The Fearful New World

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The countries of the European Union are also falling apart, mired with mounting debt along its southern tier. European, over the years have become increasingly self absorbed, Godless, and hedonistic. European elites who have allowed a wave of immigrants from the Third World – mostly from North Africa’s Muslim states – while the birthrates of native Europeans which have been well below replacement levels, are now reaping what they have sowed.  Europeans live for today with little thought of tomorrow – a lifestyle some psychologists might describe as clinical depression.

The collapse of U.S. and global economies that began the slide towards depression in 2008, revealed the critical absence of global leadership.  There are no leaders with the stature such as Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, or even Bill Clinton.  The tragedy for the U.S. is that this one time super-power is being led by an former community organizer with no executive experience who is incapable of effectively handling the crisis of confidence he has created.

The people in charge, whether in Britain or the U.S. have no idea how to solve the economic and social crisis engulfing large swaths of the world.  Laws upheld for centuries in the West are not being enforced or are being simply overlooked and criminal gangs in London and Philadelphia, and gangster leaders like Assad, Gaddafi, and Ahmadinejad are not being held accountable and punished by the U.N. or brought down by a super-power like Obama’s U.S.A. The criminal gangsters and the incompetent western “leaders” have broken the rules of civilized behavior and there is no one to set them straight.

The upheaval being experienced throughout the West world and beyond is bound to spread to China through the Internet and the social media.  In India we have seen anger over the culture of corruption gaining steam, which bodes ill for the current government.  And, as repression has its limits. Putin’s Russia may soon experience the people’s frustration via their social networks as well.

In this crazy new fearful world, the lines between right and wrong have been deeply blurred, and there is no longer any pretence of decency and morality. Israel, an open and pluralistic democracy is seen by the U.N. as the constant villain, and regarded by the Europeans press as “the most dangerous state in the world.” An EU poll ranked Israel above Iran and North Korea as a threat to world peace. And, the UN Human Rights Council, which President Bush declined to join, but whose membership President Obama eagerly accepted, boasts a membership that includes Libya and Saudi Arabia – both such strong “models of human rights and religious freedom observance.”  To make matters even stranger, U.S. President Obama panders to the Muslim world and only under duress relented on his appeasement of Iran and Syria while pressuring the Jewish state to make suicidal concessions.

Not too long ago, America’s voice was heard wide and strong, and there were consequences for those states and groups that harmed U.S. interests or broke the international moral code.  Nature, it is said, abhors a vacuum and in the absence of leadership and a moral compass world chaos and mayhem have become the norm.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    In 2001, when Pakistani/Bangladeshi immigrants were torching Bradford, Oldham, Leeds and other northern cities of England, I'll never forget the incongruity between the media spin and the actual footage. Peter Jennings on ABC's 'World News Tonight' read…"our sources indicate the right-wing National Front is responsible for the violence"…while the footage showed young Pakistanis throwing rocks and bottles at the police while pubs and other businesses burned in the background.

    Apparently, the incongruity was a bit much for even the editors of ABC News. Thereafter, there would be no more footage of the young Pakistanis and their mayhem. Instead, footage was unearthed showing a bloodied, white, English, National Front supporter being arrested. He became the poster boy of the "troubles" and the same footage was shown for the next couple of nights.

  • Jim

    Our Governments have failed us. The British government failed to protect the English from the mobs.

    Only when the English people finally started to band together and defend them selves did the Government think it necessary to bring in enough power.

    What really bothered the English Government.

  • tarleton

    European elites who have allowed a wave of immigrants from the Third World – mostly from North Africa’s Muslim states – Europeans live for today with little thought of tomorrow – a lifestyle some psychologists might describe as clinical depression
    As some one living in the UK , I completely agree with this statement ….the problems that we see around us are but symtomatic for a deeper , more sinister malaise
    It's the death of ''God'' , or the death of ''britishnesss'' since the rise of secularism and multiculturalism ….nothing to believe in , take pride in , or fight for anymore
    Reading many first hand accounts of WW2 the thing that stands out is the immeadiate death of meaning after the surrender of Germany and Japan …that great group effort was made impotent and there was little left to fill the void
    Here in Europe there is a selfish '' live today '' mentality with little concern for anything else ….mankinds search for meaning ?

  • tarleton

    There are a number of pathologies at work here in the post modern UK….we are witnessing a textbook example of the death and degeneracy of a western democracy in a mere fifty years ………''the past is another country ….they do things differently there ''

    • sky

      Dissolving the euro could save europe

  • Amused

    I wouldn't be too quick to predict the same for the U.S. Nor would I attempt to blame a present U.S.Administration for something that has been building up in the U.K. for the past 40years .Unfortunately for the UK , a convergance of policy and poor immigration standards , and frustration of Brits at the whole situation is now coming due .Add to that , the self destructive "pc" of British domestic policy …..what you see is the result .

  • jacob

    Riots of this kind should be dealt with that famous gas that made people to
    puke and soil their pants, unfortunately outlawed by who knows who but it
    smacks of a UN resolution…..

    There is no demonstration that could resist such "argument" but, will it ever
    be ressusscitated ???

    Don't lose any sleep over it…..

  • jacob

    I will wait for Muslims pulling HERE that crap of blocking streets for their prayers
    as shown in PARIS and the UK…

    I wouldn't put it past the ROTTEN APPLE though, specially with the kind of mayor
    and council it has, who saw nothing wrong with the Ground Zero mosque project

    • nina

      You are absolutely right. The irony is that even though this mayor bends backwards to accomodate all the divergent groups in NY, they still don't like him.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Islam is the fire that will ignite all cities around the world.
    That is the goal and that is the plan.
    The fact that our governments are allowing it?
    Out of chaos….
    New World Order

  • mrbean

    What is with this idiot who says "It is unclear unclear how much race motivates today’s mob violence" In the USA it is all tribalist blacks motivated by the tribalist race baiting poverty pimp black leaders that they are victims and entitled to handouts from whitey because they are not responsible because it all be whitey's fault. We have heard it all before, about 50 years and 50 trillion tax dollars ago down the black hole.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Reverse Racism has been prevalent for many years. Back about 20 years or so ago I had a black man calling me from a broken payphone in Brooklyn. I could hear them, but they could not hear me. One said to the other, "I can't reach the honky motherf*%ker." With that I knew what they really thought of their white friend! It was a wake-up call.

    • nina

      They also call every black "brother" Or "sister," which means that they don't consider the whites as brothers and sisters. But this isn't called racism.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Back in the '60's I went to see Count Basie with black friends. When exiting several racial blacks called out insults and I felt they would have attacked me had it not been for my company. So it has always been around and always will be. Goes both ways, Maxine!

    • Babs

      In the 50's when I was going to kindergarten in Oakland California, my sister and I were walked home countless of times by a little black girl so other black kids wouldn't try to beat us up…and that was 1953.

  • Flipside

    We’ll have a President of stature if Ron Paul gets elected. It would be great to see America restored to its libertarian roots and see an end to the reduction of the US into a UN substate with no stock market, no bill of rights, and no popular sovereignty.

    • UCSPanther

      You're living in a fantasy world, aren't you?

      But then again, it will be a lot of fun to see you Ron Paul cultists get slammed at warp speed into the wall of reality, just like the O-bots.

      • Flipside

        Who knows. I didn’t support Obama.

  • Amused

    There's still a chance for Brits to take their Country back , but that window is fast closing .

  • Ellman

    Nature abhors a vacuum and that vacuum is being filled with violence, racism, insurrection, revolution, depravity, chaos, and anarchism (did I miss something?). You shall reap what you sow Jesus said. We are reaping the consequences – intended AND unintended – of the intellectual, political and academic elitist Marxists who have infiltrated and corrupted every aspect of our lives. What we're seeing is happening for a reason and it will only get worse.

  • Matt

    Blaming two world leaders for the situation today is foolish. The world situation is the fault of everyone.

  • Charlotte Adams

    Aaaahh Yes……the solution is coming; but in the meantime, things are going to be terrifying !!!!! Pray for the World.