Germany, Wavering Ally

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But what really got the French buzzing was the announcement that Russia’s Gazprom is offering to set up a joint-venture to finance, build and operate gas-fired power plants in Germany to replace the nuclear plants Merkel now says she will close down.

Russia showed that it has not forgotten how to play Cold War power politics with energy supplies when it cut off Ukraine’s natural gas supplies in the dead of January 2009, ostensibly over a payment dispute. Of course, what the Russians were really about was putting pressure on Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko, an anti-Moscow reformer they had already tried to get rid of once by poisoning him.

The Russian overtures to finance new natural gas power plants in Germany are a disturbing throw-back to the Cold War era when the Soviet Union tried to hold Europe hostage to Soviet gas supplies through the trans-European gas pipeline (which the Reagan administration opposed).

Faced with these challenges from a wavering ally, the Obama administration has been laying the groundwork for a massive bailout of the Eurozone by the International Monetary Fund as a means of getting the Germans off the hook.

As political consultant Dick Morris pointed out on Tuesday, the United States contributes 17% to the IMF budget, so the $1.3 trillion IMF bailout is likely to include around $200 billion in U.S. taxpayer loan guarantees.

“Everybody knows Greece is going to default,” Morris said. “And when they default, that guarantee gets called and then we automatically give the IMF the money without Congress appropriating it. It will be like a massive TARP bailout but for Europe, instead of the United States – and doing something the Europeans are perfectly capable of doing for themselves but are politically unwilling to do.”

So what is Germany’s master plan?

Put simply, it’s this. Make money by selling everything to Tehran, buy gas from Moscow, and stick Washington with the bill, all the while expecting the United States to defend them should Iran launch missiles against Europe.

A new administration should carefully re-evaluate our alliances in Europe. My suggestion: more France, less Germany.

Stay tuned.

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  • Daniel

    Sir, some of the reasons described by you are real, when you talk about Nationalism in Germany this is a special issue. In order to give to the readers an image about what is going on in this country you have to inform them about the 4 Millions muslims who do not want to integrate, about the daily crime commited by them, about the high unemployment rate for the Germans (almost 20% in the east/in the meantime jobs offered at minimal salaries to the foreigners), the six Millions who are living on welfare and the fact that the Germans are fed up with a govern who is giving a lot of help to the foreign countries and organisations but doesn't give a s… on the people who made the mistake to elect them. Just in order to be fair.

  • Rifleman

    but…but…but hussein promised to improve our relations with our allies. It must somehow be Bush's fault, like it was when Germany was scamming the Iraq sanctions before he was elected.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I usually spend the Christmas holidays in Madgeburg, where we have a lot of family. I've already made a hard-copy of this article, and I want to ask them about it, since they tend to be strong Merkel supporters.

    At any rate, any trade whatsoever with Iran should be immediately stopped. Every dollar that goes to Iran helps to prop up one of the most hateful regimes in the world.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    Very frightening article. Timmerman wrote a good book a few years ago,
    The Shadow Warriors; that confirmed the existence of biological and chemical WMD's in Iraq,
    just before and during the time American troops entered Baghdad in 2003. However, on a recent trip abroad, I was appalled by the arrogance and hostility shown towards Americans, on the part of some young Germans I met.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Russia-Germany-Iran, each looking out for their own best intrest on one Hand with a knife held firmly in the other.

  • B-dubs

    Russia-Germany-Iran: Keeping our Armed Forces from getting bored since 1917.