An EMP Attack on America?

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Contrary to most of Washington, Iran and North Korea have understood that the US power grid is extremely vulnerable to attack by an EMP weapon, and have tasked their scientists and military planners to study the strategic impact of an EMP event.

North Korea appears to have successfully tested a “Super-EMP” weapon during its 2006 and 2009 nuclear weapons tests, while Iran has tested ballistic missiles in an EMP mode – that is, detonating them at high altitude, not in a ballistic trajectory – and deemed those tests a success.

Many experts believe the weapons programs of these two countries have been developed as joint ventures, since Iranian scientists traveled to North Korea to assist in North Korea’s 2006 and 2009 nuclear weapons test campaigns, and North Korean scientists regularly travel to Iran to take part in Iran’s missile tests.

Is an EMP attack on America far-fetched? It’s hard to say. But an America without power would essentially revert to the early 1800s, when a pre-industrial America was able to sustain a population of fewer than 100 million souls. Such a catastrophe would give flesh to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dream that a “world without America is conceivable.”

Similar damage to the national power grid also could be brought about by a geomagnetic solar storm. President Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, warned in a March 10, 2011 oped co-authored with his British counterpart that such a solar maximum event could occur at the peak of the current solar cycle in the next 12-18 months, with catastrophic effects.

“Space weather can affect human safety and economies anywhere on our vast wired planet, and blasts of electrically-charged gas traveling from the Sun at up to five million miles an hour can strike with little warning,” Holdren wrote. “Their impact could be big — on the order of $2 trillion during the first year in the United States alone, with a recovery period of 4 to 10 years.”

Holdren and his British colleague, John Beddington, claimed there was “commitment on both sides of the Atlantic” to rapidly implement the technology fixes needed to shield the electric grid from such an event.

And yet, two congressional hearings earlier this year devoted to protecting the grid focused almost exclusively on the dangers of a cyber attack, not the dangers of solar flares or a nuclear EMP attack.

Many members of Congress may consider cyber-warfare to be “sexier” than the messy business of trying to evaluate the intentions of Iran and North Korea, or trying to chart solar activity.

Besides, a cyber warfare bill will pour oceans of money into an endless software race between ever evolving computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses, and cyber-antidotes. Great fortunes will be made, and careers advanced. Who knows how many Solyndras will make out like bandits on the taxpayers’ dime. Cyber warfare is a lobbyist’s dream.

The SHIELD Act requires US utilities to harden large transformers and other key elements of the nation’s power. It calls on the federal government to establish protection standards and hardware solutions in concert with industry, and includes a provision for cost recovery should industry incur substantial costs.

Rather than creating more government, as the cyber-warfare programs would do, the SHIELD Act relies on a public-private partnership – and no taxpayer dollars – to achieve its goals of protecting American’s power backbone.

The EMP Commission and the Strategic Posture Commission have warned in detailed reports of the catastrophic destruction an EMP attack or similar solar event would have on the American way of life. Similar reports have been issued by the administration’s own Department of Energy, and by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Not protecting against such events is like playing Russian roulette, EMP expert John Kappenman tells me. “If you play Russian roulette long enough, you will lose.” In this case, Congress is playing Russian roulette with the entire American people.

Congress needs to get real and pass the SHIELD Act now, as if our lives depended on it.

Because they do.

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  • Robert Pinkerton

    Hear! Hear! Well said. In fact this article, and the concern it expresses, are way overdue. The speed and depth and breadth with which we in the West have embraced computerization, have opened an immense window of vulnerability.

    • Micha Elyi

      If only the protective devices could be installed with a shovel.

      Shovel-ready jobs!

  • Lfox328

    I'm afraid that getting that type of protection is nearly impossible with the current people in charge. They want us to be reduced to that level. It's the Leftist dream – if their guys can't have all the modern advantages, no one else should, either. Instead of working to bring up their society to our level, they'd rather work to bring us down to theirs.

    • w0tm

      Surely they are not so stupid to not realize enemies who have not been pushed back to 14th century would still have weapons and all that is necessary to either enslave or kill Americans then consider our land containing more minerals than any continent in world as theirs to plunder in future decades? No, wait; I just watched president's latest "bigger gvt/higher taxes=more jobs speech followed by wild mindless applause. YES they ARE that dumb.

    • TDon44

      Wouln't it be unusual to get the Prez saying "Pass this bill NOW" about the Shield Act? Hey, I am still a dreamer at heart!

    • stephen depre

      a leftist Dream!!!! wake up and write your congressman and stop posting jibberish

  • Gamaliel

    Has anyone noticed the Iranian ships that will be offshore. Has anyone put 2 and 2 together yet. The Obama administration is to busy fighting imaginary global warming so that it can siphon money from corporations with CO2 taxes and buy votes.

    • tim

      Ya and I bet Obama does NOTHING about this!
      We need a President that would order everything we have to survey them 24 hrs a day, and as soon as anything "offensive" looks to be going on, blow their asses to kingdom come before an attack even happens

    • w0tm

      True! The time is near. I have it on good authority Iran has had major EMP program in works for years. Notice where they send young people to school. NOT nuclear physics but electrical engineering. You can look that up!

      As an aside global temp has cooled (slightly) since 1998 and Co2 LAGS temp not leads it. Any method to destroy America! This is just one more way!

  • loseyateefa

    Did he misquote the book title? Forstchen wrote "One Second After" in 2009 and i would highly recommend it. Gripping and startling, i could not put it down. really made me think about hard questions.

    • Dennis

      YES HE DID! I just verified it as: ONE SECOND AFTER by William A. Forstchen. This was an extremely interesting read especially so if one has experienced any type of days long power outage. For those of you who have MEDICAL PROBLEMS / DISABILITIES, you should read it ASAP. BTW…one of the Senators from my State just sent an email about this and I referenced the novel to him as a worthwhile reference even if it is a fictional piece.

    • w0tm

      He meant "One Second After". He tried but several errors plus left out important technical info. It would be far worse than the book. Few would survive past five years. Enemies would take over within weeks. Survivors would be kept as slave labor or ? America still has vast natural resources if Green Movement wasn't in way. More oil than Mideast, 400 yrs of coal, America is most mineral rich continent in world but we have access to maybe one percent. Enemies would take it all.

  • truebluedetroiter

    This is one of the many things that Republicans/Tea Partiers could bring to the attention of the public. Is anyone else wondering what is going on with the conservative side?

    • Dennis


      Remember the power outage about 8 years ago +/-? On the Eastside, there was only one gas station that had power for the pumps. Before the end of the day, there were fights! We drove to Port Huron for gas, saw a pizza place selling everything they could bake – i.e. people buying 10, 20 pizzas at a time – since the gas ovens still worked, but I'm certain the refrigeration did not work. PREPARE.

    • Free4500

      Good point. There are many, many, weak points and extreme vulnerabilities of the Marxists/ Democrats. But the Republicans either seem to stupid, too ignorant or too frightened of the Brown Shirt Media to bring them up. Can we count on the Republican candidates to slam Obama in some future debate with the details of Fast and Furious? Or the fact that it is Democrats who have destroyed black inner cities? Hardly. We'll see who the powers that be decide to have run for president. America is most likely doomed at this point to utter collapse, chaos, martial law, civil war and revolution. Be ready. Good luck to everyone.

      • w0tm

        TRUE! I've done what I can. I wrote a survivalist guidebook plus teach classes on subject. My family and I are "prepped" for one year of Armageddon. I also publish a free newsletter exposing the brown shirt media. I write the real truth and news.

    • w0tm

      Having written a book that included comprehensive section on EMP I can attest public knows NOTHING about EMP and really doesn't seem to care! The few questions/comments I receive as the book author are people who care but they are clueless. Some of the "protection" they propose is ludicrous to at least worthless. At least our MIL takes EMP seriously. Airborn EMP gun used off coast of California by Chinese did little damage to Navy destroyer but totally wiped out electronics of nearby cruise line which had to be towed to port. All passenger electronics taken as they left boat and they were told not to talk to media. Media had no interest anyway. Story too complicated. Only a EE would listen. At least 90% of our satellites now rad hardened. 30% of MIL hardware budget goes to EMP! Few know that.

  • displaced2

    I am more worried about a solar emp at the momement. The book Preppers Road March by Ron Foster gave a good account of what it would be like to survive after a solar CME takes the grid out.

    • w0tm

      You need to read more science. Solar EMP is rare and almost always localized. You're thinking of solar storms. Giant power lines act as antennas. BUT since 1989 blackout power companies have made great strides in segmenting zones. If one area hit other zones don't act like dominos as they used to. EMP is the #1 weapon of choice per DHLS. Cheap, easy to build and parts bought without permits! I have radios and other electronic items in storage EMP protected. As well as survivalist supplies for one year. In fact I wrote a guidebook on survivalism with LONG chapter on EMP!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The first thing I thought about when I heard that Iran was sending war ships to patrol off the coast of America was an EMP attack.

    • tanstaafl

      Obama is blind to the dangers of both Iran and Islam. Hopefully, that will change in 2012.

      • tim

        He is not Blind of it..He is a PART of it. Obama would like nothing more than this country be brought to its knees

    • JohnS

      And have we heard of any plans to patrol and protect the coasts or even move forward with a missle shield for the US? No and no. That is because the globalists(including the Republican Establishment Neocons) are already moving ahead with the 'transformation' of the US into a thirld world contry, after of course the population is reduced by 70% from hingar, disease, pestilance and anarchy.

      • JohnS

        Guess no spell chech on this site, sorry.

  • LindaRivera

    Protect America? That is against the political beliefs of the Administration. It is much preferred instead to spend the money on top favorites-Muslims.

    The U.S. Massive giving away of Billions of dollars every year to the oil-wealthy Middle East, Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Palestinian Authority organization who fill their war chests, build mansions and laugh all the way to the bank with free infidel money. Whilst in America, there is NO protection against EMP attacks for neglected and despised American taxpayers.

    Why are Americans so hated by our leaders?

    • Flipside

      What are you going to protect America from? Good looks or a cardboard shortage?

    • w0tm

      "Leaders?" Not MY leaders. They are American citizens working for enemies of our country. It was always said we could only be destroyed from the inside. So very true.

  • mrbean

    Learn some physics. An EMP pulse of any magnitude requires a fairly large nuclear weapon detonated in the atmosphere at 5000+ feet in alttude to propagate any distance. If the sun were to generate a massive solar flare that would cause far more damage to satellites, communications, and the power grid than any nuclear weapon would. Congress by forcing power companies to implement even minimum protection against EMP nationwide would cost 100s of billions of dollars and I shudder to think what my electric bill would be monthly!

    • Thomas Havard

      Your head is in the clouds…….

  • Ray Czar

    Little cost big benefits"!
    Compared to what it costs D.C. to flush toilets for one day
    I 'd say its a no brainer.

    Makes too…much sense, and it will really help America,
    so why would this Prez care.

    He could really score some re-election points, if he pushed for
    this. But don't hold you breath!

    Ray Czar

    • w0tm

      Even if he did want to not destroy America, EMP is "complicated" (not a kaboom bomb!) or something people understand so it would gain few votes other than EE's specialists in RF/EMP/EMI (like me). There are maybe 10,000 of us. Most EE's are digital and computer types. I'm that too but mostly RF/EMPEMI/EMF. It can be close to rocket science. Look up Compton Effect. I helped define and name it (actually referring name of a known effect to EMP).

  • Flipside

    There was a hustler named Mesmer who used to rip people off by talking about magnet power too.

    • Dennis

      Flipside…..PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH. In the late 1800s, TELEGRAPH LINE in the U.S. burst into flames from a solar event. Sometime during the 1980s or 1990s, the Northeast grid went out…..overload?…..but it showed the problems and lack of preparedness.

      Contact your Senators / Representatives, State and Feds, for their understanding and positions about EMPs – natural and man-made.

      BTW…Read WIZARD, the story of Nicola Tesla and research FARADAY CAGES – You'll learn some things as well.

    • w0tm

      So you're intimating EMP is not real? EMP is a thousand lightning bolts same place same time all at once. "Static" generated in air burns out TINY wires of transistors and Integrated circuits. Much less so with vacuum tubes, motors,etc. as they have much thicker wires. Works like a fuse. There is your simple explanation.

  • BLJ

    I say we detonate a nuke device over Iran to see if the theory works.

    • mlwise

      But how would you know if their society was sent back to pre-industrial times?

      • LoneStarLarry

        mlwise…move to the head of the class!

      • tim

        lol ya they are already there..might as well just send a nuke right in the middle on the ground and turn it to glass

  • xlent

    "experts believe could take four to six years to recover from." Who they kidding? The USA as we know it would never "recover". Millions would die within the first few months, then millions more within the first year. Over half the nation would die before any serious "help" arrived and who knows exactly where that "help" would come from and what would be the cost of that "help". You think China would send help? LOL. They would simply walk in a take over.

  • Fred Dawes

    A EMP Can and will happen; our so called government in many ways wants it to happen, Just Look at the name of this President, and up to 100 million will die in one years.
    50 million would die from race war and china would move in with 20 million troopers and 100 million of its own people taking both the east coast and west coast within two yrs, with the help of all hispanic people.

    "The USA Would disappear from maps of the world and a new chinese nation with hispanic doing the work that chinese will not do". I for one would say that is justice for a nation that will not love its own people and will not fight for its own ideals.

    I say come get some!!

    • LindaRivera

      I agree that an EMP will take place in America. I also believe America will be invaded by the Chinese, as well as North Korea, other communist countries, Iran and other Islamic nations and Muslim terrorist organizations. Obviously, some are already set up in our countries waiting for the time to rise up and strike against us.

      Why are you so radically racist against Hispanic people? Hispanics believe strongly in freedom! Hispanics are NOT traitors! The incredible bravery of the many Cuban heroes and heroines who opposed and still oppose cruel communist, Fidel Castro, will never be forgotten.

      Why do you consider the cruel conquest of America to be justice?

      America is not a nation that does not love its own people! It is the government who HATES the American people and REFUSES to protect the American people!

      • Dave

        I agree, Linda. We are the world's breadbasket, and many outside the US will starve when our corn and soybeans stop arriving. Other countries will send their troops here to restart our agriculture. By then, most of us will be dead, or course.

  • maturin20

    It's difficult to take all this fancy security seriously.

    • w0tm

      NOT fancy – EMP shielding can be simple. BUT it is very real. I was in the field for 40 years. We are a deaf, dumb and blind target. With $5 mil I could wipe out electronics of major city. With parts you can buy without permits! THAT IS CRAZY! Any 2nd year EE student can build an EMP "bomb". Nikola Tesla did it in 1899 in Colorado Springs. Accidentally crossed wires and burnt out town's new power station. Citizens burnt down lab – he barely escaped with his life.

      • maturin20

        Has there ever been an EMP attack anywhere of any size?

        • w0tm

          An intentional attack? No. The last major EMP occurrence was in Hawaii in 1962 when an atomic bomb test 100 miles away burnt out many thousands of light bulbs That was amazing in that light bulb wires should be thick enough to withstand EMP energy that far away. In 1962 few transistorized radios and no such TV's existed. Otherwise they would have all been destroyed. It's only been the last few years that belligerants/militants have learned of EMP, how destructive it can be and how simple and cheap it is to construct such devices. Because a widespread anthrax attack has yet to occur doesn't mean one is not possible. Same with EMP and dozens of other types of WMDs. Identiying the responsible enemy to "respond" against the correct group may be very difficult to impossible.

          • maturin20

            It's just hard to take all these potential hazards seriously, when you compare them with the known and growing perils that we live with every day.

  • Fred

    Kenneth is so right. What a time to have an "illegal" President and a clown in the White House.

  • LindaRivera

    Besides vowing to "wipe Israel off the map", Iran has vowed to DESTROY AMERICA. Iran will most certainly use an EMP on America. It will destroy this great nation and our people. Many millions will die from starvation, especially in our cities where most people are. There will be widespread panic and fear. Our military and police will be unable to help us. Our military are scattered in countries around the world and fighting wars when they are needed here in the U.S.

    After the EMP attack, America will be physically invaded by our MANY enemies, Islamic and communist. They will be joined by our enemies who are already in the U.S. who have been waiting for the massive assault on America. NO COUNTRY WILL COME TO HELP US!

    Google: Muslim terrorist training camps in America

    There are many Muslim terrorist training camps in the U.S. and they are ALLOWED by our government! We are betrayed in every way by our government.

    I always feel that we in America, are living on borrowed time. God help us!

    • w0tm

      Thank you. You think clearly but soberly. All you predict will come to pass. We are providing the rope to hang ourselves. Transformers and capacitors for EMP "bombs" coming from Germany I believe. GE was denied permit but still requesting review. With GE president so close to Obama he will probably win rights to sell Iran more "rope" to hang us. Our country has a death wish? WHY?

  • LindaRivera

    Mr. Timmerman,

    It's so important that your message gets out to the public who are unaware of the terrible danger we live with. Frontpagemag, worldnetdaily (who have also reported on this) and other sites urgently need to put out petitions, and also letters set up to sign to go to our representatives, plus their phone numbers. Begging them to pass the SHIELD Act.

    Just how much time do we have left?

    • w0tm

      EMP has been around since 1899. On large scale I'm guessing "bombs" already exist. We know the guns exist. There is a Youtube video of one stopping a car! So we have no time left at all. This sounds too basic but galvanized steel trash can is excellent EMP shield. I have two cans filled with extra transistor radios, ham radio transmitters and so forth. Minimum of 115 decibel of attenuation for any engineer reading this.

  • 2nd amendment keeper

    Recovery within 4-10 years? I dont think so. More like "NEVER TO RECOVER" The Muslims would rise up and take over along with China and maybe even Russia. Iran Im sure has this in their plans with their warships that will be off our shores soon.
    Obama would never go for a real safety measure against this. He is not Blind to what could happen..he WANTS it to happen so who he really stands for ( Islam, radical leftists..communism) can bring this country down and take over!
    Millions of Americans will die within the first couple months. The only ones that have a chance are the militia groups spread across the country that are preparing for such a thing.
    We all need to arm up and prepare for the worst but pray it never happens

  • tim

    there is no financial benefit of doing this for the democrats or all their big business friends, so it will never happen. If they had a chance to financially gain from it then they would have already done it.
    They dont care about American lives, only money and power

  • Cork

    With Iran being one of the 2 potential sources mentioned here and the fact that they have been testing missiles for high altitude detonations, I am very concerned about their stated intentions of sending naval vessels to linger off the coast of the US. Any thoughts on this?

    • w0tm


  • Denny

    Seems to me I remember Clinton ordering protective devices no longer be installed on sensitive equipment because the Soviet Union had collapsed and was no longer deemed a serious threat to the USA. Anyone else recall this ?

  • Asher

    I think they want it to happen, it would fulfill their dream of destroying America and then Israel! We would go back to the dark ages in our living standards!

  • w0tm

    I have much EMP experience having been involved from the beginning as an RF/EMI/EMP research engineer first working for the AEC. There was a panic rush to radiation harden nuclear weapons. Military still spends billions a years to rad harden MIL equipment. Industrial spends small amount. Consumer is ZERO. I have tried to get gvt to understand there are MANY ways to create EMP cheaply. Do NOT need much elevation! Ring C&C data centers of US with EMP "bombs" (HUGE capacitors trickle charged for weeks then positive/negative caps insulator released at same microsecond as others in arc. Would only need to EMP a dozen C&C areas (DC, Wall Street, etc.) to end life as we know it. Chain reaction of destruction, melt-downs, etc. Parts are openingly sold. From reading purchasing records I believe Iran nuke program has been smoke screen of EMP development. NO RECOVERY – EVER. I am retired engineer so no one will listen to me! I was researching EMP in 60's! I developed early EMP protection. Frustrating!

  • Rocky

    Sounds like a "shovel-ready job" to me. I just recently read Mr. Forstchen's book ONE SECOND AFTER and it truly is a frightening scenario. Just think if our Dear Leader would have shaved 2 billion from his nearly trillion dollar "Stimulus Bill" to attend to this very real threat to our very existence. That job would likely be nearly complete by now. That would be cheap insurance in my opinion.

    Probably half of the country's population would not survive the first year. If you weren't part of a tight-knit small town away from major population centers, near a reliable water source, with arable farmland and livestock available, you wouldn't stand much of a chance to survive any length of time. Most of us don't know how to live off the land. Hell, lots of young folk don't even know where eggs and hamburger come from!!!

  • Blacktail

    What the EMPty Threat Lobby doesn't want you to know is that the only observation of an electronics-disabling EMP was the 1961 Starfish Prime test, and all it disabled were two strings to streetlamps, and a couple of satellites overhead. There was no other damage to any civilian or military infrastructure. Period. That includes the military installations, research aircraft in the air, and the warships at sea that were directly below the blast!

    Also consider the fact that no destructive EMPs were ever noticed in any of the 1940s or 1950s nuclear tests, because all of them involved blasts that were wither measurable only in the kilotons (i.e., less than the 1.4 megaton device in Starfish Prime), or were on or near the ground. An EMP powerful enough to disable electronics is ONLY possible with a 1 megaton+ warhead detonated in the upper atmosphere, and even then it will only work if the electronics in question have a long enough "antenna" in them to to absorb enough of it — as the ULF antennas in those satellites and the long lines of streetlamps demonstrated, while NOTHING ELSE AT ALL was affected.

    Also, who, pray tell, will be able to accomplish even a feat *this* small? The only nations with ICBMs and megaton-sized nuclear weapons that are compatible with them are USA, Russia, France, the UK, and China. The US won't be popping nukes inside it's own airspace anytime soon, the UK and France are US allies, USA is China's sugar daddy, and Russia is a husk of it's former self (not to mention that it's only disputes are with the countries immediately adjacent ti it's borders).

    The author also seems to have failed to mention that the "justification" for the Shield Act was the bogus claim that only two "Hiroshima-sized" nuclear bombs detonated in the upper atmosphere would destroy all electronics in all of North America — as I've already outlined, this is a bold-faced lie.

    And how would they get those bombs up there? The FAA and USAF have guarded US airspace ruthlessly since 9/11, so it won't be via aircraft; no Threat Countries have ICBMs; no Threat Countries have demonstrated the capability of launching a satellite large enough to carry a 1 megaton+ nuclear warhead. I've heard someone say that terrorists could smuggle a Scud-like missile into the US to get the payload into the upper atmosphere — but how are they going to get something that large and conspicuous through a seaport unnoticed, or even across the US-Mexico border unnoticed, even as poorly-guarded as it is?
    Perhaps they'll drill straight through the Earth from the other side, fill the hole with gunpowder, and use the tunnel as a cannon to shoot a hydrogen bomb into the stratosphere? It would certainly be no less a technical challenge the enemies of the US than developing nuke and an ICBM that work!

    Speaking of which, another sly little omission by the author is that all of North Korea's ICBMs and nuclear warheads tested thus far were failures. All of the Taepodong III missiles disintegrated a few minutes into flight, and both of Kim Jong Evil's nukes went off with a whimper — not a bang.

    Iran, as of 2011, hasn't even TRIED to build a nuke or an ICBM, which are significantly greater technical hurdles than an F-5E Tiger II with twin vertical stabilizers (the Saequeh), a bullpup version of the M16 with no front sights (the Khaybar KH2002), or an empty cardboard box on a flatbed made to look like a tank (the Zulfiqar III).

    When you know what's real and what isn't, the EMPty Threat doesn't make any sense at all. And to quote Judge Judy, "If it doesn't make any sense, it's NOT TRUE". Of course, the story doesn't have to be true to be profitable — follow the money from the "study" back to the companies that would profit from the Shield Act.

    • EMC engineer

      Hi Blactail,
      Like another poster here I am a retired EMC engineer.
      EMP is real.
      Now think false flase attack.
      False flag event"iranian" ship sends their comrade's 1 meg bomb from ship mounted missle.
      The US will blame Iranian's. The power behind the perps: the Ruskies.
      Is this really so difficult for you to imagine?

  • NormB

    The Obama administration balked at protecting the infrastructure with a mere 500 million but they threw away billions on Solyndra and other failed slush fund solar “green” industries. I’m shocked. Shccked.

  • TDon44

    PLEASE – do not assume the government is going to do the right thing and protect us. If you have not been reading survival information…you need to double time and get yourself and your family as ready as possible. There are good sites for great food that will last 7-25 years –, and are two of my favorites. You must learn about Water, Medical, Shelter, NEW skills….There is so much more and quite honestly none of us know if we have much time or not. What if it NEVER happens? I would rather be prepared and it NEVER happen than have it HAPPEN and I was never prepared. The worst that will happen is my family and I will have learned to live in a leaner and meaner style and we will have a great food supply. At this point in our lives it is ALL up to us and the ones who are nothing but takers are going to be in BIG trouble. God Bless us all.

  • alk09

    Hey everyone, Ken Timmerman (writer of this article) is going to be on EMPact America's radio show at tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th) at Noon. It show be really great to listen to! Check it out at their website if you're interested!

  • David

    I've written to my US Senators asking them to get this issue resolved before it's too late. Have you done the same?

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  • KKKK

    hum…methinks the same. when i heard that Iran aims to send ships near our waters, i thought "now why do that unless one aims to attack the 'Great Satan' with an EMP attack?

  • http://%BLOGTITLE%-justgreat! worldclock

    An EMP Attack on America? | FrontPage Magazine – just great!