Saudi Billionaire Buys Pieces of America

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West pointed out that “just as Steven Emerson believes that American universities using Saudi mega-millions (many from Alwaleed Bin Talal) to set up Islamic studies departments should register as Saudi agents, I believe an American news channel part-owned and part-influenced by the Saudi prince should, too.”

Alwaleed Bin Talal’s “contributions” to U.S. institutions are attributable to the anti-Saudi backlash that followed 9/11, which prompted his 2005 purchase of a 5.5 percent stake in News Corp and his “gifts” of $20 million to both Georgetown and Harvard Universities, also in 2005.

Alwaleed Bin Talal’s spending spree includes a $500,000 check in 2002 to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood-linked entity, and, also in 2002, a whopping $27 million to the families of Palestinian “martyrs” — aka suicide bombers.

Diana West referred to Alwaleed’s self-described “very close relationship” with Rupert Murdoch’s son and heir-apparent, James Murdoch, a left-wing global-warming alarmist with virulently anti-Israel views, and suggested this should deepen Americans’ concerns about Fox’s ties to “the prince.”

Asked by Charlie Rose in a Bloomberg Businessweek interview (1/21/10), whether he is confident about the future given his huge investment in News Corp, Alwaleed Bin Talal replied:

I have a very close relationship with Mr. James Murdoch. James is now managing Europe and Asia. I would be the first one to nominate him to be the successor of Mr. Rupert Murdoch, God forbid something happens. I have full trust in him. He is really a Rupert Murdoch in the making, and he’s almost there. And I told that to Mr. Murdoch.

An apologist for radical Islam, the US-educated Alwaleed Bin Talal provides clever answers that suit American ears when he is interviewed.  In response to Charlie Rose’s question about whether the world’s perception of Islam is misunderstood, he said:

After 9/11, the world changed, and Islam came under attack. You had all these terrorist acts on U.S. soil committed by Muslims and Arabs and Saudis. So I don’t really blame the West for being worried about Islam. But you cannot generalize and say all Arabs or Muslims are terrorists. All the discussion has been around the Somali guy who tried to bomb the airplane, but his father turned him in… This guy represents me and all my 1.3 billion Muslims. Not the guy with the bomb. Islam means peace[.]

Alwaleed Bin Talal understands that the nature of the Saudi regime, with its denial of religious freedom in the kingdom and its teaching of intolerance and hatred towards Jews, Christians, Israel and even America, does not render it a friend of America.  Furthermore, the Wahabbi-Islam that Bin Talal represents is contrary to everything Americans with Judeo-Christian values believe in.  Bin Talal has therefore taken upon myself the task of influencing the way Americans think, and he is doing it by buying off Western academic and cultural institution such as Harvard, Georgetown, Cambridge, etc., where a sanitized version of Islam and its relationship to the infidel West is being taught.

Bin Talal has reasoned correctly that if Islamists cannot win over the American people through their true beliefs, then they must feed them twisted reality in the form of “news” through their expensive Washington lobbyists and increased media control (as with Fox News and the Wall Street Journal). This allows the Saudi façade as “a friend of America” to remain.

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  • scum

    Well Joe, an absolutely fascinating piece, especially considering the wobbly regime in Saudia Arabia is not only an authoritarian regime, but it's supported by the U.S. government and FPM. And the purchase of America is simply part of a broader pattern not of 'stealth jihad', but more rightly, GLOBAL CAPITAL. Exactly where do you think his BILLIONS come from? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say OIL. Hmmm, Oil, the very industry that is so carefully protected by Halliburton and FPM. So if you want to find conspiratorial connections, just go look in a stupid mirror. One more FPM article demolished. Nuff Said

    • craig

      You really have nothing better to do than piss people off? This is what the Left does best, though. So keep on doing what you do troll, I mean SCUM.

    • Rifleman

      And if we didn't buy the Saudis' lite sweet crude, nobody else would? Your comments demolish themselves.

  • Nick Shaw

    I don't know, how does he justify his "mission statement" with the reality of The Kingdom and it's Islam only rules? No, Saudi Arabia is no friend of the US or all that the US represents.

  • USMCSniper

    We have already sold our souls for nickles and dimes when Harvard University and Georgetown University each accepted $20 million donations in 2006 from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, a Saudi businessman and member of the Saudi royal family, to finance Islamic studies. Harvard has created a universitywide program on Islamic studies, recruited new faculty members from Arab countries in the field, provided more support for graduate students and to convert rare Islamic textual sources into digital formats to make them widely available. "For a university with global aspirations, it is critical that Harvard have a strong program on Islam that is worldwide and interdisciplinary in scope," said Steven E. Hyman, Harvard's provost, who coordinates the new program. Georgetown used the gift – the second-largest it had ever received – to expand its Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, which is part of its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. It said it would rename the center the H.R.H. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center. Bought and paid for like a couple of cheap whores.

  • Arius

    People in the West have to realize that Muslims are no friends of theirs. Muslims lie to the people in the West about their true intentions, all the while saying something quite the opposite to each other. To you of the West: wake up!

  • Nick

    Prima facie: When a representative of a theocracy pays a college to allow it to set up a vehicle to promote the philosophy which supports it, it's a Conflict of Interest. They aren't setting up secular departments to equally promote doctrine – only their own. Nor are they setting up departments related to "intellectual" studies, such as the countless liberal arts, sciences, business, engineering, etc. – only Islam. And they have never used their money to help establish secular non-Muslim education anywhere on the planet.

    On the contrary, in S.A. it is a serious violation to even carry a Bible; and Jewish passports must be stamped (an interesting technique learned from WWII). A conflict of interest should not be allowed.

  • tarik ben gardalli

    America needs atheism NOW.

  • covertgroup

    the final solution is the only solution.