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“Canada has been at the forefront of international efforts to protect civilians in Libya against the oppressive Gaddafi regime and provide them with humanitarian assistance,” said the Prime Minister. “Canada will continue to support the people of Libya, standing ready to promote effective governance and institutions, a secure environment founded on the rule of law, economic development and prosperity, and respect for human rights.”

Prime Minister Harper later told reporters that, like the United States, Canada does not support the Palestinians’ bid for UN state membership.

The most farcical side event so far (likely to be eclipsed by the UN’s Israel-bashing “anti-racism” Durban III conference on September 22nd), was the Secretary General’s Symposium on International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation. This all-day symposium, held on September 19th, displayed a pre-9/11 mind-set that viewed terrorism as a crime that had to be dealt with through the criminal justice system. Speakers criticized viewing the fight against terrorism as a war and lamented the sacrifice of civil liberties since 9/11. The speakers also avoided naming the elephant in the room as the source of much of the inspiration for global terrorism today —  Islamic extremism.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, for example, stressed the values of “liberty, privacy, opportunity and justice” in countering what he called “violent extremism.”  He also emphasized “strengthening the capacity of civilian courts in dealing with terrorism,” in an implied criticism of military tribunals, which even his boss, Barack Obama, has belatedly decided to embrace for terrorist suspects detained at Guantanamo.

What makes this symposium such a farcical exercise is that the United Nations has been unable to come to a consensus on the definition of “terrorism” after at least ten years of trying. In other words, the UN is intent on countering a phenomenon it cannot even define. The Islamists do not want groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to be defined as terrorists, for example, irrespective of how many innocent women and children they deliberately target for death. Instead, the Islamists want these murderers classified as heroic resistance fighters. For that reason, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has been able to block a consensus definition. Yet, as the head of the UN counter-terrorism task force told me, the UN believes that countering terrorism is too important to wait until there is an agreement on what activities and consequences terrorism include, no matter what the justification.

The opening remarks in the Symposium on International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation were delivered by Qatar’s UN ambassador, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, who is serving as the president of the UN General Assembly. That is rather rich in irony, considering a State Department cable revealed by WikiLeaks last December labeled Qatar as the Middle East’s “worst” participant in counterterrorism efforts. According to the cable, Qatari security was “hesitant to act against known terrorists out of concern for appearing to be aligned with the U.S. and provoking reprisals.” It appears, for example, that Qatar has paid al-Qaeda millions of dollars each year so al-Qaeda would leave Qatar alone.

Even richer in irony was the announcement by Saudi Arabia’s minister for foreign affairs, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, that Saudi Arabia — the home of Islamist Wahhabi ideology that inspired the 9/11 terrorists (15 of whom were Saudi) and thousands of other Islamic jihadists — will fund a new anti-terrorism center in New York. Saudi Arabia will contribute 10 million dollars over three years toward establishing and staffing the new center. While operating under UN auspices, Saudi Arabia will chair its advisory board for at least the first three years.

The Saudi government uses billions of dollars in oil revenues to promote Wahhabism in America and across the globe. David D. Aufhauser, a former Treasury Department general counsel, told a Senate committee in June 2004 that estimates of Saudi government spending went “north of $75 billion.” The money financed thousands of mosques, schools and Islamic centers, the employment of thousands of propagandists and the printing of millions of religious teaching tracts.

Just as the human rights violators running the UN Human Rights Council are subverting the very notion of human rights, Saudi Arabia funding and overseeing a new UN center on countering terrorism is like the fox guarding the chicken coop.

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  • Linda Rivera

    Gaza has acquired anti-aircraft and anti-tank rockets from rebel-controlled Libya. Every Muslim terrorist organization on earth
    must be REJOICING over the US/FRANCE/NATO/Libyan rebel victory.

    As US/NATO won the war for the rebels, US/NATO is now responsible for removing these rockets from Gaza – rockets that will be fired on Israel’s civilians.

  • Linda Rivera


    The Obama-supported rebels left in charge are now conducting a “large
    scale cleaning in the areas under their control with the extermination
    of all blacks in the capital”, according to The Independent.

    Ruthless genocide of blacks in Libya by US/France/NATO backed Al-Qaeda linked rebels has been going on for months. US/NATO who waged war for months for the Al-Qaeda linked rebels-who murder our troops in Iraq-are RESPONSIBLE for stopping the genocide.

    US/NATO are also responsible for
    rescuing the many terrified blacks kidnapped by the rebels, including the
    kidnapped black children who have been horrendously abused by the
    black-hater Muslim rebels.

    Blacks must have human rights!


  • Linda Rivera

    If you are in New York City, today, Thursday, September 22nd, there will be a demonstration against Durban 3 from noon to two p.m. 47th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues.

    Iranians will be protesting at 10 a.m. today, same location: 'No to Ahmadinejad'

  • StephenD

    Next they'll have PETA speak about the virtues of pig farming. Why not?!? To have members of the OIC define terrorism or having Iran on the Human Rights commission is like having the thief guard the treasure! The entire UN has become a joke.