Bill Clinton’s Anti-Israel Screed

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In late September, former President Bill Clinton made the outrageous assertion that the absence of Arab-Israeli peace is primarily the fault of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. While focusing his attack on Netanyahu and insisting other Israeli prime ministers were more prepared for peace, Clinton’s declaration – and additional, related, claims indicting elements of the Israeli population – are, in fact, a defamatory hit on the Jewish state.

This is most obvious in his exonerating Palestinian leaders from any responsibility for the absence of peace. On the contrary, he characterizes Palestinian president Abbas and his government as prepared to establish a genuine peace and only lacking an Israeli partner. Clinton is silent on Abbas’ refusal to recognize Israel as the national home of the Jewish people – even as Netanyahu has explicitly stated his preparedness to see a Palestinian Arab state created alongside Israel. Clinton is silent about Abbas’ repeated praise of Palestinian suicide bombers and other mass murderers of Israelis and his holding them up as role models for all Palestinians.

Clinton says nothing of Abbas and the Palestinian Authority’s persistent use of their media, mosques and schools to deny any Jewish connection to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, to insist that the Jews are merely usurpers who have no legitimate claim to a presence in any part of “Palestine,” and to urge Palestinians to dedicate themselves to Israel’s destruction. Clinton ignores Abbas’s insistence that he and his government will never give up the so-called “right of return,” the flooding of Israel with descendants of refugees from the 1947-48 war and transformation of Israel into yet another Arab Muslim state.

So determined is Clinton to close his ears and eyes to Palestinian declarations and actions and his mind to Palestinian intentions that he actually states at one point in his September screed: “For reasons that even after all these years I still don’t know for sure, Arafat turned down the deal I put together [in 2000 at Camp David and subsequent meetings] that [then prime minister] Barak accepted.” Of course, it’s obvious why Arafat turned down the Camp David proposals, made no counter-offers, and instead launched his terror war. Both Barak and Clinton insisted that any agreement be explicitly recognized by all parties as permanently ending the conflict, and Arafat was unprepared to do so, to even present the appearance of foregoing future claims on Israeli territory and ultimately achieving annihilation of the Jewish state.

Abbas has demonstrated – in his determined avoidance of negotiations with Netanyahu, and in his rejecting of former Prime Minister Olmert’s proposals in 2008, again without presenting a counter-offer – that he is no more prepared to come to an end-of-conflict agreement than his predecessor and friend Arafat. Only the willfully self-deluding or incorrigibly biased could think otherwise.

In contrast to Abbas’s policy of circumventing negotiations and seeking to advance Palestinian statehood without dealing with Israel – via, for example, UN recognition – Netanyahu has taken unprecedented steps to promote negotiations. This includes his ten-month suspension of construction in settlements. Previous prime ministers, including Yitzhak Rabin, had explicitly rejected any such suspension, and a cessation of construction was never part of the Oslo agreements or a precondition to any previous Israeli-Palestinian or other Israeli-Arab negotiations. Abbas’s response to Netanyahu’s move was to continue his refusal to talk until shortly before the ten-month suspension expired, then to demand an extension as a condition for continuing the talks. Clinton is silent about all of this.

Clinton contrasts Netanyahu to Rabin and insists he wishes to see Rabin’s vision of peace realized. In a New York Times op-ed commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of the prime minister’s assassination and entitled “Finish Rabin’s Work” (November 3, 2010), the former president declares, “Since his death, not a week has gone by that I have not missed him. I loved him… I continue to believe that, had he lived, within three years we would have had a comprehensive agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians… Rabin’s spirit continues to light the path, but we must all decide to take it.”

But, in fact, Clinton has betrayed Rabin’s path. Rabin, like the authors of UN Security Council Resolution 242 – still the foundation stone of Israeli-Arab peace negotiations – recognized that Israel’s pre-1967 armistice lines left the nation too vulnerable to future aggression. He insisted Israel must retain a significant portion of the West Bank to block traditional invasion routes and to protect both Jerusalem and the low-lying coastal plain, the latter home to some 70% of the nation’s population. In his last speech in the Knesset before his assassination, Rabin declared:

“The borders of the State of Israel, during the permanent solution, will be beyond the lines which existed before the Six Day War. We will not return to the 4 June 1967 lines.

“And these are the main changes, not all of them, which we envision and want in the permanent solution:

“A. First and foremost, united Jerusalem, which will include both Ma’ale Adumim and Givat Ze’ev — as the capital of Israel, under Israeli sovereignty, while preserving the rights of the members of the other faiths, Christianity and Islam, to freedom of access and freedom of worship in their holy places, according to the customs of their faiths.

“B. The security border of the State of Israel will be located in the Jordan Valley, in the broadest meaning of that term.

“C. Changes which will include the addition of Gush Etzion, Efrat, Beitar and other communities, most of which are in the area east of what was the ‘Green Line,’ prior to the Six Day War.

“D. The establishment of blocs of settlements in Judea and Samaria…”

Netanyahu’s vision of defensible borders for Israel essentially conforms to the parameters laid out by Rabin. But Clinton rejects those parameters and promotes Israel’s return to the indefensible pre-1967 lines. In the same article in which he urges continuing along Rabin’s path, he endorses a very different vision: “Because of the terms accepted in late 2000 by Prime Minister Ehud Barak, supported in greater detail by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert [and involving an accord based largely on the 1967 lines], and approved by President Mahmoud Abbas… everyone knows what a final agreement would look like.” (In reality, Abbas did not accept Olmert’s offer.)

While Rabin believed Israel could gain in the Oslo negotiations agreement to the defensible borders Israel requires, there were many in his government, and in the population more broadly, who convinced themselves Israel no longer needed defensible borders. They ignored what Arafat and the PA were saying to their own people, in their media, mosques and schools, about their ultimate goal remaining Israel’s destruction. They ignored as well the involvement of Arafat and his minions in the dramatic increase in terror that marked the initial years of Oslo. They ignored the threats beyond Arafat and the PA. They convinced themselves that Israel did not require defensible borders because in the coming era of “peace” there would be nobody against whom they would need to defend themselves.

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  • Amused

    So ,Levin : WHERE'S THE SCREED ?? You're accusing a man , by what he didn't say ,according to your own article !__ LOL….and you're a what ? Psychologist ? ….a journalist ?
    And look at the picture of Clinton you post [or your facilitators here at FPM ], you may as well have photo-shopped it .
    Great exercise at transferring your jaded opinion of Clinton , onto Clinton himself . They gotta love you here man …lol….seek counseling man !
    And by the way , there was a "screed " against Israel which found its way into the public domain …..spoken by a Bush Sr.Admin Cabinet Member ….Baker .Go look it up "journalist " .

    • jaythehistorian

      You don't even know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. You should not have dropped out of High School. All you Jew hating Nazi wannabes blame Jews for being miserable failures in life.

      • Herman Caintonette

        Where's the screed? Clinton is entitled to his opinion. Nothing wrong with what he actually said.

  • Flipside

    You’re lie that he committed defamation is a defamation. Clinton was right.

    • zionista

      You're a troll. Learn to punctuate!

      • Flipside

        I dont no what your talking about.

  • oldtimer

    Clinton lied to the Supreme Court and got away with it, laughing in the face of the American people. Over time, I have found, that the one who accuses the most and the loudest is usually the one that is guilty of the crime. The US needs someone like Netanyahu.

    • Flipside

      The American People had no real interest or business in Clinton’s oral sex life. Only slimy media people cared about that.

      • Rifleman

        Lying under oath is okay with democrats, as long as you have a (D) after your name.

        • Flipside

          I’m not a Democrat.

          • Rifleman

            I didn't say you were, and you are totin' their water.

          • Herman Caintonette

            No need to. Regardless of what you think of Clinton's exploits with cigars, it wasn't an impeachable offense; the Framers and their predecessors in England saw such crimes as crimes against the State.

          • Rifleman

            Lying under oath isn't just a misdemenor, it's a felony. He was impeached, so obviously it was an impeachable offense. The same Senators who said he'd have to go if the allegations were proven didn't remove him when they were. He's still an impeached scumbag, disbarred for perjury.

          • Flipside

            The Republicans lie just as much and against their Oath to uphold the Constitution.

          • Rifleman

            Prove it, we did.

          • Choi

            You are ,however,a POS!

      • PhillipGaley

        Much to the contrary, to some extent, it's a matter of consistency: if you're going to honor some one, you would wish that honor to be in always, deserving and appropriate: "Let the house where gods may dwell be thorough, entire, and clean.", and many examples could be given.

        And one gonad or no, in defiance of decency, isn't our dear Bill Clinton the president who took pleasure in duplicity—the fact of impure acts within and a peaceful smile without?

        He could not be honored in totality, but in a base dissembling ("I want to make it clear to the American People: I did not have sex with that woman.", except, if fellatio is not a sex act with a woman, how then might it be correctly categorized?) he preferred deception as his covering, and so, only the Leftists wish to see him honored at all; that Bill Clinton might deny Israel's place, would be consistent with what he is otherwise—one who is in no way, worthy of honor, . . . even as the memory of Stalin is not to be honored merely because he loved to sit in Red Square, and toss crumbs to the pigeons, . . .

        • PhillipGaley

          . . . . you would wish that, that honor be in all ways deserving, . . .

      • oldtimer

        it isn't about the sex, it's about the lie.

        • Flipside

          It is a lie to claim to have the authority to question an American about his sex life.

          • Rifleman

            Oh really, so rape is just a rapist's private sex life? That's rich.

          • Flipside

            Stupid. Bill Clinton didn’t rape anyone.

    • Phantom II

      Netanyahu is the only worthy leader in the world today. There is no one close to his vision, intellect and intelligence. If there were an American president of his caliber, the world would be a much better place. Now we all wait in eager anticipation for the Chinese version of would leadership. Western nations have all but committed suicide.

      • Flipside

        Netanyahu is a wombat with innertubes for vocal cords.

        • SpiritOf1683

          And you've got innertubes for brains.

        • Choi

          I've come to the conclusion flipper,that the best part of you ran down your mama's leg.

          • Flipside

            I was wondering why you have her ankle a hickey.

      • SteelersSteve

        There is one other right now, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. He and his country have been staunch defenders of Israel since Mr. Harper has been the PM. I wish our U.S. Constitution could be amended to allow either Bibi Netanyahu or Stephen Harper to serve as U.S. President

  • Rifleman

    Wild bill never has a discouraging word for 'pali' violence, arafat bent him over and he liked it.

  • Jack

    Neither Bill nor Hillary could disguise their hatred of Israel. To take away the only defense of such a TINY nation was dispicable. Remember James Carville was sent over to Campaign for Barak…and there was a reason for that….to get someone in power who would sell out the Jewish state. The Bible says God will bless those who bless Isreal and CURSE those who curse Israel. I think we're seeing that in the US right now.

  • jaythehistorian

    Clinton is vile prostitute. This is the best the democrats can muster as presidential material , a lying ,vile, immoral worm who allowed 9/11 to occur while he was more interested in being pleasured inside the White House and now the totally incompetent disasterous product of sick white guilt Obamination.

    • Herman Caintonette

      A historian would know that 9/11 happened on Shrub's watch.

      • trickyblain

        And that one of Shrub's first moves in office was disbanding the CIA's "bin Laden Unit."

      • Seelsrants

        Idiot!! It was Clinton who cut down the homeland defense NOT Bush.

  • Asher

    The Left has always been anti-Israel….now we hear Nicholas Sarkozi and Obama chatting on Open Mike. Sarkozi says, I can't stand Netanyahu and hes a liar, and Obama says, "I have to put up with him every day." We have Iran ready to use nuclear weapons on the world and these two are being anti-semetic towards Netanyahu instead of doing something about Iran…Talk about leaders who are in the Dark. Anybody who votes for Obama, needs their head examined!

  • yossibarnegev

    We are living in a new day and age! Billy's blast about the Jews is just the tip of the iceberg. With Obama at the helm of the US one doesn't need a doctorate from an ivy league school to see the handwriting on the wall: Israel is being increasingly isolated by the world community and Obama couldn't care less – plain and simple.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Why should anyone support Israel?

      • SoCalMike

        Because they are a NATURAL ALLY in a sea of totalitarianism.

        • Flipside

          In the same way that a great white shark seems like a life raft to a drowning man.

          • Herman Caintonette

            If Israel sunk into the Med tomorrow, would anyone here really miss it? Israel provides no benefits to speak of, and at a ridiculous cost. Every time you have to take off your shoes to get on an airplane, remember that it was our bullying on behalf of and ill-advised support for Israel that got us into that state.

            Actions have consequences.

          • Ghostwriter

            Well,HC,I have a question for you. Do you ever see Israelis burn the American flag every five minutes or scream "Death to America!" every chance they get? Israel is an island of pro-Americanism in a Middle East that's filled with anti-Americanism. I don't worry about Israelis killing us because they're not going to strap bombs to themselves and go into restaurants,movie theaters and the like because that's not how Israelis are.
            For Muslims,anti-Americanism is akin to breathing. It's just what they do naturally.

          • Herman Caintonette

            My last post agreeing with you mysteriously disappeared. Funny how that has a tendency to happen around here…

  • Dr. Dave

    Let's face it…The Clintons personally ushered in the current era of Israel's destruction. Their boy Rahm orchestrated that ill fated "white House Lawn Handshake" the led to thousands of deaths, orphans, widows and 24/7 unhealed wounds. Their motivation: Fame. Their vehicle: Arafat. Essentially they danced with the Devil thinking THEY would be the first in history to lead the dance and tell him when, where & how to move. The Devil, of course, won and now they're sore. The only one left to blame is the victims of their crimes. Bibi is the very symbol of the vast majority of Israelis who are sick to their stomachs at just the sound of the word "Oslo".

  • SoCalMike

    Bill Clinton hates Americans and he hates Jews.
    He sold us out to China in the 90s by delivering classified gyroscopic technology that provided the Chinese the essential elements for a space program and a blue water navy.
    After his treachery the West Coast and LA became potential PLA targets.

    Thanks Mr. Clinton. When your security detail figures out what you've done they might turn Fat Billy into fish bait. That's better than he deserves.

    • SteelersSteve

      In addition to the West Coast and Los Angeles becoming potential targets, due to Clinton's dealing with terrorism as a criminal matter and not as a war, and due to the Clinton justice department's putting up a legal "wall" preventing intelligence and law enforcement agencies from sharing information, New York City went beyond being a potential target to just being a target.

  • effemall

    Why all this debate over a culturally deprived, degenerate, hayseed former president? Of what consequence is anything he has to say about anything?

    • kasandra

      Could it be because his wife is Secretary of State?

  • Dispozadaburka

    Just read on Huffington news that Sarkozy was overheard telling Obama that Netanyahu
    "Is a Liar."
    and Obama said… something to the effect of "how would you like to have to deal with him everyday!"
    Clintons seem to feel the same way too.

  • Brooke

    I am just astounded by Mr. Levin's claim that Clinton has "betrayed" Rabin. That has NEVER ever happened and this is the first time I've ever heard anyone even accuse him of such a thing. However, Mr. Levin is clearly high on the Bibi kool aid. Benjamin Netanyahu is a disgrace. He was a disgrace the first time around and he's a disgrace now. Bill Clinton was just speaking the TRUTH, which is hard for people like Mr. Levin to accept. And that is that Bibi does NOT want peace. Period. He was against Oslo and he was forced into signing Wye in 1998. I am Jewish, I LOVE Israel but I cannot stand Bibi. It doesn't make me anti Israel, it makes me anti Netanyahu. He's a liar, he's untrustworthy and has done so much harm to Israel that it's going to be hard to recover. He's alienated everyone. There's no way he lasts until 2013. Bill Clinton has NEVER betrayed Rabin's legacy. Never. Shame on you, Mr. Levin for even making such an accusation.

    • Ann

      You say you are a Jew, Brooke—after they go after Israel and kill all the Jews, they will come after you no matter where you live— you need to open your eyes…they have already started on OWS about the Jewish Bankers — please learn history — it always starts the same—CLINTON IS AN IMPEACHED PRESIDENT—HE SOLD AMERICAN TO COMMIE CHINA ALONG WITH HIS HILLARY WHO ARE SELLING AMERICA TO ISLAM AND GET THEIR MONEY FROM THE JEW HATER SOROS —SO WHO IS THE DISGRACE!!!

      • howdydoody

        wow… Ann, they let you out of the psych ward?

      • Brooke

        Wow. You're a nutjob. I was hoping for an intellectual reply and I get this crap. Go back to your playpen.

    • Sallie G. Schaffer

      You are not a Jew, you are a lying arab. Go to Hell soon.

  • Dawn Reagan

    So with Clinton terminology, "prepared for peace" means a PM who is willing to render Israel indefensible? That is at minimum, shaky terminology.

  • Mark Levy

    This guy who wrote this is probably one of those Racist Zionist! Clinton has always been Pro Israel. and when somebody disagrees with Israel's policies, then he suddenly becomes an enemy or an antisemitic. Too easy!
    I am a Jew and I am criticizing Israel's dangerous policies which are a threat to World's peace.

    And since yesterday,: Israel=Apartheid.
    The Russell Tribunal in South Africa came with that decision yesterday. This is big, and …right.
    Not many western medias talk about this, but do a search on google for:"Russell Tribunal and Israel" and you will read interesting articles.

    Mark Levy, Jew for a Just peace.

    • Bert

      Beware of those liars who play their Jewish race card claiming that they are Jewish and therefore anything they say has validity. There have always been renegade Jews from the beginning who hated G-d and were fanatic about acting as a fifth column to destroy Jews from within. Clinton was not only a cunning anti-Semite who could charm naive Jews but who also sold out America for money. He took a million dollars from Loral Electronics and then gave China dual use space guidance guidance technology. Clinton also sent Jimmy Carter to North Korea to sign a deal. North Korea would get food, fuel and nuclear power plants. in exchange for behaving themselves. Predictably the North removed the nuclear fuel rods and made them into bombs. Clinton and Carter are traitors who effectively committed crimes against humanity.

      • Herman Caintonette

        There are a lot of Jews who feel that way, Bert. I know a number of them, and they have challenged and ultimately, changed my view of Israel. I used to support Israel, but now, I am a supporter of the Palestinians' position, because I can see the justice in it.

        • Choi

          If you see "justice" in the Palestinian position, you're an ILL person.
          Anybody who buys the Palestinian NARRATIVE is either a FOOL,MORON,or JEW-HATER.
          IF there is any truth to your allegation that Jews you know "changed " your mind,all that can be said is that your friends are SELF-HATING LEFTY JEWICIDALS.
          And, of course, That you're a FOOL who is easily swayed. &led.

  • Mark Levy

    It is now Official: Israel=Apartheid

    Since yesterday, the Russell Tribunal in South Africa said so.
    It is a famous Tribunal, do a search on Google news!

    • Choi

      Mark Levy=LEFTY JEWICIDAL!

  • crypticguise

    Bill and Sarko's latest overheard conversation calling Netanyahu a liar is indicative of BJ Clinton fitting right in with the French anti-Zionist (jew-hating, jew-baiting) position.

    Bill has no problems with them Jooooos. This good old boy feels mighty comfortable with Jimmy Carter's anti-Israeli positions and of course, the French.

  • Marty

    carter is a raving anti-semite. clinton is simply delusional. Similar to many others, he assumes that the palestinians genuinely want peace. They don't. Instead, they want the destruction of Israel and the annhilation of as many Jews as they can slaughter. All of this is very clear and documented in islamic writings from the koran to the hamas charter. Even if they destroyed Israel and created another dysfunctional and tyrannical arab state the nonsense would still be perpetuated that Jews are somehow and somewhere still in control. It's probably impractical for 1.5 billion to change a belief ssytem founded on hatred and violence.

  • 080

    It is peculiar that anyone is still listening to the Clintons. By the way, where is his wife?

  • Ben

    Clinton used these Israelies as the useful idiots to appease Arabs, and some of them like Barak are such one. His hate of Netanyahu is the result of his hard character and unwillingness to play Clinton`s games.

  • i.r.

    Bill Clinton is replacing Jimmy Carter, after all, Saudi business must continue, and if an American wants to make money in the Middle East, such American must take the Palestinian side of every argument, even if it comes at the cost of embarrassing one self, by issuing a reversal to an earlier statement at which he praised Israel for giving beyond expectation to Arafat the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE laureate, who rejected all as he wanted to practice his version of PEACE, by initiating the intifada. Hey, just remembered, Obama also received NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, because he did not go to war to prevent Iran from developing Nuclear weapons, which by the way, he committed to doing. PEACE PRIZE??

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What were the figures Clinton posted as speaking fees from Arab Oil Nations?
    Hillary and Bill have already made multimillionaires of themselves by influence
    peddling and both should be behind bars. Anyone holding a torch for either
    Clinton is a leftist dirt bag and not deserving of air, we see the trash how they
    try to build up the evil Bill as Mr. Goodbar but hey they are sniveling traitors
    who if justice is ever dealt in America will be in a chain gang in Nigeria.

  • mrbean

    Both Bill and Hillary Clinton belong in a federal penitentuary for life without the possibility of parole.

  • David

    Hear, hear, mrbean! The constant media promotion of the Clinton's was always a mystery, until their support was identified, one George Soros. Wasn't Clinton the only President to be impeached? Didn't he lie to the American public on at least two occasions that I can think of? Once a liar, always a liar! The writer Ari Ben-Tzvi put it thus: "If Bill and Hillary Clinton had not been able to tap into the resources of the Jewish left, they would have ended their careers as they began; corrupt co-dictators of a small southern state".

  • Jim_C

    This article promised Clinton's "anti-Israel screed." Where was the "screed?" Where was the "anti-Israel?" Anyone? Anyone?

    Another FPM "You have to read between the lines" articles, attacking people for what they didn't say.

    Believe it or not, it is possible to be pro-Israel without hewing to the overwrought hysterics of FPM. I find it too convenient to pick on Netanyahu for doing what he does to protect Israel; that doesn't mean I think he's immune from criticism.

  • LindaRivera

    "Clinton is silent about Abbas’ repeated praise of Palestinian suicide bombers and other mass murderers of Israelis and his holding them up as role models for all Palestinians."


  • Herman Caintonette

    And you couldn't do that here? In Europe? In Asia?

    I've never been there, and don't have any plans to go in the foreseeable future. As I don't believe in that particular flavor of psychotic ancient tribal sky-daddy, I look at Torah for what it is: a pious fraud. The priests of Ba'al said pretty much the same thing, as have all priests throughout history.