The UN’s International Day of Solidarity Against the Jews

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There is no single issue on which the United Nations expends more time and energy than its advocacy of the Palestinian cause. It dominates the agendas of various UN bodies, supported by American taxpayer dollars, including the UN Human Rights Council, the Division for Palestinian Rights, the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Human Rights Practices Affecting the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories, the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

The UN’s obsession over Palestine has led to the world body’s repudiation of its own original two-state solution, spurned by all of the Arab countries and the Palestinians themselves back in 1947.

Beginning in 1977, the United Nations has sponsored the “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” on November 29th, the date in 1947 when the UN General Assembly approved its Palestine partition resolution. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called November 29th a “day of mourning and a day of grief.” The event takes place every year at UN headquarters in New York and at the UN Offices at Geneva and Vienna and elsewhere.

In other words, every November 29th, the United Nations publicly mourns the passage of its own peaceful solution to the Arab-Jewish dispute, which had called for the establishment of an independent Arab state and independent Jewish state. Every year the UN commiserates over the adoption by the General Assembly of the 1947 partition resolution under which the Palestinians could have been living in their own independent state for the last sixty-four years if the Arabs had only accepted it. Even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has conceded that the Arabs’ rejection of the partition resolution was a big mistake, but the day of mourning and grief over the Palestinians’ self-inflicted wounds go on anyway at the United Nations.

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  • Robert Laity


  • jacob

    And the USA being in such dire straits economically speaking, why doesn't it
    totally defund the UN and let this useless and corrupt body move elsewhere,
    the building and annexes put to better purpose…???

    What would take to make a nationwide campaign to get the USA OUT OF THE

    • Mohammed al-Tebow

      On balance, the UN has done a lot of good, promoting freedom and human rights throughout the world. How many more people are free, since its inception?

      • Choi

        Of course YOU think that.
        Since YOUR ilk CONTROLS the PERVERTED UN of today.
        Guess you must be pretending at being an,"All-American" as you've HIJACKED Tebow's name.
        Why don't you just call yourself Mohammed Bin Taqyiah?

        • Mohammed al-Tebow

          Because I am not a Muslim.

          One is left to wonder whether Tim Tebow would have such a rabid following if he were Mohammed al-Tebow, and gave praise to Al'lah. As I have said elsewhere, my moniker is a form of social commentary.

          Human rights advocates control the UN, and that is a good thing.

          • UCSPanther

            There is so much fail in this comment.

            In case you haven't noticed, the "Human Rights" commission is chaired by the likes of China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and other dictatorships that don't care about human rights as they are defined.

            But then, delusional leftists just refuse to understand the hypocrisy they are supporting.

      • New Yorker

        Overall, the UN has done incalculable damage to the cause of freedom and human rights throughout the world for it is a despicably corrupt organization; it blocks action when it's most needed, promotes hatred and has become the source of such vitriol that it indirectly precipitates violent conflicts in parts of the world.

        • Mohammed al-Tebow

          Nonsense on steroids. Sure, there is some corruption in the UN, though it is nowhere near as prevalent as it is in Washington or in our courts. But on balance, its human rights treaties have accomplished wonders; you people are so obsessed with Israel that you don't see the big picture.

          • UCSPanther

            How do you explain the oil-for-food program, or the mess that Kofi Annan made, or the infestation of hostile dictators in its ranks?

            No wonder Israel has more or less made the UN persona-non-grata in their territory. We should do the same.

  • LibertyIL

    Klein is right. The US needs to stop funding the Palestinian cause as well as the Isreali cause. We all know that wont happen because the US government is in bed with the bankers. And who owns the majority of the banks? Jews. But we need to protect our interests….what a crock. The corrupt bankers are the real terrorists milking the US taxpayers.

    • stern

      As Robert Laity so eloquently says above: A POX ON ANTI-SEMITES.

      (That would be you, Liberty(sic)IL

    • aspacia

      Another ignorant Jew hater slithers out to troll FP. News Flash, not all bankers are Jews, and the number of Jewish bankers is a minority like their 2% U.S. population.

      "In fact the Federal Reserve Bank of New York —the largest and most significant of the Fed’s 12 banks — lists the banks in the Second Federal Reserve District that are members and stockholders in the New York Federal Reserve Bank. With the exception of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the institutions cited by the NARFE newsletter as allegedly owning and controlling the Federal Reserve system ("Rothschild …Lazard Brothers …Israel Moses Seif …Warburg …Lehman Brothers …Kuhn, Loeb …Goldman, Sachs") were not members of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York."

  • StephenD

    Viva Israel! I would love to see it put to a vote. US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. I would bet dollars to donuts that the resolution would pass. What a waste of money and an affront to the truth.
    As to LibertyL, well frankly, there is plenty of information available to show him/her how foolish the statements are so my offering reasons why they are would most probably fall on deaf ears. Suffice it to say, Israel believes in Personal Freedom and Individual Responsibility and is our friend. “Palestinians” do not and are not.

    • Mohammed al-Tebow

      My guess is that such a resolution would fail in a landslide. Even though you have a particular bone to pick, most Americans could care less about your bone.

      • StephenD


        • Mohammed al-Tebow

          If you asked the average American — not extremists on the Right — they would say that the UN has done more good than harm.

          Folks here tend to live in a bubble.

          • UCSPanther

            Sorry moron, but you are the one living in a bubble.

          • StephenD

            Mat, What bone do I have to pick?
            Wait…This is that Dolt Herman "killing Jewish kids is morally legitimate" Caintonette isn't it?
            Yeah, I want NOTHING to do with you. Please don't respond to anything I post. You are persona non grata with me.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    The clash between Islam and the so-called free West is frightingly coming
    closer and closer. I am increasingly convinced that the maya's have made a
    correct prediction about the year 2012. Israel is now daily beeing bombarded
    with rockets paid by us the taxpaying citizens and the terroristic clique from Iran.
    The murderers of innocents who call themselves the moslim brotherhoods,
    gather worldwide for the grand finale confrontation. First with the inhabitants
    of that almost virtually undetectable piece of land called Israel and soon after
    all the dhimmys in the world. How many rockets has Iran aimed at us? 150.000?
    and a lot of them very soon with nuclear goodies from a state of barbarians.
    Are we united to confront them? No not by a long shot. Our present rulers are
    to freightend.China – Russia and N Korea watch from the sideline and lets the
    fighting to us until exaustion and resources stes in then they will grabb the bone
    and hope to rule for a thousand years. I have heard it all before some 70 years
    ago. My father has seen two world wars and now it is mine turn to see two wars.
    With any luck I will see a flash and somthing that resembles solar heat up close
    and I am gone.

  • Mohammed al-Tebow

    Klein: In other words, every November 29th, the United Nations publicly mourns the passage of its own peaceful solution to the Arab-Jewish dispute, which had called for the establishment of an independent Arab state and independent Jewish state.

    In retrospect, it was neither peaceful nor just. Why can't they acknowledge their mistake?

    Propagandists like David Horowitz object to the competition.

    • stern

      Way to miss the point, MAT.

      It was certainly not just to the Jews, who had seen 80% of the land promised to them simply sliced off and handed to the Hashemites (trans Jordan, now Jordan), and then had the remaining 20% divided further, with less than 50% granted to their new state.

      As for the lack of peace, who exactly do you think was responsible for that? The Jews who accepted partition, or the Arabs who launched a war of annihilation?

      • Mohammed al-Tebow

        Given that the West promised that a Jewish state could only be created with the Arabs' express consent (and they did not consent), it is easy to see why they were sufficiently upset to fight.

        Try to see the conflict from the other guy's eyes.

        • New Yorker

          The Arabs would never consent to anything that would not give them the power to trample on the less fortunate. They have a primitive tribal mindset reinforced by their ovewhelming adherence to their bemuddled cult. But there are some in this world who would not agree to be trodden under their stinking foot either. The Arabs' being too greedy and blinded by this greed are conditioned like the mindless animals they are to rush head first into a conflict of their own making and then lose with a bang adding a new insult (and it's not hard to insult a primitive mind) to the pile they have accumulated to date.

          • Mohammed al-Tebow

            New Yorker: The Arabs' being too greedy and blinded by this greed are conditioned like the mindless animals they are to rush head first into a conflict of their own making

            If I were to say that the Jews "were being too greedy and blinded by their greed," I would surely be accused of anti-Semitism. Why shouldn't you be denounced for your racism?

        • aspacia

          That is not true. The Balfour stated that the Arabs would not be discriminated against, and they were not; the Arabs attacked Israel.

          Read the Balfour and avoid Arab misinformation and rewrtting of history.

    • PAthena

      The founding of the land of Israel goes back at least 3500 years when Jacob won the name of Israel – "wrestles with God. The objection that Mohammed al-Tebow has to Israel is solely religious, denying that the land of the Jews should be a Jewish state. Incidentally, calling any Arabs "Palestinians" is an effect of the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization" (P.L.O.) by the haters of Jews, Gamel Nasser, ruler of Egypt, and the Soviet Union in Cairo in 1964. The name "Palestine" was synonymous with "land of the Jews" since the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to "Palestina," after the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. That is why Great Britain was awarded the "Palestine Mandate" after World War I, to be the "homeland of the Jews." Likewise, "Palestinian" was always synonymous with "Jew," until 1964.

  • Alex

    This is not a day of solidarity against the Jews. It's against the Zionist policies and human rights abuses of the current Israeli administration. To portray Jews as perpertators of these abuses by implication is antisemitic. Shame on you.

    • stern

      Gee Alex, who do you think voted in the current israeli administration? Jews, that's who!

      As for "human rights abuses", the Israeli government has a far better record than any other regime in the area, especially when you consider that most of the accusations of abuses are just so much BS – and are almost entirely anti-Semitic.

      • Alex

        Crikey you were quick to answer! Not 'Jews'. SOME Jews. And only those 'some' in Israel. Can't you see the distinction?

        Human rights abuses? A quick glance at youtube should disabuse you of that. I saw this one today. Have a look.

        If you're old enough.

        • stern

          To begin with, save your ad hominen insults. If anything, they demonstrate your own immaturity.

          As for your "evidence", it's called "selective editing". So easy to leave out whatever those folks did first, before the soldiers reacted. I only had time to watch the first event, and all I can say is that if you consider the way this woman was treated to be a "human rights abuse", you're pretty blind to what's happening in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Barhrain etc. etc. . If anything, those soldiers were pretty restrained. The woman was not hit, not beaten, not stripped, not raped. She was handled pretty roughly, but as already noted, we have no idea what happened before the very convenient starting point of this video.

          You're going to have to do a lot better than that.

          • Mohammed al-Tebow

            To begin with, save your ad hominen insults. If anything, they demonstrate your own immaturity.

            And of course, you are never guilty of this failing….

          • Alex

            For 'selective editing' read 'let's make up some nonexistant reason to justify this abuse'

            What has Syria Jordan etc to do with Israel's treatment of it's own citizens? That's irrelevant. We know these regimes are appalling. Does that mean we have to copy that?

            Not stripped, not raped? Oh, That makes it alright then. Try watching the video to the end.

            I totally agree ad hominem insults demonstrate immaturity. That was not my intent. It was simply a poorly thought-out joke on the fact that the url had 'verify age' in it, and for which, I apologise for any unintended offence caused.

          • stern

            Apology accepted.

            To get back to my main point. "Activists" are known to train cameras on incidents just like this one, knowing that the soldiers will be provoked to take action. There's a weekly "demonstration" at the security barrier, where Palestinian villagers are urged to throw stones at soldiers. Of course, we never see that part of the action, only the reaction from the soldiers.

            Fortunately, more and more Israelis are now wielding video cameras of their own, capturing the entire event.

            Unfortunately, you appear to be joining with those who believe that no matter what Israel does to defend herself, no matter what the provocation, it's a "human rights abuse". In pointing to the other regimes in the area, I was trying to say that way too much attention is paid to Israel's imagined "abuses" and not nearly enough to the very real abuses perpetrated by the others. Can you imagine the outcry if Israel acted the way Syria is acting now? The UN would be sitting 24/7, rather than just issuing milquetoast reports and trying unsuccessfully to have sanctions passed.

          • Alex

            Please point me to the complete videos you mention. If the one I refer to is unjustifiably edited I'd like to see the whole thing.

            As for throwing stones. The palestinians are using STONES against one of the most powerful armies in the world!

            I remember recently that the IDF were shooting Syrian/Palestinians on the border because Livni said Israel was under threat from throwing stones. You try throwing a stone 500 meters and see how far you get.

            Technology has changed. Pretty much everything is recorded these days. The hasbara mentality has remained the same and is looking increasingly jaded. Even the NYT which is far more conservative than the Israeli press (wrt Israel) is questioning Israeli policies. Once cracks appear there, it's the endgame. I'm sure you're sincere in your opinions, but look around and ask yourself if you haven't been a victim of a rather subtle propaganda offensive.

          • stern

            So far, all I could find was a reference to the fact that the Israelis are training themselves for this (

            Trust me, as soon as I have actual evidence, i will gladly post it.

            You are confusing the issue. I said that I believe the Palestinians in the video you pointed to may have been throwing stones at the soldiers before the part we saw. I did not talk about "500 metres".

            As I'm sure you know, Hamas/Islamic Jihad have been firing rockets – by the thousands – into Israel for years, a situation no other country in the world would accept with so little reaction. And today, more rockets came, this time from Lebanon. We're not talking "home-made firecrackers" here, as some assert (although those have a huge psychological impact even if they don't always cause massive loss of life), but Grads, sophisticated Iranian and Russian made armaments. So no, the Palestinians are not only using STONES (to borrow your emphasis).

            You are scornful about "hasbarah". Just as you deny Israeli soldiers the right to act against women who were doing heaven know's what, you now deny Israel the right to defend herself in the media.

            You think I've been the victim of propaganda? You could not be more wrong. I have done extensive research and can answer any charge you lay against Israel. Can you do the same for the Palestinians? I'll bet you can't because I'm willing to bet that the research you've done has been entirely one-sided.

          • Alex

            Firstly, let me thank you for your measured responses. Though we surely disagree, your responses are honest and to the point.. Sorry not to have been clearer, but I was referring to Livni's response to the Syrian border clash a few months ago. It's a bit late where I am at the moment, and I think it only fair to answer your points with a less tired head when I get home tomorrow.

            This has been an interesting discussion, and I appreciate your polite candour.

            A demain.

          • stern

            Okay, here you go:

            Look up any video on the Pallywood YouTube channel.

          • Alex

            Just seen this response. Yes, I'm familiar with the Pallywood channel. So maybe not so one-sided as you think!

            Till tomorrow when I'm awake!

    • aspacia

      Then why do they whitewash or completely omit the far more numerous Muslim atrocities and violations of international law?

      No, it is a day against Jews. Watch UN Watch for insight.

  • Marty

    How cute. Another opportunity for a dysfunctional people to enjoy an anti-semtic hatefest. Instead of functioning on building their lives and future, palestinians insist on wallowing in self-pity and blaming everything that is wrong for them on Israel. I wonder if any older palestinians miss the economic development in the west bank and gaza that occurred during the Israeli "occupation." Stagnation or decline has been the result since the palestinian authority arrived and hamas seized gaza. Most of the economy is simply foreign assistance. hamastan is simply one large welfare agency. It would be easy to pity the poor, oppressed, palestinians if they weren't so pathetic.

    • Alex

      If you were to replace 'jews' for palestinians in the last sentence; would that be antisemitic I wonder?

  • sod

    We can be 'good guys' by either apeasing to anyone who are against the only democracy in the Mideast or standing up against the evil. But only one of them will give us a true lasting peace in the end.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    In other words, every November 29th, the United Nations publicly mourns the passage of its own peaceful solution to the Arab-Jewish dispute,

    It is not just a dispute and it most certainly is also not between just Arabs and Jews. Instead, it is a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest intended to render Israel back into the Dar al Islam. In addition, the Islamic world is not just holy fighting in the cause of Allah against Jews alone to make Islam supreme. Instead, the Islamic world is pursuing holy fighting in the cause of Allah against ALL NON-MUSLIMS UNBELIEVERS IN THE WORLD to make Islam supreme.

    Indeed, when the writer limits the jihad being waged permanently against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world as a dispute between only Arabs and Jews, it is totally misleading, as the Persian Muslims in Iran, for instance, are also holy fighting in the cause of Allah against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, as is also all Muslims around the world, since the jihad being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel is a fard ayn (holy obligation) incumbent upon all Muslims in the world.

    Damn…no wonder so many leftwing moonbats around the world misconstrue the jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel and are totally oblivious to the greater global jihad at large at the same time. Hell, even supporters of Israel incessantly promote the wrong narrative. Indeed, most Israeli supporters are in fact Israel's worse enemies, and never mind the fact that continuing to do the same thing over and over again year after year for the past 80 years while expecting the world to suddenly come to its senses is the definition of insanity. Damn, no wonder Israel is known as the world's pariah state, most Israel supporters are utterly insane. Indeed, being consumed by PC multiculturalism renders people utterly insane.

    if the Arabs had only accepted it.

    Uhm…had the Arabs accepted it, it would have been a blasphemous offense. Indeed, the last time I checked, blasphemy in the Islamic world is a capital offense.

    Even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has conceded that the Arabs’ rejection of the partition resolution was a big mistake,

    But only in the context of tactics and strategy. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20.

    In its own words, the committee “advocates” for the “inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.”

    Where is the UN committee that advocates for the inalienable rights of Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers living in Islamic countries today as second-class dhimmi citizens that are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted, when not outright slaughtered altogether? Anyone know?

    Whether it is the settlements, the security fence or blockading the Gaza coast to prevent arms smuggling to Hamas, everything Israel does to protect its own citizens is suspect.

    Of course, because so many supporters of Israel like this writer as well too misrepresents the truth about the permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world in the cause of Allah to make Islam supreme.

  • LindaRivera

    When will the UN have an International Day of Solidarity for Islam's many victims?

    "Mohammed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
    to the unbelievers (non-Muslims) but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29

    Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 18,064 deadly terror attacks since 9/11

  • LindaRivera

    When will the UN hold an International Day of Solidarity for the Jewish victims of global jihad?

    Thousands of Islam's rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israeli towns and cities. For years, heavily bombarded Israeli Sderot citizens have lived in moment to moment fear of being hit by the rockets. No one should have to live with such trauma and horror. No one.

    Israel's Jews are targeted for murder for the sole reason they don't worship Islam's god. Huge slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam, murdered/beheaded several hundred Jews because of the Jews love for, and allegiance to Almighty G-D, our Wonderful Creator. The Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion-political system of Islam. After witnessing the barbaric murders of their loved ones, the Jews wives and children were seized for slaves.

  • LindaRivera

    Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called November 29th a “day of mourning and a day of grief.”

    Many people – Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others, grieve and mourn every single day over the terrible suffering of persecuted non-Muslims. In Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Muslim persecution of non-Muslims is so dreadful, ALL of the non-Muslims need to be rescued. The ruthless UN has totally abandoned persecuted non-Muslims.

  • LindaRivera

    Anti Israel, anti Free World UN, STOMP on the truth:
    "The following is an excerpt from the film’s script: Christians and Muslims alike…unite in their hatred of Zionism."

    In a massive victory for Islam, against their will, Arab Christians were cruelly placed under brutal occupation of PLO/Palestinian Authority. In the FILTHY Islamic Invasion of Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Judea, MUSLIMS TORE UP BIBLES FOR TOILET PAPER.

    Christian majority towns, Bethlehem & Nazareth are now majority Muslim – terrified Christians were driven out by cruel Islamic persecution. Many Bethlehem Christians' homes and land were STOLEN by Muslims. The Christians who remain, live in constant fear.

  • Ghostwriter

    I see this article has brought out the anti-semities. At least people like Ms. Rivera doesn't see Jews as insects,ready to be stomped out of existence,but as people. Sadly,people like Alex don't see that. They hate Jews and want them to disappear.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The United Nations is the headquarters of all that is against goodness and
    decency. palace of perversion making mockery of what is good and right.
    Amazing isn't it what money can buy, at the UN a few dollars can buy a soul.
    while erasing moral and ethical understanding…………………….William

  • Beth

    "The committee’s idea of a “just” solution to the Palestine refugees issue would entail their return to “their homes and property from which they had been displaced"

    In El-Husseini’s interview on January 12, 1937 – led by the Peel Commission:

    (the 'Grand Mufti of Jerusalem' admits that the lands were sold – not stolen)

    "SIR L. HAMMOND: …..What I want to know is, did the Government of Palestine, the Administration, acquire the land and then hand it over to the Jews?

    MUFTI: In most cases the lands were acquired.

    SIR L. HAMMOND: I mean forcibly acquired-compulsory acquisition as land would be acquired for public purposes?

    MUFTI: No, it wasn’t.

    SIR L. HAMMOND: Not taken by compulsory acquisition?

    MUFTI: No."

    The u.n. is corrupt to the core. Not even the facts matter to them. They have their agenda, and it doesn't matter how wrong that agenda is – EVEN to the point of defending the teachings of beheadings and crucifixions.

    Tax-Payer beware.

  • Omar Khalid,Cairo

    The Pali's have always been hand puppets for the Arabs. When I lived in Cairo often my friends would laugh about how stupid the Pali's were. They would joke about Arafat's billions and his vacations on the Red Sea were famous as were his wife's Paris shopping sprees. It is estimated that the big secret no one speaks about, (inbreeding with children and first cousins) effects over 90% of all Palis. Do not laugh too hard for all Arab muslims it reached 65%. How else could their brains be so defective. Their sisters are the only ones that will have them..

  • Eamonn Gavin

    I STAND WITH ISRAEL. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland. (I am a Catholic.)

  • Vaughn

    Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words
    in your article seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to
    let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon.