world's richest Jewish people? Aren't you fueling hatred of Jews, Muslims, Capitalists, and Socialists all at the same time here? That kind of mixed message might make confused Norwegians start killing people again.

    • curmudgeon

      i wasnt able to discern what your rambling diatribe was all about till i looked at your name. oh, yes, the illiterate liar that favors islamic slavery. go away, moron. you are either a vicious murderous muslim, or a fool. either way, noone needs your lies. go away

    • GKC

      A "psychometric gamble"? Hah! Now I've heard it all. God take me.

    • jasonz

      yeah thats why we are mad at soros. the fact that he funds blatent operations to spread his 1 worl rule, or the fact that he worked WITH the nazis against the jews as do muslims, or the fact that he is activly trying to destroy freedom as are muslims…no thats not why we are mad. it must be this racist anti semetic keviv baconing of wyle-e coyote type conspiracies that you think evil jews are doing instead of the blatently obvious and extensivly detailed and documented evidence that proves you wrong

  • aspacia

    The problem is that too many choose violence. Many Christians and Jews cherry pick what they want to follow in their faiths, but the core is they believe in one God. This is also true of many Muslims, albeit 12 million violent Muslims are a threat.

    • Chezwick_mac

      On the contrary. Christians are FREE to cherry-pick what they follow in their faiths…or to interpret their respective holy books figuratively…or to reject their respective faiths outright. A Muslim who openly engages in such freedoms is an apostate, punishable by death.

      The problem is not how Muslims interpret their faith…the problem is the faith itself. Muslims are violent because Islam commands them to be.

      • tanstaafl

        All Muslims are required to wage jihad until the entire world is ruled by sharia law. Sharia law is a code for conquerors to rule an infidel population. Sharia has nothing in common with United States legal codes or law.

      • aspacia

        I am a Deist, and fear Islam, not Christianity and most other faiths, so please understand this is not an excuse nor apology for any faith, especially not Islam.

        Carefully reread the Old Testament, Talmud, Pauline texts, etc.. regarding the punishments it claims should be meted out for certain crimes and the misogyny these books demand. Also,these texts do not outlaw slavery, but secular law has. Oh, yes, the Talmud created so many rules regarding slavery the saying: "To purchase a slave is to purchase a master."

        Remember, Christianity and Judaism have reformed.

        • GKC

          How cd. the texts outlaw slavery given the position the Christians were in at the time the texts were written? Men needed reform, and the secular law followed, The koranic texts will not be the source of any reform. It (reform) must come in spite of Koran, Hadiths, etc. , for it will not come because of them.

          • aspacia

            Reread the texts. Even Jesus sidestepped the slavery issue.

          • GKC

            Read them in context. Don't read into them based on what they don't say. Jesus seems to have side-stepped global warming and population control, too.

          • aspacia

            LMFAO, neither the concept of global warming or population control were around during the first century, however slavery was, and Jesus sidestepped the issue, and the sages created numerous rules regarding slavery.

          • GKC

            You'll need first to prove that Jesus or the text*(s) condoned slavery as opposed to indentured servitude. Slavery such as the African type was not allowed in The OT. You are reading into the text what isn't there, thus the cracks about Jesus and global warming, etc.

            Exodus 21:16 And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.

            1Timothy 1:9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient… for menstealers….

    • curmudgeon

      12 million my furry white donkey. they claim to be1.5 billion. thats 1.5 billion foaming at the mouth, murderous, criminal muslims. if you think there is any difference between the "moderate" muslim and the "radical" muslim, you deserve the painful violent death your friends, the "moderate" muslims have planned for you. good luck, fool.

      • aspacia

        Nope, you cite the total number of Muslims, and not all follow all its tenets. Many Muslims drink; some are tolerant. Read Jasser's blog for insight.

        BTW, why do you claim I deserve a painful, violent death when I haven't committed acts of violence? I am a patriotic U.S. citizen.

    • jasonz

      its not that they choose violence, its that the muslim entire belief system is dependant on violence and their superiority. we can be friends with non believers and other faiths. we may disagree but we can still love. islam cvannot and infact must be vigilant to destrouy anything thats different. they said it themselves in the article. islam is not changeable in light of new knowledge or beliefs. it is 1 way or death. therefore you cannot be American and muslim. its impossible.

      • aspacia

        If Christian, you are not to marry a nonChristian. Yes,Christian can be friends with nonChristians,

        My point s that many religious individuals cherry pick the parts of their faith to follow and ignore other parts, just as many Muslims do.

        • GKC

          And when a devout muslim really, I mean really decides to follow the example of the founder of his religion and the sacred text from whom it flowed? Violence by default.

          • aspacia

            True! Jesus was a peaceful man and true Christians try to emulate his peaceful nature. In contrast, Mad Mo was a violent, genocidal sociopathic megalomaniac

  • StephenD

    “’ discussing the Islamic obligation of  charitable donations  (zakat) and the Islamic prohibition of blasphemy, which are part of Sharia. He characterized charitable donations as  ‘jihad with money, because God has ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and our money.’”My understanding is that the first 10% of the Zakat must be specifically designated to go to “the Warriors of Allah”  or the “Mujahideen” I also recall our President making a speech wherein he promised he would do what he could to make it easier for Muslims to pay their “Zakat.” How thoughtfully  accommodating. Of course we know his concern was for the poor, ill and elderly (who may share in the balance of the Zakat ~ AFTER the fighters).

    • Chezwick_mac


      I live in an area of the USA with a large and growing Muslim population. I recently bought a new car. Everywhere I went, the dealerships were dominated by Muslim salesmen. I knew that 10% of their commission would likely go to Zakat, which in turn would go to extremist groups. I wasn't about to indirectly support jihad, so I deliberately sought and chose a dealership in which I was sure to get a non-Muslim salesperson.

      Gotta do the little things…even if they entail a little extra sacrifice.

      • StephenD

        Good for you my friend! Every little bit helps. I wonder if you telling the dealership owner would help persuade them of the error of their ways. I continue to believe that MONEY talks and can persuade even the most tone deaf folks sometime.
        I will not buy Campbell Soup products because they've gone Halal. Just my little contribution to the cause. I understand they have lost 8% of their sales due to this.

      • curmudgeon

        if you were a muslim, you would go shoot those traitors in the guts. but you are not. they still are, and when it is convenient to them, they will execute you. good luck

  • No dhimmi

    Methinks the organization behind this sleazy Islamist propaganda should be called "CRAP," not "CAP."

  • patti

    This is what the Hard Left does not want you to see:
    DOCLEAK: Bloomberg's lie about Faith Leaders and 9/11: Inte…

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh boy. Here we go again. More Islamophobia garbage.

    • Joseph Klein

      Are you saying that Qaradawi is an Islamophobe for the things he has said about Sharia?

    • jasonz

      melissa dont bother. people like ghostwriter dont care about thoes pesky facts. he likes his PC fantasy world because he is too scared to admit the truth. he will celebrate his head in the sand clear up to the point some 'peaceful' muslim decided to cut it off. and he will blame that on the tea party or bush

  • FlyanSosser

    REALITY CHECK: If anyone (even the muslims themselves) on this planet were to ever say anything good about muslims and/or the Islam political movement–they would be LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH. In reality, this is the bottom line.

  • Marty

    cap is a front for "useful idiots" who refuse to recognize the menace and evil of islam. They also will not or cannot understand that islam has been relentlessly trying to destroy western civilization for 1400 years. muslims are currently waging demographic warfare on the democracies in europe and North America since they are at this point in history unable to military conquer. However, the goals are the same and identical to what they have been for more than a millenium: this is a totalitarian ideology and death cult determined to destroy human progress, enslave non-muslims, commit genocidal slaughter against any real or perceived enemies, and plunge humanity into a new dark age from which we may not ever recover.

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