The UN Push for Global Taxes

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Helen Clark, administrator of the United Nations Development Programme


The United Nations launched the 2011 Human Development Report, entitled Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All, with great fanfare on November 2, 2011. Helen Clark, administrator of the largest and perhaps the most unaccountable, ethically-challenged of all UN bureaucratic agencies, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), presided over the ceremonies held in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was joined by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister of Denmark.

The UNDP report follows the customary left-wing approach to most problems, which is the UNDP’s calling card: Bash industry. Redistribute wealth through more taxes. And throw in a dig at Western free-market capitalism for good measure.

In its latest version, the report downplays the importance of economic growth, as reflected in rising national incomes, to the achievement of better living standards. It links much of the world’s ills to “environmental hazards” and “deep inequalities within and among nations.”

To support their conclusions, the authors of the report created out of whole cloth what they call an “Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index,” which is supposed to somehow adjust the UNDP’s more traditional development index measuring economic prosperity, education levels and life expectancy to take account of “internal inequalities in health, education and income.”

The United States, which had ranked #4 (out of 187 countries measured) in the UNDP’s more traditional human development index, dropped to #23 in the “Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index,” behind such economic heavyweights as Slovenia and Iceland.

The UNDP report’s adjusted inequality index is fallacious on at least two counts. It relies on disparate data sources that vary widely in quality and completeness from country to country. Moreover, it is at best a static snapshot in time that ignores the dynamics of economic mobility.

Nevertheless, in order to reduce the static “inequalities” imperfectly measured by the UNDP report’s authors and to promote “social justice within and amongst nations,” the report takes a top-down, wealth redistributionist approach that relies, in part, on global taxes. The report recommends consideration of an international currency trading tax or even broader financial transaction levies “to fund the fight against climate change and extreme poverty.” The report estimates that an international currency tax alone could raise at least $40 billion a year, while a broader tax on all financial transactions could raise a whopping $650 billion a year globally. This grand wealth redistribution scheme “would allow those who benefit most from globalization to help those who benefit least,” the report argues – a variation of Karl Marx’s anthem “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

The idea for a currency tax was first proposed nearly forty years ago by  James Tobin, a Nobel-laureate economist at Yale University, as a way to discourage excessive, short-term speculation in the currency markets. It received little traction until a left-wing transnational group known as The Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens (ATTAC) was founded in Paris, France in 1998 and hijacked the idea as a way to advance its anti-capitalist agenda. Ironically, Tobin himself accused ATTAC of misusing his name and said that he did not share ATTAC’s goals. But it was too late.

Progressive, anti-free trade groups like the AFL-CIO latched on to the tax as a redistributionist mechanism, while United Nations bureaucrats saw it as an independent revenue source to fund expanded UN activities. The UNDP has been pushing some sort of global financial tax for at least twenty years.

More recently, looking for ways to spread the pain they are feeling during the current European financial crisis, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have rallied around the idea of a financial transaction tax. They hoped to make the tax a major topic of discussion at the G20 summit of advanced economies in Cannes on November 3-4, but those plans were derailed by the mess in Greece.

Progressives in the United States are also pushing hard for a global financial transaction tax. One prominent example is Jeffrey D. Sachs, a Columbia University economist who is a special advisor to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and works with the UNDP on the United Nations’ massive global wealth redistribution program known as the Millennium Development Goals. Sachs is urging President Obama to accept and impose a financial transaction tax (FTT). Sachs links the tax to the sentiments behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, which he resoundingly supports:

If President Obama is true to his recent words sympathizing with Occupy Wall Street, he will join Sarkozy and Merkel in supporting the FTT… We keep hoping that Wall Street impunity will finally be ended. Mr. President, this week is your chance to make good on your word. Adopt the FTT at the G20 meeting and bring the fight back to Congress. The American people will support you in the fight to restore democracy for the 99 percent.

Not surprisingly, the United Nations Development Programme agency boss, Helen Clark, is fully on board with instituting a global tax on financial transactions. “A Financial Transaction Tax, for example, now supported in principle by several G20 members, has the potential to raise considerable revenue,” she told a sympathetic audience at the Second World Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation.

“A currency transaction tax has been identified as the most viable of all the sources of innovative financing,” Clark said as she presented the 2011 Human Development Report in Copenhagen.

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  • mrbean

    Ohh yes now a global looting of private wealth for the one worlder elitests.

  • Ken

    Pull ALL US funding of the UN now!!!!

  • StephenD

    "The North Korean government is reported to have used its relationship with the UN agency to execute deceptive financial transactions."
    Of course, this is a "one off" and would NEVER happen again! We can rest and be assured that our "transaction fees" would only go to causes that meet the high bench marks of raising the standard of living for people who suffer from disparate wealth distribution, or some such nonsense.
    What wasn't pointed out is the cost to us. Think about it. EVERY transaction you make, ATM withdrawal, Bill payment from your account….EVERYTHING to do with your money will be taxed…AGAIN (most of us already pay a Federal Income Tax before the money gets to our account). There is no better word for this than ROBBERY.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I believe the prevalence of PC multiculturalism which pervades and infects our societies today, along with mass Muslim immigration to the West are all part of a scam being perpetrated behind the scenes by a cabal of gullible useful idiots that are very delusional Leftists and Muslims for the purpose of creating one world governance under the auspices of the UN. If that scam is ever able to reach fruition, the gullible useful idiots that are very delusional Leftists would inevitably be very quickly eradicated by the Muslims, and the world would enter a new draconian Islamic totalitarian Dark Age it may never be able to escape from.



  • 1keith1

    I think I saw this woman in a horror movie! Is that her Halloween costume? She is definitely EVIL!

  • Stephen_Brady

    At the risk … avery real one … of sounding like a Bircher, get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. On this issue, the Birchers are dead-on-target.

  • Frank95054

    The UN ceased to be an effective organization decades ago. What ever happened to the scandals involving the last UN Secretary General? The once grand idea of a place where nations could discuss their differences is a joke. The United States should pull out of the UN and send the bastards packing. Betty yet, relocate the UN to Saudi Arabia! Let the members live under Sharia law for a while. Get a real taste of human rights.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Dracula's mother.

  • Ann

    THAT'S A WOMEN??? Wow—is this unisex time??? get us the hell out of the UN—I am with you Frank send the UN to Egypt,Libya,Saudi Arabia and the list can go on —get them the hell out of the USA today!!!

    • Daisy

      Definition:- The 'UN', or, 'United Nasties', depending which side of the coin you prefer. We, downunder here in NZ, know Auntie Helen real well. As PM for 9 years she was feared by Kiwis from the highest to the most humble. Clearly always aiming to be a very big fish in the UN, 'Clark the shark' is NOT to be taken lightly and is one very shrewd cookie. She is a true master of secrecy & innuendo and has honed her skills to perfection.
      There is only one effective means to increased awareness of UN intentions. – 'UNRESTRICTED INTERNET COMMUNICATION'
      My guess is the UN will move to control this….

  • Ben

    Authoritarian,dictatorship regimes of the multicultural world in the company of western bureaucrats hating capitalism try to impose the new political and economical order on the planet: international legislation,regulation in emission,resources,financial sphear.
    This massive attack on the western freedom must be met accordingly.

  • No Dhimmi Tool

    UN = OIC + tax = JIZYA

    • Beth


  • 080

    So fewer people will transact. That will be pretty bad for New York. But Obama is from Chicago.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    No foreign tax assessment on Americans never………..William

  • Ivan

    Helen Clark had to have walked straight out of a witches covern before that picture.

  • taxpayer

    What will these jackass communists think of next?

  • Clark_is_EVIL

    I say "scrap the UN *now*".
    Dear world – I'm in New Zealand and I want to apologise to you for this "woman" that we have foisted on you. Her government ruled this country for nine long and painful years. The day that she got thrown out was ***truly wonderful***.
    She is ****EVIL.**** You will not believe how nasty, spiteful, manipulative and conniving she is.
    You heard it here, from the horse's mouth from someone who had to put up with this BITCH.

  • Clark_is_EVIL

    ***Everything*** that Clark does has a socialist agenda behind it. Want to know where the money from this would go? Into corrupt African nations.
    This is **exactly** like throwing money at welfare beneficiaries. If you do that, in many cases the money will be spent on cigarettes and booze.
    If Clark gets her way and does *this*, a lot of the money would be siphoned off into dictators' accounts and used to buy drugs or weapons.
    This woman is EVIL.

  • Beth

    "A Better Future for All" – minus the 'islamophobes'. I OBJECT to a single penny going to that racist hypocritical institution. Let that be on my record – forever!

    I didn't vote for any of them – did you? (they appoint themselves).

    I want leaders who will KICK that evil institution out of America – for a better future for all.

  • gurahamu

    "Master Yoda, we have just discovered the identity of the hidden Sith Lord"

  • Paul

    Dear readers, this woman was the Prime Minister of my country , New Zealand, for 9 years.She is indeed a devious lady and certainly has one world government written all over her.
    We are in the last days of this AGE.The bible teachs about an antichrist who will arise from a revived Roman Empire.The True Christ was rejected and crucified. This was God's plan to save us.The sinless Man died for sinners.The innocent for the guilty, the righteous for the unrighteous that He paid our debt of sin so we could be set free from sins penalty.JOHN 3:16.Whoever asks The Lord Jesus to save them, will be saved from hell and for GOD.Please call out to Him.Humble yourselves and He will hear you.

  • chris

    People of the world had better be aware of this evil woman. On behalf of all New Zealanders I apologise for her presence at the UN. She was our Prime Minister for nine long years, we finally tossed her out but look where she is now, continuing her socialist controlling and taxing ways at the UN. She firmly believes in "World Government" and is very manipulative, dishonest,and highly controlling doing anything to get her way. During her tenancy as Prime Minister of this country she heavily taxed the population and wasted large sums of money on a socialist programs and creating a new class of beneficiaries.She is anti family and followed this agenda in NZ. Do not under any circumstances allow this horrible" woman" gain any more power.

  • John.

    Lady Helen is a duplicitous, self-serving individual and should not be dismissed out of hand. She believes fervently in everything she does and will push her barrow to the ends of the earth to achieve her ends.
    Let us not forget that she knew full well that she would lose the 2008 election in New Zealand so began her search for another job well before the election was due.
    On getting the UN position she passed the poisoned chalice to a hapless Phil Goff who will also be roundly trounced later this month as was Labour last time around.
    Don't trifle with the lady, she's dynamite!

  • David


    Yes, that is a ‘woman’ – Helen Clark. We had the dubious ‘pleasure’ of her rule here in New Zealand for nine years. She also was the first lesbian (she had a shame marriage and never came out officially) Prime Minister of New Zealand and showed her preferences by pandering to homosexual demands for a liberal stance on the subject.

    What is worse is that she used New Zealand as a stepping stone for her UN aspirations so we had to implement every UN decree regardless of whether we agreed or not.

    May she rot in hell.

  • robert donaldson new zealand

    bravo Ms Clarke in the cycle of civilizations as you are well versed in you will know this present part of the cycle states that it is when nations tax their citizens heavilly that the end of the cycle is very near.
    I say bravo not cynically, but enthusiastically for you are doing as God has asked to speed up hasten the ushering in of the end times.
    I will pray that you will reach out in repentance for the time of your salvation is near.
    He has appointed you for such a time as this.
    God is no respector of persons, we either accept His Son Lord Jesus as our Saviour, or we perish, and are placed into eternal torment.
    May you be blessed as you seek out His truth for your life.