Grover Norquist’s New Muslim Protégé

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[Editor’s note: See David Horowitz calling out Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan here. See also Frank Gaffney exposing both Norquist and Khan’s troubling connections.]

“To illustrate the danger of the first approach of evil habit, the Arabs have a proverb, ‘Beware of the camel’s nose,’” wrote 19th century British author, Lydia Sigourney.

Why? Because once the camel gets its nose inside the tent, his body will soon follow. And once the camel gets inside the tent, the former occupants face a choice: leave the tent, or lie down in the camel’s bed.

The Republican primary victory of Imad Afif “David” Ramadan in the 87th legislative district in Virginia on Aug. 23 reminds me of this Arab proverb – not because Ramadan is the camel’s nose. If anything, he is the camel’s tail.

Imad Ramadan is just the latest of a series of Muslim protégés discovered and promoted by Republican activist Grover Norquist,  the man whose vicious personal attacks on conservative Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma over ethanol subsidies earlier this year (Norquist favored the corporate hand-outs; Coburn opposed them) prompted Coburn’s chief of staff to respond that Norquist has become the “chief cleric of sharia tax law.”

What’s wrong with Muslims running for public office or assuming prominent positions in the conservative movement? Nothing at all – as long as they are clear about the primacy of the U.S. Constitution over Koranic (or Sharia) law.

Where does Imad Afif “David” Ramadan stand on this crucial question? The answer is – well, unclear. And that’s when the camel begins to spit.

In his campaign literature, Ramadan touts his respect for the U.S. Constitution, his love of America, and his “story” as an immigrant from Lebanon living the American dream.

But nowhere does he mention why he really left Lebanon, or why he came to America. Nor does he tell us anything about what it was like to grow up as a Shiite Muslim in Beirut in the midst of a sectarian civil war, when the Islamic Republic of Iran dominated the Shiite community through a large variety of proxy organizations, from the Hezbollah and Islamic Amal militias to local health clinics and schools.

In fact, while he mentions “God” several times in a just-released campaign video, he doesn’t mention Islam – not once. He doesn’t mention why he legally changed his name in 2002 from “Imad Afif” to “David,” nor why he signed an online petition in 2008 demanding the right to vote as a Lebanese citizen in Lebanon’s elections, despite having become a naturalized American.

He says merely that his parents “gave everything they had” so he could leave a Lebanon at war and come to America to “get an education.”  Since coming here, he says, he has prospered, and brought his father and four brothers to the U.S. as well. And that’s it.

In more than thirty years of experience in the Muslim world, I have seen many different flavors of Islam. I invited a dissident Iranian Shiite Muslim ayatollah to join the board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, because of his outspoken opposition to Islamic rule (Sharia) in his home country.

In the United States and in Europe, I have met and befriended countless exiles who fled Islamic fascism in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran. They all have one thing in common: their very vocal denunciation of Islamic rule. They were leaving something – something despotic – and they wanted everybody to know it. That’s what is missing from Imad Afif “David” Ramadan’s story.

AT CPAC this year, Grover Norquist told a George Soros publication that Islam “is completely consistent with the U.S. Constitution and a free and open society,” a statement that reveals either a profound lack of understanding of Islamic law, or a conscious effort at deception.

Like the Soros-funded study, “Fear, Inc.,” from the Center for America Progress, Grover labels anyone who disagrees with his views as “Islamophobic.” Republicans need to “knock that stuff down and just make it clear that there’s no place for that in the party of Reagan,” he insisted in the same interview.

Imad Afif “David” Ramadan has not said even that much about Sharia law, at least not in English or in public. So how do you identify an Islamist – that is, someone who believes in the Koranic precept that Islam must dominate the world through voluntary submission or by force – especially if he goes out of his way to appear non-aggressive?

The answer is actually pretty simple. You listen to see if he denounces Islamic dictatorship – the rule of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the rule of the Shiite clerics in Iran, the rule of Hamas in Gaza or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or the rule of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

In answering a similar question about another Grover Norquist protégé, Suhail Khan, at CPAC earlier this year, David Horowitz recalled his own experience as a former leftist who had grown up as a red diaper baby.

“When an honest person has been a member of a destructive movement and leaves it, he will feel compelled to repudiate it publicly and to warn others of the dangers it poses. This is a sure test as to whether someone has left the Muslim Brotherhood or not,” Horowitz said.

Absent such a repudiation, one has to comb through Imad Ramadan’s past and behavior. And there, the camel starts kicking and snorting.

Just last year, Ramadan joined Suhail Khan and other Grover Norquist protégés in writing a letter to “Republican colleagues” in support of the Ground Zero mosque.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Kenneth Timmerman sets the standard for investigative journalism. Great piece!

    • Shane

      Norquist is a liar, as Muslims forbid anyone from criticizing Muhammad or Islam. Muslims do not support freedom of speech. In Muslim countries, preaching another religion is forbidden and any Muslim who converts to another religion has a death sentence put on his head. Islamic Sharia law, which most Muslims want to live under, is barbaric and against Western values.

  • dwight hogg

    It is beyond me how anyone could support the Palestinian cause – these are people who blow up school buses in Israel. These are the people in Canada who pronounce on the street outside of Palestine House in Toronto that they love to kill Jews (See Michael Coren's column about this. These are also the people who were out in the streets in Montreal cheering when 9/11 happened. Has the world gone mad? dwight hogg

    • oldtimer

      So sad, but true. Isaiah5:20

  • jacob

    An old Spanish provererb claims that skunks know who they spray on and this
    "DAVID" Ramadan knows whose palms to grease….

    However, this is nothing new as a Saudi ambassador candidly said once that
    the spreading of money in the right circles and people, helped enomously their
    cause in good old USA…
    Does anybody remember the Chinese Army donation to CLINTON's reelection
    fund scandal…..?????
    So what do these REPUBLICAN "pillars of the community" have to say on this
    issue ???

    Some "leaders" we have
    Doesn't it make you people puke ???
    It does to me

  • Ex-Muslim

    Norquist's wife is Muslim and she could not have married him unless he converts to Islam. Norquist is the problem, he sold to Islam

  • StephenD

    The Republican Party had better take note. If they listen to the likes of Norquist it will be to their end. If they pay attention and begin to clean house and marginalize these folks already within, they may have a chance of keeping the support of the people and a chance at neutralizing any ill effects of the infiltration. The ignorance that once could have been dismissed is no longer acceptable (Bush, Giuliani, et al). There is NO EXCUSE to not know better when it comes to dealing with representatives of Islam.

  • Chiggles

    David Ramadan is the camel's nose

    And Grover Norquisling is the camel's toe.

  • Flipside

    Israel is paranoid that the Muslim Brotherhood is going to ruin their monopoly in the Neoconservative movement.

    • Bo Dixon

      looks that way. muslims moving in on their cash cow..or camel

  • xlent

    Norqits is the camels ass.

  • Indioviejo

    Americans from all walks of life are baffled by the endless corruption of both parties. They sell out their country, their souls, their family's future. That is why the hate the TEA party.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    What’s wrong with Muslims running for public office or assuming prominent positions in the conservative movement? Nothing at all – as long as they are clear about the primacy of the U.S. Constitution over Koranic (or Sharia) law.

    Per the sixth and most important of Islam, ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS are jihadists, a few of them are violent jihadists, while most of them are non-violent jihadists, and the few that aren't jihadists aren't Muslims at all but instead blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam must be executed.

    Hence, Muslims that run for public office or assume prominent positions in the conservative movement are in reality jihadists. Indeed, not only are ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS jihadists, per the sixth and most important pillar of Islam, but Sharia also forbids Muslims from living in the Dar al Harb (the realm of jihad and unbelief) unless it is specifically for the purpose of jihad.

    The problem with the current political correct paradigm whereby Islam is assumed to be a so-called Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists that under girds our societies false understandings of Islam today is that it is based on Western conceptions of terrorism. However, jihad and terrorism are mutually exclusive and two entirely different things altogether, as terrorism, which always involves violence per its name and can be for any number of political causes is a product of Western civilization only. While jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, consist of both violent and non-violent means, is always fought in the cause of Allah as opposed to terrorism, which can be for any number of political causes, and is a product of Islamic civilization only.

    Hence, the current political correct paradigm whereby Islam is assumed to be a so-called Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists is obviously incorrect since it is based on terrorism, which again is a product of Western civilization only, as opposed to jihad, which is a product of Islamic civilization only. Of course, there are many other significant and important differences between jihad and terrorism, but for the sake of brevity it isn't necessary to go into all of them to make this point.

    Thus, it is incredibly naïve to assume that Muslims can be classified into categories of moderates and extremists. Instead, the truth is ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS are jihadists, a few are violent jihadists, while most are non-violent jihadists. Hence, obviously Muslims running for public office or assuming prominent positions in the conservative movement are jihadists, and that can only lead to bad things.

    Other donations to local and national Republican leaders bought him further endorsements in his recent campaign, including from Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-7th, VA).

    Good to know! So the RINO Eric Cantor is an Islamopanderer too. Why am I not surprised.

  • Flipside

    Here on FPM Kenneth Timmerman defended Ahmad Chalabi:…

    Ahmad Chalabi was dropped by the Pentagon for currency fraud, grand theft of national assets, counterfeiting, and for selling US state secrets to Iran:

    Timmerman defended this slimeball because he works for PNAC and JINSA. He is no more reputable than Grover Norquist.

  • zillaoftheresistance

    Grover Norquist is bad news, and now his dirty ties are in the Congressional record. I linked to the above post here:

  • angel nova

    Never trust a Muslim anyplace anywhere in America!

  • cynthia curran

    Maybe, Grover supports cutting taxes alll the time because he doesn't want the us to have a strong defense.

  • @GooseNetworkUSA

    David Ramadan enabled the Gulen Movement's new application for another controversial charter school, it was approved by the state but must be approved by the county. Learn why this is wrong and the connection of Ramadan to George Mason University and the $$ donated to the university by the Republic of Turkey.

  • Adam Rich

    If it looks like a swine and smells like a swine……..norquist purpose is to fog the issues and definitions.