A Night of Solidarity with Israel

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As one of the principle keynoters at CUFI’s Sixth Annual Washington Summit, which hosted more than 5000 attendees (including hundreds of Jews, over 500 students, and CUFI members from overseas and all 50 states), Hagee’s rumbling voice welcomed the vast audience.  He set the tone with the theme of truth.  Truth, Hagee said, “is what the Bible says it is,” and added, that “truth comes before friendship, and that truth comes before success.”  Hagee continued, “There must be truth before all else.”  He noted “that there are two ways to live your life – the Torah way and the wrong way.”  Hagee exhorted the audience to carry the torch of truth.

And, he added, “The truth is that President Obama is not a friend of Israel.” He pointed out that only God’s boundaries are valid and not Obama’s demand that Israel return to its 1967 boundaries.  “The boundaries of Israel,” Hagee said, “are recorded 17 times in the Bible – even the liberal media can’t get that wrong!”

“The Jewish people are home,” Hagee thundered, they are not “trespassers on somebody else’s land.” “Christians and Jews are spiritual brothers,” Hagee said, and he proudly added that “this is the first time in 2000 years that Israel is uniting Jews and Christians.”  Hagee also noted with pride that CUFI is the largest pro-Israel organization in America.

Addressing the Obama administration, Hagee remarked that “America’s problem is not finding the truth – America’s problem is facing the truth.”  He charged that President Obama is trying to separate America from Israel. “America,” Hagee said, “should not pressure Israel to give up land for peace – not to anyone – not ever.  Land for peace doesn’t work.”  The truth, he added, is that “Barack Obama has no authority to tell the Jewish people what they and cannot do in their capital.  King David claimed Jerusalem as its capital long before Barack Obama was a community organizer.”  In a reference to Obama’s mistreatment of Israel, Hagee declared, “Israel is not a vassal state of the U.S., let’s start treating Israel as the friend that it is.”

Hagee asserted that President Obama is waiting for Iran to extend its hand of friendship to America while imposing “toothless sanctions” against the Islamic Republic.  Israel, he said, has two choices: “Either to live with the daily threat of a nuclear armed enemy that vows to wipe it off the map, or deliver a first strike.”  He emphasized the admonition by Pastor Martin Neimoller, “First they [the Nazis] came for the Communists and I was not a Communist…” adding that if Iran succeeds against Israel, Europe and America will be its next and more lucrative targets.

Turning to the scourge of terrorism, Hagee said, “Terrorists are not coming to America, they are already here.”

In conclusion, Hagee quoted Winston Churchill: “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities…because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” He then challenged the people in the audience to have the courage to act upon their convictions.

Seated in section E of the giant banquet hall and watching thousands of people waving the flags of the United States and Israel, Arlene was engulfed in the enthusiasm of the audience and her Cherry Hill, NJ Jewish friends.  On the ride back home, she reflected on how comforting it was to know that that Jews were not alone in defending the justness of Israel’s cause.  Fifty million Bible-believing Christians are actively lending their voices of support at home and in DC meetings with their elected officials, to protect the Jewish State, and CUFI is the instrument of support that is mobilizing them.

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  • tanstaafl

    I stand with Israel.

  • Jacob

    DeShawn, what did I tell you about smoking crack? I told you it's a bad habit that you should try to kick. Apparently, you rejected that advice because I'm a Jew and you're an anti-Semitic black person. If you could just get over your resentment of Jewish success for a few seconds, you might learn something and improve not only your own lot, but that of your community as well. You and your "civil rights" "leaders" go on and on about how the black community's poor performance in contemporary America is due to slavery and Jim Crow/racism, in some cases even going so far as to demand reparations for slavery, an institution that ceased in this nation 146 years ago. Meanwhile, my paternal grandparents survived the concentration camps of the Nazis (their families didn't, though), came to America with no money and speaking not a word of English — and yet my grandfather started his own business, and had two children who went on to become a lawyer/teacher and a doctor, respectively.

  • Jacob

    Why don't you take a page from a minority group that has suffered great persecution, much like your own has? Because it's much easier to carry on the way you always have: engaging in self-destructive behavior and rationalizing the success of white families that do better than you and yours by blaming the alleged "structural impediments" and "institutional racism" of American society (in other words, by hating whitey). If you were wise, you would resolve to make something of yourself and stop living off welfare provided to you by those who contribute to society. Alas, you'll never do that.

  • Ben

    We Jews are suffering of self-hate now. Loving friends are the best self-hate` remedy .

  • StephenD

    Wow. I had no idea. Thanks for enlightening me. I should hate the Jewish people now right? Oh boy, am I glad you straightened me out! For a while there, I thought they were my Spiritual older siblings and that their God was my God and that My God made a covenant with them…and EVERLASTING covenant. But, thankfully, you're here to teach us that God was wrong.
    Do you actually expect people to listen to your drivel? Another one that should get his meds adjusted…in a hurry!

  • BS61

    Go back to your anti-jew Infowars site please! Where Alex Jones never has one video or book posted!