Germany: Israel’s Most Important EU Ally

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The looming Palestinian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) that is expected to occur in the upcoming September session of the UN General Assembly, has sent the Israeli Foreign Ministry diplomats into high gear in the hopes of offsetting the Palestinian initiative and convincing the Ramallah-based Palestinians, led by Mahmoud Abbas, to return to the negotiating table. In its efforts to curtail the Palestinian move, Israel has expended a great deal of energy on Germany — its most important ally in the European Union.

According to the Polish Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) in Warsaw, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) and Dirk Niebel (FDP), the German Minister of Development Corporation, traveled on June 13-14, 2011 to Benghazi, one of the towns controlled by Libyan rebel forces, and then went on to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Germany, as reported by the OSW, “is trying to negotiate the question of the proclamation of Palestine’s independence between Israel and the Palestinians. It is interested in the proclamation not being unilateral and being based on a compromise negotiated with Israel.”

The main target of the visit, according to the OSW, was preventing the Palestinian proclamation of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. At the U.N. General Assembly, the Palestinians intend to request recognition of their state, which would be comprised of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. If the vote was held today, approximately 100 countries would recognize Palestine’s independence. This would be not only the “traditional anti-Israel majority,” but probably also Spain, Ireland, Norway, France and the UK.

Talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke up in September 2010, when the Palestinians walked out, and have not resumed since.  The contended reason for the Palestinian walk out has been that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, did not extend the building freeze on West Bank settlements. The real reason, however, is the Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ attempt to exact further concessions from Israel through the threat of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence and, ultimately, the unwillingness of the Palestinian leaders to live with the permanent reality of a Jewish State.

Germany fears that Palestine will be another block in the domino effect of the Arab revolutions. In the worst-case scenario this could end – in Germany’s opinion – in another armed conflict.  Germany, unlike Britain and France, has not threatened Israel with voting for the UDI.

German-Israeli ties have a special dimension to them, not the least of which is the shared history of the most horrific crime in modern time — the Holocaust –  which was perpetrated by the Germans against the Jewish people.  The Germans have, for the most part, striven to regain a measure of moral legitimacy in the aftermath of the Holocaust by working to ensure that it remains true to protecting the remnant of the Jewish people, albeit not through military force, but diplomacy.

In accepting the credentials of the new German ambassador to Israel, Andreas Michaelis, Israel’s President Shimon Peres declared during the official ceremony in Jerusalem: “The relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Israel are very special, very close and very meaningful.  It is not the usual diplomatic relations, it is a long memory, many emotions and many hopes all combined.” Peres added, “I have the highest regard for [German] President Wulff. His attitude to Israel is warm, friendly and sincere and we appreciate it very much.  We have much admiration for Chancellor Merkel who possesses something very rare in politics, namely the confidence in her honesty, devotion, and seriousness, and we are lucky to have her as a friend.”  In response, newly installed Ambassador Michaelis said, “It is my objective to preserve the special quality of the relationship between the Federal Republic of Germany and the state of Israel, and also to work towards peace in the region. The Chancellor has very clearly stated that right of the Jewish State to exist is the raison d’être of the Federal Republic of Germany.  As head of the mission here, I will try my best to make that a reality on a daily basis.”

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Should the Germans turn Merkle out and elect the Social Democrats/Greens, this "special relationship" is only skin deep and will unravel rather quickly.

    Times change. Europe is changing. Germany's holocaust legacy and the guilt it has inspired for two generations are gradually being subsumed to a new dynamic: The Turkification of German politics and culture.

    To quote a paleo-conservative with whom I disagree on most issues but not this: Demography is destiny.

  • Leena


    Germany and the rest of Europe have a vested interest to make sure that the millions of Jews who were their former citizens and residents stay where they are now on stolen Arab soil. It is often called: NOT IN MY BACKYARD. It is also called anti-Antisemitism (Euro Jews are not Semitic) because the agenda behind it is that the colonization of Palestine serves both the West and international Jewry. The logic is very straightforward. Caught in between these two conniving groups of white people are the Palestinian Arabs.

    • DeShawn

      I like almost everything you say here, but I gotta correct you that so-called jews are NOT white. They're also not semites, at least not the ones from Europe, but Khazars.

      • ziontruth

        "…so-called jews are NOT white. They're also not semites,…"

        Yes, we know, DeSchutzstaffel. But you have still have a ways to go before you hit upon the "truth" the likes of you are supposed to believe in: That the Jews are not even human beings.

        Which, I must note, is already the implicit thinking of the anti-Zionists regarding at the very least the Jews in Judea and Samaria (cf. Tom Paulin's remarks). Of course, being too squeamish to do the dirty work themselves, the Marxist Leftists delegate it to the Islamic imperialists, while they provide the "moral" justification for the Muslims' murderous rampages.

    • suzanne

      stolen arab soil? these people who claim to be palestinians – dericed from "philistines" which were greeks not arabs not semites – these people came from the maghreb (tunesia, algeria, egypt, etc.) – from turkey, find out through their family names which tell you everything
      and refugees??? about 430 thousand fled nowadays they are 7 mio??? "refugees".
      840 thousand jews from arab countries were expelled loosing everything and never asking for status of refugee – got integrated in israel, the us and france and worked for their life – the "refugees" being fed by us: the europeans and the us

    • reza

      What a joke, arabs have spent their entire history colonizing people and are doing it now! Look at the genocide in sudan, over a million slaughtered by arabs in the quest to arabize Africa. The whole middle east has been slowly arabized, look what arabs have done to iran, cleansed it of Persian culture and replaced it with facist islamic arabism. Don’t keep playing the ‘arabs are victims’ card, it’s disgusting.

    • ziontruth

      "…stolen Arab soil."

      No stolen Arab soil unless it were from the Arabian Peninsula.

      In Palestine, the indigenous territory of the one and only true Palestinian nation, the Jewish nation, it's stolen Jewish soil—stolen by the Arab settler-colonist land-thieves.

      "…the colonization of Palestine…"

      …by Arab imperialists serves both the Marxists traitors in the West and international Islamic imperialism.

    • Freedom John

      Do any of you ever, just for the fun of it, ever, ever, ever check out facts or is your deluded ignorant, ill-informed and prejudiced opinion all that ever matters to you. There's so much information available. I know you can read. Who taught you to hate as much as you do. You won't win so forget about that.

  • David M

    I´m not a German citizen but I know that Germany is Israel´s most reliable friend (not Obama´s America) in the West. There is a huge difference between Conservative Angela Merkel and gutless, spineless and useless ”Conservative” David Cameron. It can change if the Left (Social Democrats and Greens) take power. The Left (Social Democrats, Greens and Communists) are as bad as their allies in Norway ( the worst), Sweden and Finland but they are rather shy and it is changing. The Turks are a problem in Germany but Palestinians, Egyptians, Pakistanis,……are not a bit better than them.

    • ziontruth

      The Jewish nation has quite a few friends from among the non-Jews, and I for one am grateful for any friendship that comes with no strings attached.

      Allies, however—allies the Jewish nation has only one: Our Father in Heaven, the Lord of All.

  • StephenD

    I think Germany sees what the future holds with the influx of their Muslim immigrants.
    Apart from that, I must point out the ridiculousness of the demand for Israel to "Negotiate" for peace.
    If I was kicked out of my true home (Egypt, Jordan, et al) and "squatted" next door to you and attacked your children randomly, and stated that I will never recognize your right to exist here even after you have offered to give me some of your land but I demanded your living room but STILL would not recognize your right to exist…would you "negotiate" for peace with me?

  • tarleton

    Palestian is a bogus propaganda term for west jordanians …all those so called refugees should have been intergrated into the local arab countries instead of being cooped up in camps and used as cynical cannon fodder by Israel's sinister neighbours

  • tarleton

    I support the PLO …prussian liberation organisation …next year in Konigsburg ?…free pomerania !…Danzig for the prussians …I DEMAND the ''right of return '' for the sudetenlanders

  • steven l

    The majority of the EU hates more the Muslims than the Jews but still hates the Jews. The EU Jews have elected to ignore this fact and life goes on.

  • asian mischling

    the Germans started this problem by i.e
    the Holocaust which snowballed and created Israel ,,
    Germany should insulate Israel from any threat by a new
    Palestinian State by bribing the Palestinians into behaving .
    Give them a lot of money , educate them , give them business opportunity ,
    fat and contented business men don't make good terrorist
    they make play boys .. and play boys make sex not war !!!

  • louis

    lieberman is defying the UN, not the palestinians. If the UN passes the palestinian BID for Statehood the UN will have to back the Palestinians up from any Israeli aggression. If we (the US) block the palestinian move this will never be forgotten by the Arabs. History has proven Independence movements can never be stopped. Do we need examples? The USA, India, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnan, phillipines, indonesia, iran, iraq,,, the list goes on and on. Mr. President Baraq Obama, let's stay in the right side of history,

  • GSR

    Germany is a racist state. Yesterday it was Jews. Today it is Muslims- led by right wing Christians like Merkel and other Cons. They will never allow a Palestinians state- except on terms that Netanyahu. Screw the Germans- until the Left comes to power. Palestinians should apply for their state and give the US, Germany, Holland and other Zionist ass lickers the fingers.

  • Peter

    Germany is a strong ally of Israel because of their terrible history. That is good. But they will never challange the opinion of the Israelis – that is not always the best.

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  • srfree1

    To say "unwillingness of the Palestinian leaders to live with the permanent reality of a Jewish State" is sheer nonsense. Palestinians are, and have been, willing to accept the existence of Israel. They want Israeli settlements on the West Bank abandoned and turned over to Palestine. They want parts of East Jerusalem returned to Palestine. They are willing to make some adjustments in the boundaries of Israeli and Palestinian Jerusalem. They want Israel to agree to abide by UN Resolutions. All of these are perfectly reasonable demands; none of which the "Greater Israel" advocates who control the government are willing to accept. Certainly, there is responsibility on all sides for the current situation. But one sided, misleading, and intellectually dishonest articles do not help matters. As long as Israel believes the U.S. will support it, irrespective of what it does, Israel will continue its efforts to drive all Palestinians (Moslem, AND Christian and Jew) from "Greater Israel". As long as the U.S. population is being mislead by dishonest journalism, Americans will continue to acquiesce to Israel's pogrom.