A World Against Israel

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The pan-Arab newspaper Ashraq Alawsat based in London reported on December 25, 2010 that the Palestinians have adopted another strategy in an attempt to gain international recognition of a Palestinian state.  “Indeed, the Palestinian side has achieved success in this regard, particularly in Latin America, with Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia officially recognizing an independent state of Palestine …, and Uruguay, Ecuador, and Paraguay expected to officially recognize the State of Palestine,” the paper said.

And it now appears that the 27 incorporated states of the European Union are ready to follow the Latin American states in recognizing a Palestinian State along the 1967 borders, with France and Norway in the lead.

This hasty and deliberate act of support for a Palestinian state can only be attributed to the following: a) an act of defiance against the U.S., and the triumph of the radical axis of Chavez (Venezuela), Ahamdinejad (Iran), their new friend Lula of Brazil, and others (such as Cuba’s Castro);  b) the failure of the Obama administration to exert its influence in South America. Obama’s appeasement of the aforementioned radicals convinced Argentina, Uruguay and other traditionally friendly states to go with the “strong horse” represented by Chavez in Latin America;  c) the Latin Americans, much like the Europeans, seek to ingratiate themselves with the Arabs, and the greater Muslim world, and they do so believing that  such action – which will be harmful to Israel — poses no serious consequences to them.

Given the large Arab populations in many of the Latin American countries, especially Argentina and Brazil, recognition of a Palestinian state will not have any negative domestic consequences either.  It will, however, adversely impact the prospects of a real peace between Arab Palestinians and Israeli Jews.

The Fatah-led Palestinians of the West Bank, apart from their rivals, the Islamic Hamas of Gaza, are seeking to declare statehood unilaterally.  They deliberately pulled out of negotiations with Israel, despite Israel’s concession of a 10-month building freeze, which ended last September.

In truth, Abu Mazen’s (Mahmoud Abbas) unelected regime, which failed to stand for elections last January, has chosen the same path Arafat took in the aftermath of the July 2000 Camp David Summit with President Bill Clinton and Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

When the moment of truth arrived, and all that was left to do after Barak had offered deep unilateral Israeli concessions was for Arafat to agree to a declaration of “End of Conflict,” Arafat turned away.  He, the revolutionary who fought the Jews all of his adult life and encouraged others to join him, could not end the bloody conflict – possibly for fear it would end him.

For Arafat, much like Abu Mazen, real peace with Israel was a non-starter.  The dream for Arafat, and now for Abu Mazen, was to delegitimize the Jewish State and take it over – if not at once, then in stages. And the only deal Abu Mazen would sign is one in which he does not have to make a real peace: a people-to-people peace, or a real end of conflict.   He could sign on to a “sort-of-peace,” that we in the West would consider a long cease-fire, but he will never agree to recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jews, as he recently stated.

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  • Wesley69

    The Obama Administration's actions in the world are not having the effect, Mr. O. planned on. The US President is looked upon as weak and willing to appease. In his haste to produce some type of agreement between the Palestinians and Israel, Mr. O. has done damage to the cause of peace in the region and exposed himself as someone not friendly to Israel. Putting pressure on Israel has sent the wrong signals to the Palestinians and the world. With the spread of Leftist regimes,particularly in South America, support for Palestine has never been higher. Rather than settling on a permanent peace, the Palestinians have offered nothing in exchange for Israeli cessation of building settlements in the West Bank. With the threats of an Iranian nuclear attack and the arming of Hezbollah by Syria, Israel is facing serious threats to its existence. What can Israel do?

    Hold onto the West Bank, surrendering nothing until the Palestinians agree to a final peace treaty that recognizes Israel’s right to exist. Even if a treaty is signed, limit the right of return to the West Bank alone
    The West Bank & the Gaza Strip are to be demilitarized.
    If attacked by Hezbollah’s missiles, Israel should invade Lebanon as well as Syria, marching all the way to Damascus.
    Prepare to go it alone with its attack on nuclear facilities in Iran, but with Saudi Arabia for its leverage on the Palestinians to settle.
    Hold onto Jerusalem, offering the Palestinians the ability to call it their capital, but managing the entire city. Holy Sites would be administered by an International Committee.
    If it is Israel against the world, so be it. Republicans and many in the US will continue to support Israel.

  • ajnn

    "U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) should be conditioned on the PA living up to its obligations ".

    I have no hope that this will ever happen.

  • DalRan

    It wont work-It will have blow back. The Israelis can't accept any PLO state with borders that they can not live with. It will cause stand off & end too talks of anykind. Thats Good.

  • sam100

    I would agree that a real peace ought to be from people to people (Israelis and Palestinians) however, the Israelis occupation and recent aggressions have caused many countries and people alike, to take a different stance on what's right and just. Many in the world (although big Israel supporters) are no longer willing to ignore that Israel is going the wrong way… The consequence of supporting Israel is no longer viewed as an open ended option with no consequences.
    I hope and pray that one day, leaders and hate mongers (like the author) will realize that Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live and rise their families in peace. That day can only come if we write and encourage all options that would lead to that goal

    • bostonian

      And exactly what do Arabs do right way, so you support them?

    • New Yorker

      The lies perpetuated by mass media, the corruption, stupidity and complicity of many governements in the ongoing political sharade and outright fraud when it comes to Israel, on the model of the infamous Sudeten crisis in the former Czechoslovakia, which precipitated World War II, is the real problem here. Add to this the overwhelming sheepishness, ignorance, foolishness and ill will of the general public not unlike during the Munich of 1938 and we have a disaster on a grand scale about to blow up in out faces.

  • franzvonfear

    It's high time Israel got back in touch with reality. Not one nation on the globe, including the US, recognizes israel's claim to either the West Jordan nor East Jerusalem. Politics based in the fantasy world of Judea&Samaria and Capital Jerusalem can only end in desaster , as we now see unfolding.

    • New Yorker

      No one recognized Czechoslovakia's claim to the Sudetenland either and everyone chose to recognize that of the Nazi Germany to it. That's your reality. It's not Israel that is supposed to go back in touch with the so-called reality – Israel and the Jews have learned the lesson of history all too well. It's the ignorant rest of the world including many in the United States who should, indeed MUST, fall back on the history books and realize the terror of the situation from their own foolishness. Stupidity normally turns into a catastrophe when practiced by ignorant majority.

      • franzvonfear

        The worlds rejection of Israel's religios and folkloristicly based aspirations to colonize and annex certain regions is neither stupid nor ignorant. The foolishness lays with those who expect that the outline of religious "promised lands", Bronze Age kingdoms and Roman Empire provinces become the agenda for 21'st century politics.

        • MixMChess

          The world is stupid for not recognizing that Israel has no aspirations to colonize or annex anything. Israel has legitimate claims to the region based on historical ties to the land and international law. Jews have always had a continuous presence in the region. Israel was built on legally purchased land. In fact, E. Jerusalem was always majority Jewish except from 1948-1967 when Jordan illegally occupied E. Jerusalem.

          As for annexation, Israel gave up the Sinai to the Egyptians, has completely withdrawn from Gaza and allowed the PA to autonomously rule the W. Bank. Israel has been all to eager to surrender its own territory to the murderous Palestinians.

  • Zach Weinstein

    If the whole world wants a Palestinian state, the whole world wants Israel dead, or else the whole world is really stupid. You can stand in the West Bank and see Tel Aviv and the coastal plain right below you, and a few good Kassams (or mortars, or any short range weapons) can wreak havoc on Israeli office buildings and apartment buildings. So yes, lets give the West Bank to the "Palestinians" and peace will break out all over. And if it doesn't – well, oops!

  • jaythehistorian

    It's no surprise the backwards tinhorn dictatorships of South America side with the Jihadist Nazis . These fascist countries provided havens for mass murderers of Jews after WWII. Their support of the Fakestinians means very little. These same fascists such as Brazil are begging to buy Israeli made weapons.

    • Paulo

      You dumbass Brasil was in Allies side in WW2, and if Israelis can have their state why the palestines can't have their?

  • two4Jesus

    IThe "palestinians" are Jordanians. There is no such people or tribe called palestinians. These palestinians are simply the ones that the Arab world did not want and are being used as a pawn/tool against Israel and the West. A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth. The West only sees a short view of the future whereas Islam has plans that reach far into the future. Who were the palestinians in the 1960s?

    • BS77

      Yes indeed two4Jesus…..I found a book from the late 1940s…and the title was "Palestine, the Land of the Jews" Before the 1960s no Arab, Jordanian or Bedouin ever called themselves, "Palestinians" because Palestine was the name given the region by the Romans for the Biblical lands of Gaza, Israel, Judea, Samaria.
      By lies, more lies and pitiful lies, the Arab invaders have insinuated themselves as "historic" residents of Israel, claiming it as "a Palestinian state"….total baloney. In fact, the entire strategy is to destroy Israel, kick out all the Jews and CHristians, destroy all churches and synagogues, and make the place into another Crapistan like Gaza…..a garbage dump run by gangsters who continue to get rewarded by the UN. Leftists and liberals support the "Palestinian" cause since they are brainwashed . They cannot see the situation from the Christian or Israeli perspective at all.

  • sam100

    Why is it that when you disagree with Israel you are labeled as a natsy if you are a christian, a jihadist if you are a Muslim, and self hater if you are a jew. It is possible and even clear that Israel government hard stance is wrong and unjust. The whole world cannot be all wrong… certainly not everyone is a natsy, a jihafist, or Jew self hater. Get on the wagon…

    • MixMChess

      Sam, some people may just be reflexively reacting considering that Israel is so often unfairly painted as a pariah state. Legitimate constructive criticism of Israel is OK, but denying Israel's right to exist or constantly attacking Israel alone among all countries reeks of antisemitism.

  • boyscout

    I find it interesting that all countries who once had ties to the nazis are the ones rushing to recognize a palestinian state and destroy Israel in the process. Fascism lives and breathes in the darkness behind the veil. I also believe it has secretly taken hold in America and dictates many decisions our new breed of leaders are making (or trying to make)in these new times. Israel must stay strong and ready.

  • VoReason

    Believe the Word of the LORD:

    “I [The LORD] am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves." Zechariah 12:2-3

    We are seeing the beginning of this happening before our very eyes. Every nation will gather against Israel. In the past, all nations on earth have never come together against Israel (even though in the past Israel was conquered many times by various empires). But now, with the nations actually meeting together, with leaders coming together in large assemblies, it is finally possible for an "international world consensus" on moving against Israel and Jerusalem.

    The Word of the LORD will be fulfilled, just as He said it. It will happen just as He has declared it, and the whole world will know that what the LORD says is true. God has chosen the people Israel — not because they themselves are somehow superior or special, nor because they are any more worthy or deserving than any other nation. (Deuteronomy 7:7-)