Inside the Academic Echo Chamber

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University is about education, not indoctrination, right? Wrong. After spending four grueling years earning my English degree, I discovered that most of the valuable and verifiable information I learned was when I did research outside of the fermenting halls of cesspit Marxism.

As a Russian and a Ukrainian, I spent most theoretical lectures wondering why Karl Marx was still being preached to students who generally have no clue about world history. What about collectivization? What about gulags and pogroms?

After graduating, I had a discussion with a friend who is still in university. She was shocked when I told her that Stalin built his regime off of Lenin’s foundation. After all, her professor said Lenin was not a bad guy and that Russians worshipped him because he was just so great. Apparently, only Stalin alone was the problem. Admittedly, her professor said communism never worked, except in the small country Cuba. Apparently Cuba has high literacy rates, and that is why communism can be good for people. I answered by explaining freedom of speech was curbed by chucking dissidents into rotting festering gulags. Shock abounded.

What I learned from my four years of university indoctrination and from analyzing the experiences of other students is that professors have a pretty clear political agenda. If a professor has a leftist view, that should not alter how they teach a course. All sides should be shown, but unfortunately, this does not happen. Too many classes only provide one perspective: Bush is a moron, so let’s read plays about the ridiculous Bush administration; let’s read about stereotypical hick soldiers with nothing between their shoulders but fluff and cobwebs; Israel is an apartheid state so let’s watch films where Jewish people condemn themselves as murderers. University is so predictable.

Professors appear to want debate. To be fair, they do let students speak. However, I remember viewing a play called Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza by Caryl Churchill. In the play, Israelis question how they should tell their children about the abuses Israel has heaped onto Palestinians. One notable example was when an Israeli laughed as the Israeli police beat innocent Palestinians. The professor gave no context. She even admitted she left out context after I told her that the play was anti-Semitic. Professors want students to debate each other, but they only give students materials that are one-sided, and thus, they have the advantage over what students are given the opportunity to learn.

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  • Lady_Dr

    Good for you Kate. We need more like you

  • KathleenP

    Your story of the professor who refused to entertain the notion that other countries could possibly be worse than her own country of Canada (which I'm sure she had no intention of leaving) reminds me of the frankly brain-dead ignorance I got from numerous acquaintences when I returned from my first year in China. Person after person made it clear they just didn't want to hear anything negative about Chairman Mao's Socialist Paradise, or they'd immediately try to create some absurd moral equivalence between the poverty, ignorance, indoctrination, racism, inefficiency, oppression, censorship and corruption that is EVERYWHERE still in China, and what they still see in their fevered imaginations as the evils of their own country. I gave up on talking about it altogether after awhile.

    • voted against carter

      Ok you want to talk about China. Been there? No? din't think so.

      Why we out-sorce JOBS to china.

      The company that I USED to work for makes products used to tow things behind your car or truck. Their product line was /is around 3000 or so components combined in different ways to be used to tow things.

      EVERY one in America who TOWS ANYTHING AT ALL HAS used one or more of their products. You have NO choice as they make 95 % of it. They have MORE than one brand.

      In the late 90's they had nine 10,000 square feet manufacturing plants in Canada, Mexico and America.

      They were located mostly in IN and MI and Fl in America.

      Mexico had one facility and Canada had 2.

      They employed upwards of 20-30,000 people depending on demand.

      These were GOOD paying manufacturing JOBS. $35-55,000.00 blue collar. $55-175,000.00 white collar.

      The MI jobs were of course UNION jobs.

      The products were sold through towing dealer ships and large or small Chain retail stores. You have ALL shopped at them.

      When cheaper and cheaper prices were demanded by the large and small Chain retail stores, with the threat of loss of shelf space if they did not comply, the towing manufacture of course looked at ways to cut costs.

      After spending the 90's streamlining their US, Canadian and Mexico manufacturing facilities, they THOUGHT they were on the right track.

      But cheaper and cheaper prices were demanded again by the large and small Chain retail stores.

      Again towing manufacture of looked at ways to cut costs.


      Hello NO UNIONS,.. hello NO OSA,.. HELLO non existent work rules or pollution controls.

      Hello ALMOST completely FREE simi-skilled labor.

      Hello corrupt government officials willing to bend the "rules".

      After scouting for new Manufacturing "partners" in CHINA for a year,..

      It became apparent to the board of directors of the towing company that they would NOT be able to compete at all unless manufacturing was moved over to CHINA.

      They started to consolidate and move the product line to CHINA in 2000.

      By 2006 they had completed 90% of ALL manufacturing to CHINA.
      Currently they have ONE US plant in IN still in operation.

      BY- BY went those good hi paying AMERICAN jobs which we will NEVER EVER see come back.

      So how to describe a plant in china.

      Older EX US equipment.

      1950 style safety rules. 24/7 operation. What is over time? NEVER HEARD OF IT.

      Shipping cost from CHINA is way less than manufacturing the
      SAME product on US shores.

      Que Sera, Que Sera,…

      • TomD

        "…reminds me of the frankly brain-dead ignorance I got from numerous acquaintences when I returned from my first year in China" – KathleenP

        "Ok you want to talk about China. Been there? No? din't think so." – voted against carter

        Voted against carter, your attack on KathleenP shows you can't read.

        • voted against carter

          tom you are the brain dead one. (lower case on purpose)

          I did NOT attack KathleenP at all. She has written a very good post.

          Too bad you interpreted it that way.

          Can we say OUTSOURCING???

  • Tanstaafl

    When I was young, I discovered that adults didn't always tell you the whole story. Independent research is the only defense.

    • Mike M

      Thanks to the internet we can fact check what we read and hear fairly rapidly now.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Thank you, Kate, for your brave and forthright exposé; I will be forwarding it to my son, a college senior whose eyes are not yet open. Perhaps, after reading your piece, he will begin to realize how communist indoctrination of the masses takes hold of the youngest minds while stepping on self-reliance and individuality, encouraging "group think," and setting the stage for repression of a people and the destruction of their country. The third graders of today will be the gulag commanders in our future, and your contemporaries may be members of death panels who decide who lives and dies.

  • mjmiddleton

    Yes thank you Kate. The problem with even "independent research" is that so much of the media is in sync with this marxist and elitist mindset. Finding the truth and repeating it is difficult, and is even becoming illegal. Just ask Geert Wilders.

  • Harley

    Be nice to have some context here; i don't even know what country was the university she attended, much less the name of the university.

    • Gary from Jersey

      My thoughts, too. I got a hint that it was Canada and/or a Canadian school, but the rest could have come from anywhere in the US, save for Hillsdale College.



  • Supreme_Galooty

    Well put, Kate.

    As an English major you might also have noticed that the Active Voice has almost completely disappeared in the Ivy Halls of Babel. "Mistakes were made…A good time was had…hunger abounds. Food must be found…" as opposed to "I erred…we had fun…I'm HUNGRY! I'm going hunting."

    This may seem a niggling observation, but the Passive Voice is dominant among leftists in Academe, and further contributes to inaction, mediocrity, and shifting of responsibility.

    • Jim_C

      Oh, have you "noticed that?" Boolsheet. What a trifling fraud you are!

      The passive voice is THE voice of scientific writing and business writing for at least a century if not more. It had a much less disparaged reputation, across the board, until the 20th century; now it is discouraged in most classes outside the business and scientific disciplines.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        I see that I remain an irritation to you, and this gladdens my heart for it tells me that I am effective in beating back the stifling, cloying mists of ignorance.

        There is no doubt that the passive voice has its uses, one of them being a refuge for charlatans in the "education" business. That it provides cover for inaction, mediocrity, and shirking of responsibility cannot be reasonably disputed, and there is an over-abundance of examples out there where the prancing panjandrums of academe use it in just that fashion.

    • MAJ Dale Wilson

      Amen! As a retired soldier who served nearly 22 years and worked my way to a bachelor's degree while transitioning from the enlisted to the officer ranks and spent my last tour teaching at West Point before punching out with Ph.D. in history and published dissertation in hand, I heartily concur.

      I cannot believe how weak-minded so many students–and faculty–are today. My hope was to find a tenure-track teaching position somewhere, but I discovered that the folks on the search committees–most of whom obtained their degrees in the late '60s and early '70s–found me to be anathema. After all, I was an early 40s retired army officer who'd seen combat as an enlisted infantryman in Vietnam and whose major field was (gasp!) military history. Moreover, although I wrote extensively on the African-American military experience in WWII, I encountered resistance when I spoke on the subject because I was white. The feeling seems to be that only blacks, Chicanos, women and GLBTs have credibility when teaching in their milieu.

      In the end, I turned to editing books as a second career–until I became 100 percent disabled by service-connected ailments. . . .

    • skulldiggerin

      And very convenient too for shifting blame on the "0bjective circumstances",
      since the PV is so PC for the victimization game.



  • antileft

    You are a really brave person, I hope that you keep on exposing the lies that leftism, regardless of its names-bolshevism,titoism,leninism,asadism etc.- is. This is outrageous, but maybe the reasons for this economic crisis can and must, lo and behold, be easily found at the self-proclaimed hubs of knowledge that the universities at least until 1930s were . But now, no more, knowledge at the humanities? Fat chance. The only hope as always rests with the hard-core technical or engineering, medical and biology in its broadest sense universities. The rest is silence. And, if it is so bad at the American universities, then what about the European, and especially South-European-Greek,Balcanic universities?

    • Jim_C

      "But now, no more, knowledge at the humanities? Fat chance"

      What exactly are you saying?

      Are you saying there is a shortage of classics professors, or of courses that teach the major works of the Western canon?

      • antileft

        You said it. Stop preaching marxism or whatever it is called, I have lived in the marxist society for too long, and,lo and behold, we are on the brink of an economic inferno, comparable to what is about to happen to Greece. Back to reality, back to what humanities must teach, inescapable connections with the hard-core sciences, medicine, basic laws of physics, to teaching foreign languages, I cannot imagine a graduate of these programs without being fluent in at least three modern languages with English at the forefront, and believe me, where I come from, the graduates of sociology, history, pedagogy, law, journalism, philosophy are the least talented people, knowing nothing, but ready to preach to all and sundry, and that is the only reason why they are mass-produced -to keep the communist system flowing, pumping, to the bitter end. And to reiterate, I am not an American, and the situation where I live is n-times more catastrophic than in the States!

  • Jim_C

    "I took a seminar about Natives in America and Canada. I spent hours reading about stereotypical white people harassing and belittling Natives. Somehow everything is the fault of the white people"

    Well, there was this little matter of genocide, but…

    I know, girl! Like, would you blame the Nazis for, like, everything that happened to the Jews? Like oh my gah! No WAY! And then I had this one class? Oh my gah! they said something about Marx! I know! Can you believe it?? LOL

    Oh but I did have some professors who weren't so lefty…but why talk about them, when I could preach my little anecdotes to the choir! Yay! TTYL!

  • Maxie

    University English Departments are refuges for dissafected pedants who feel they've been 'dissed' by a capitalist culture that doesn't accord them the re$pect they deserve. They become "Marxists" out of spite. I'd guess most of these psudo Collectivists know next-to-nothing about Marxism except that it's the inverse of a free market economy that places little value on Professor's of English. Go over to the Engineering dep't. and you'll see another story.

    • Jim_C

      English is a bit of a scam, but for a different reason. I think you'd agree that basic college English–the place where you learn how to write papers and ostensibly do research–is a necessary component of education. Those classes are generally taught by TAs, who get tuition waivers and small stipends. The university gets really cheap labor, here, while processing massive amounts of undergrads through their requirements.

      Meanwhile, you've got these grad students who have nowhere to go–the world, as you sort of put it, simply doesn't need that many English professors. So universities just need something to occupy these grad students for the period of time they're taking advantage of their labor. Hence, "Lesbians in the Comics 536" and whatnot.

      • Maxie

        I went to university many moons ago after transfering from a JC. I dropped my JC English class because the Prof was there to just blatantly sell Socialism. At my alma mater the situation was totally different. Excellent Prof made us read (Lord Jim was one) and write with one grade penalty for each misspelled word (before PC's). So I saw the worst and the best. More of the former now from what I'm hearing (as with this article). Sorry I missed-out on "Lesbians/Comics", etc – sounds like tons of fun.

  • abijah07

    Since the 1960s university education has been dangerous to the mental, emotional, and physical health of the young adult. Mature adults know the real world and many can nail the Leftist professor to the wall, metaphorically speaking, because facts are the nails. Truth is a beacon of light that exposes the lie and put the liar to shame and ridicule, regardless of his or her academic credentials. all that is necessary is courage and preparation (knowledge of the subject). It can be sport to spar with the Leftist professors regardless of the credentials and doctorate degrees of these frauds.

    But sending your high school grad to a university today is sending them to where they wolves gather to feed on lambs. Better the teen post-pone university, go to a technological school, work in the market place, or join the military and become seasoned, then, after five years or so, the individual will likely be less vulnerable to Leftist propaganda and brain-washing and more focused toward a career goal.

  • abijah07

    Forgot to mention the most important defense against Leftist propaganda and mind control. It is the Christian Faith, genuine faith and trust in the living Lord, Jesus Christ, and knowledge of and obedience to His Word, the Bible. Theodore Roosevelt said, " A thorough knowlege of the Bible is worth more than a college education." Biblical literacy is a mighty weapon against the enemy no matter what form the enemy takes.

    • Jim_C

      I don't know. When Christ says "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle" and "Render unto Caesar" and "Sell what you have and give it to the poor" I feel like he's already been indoctrinated. I wish we could go back in time and re-educate Jesus about free markets. "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers…that is none of my business!"

  • skulldiggerin

    Tut-tut-tut-tut, how politically incorrect you can get Ms Hendriks !

    Don't you know that only narrow-minded people want to have a
    clear view of the issues ?

    And that if you want to be fair to both sides, you are a racist.

    And that if you want justice for the victims of rape, torture and murder,
    you are yourself an apostle of legal murder.

    By the way if you only suggest on the basis of documents, the possibility :

    -That tribal chiefs in Africa and Arab slave traders were the greatest
    purveyors of slave labor

    -That Pre-Colombian Americans practiced human sacrifice on a staggering scale
    ("Actually" it was a calumny by CHRISTian priests to slander the nice Aztecs, since
    the offered victims vied with each other for the honor to be sacrificed)

    -That Dominican priests made converts of the Natives through The Gospel
    after they had been freed from the terrorist religion of human sacrifice.

    -That a White man William Wilberforce, out of his CHRISTian convictions
    began a struggle that ended slavery in the xix Century

    -That the US freed African slaves in the first half of the xix Century, to allow them to
    found the First Independent African Nation of Liberia("Actually" it was American Imperialism by proxy !)

    -That the American Civil War was not fought for the beautiful eyes of the African

    -That the Confederacy was not a gulag archipelago, and that the African plantation
    workers were well treated

    -That Malcolm X was not a saint, and that he was as much a vile racist as 'dolf

    -That Nelson Mandela is not the symbol of freedom bogus intellectuals made
    him to be("Actually" he is the purest of the purest fathers of nations)

    -That crime of Black on Black is in the tribal mentality of Afro-Americans
    ("Actually" it was the result of White supremacists' conspiracy)

    -That Gandhi wouldn't have stood a second were the Brits not CHRISTian
    ("Actually",Swamimam Gandhi could have won over to non-violence even
    PolPot himself had they met)

    -That imperialism today has a new meaning for Africans as their continent
    is robbed to the dry bone of its riches by Chikom

    -That movies like William Lustig's 1997 "Uncle Sam" does not reflect the truth
    about the US

    -That even today America is a Nation that, despite everything remains
    the world's best hope

    -And in temporary conclusion, that it was Western CHRISTian Civilization that had brought, albeit imperfectly, peace and prosperity to the world

    Then you are a RightWingExtremist, apologist for the evil American Imperialism
    and White Supremacism that want to make slaves again of poor Whoppi Goldberg.

  • skulldiggerin

    Anywhere in the Western world would do.
    You don't have to go to Patrice Lumumba or Kim Il Sung Universities
    for Noam Chumpsky courses.