Silence on Egypt’s Christian Slaughter

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Aziz added, “The most horrible scene was when one of the vehicles ran over the head of a Copt, causing his brain to explode and blood was all over the place.”  He concluded by saying that “We got a clear message today that we are not first class citizens.”

Michael Munier, head of El Hayat (Life) Party, said that what happened to the Copts today was a massacre. He questioned why it was that the authorities killed the Copts who were protesting peacefully for their rights, while the Salafists, who blocked the trains in Qena for 10 days protesting against a Copt being nominated for governor of  the city, were not harmed or threatened in any way.

Interviewed by the Voice of Russia on June 29, 2011, Waukee Yakub, a human rights activist in Egypt, described the situation between Coptic Christians and Muslims thusly: “After the revolution of January 25th Salafis came to power. And the only side with which they conflict a lot with is the Coptic Orthodox Christians. They know we are peaceful people and we don’t hurt anyone and they started attacking churches, stop attacking even other Muslim people – the Sufi Muslims that they don’t like. What’s happening now is that it seems like the Military Council that rules the country right now is totally involved with them and constantly agrees with them. We have videos and lots of pictures that prove that they do nothing when it comes to attacks on Christians.”

As a result of the increased persecution of Christians since the overthrow of President Mubarak, Christians have been fleeing Egypt.  The Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organizations (EUHRO) published a report on this emigration and notes that nearly 100,000 Christians have emigrated since March 2011. The report, which was sent to the Egyptian cabinet and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), warned that this emigration has been prompted by the escalating intimidation and attacks on Christians by Islamists.

EUHRO director Naguib Gabriell said that “Copts are not emigrating abroad voluntarily, they are coerced into that by threats and intimidation by hard line Salafists, and the lack of protection they are getting from the Egyptian regime.”

The lack of worldwide Christian solidarity has encouraged Muslim attacks on Christians, including apostate Muslims. While Western Christians make “politically correct”  gestures, always afraid to offend Muslims, the Salafists march along cleansing the Middle East of Christians, hoping to achieve with the Christians what they succeeded in doing with the Jews in the Middle East, who eventually fled to Israel.

There are measures both the European and North American governments can take. Egypt, for example, depends on U.S. military and economic aid. This must be leveraged on behalf of the Coptic-Christians in Egypt. The same is true in Iraq, where the U.S. sacrificed thousands of lives and untold billions in taxpayer dollars to prop up the Shiite-led regime of Nouri al-Maliki.

Muslim Salafists are contemptuous of the West’s inaction, which they perceive as weakness.  The Salafists are thereby encouraged to believe that Islam is triumphant and that God or Allah is on their side.  Only a strong Western reaction will convince them otherwise.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    To begin with, why do Christians of America tolerate persecution of Christianity in … America itself (being over 90% majority!)!?

    Why did Christian get so duped that they accepted the myth about separation of Church and State as though it were constitutional?!

    They accepted the myth and allowed it to happen! So now Christians are aggressively expelled from every public place in every public institution, from every stinking school or university and even from the military, while mosques (mosques and imams!!!) are welcomed! And the islamic fraud and impostor resides in the White House!..

    Why are Christians persecuted and expelled even in Iraq and Afghanistan – still under American control?

    Why were American Christians silent when an islamic stooge Clinton bombed Christian Serbia and delivered 700 years Christian Kosovo to islam?

    Why did not the entire Christendom protect the most sacred Church of Nativity in Bethlehem (Judea) in 2002 when the islamic piranhas hijacked and desecrated it? The military force to do it was available. Israel suggested to create Christian cantons in the places where Christians have sanctuaries and lived compactly so that the places get under the protection, yet nobody had even bothered to reply. So the Christian population in the Christian sanctuaries are being expelled by islamic scum – and nobody cares!

    Wake up Christians while it is not too late! It is the time to counter attack rather than to offer your other cheek!

    • Amused

      Uh Alex , the seperation of State and Church IS in the Constitution , and if you have any doubts , do abit of "patriotic reading " of what Jefferson had to say about it .And no Alex that does not mean theta the State should persecute christians , nor are they persecuted here in the U.S. Do you live in the U.S. Gofen ?

      • Rifleman

        Uh, no it's not in the Constitution. The 1st Amendment prohibits congress from passing any law establishing a religion, or prohibiting the excercise of one. In other words the federal government can't establish a national religion and can't prohibit anyone from excercising their own religion. You need to read your Jefferson more carefully, and also what he was responding to for context.

        "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

        • Amused

          Why thank you Rifleman , Maybe you cannot distinguish the freedom to practice a religion as opposed to the State establishing any law favoring ANY religion . In your zeal to disprove my point you have just confirmed it . Well atleast you can read . Even if you choose to play semantics Maybe YOU should consult Websters , so you may be educated in the difference between the words "establish and prohibit " and the context in which they are used in the part of the Constitution you just quoted . The Seperation of Chuch and State is quite clear inasmuch as any of the operation and mechanisms of the U.S. Government . Of course you know that means "legislation " ….which means making of laws . That very notion is what brought the Pilgrims here , or have you conveniently forgotten that ?
          Now about Gofen's B.S. about christians being persecuted in this country … buy that one to ?
          Now go back and read what Gofen said .

          • Rifleman

            Perhaps you should change your handle to "confused," because it looks to me like you proved our point. Maybe you should reread Mr. Gofen's post.

            If Mr. Gofen and I were wrong, public officials from Washington on (including Jefferson), wouldn't have been sworn in on a Bible, and every session of congress wouldn't have begun with a prayer.

            Christians are persecuted for our religion, especially by the left. For them there can be no higher power than man, their ideology depends on it.

          • Western Canadian

            No, you are not amused. You are a pathetic, hard left hate monger. And they are not noted for their humour. Or intelligence, for that matter.

      • amigita

        Uh, I think your thinking of the Soviet Constitution where it actually was

        • Amused

          no , religion was BANNED in the Soviet Union . {officially that is ] The Christians in the Soviet Union continued to practice their faith as did Jews , there simply was no funding , or assistance of any sort .That's not to say aything good about the Soviet Union as it was , it's simply stating the way it was .

      • Alexander Gofen

        The are no words at all in the Constitution about "seperation of State and Church". The Founders would turn in grave if they heard which ideas are now attributed to them by progressives.

        The entire issue Whistleblower 2003, n. 11 is about THE MYTH OF CHURCH-STATE SEPARATION. The quote of Jefferson is grossly misused. It meant only that no branch of Christianity must be singled out by the Federal authority, but may be singled out by the state authority. Just that.

        THE CHURCH-STATE SEPARATION was the main slogan of Bolsheviks, and it is also an item of the progressive agenda (see Skausen).

        Christians in the US are not (yet) persecuted physically like in Egypt, yet denouncing of Christianity in America goes wild and unpunished. Yes, I live in America and know first hand that what I wrote is true.

        • Amused

          Well Gofen just read what Rifleman quoted himself . It's rather clear unless your mind is clouded with your own personal agenda . The words are just what they say , the question arise with people like you , who hear just what they wanna hear , and the way they wanna hear it . But it doesn't change the words .

          • Western Canadian

            What Rifleman quoted does not support your pathetic and ignorant ranting. You might actually realize that, but you cannot admit your error. How sad.

        • Amused

          "wild and unpunished " Gofen ? "not yet persecuted " Gofen ? And you do live in America huh Gofen ? Yea , in the State of Paranoia …….

          • Western Canadian

            Unlike you, who lives in a state of self-imposed ignorance and hatred.

  • Amused

    Where's the Pope ?

  • Amused

    LOL….where's Rush ? Oh Wait , …..he's speaking out for the Lords Resistance Army Party ….other "fine christians" in Africa .

  • Amused

    BTW , christians in Indonesia have been persecuted and killed , their churches burned down ,for the past several decades ……and it continues .

  • BS77

    When will the West decide to protect itself.?

  • Oyvey

    Islam is NOT a religion!! It's a political, economic totalitarian ideology that seeks to dominate its followers as well as the world. As such, its followers are committing treason by seeking to overthrow the countries they immigrate to. To call Islam religion is like calling cancer a vitramin! Unless and until someone besides a few have the courage to speak the truth, we're all at their mercy.

  • Amused

    Like I said , Where's the Pope ???

  • Nicholas Erfert

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