The Killing of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani

The 11th branch of Iran’s Gilan Provincial Court upheld the apostasy conviction and execution sentencing of Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani this week. Social media accounts like Twitter have swarmed support for Pastor Nadarkhani. But where is the critically needed support from nation states—let alone, from where the Vatican?

The Vatican is an internationally recognized sovereign state with full diplomatic status. The Holy See has a legal personality under international law, giving it recognition as a sovereign state, which allows it to enter into treaties and to send and receive diplomatic representation. Knowing the Vatican has these powers, why hasn’t it spoken up on behalf of the Christian minister?

It is understood that the Vatican does not have its own military. However, history exemplifies the power of the Vatican to bring nations together to defeat its arch enemies through either diplomatic means or military might. This does not imply cause for a militant exhibition. However, it does imply, in a historical sense, the power of the Vatican. Has that power been lost today?

At the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II addressed the world to aid the Greeks and recover Palestine from Muslim rule. It was here that Pope Urban II requested aid from the West to fight against the Seljuq Turks. Nation states listened to the Pope and launched armies to engage battle against the Muslims, which lasted approximately 175 years. Some believe the ninth crusade was initiated by Muslims ten years ago on that horrific and tragic September day often referred to as 9-11.

Assyrian-born Chaldean Catholic Tariq Aziz served as deputy prime minister to Iraq until 2003. During his tenure and immediately prior to the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Saddam Hussein repeatedly sent Aziz to the Vatican in an attempt to delay and or resolve military confrontation against the United States. Needless to say, when you commit crimes against humanity as Aziz had, it’s extremely tough for the Vatican to assist you.

Iran constantly commits crimes against humanity. War crimes have been committed, relentless killings of innocent people, torture, and so much more comes directly out of this Shiite-dominated state—yet they sit on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The Vatican failed in delivering any statement opposing this newly appointed Iranian UN position.

Lately, instead of fighting for the morale and values bestowed before a loving and peaceful Christian faith, Pope Benedict seems to have embraced Iran. In 2008, Pope Benedict actually conferred that the two entities agreed with one another on faith-based principles.  Pope Urban II must be rolling in his grave.

Since 2001 alone, there have been well over 2,000 innocent Christians brutally murdered by Muslims. None of these people were military members engaged in any of the wars fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. They were faith-based community members or missionaries, some of which were actual clergy. Not once in any of the aforementioned atrocities did the Vatican make a global outcry for the victims. Yes, some statements can be found in Vatican records, but they failed to saturate international media news as they should have.

If anyone believes that the Vatican will step up today in safeguarding one of their own practitioners who preaches the word of God to fellow Christians, they will likely be let down. As a practicing Roman Catholic, I am at times ashamed of my own religious denomination, yet for whatever reason, I maintain my faith.

There are currently numerous prayer calls for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani. Numerous petitions exist requesting the United States Department of State intervene. While fully recognizing the power of prayer, maybe it’s time to simply do more about Iran and follow the war cry of Pope Urban II not just for the sake of Pastor Nadarkhani but for all of those who have faced the horrors of Iran’s evil.

  • Chezwick_mac

    Great article.

    You know, John Paul 2 was pretty damn impressive when it came to confronting the Soviets, but he had a blind spot when it came to Islam, engaging endlessly in his ineffectual "quiet diplomacy". Benedict came along and quoted from the 14th century Byzantium bishop…and we had great hopes that he was going to take the bull by the horns.

    He's since fallen silent. Let's hope he rises to the occasion at the 9th hour and fulfills his moral obligations as head of the Church.

    • Arvid

      Could it be, that the Vatican in this matter expierences the fatigue of standing " between the devil and the deep blue sea" ? I.e. – that an official protest from the Vatican could even worsen the situation for other Christians in Iran ?

      In 1942, the Vatican and the catholic bishops of then nazi-occupied Netherlands
      protested vehemently against persecutions of Netherlands Jews. The result was that the situation got even worse for the Jews, and even jewish rabbies begged the catholic church not to protest anymore ! I would opt for the possibility of the Vatican feeling helpless in this situation, and await a clarification.

      • Chezwick_mac

        There comes a moment in time when one has to take a stand and be counted, all other considerations be damned. Holding one's tongue indefinitely in the face of injustice for fear of exacerbating the problem is – in my opinion – a form of culpability.

      • WildJew

        That "the situation got even worse" is an overblown defense of Pope Pius XII — for his years of silence in the face of evil — on the part of his apologists and defenders. Please do not defend silence in the face of a great evil. It only makes you look weak yourself. "To sin by silence when they know they should protest, makes cowards of men." (Lincoln)

    • Vern Clobes

      I read a number of comments on the article and all seem to miss the point that if the Pope or any one else, for that matter, makes a comment critical of Islam Christians are killed in large numbers in Islamic countries.

    • Amy

      Please tell me you people aren't seriously blaming the Catholic Church for this. Iran did it not the Catholic Church. Why didn't America step in? We stick our nose in everywhere else why not here? Once again the media has managed to take the focus off the real problem and place it somewhere else so they can attack the Catholic Church. The church may not be perfect, but it is good for humanity as a whole as is every christian organization but we have taken Christianity out of the world because it doesn't go along with all the sinning that is now justified. As the saying goes "just as the sick need a doctor, sinners need God, Jesus and Holy Spirit"

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    Esteemed Vatican politicians,
    What can be more politically correct than saving the live of a coreligionist ?

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    sorry: the lives of coreligionists.

  • Thomas Hulting

    The good Mr. Patton states, "If anyone believes that the Vatican will step up today in safeguarding one of their own practitioners who preaches the word of God to fellow Christians, they will likely be let down. As a practicing Roman Catholic, I am at times ashamed of my own religious denomination, yet for whatever reason, I maintain my faith."

    Perhaps it is time for Mr Patton to put his faith, NOT in a man-made institution (Roman Catholicism), but wholly in the God and the teachings of the Bible.

    While the Vatican did not register any real complaints about this predictable Iranian execution, neither did the Liberal Left, Radical Egalitarian, Godless Relativist Barack Hussein Obama, nor any of his minions. And, where was the United Nations?

    • PhillipGaley

      As are the mullahs, the Vatican also, is an administrative theocratic institution, . . . and apparently—nor, unexpectedly—much fraught with administrative evil—see Adams and Balfor's "UNMASKING ADMINISTRATIVE EVIL", . . .

    • WildJew

      Mr. Hulting, stop making excuses for Pope Benedict XVI. Of course Catholics like Patton (if he is Catholic) should hold his weak feet to the fire. All God fearing men and women should. Why is it wrong? It is not a matter of placing faith in a 'man-made" institution. It is a matter of holding a weak man (a powerful church leader) to account for his silence and / or complicity. Silence in the face of a great moral evil = complicity. Why can't you see it?

    • Linda Merriam

      The Vatican and the Catholic Church has been infiltrated for decades now by Masons,Illuminati,and Communists which makes it difficult for the Holy Father to act freely in such situations.Pope Paul first warned that the smoke of Satan has entered the church. We must pray for the church to be cleansed from this evil.

  • Ayuba Pam

    The world is watching. Killing in the name of who? God? Certainly not the God I know. This is madness and not religion

  • RDW

    This ought to dispel any willfully ignorant notion that "we all serve the same
    God" sort of nonsense. In killing this man, they prove once again that Islam is hardly a "religion of peace" and would rather kill you than "tolerate" you if you do not follow their "path to God".

    • Truthseeker

      1 of 2 posts.Bravo RDW. May God grant mercy to those who are being persecuted for His Name's sake. You are aware multitudes of people who call themselves believers in the "One True God" – "Creator of all things", believe that "Allah" and the Judeo/Christian God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the same Eternal One. In my experience Muslims and followers of other religions (ie, my Hindu friends), think that when the name "God" is mentioned, you are speaking of their "god". Sadly, many people who take on the name "Christian" are amongst those believing this lie. Sorry to disillusion those folks! Al-alah = of pagan origin =The Moon God. For those who do not know – please do the homework !

  • maturin20

    Good to know that there are still some people who want the Vatican to exercise temporal authority.

    • Impressed

      I am curious. I recognize that this is none of my business.

      You seem to write very short ironic quips that routinely receive positive feedback where one might expect them to receive negative feedback.

      My question:

      This reinforces your belief that those clicking “thumbs up!” are intellectually vacuous? i.e., you enjoy making this point over and over again?

      • maturin20

        I hadn't really thought about it, sir. Without a comment, it's hard to know why people might click thumbs up.

        • Impressed

          Thank you.

          It has been really interesting to watch.

          • maturin20


  • LindaF

    There should be a message from the Pope to both Iran, and to the Christians of the world. It should be MANDATORY to read it next Sunday at masses throughout the world. We have to start standing up to the thugs of Islam.

    • Brent

      islam is not a peaceful religion, they follow the koran and refer to the hadith a more or less type of journal that documents moohamads life. it is riddled with bloodshed and other things and this is what militant islam and i believe islam teaches. there are peaceful muslims but there is not peaceful islam…

  • john in cheshire

    islam must be destroyed. And that must happen sooner rather than later.

  • tanstaafl

    Converts to Islam are never told that Islam is a dead end until they become Muslims. It is only then when the trap is sprung.

  • Mel

    When some back woods pastor in Florida threatened to burn a Qur'an, the Pope certainly found his voice. Hilary Clinton went on a rant. Obama produced a non teleprompted condemnation. Heads of states from all over the world went on hissy fits of righteous indignation. The mainstream media was in a hysterical frenzy. Even the normally bland Prime Minister of Canada called the Pastor to express his outrage.

    But when it is a real live innocent human person who is executed, which world leader — religious or otherwise — gives a rats patootie? It shows what our elite today regard as "sacred", and it is not an encouraging scene.

    Its time for a moral revolution from the comman people. Its time to show the Iranian and other radical Muslim hordes that "we the people" regard human life as sacred.

    • Mike Elmore

      Mel, you have made more sense than anyone..elmore

    • Mike Elmore

      Sick as it sounds maybe his death is what the world needs to see. If that didn't get the attention of everyone on the true existential threat of Islam then we should save ourselves alot of time and just convert because really fokes the world is F—-d on this one. What more proof does it need..elmore

      • SpiritOf1683

        The world will just yawn and slumber on. The attitude is "If it's someone else and not me, why should I care?" is prevalent in the West.

        • temarch

          Between movies, TV and video games, death is just a ho-hum thing to a large number of people. It doesn't seem real. It is a lot different than seeing someone die for real. Entertainment has dulled our senses to reality.

    • Dr John Newton

      The Pope's objection to the burning of the Qur'an was spurred on by the Church in Pakistan who feared they would suffer serious reprisals – and suffer they did. Churches were attacked, two Christians were killed when a group of Muslim youths opened fire on a congregation leaving a Salvation Army prayer meeting in Hoor Camp. "Real live innocent human person" s suffered – and in some cases died – as a result of Pastor Jones' actions.

      • Mel

        Dr. John, you are making a serious mistake in logic. The pastor in Florida may not have done a wise thing (or maybe he did, who am I to judge?). But he did not do the killing or cause the killing in Pakistan. That was done by Muslims there. The blame must be placed on those guilty; no one else. Otherwise, all Muslims need to do to get whatever they want is to threaten to kill innocent people.

        Its simple extortion. And where does it end?

        If radical Muslims get their way by threatening to kill innocent people on the issue of burning a Qur'an, what will be next? Someone claiming that Jesus is the son of God? Failing to institute Sharia Law?

        • Jake

          There are no shortage of things to which Muslims can choose to take lethal offense. To name but a few:

          — Naming a teddy bear Mohammed;
          — Having ice cream swirl like the Arabic letters for Allah;
          –Drawing a cartoon of Muhammed;
          — Making a play depicting the plight of women under Sharia law;
          — Quoting some medieval scholar's thoughts on Islam;
          — Publicly pointing out Mohammed's many moral failures, etc.

          Indeed the list is long and ever changing.

          By condemning those who are not doing the killing — only allegedly "inciting it" — the Pope is unwittingly succumbing to Islamist strategy, playing directly into their hands. And because it seems to be working, that virtually guarantees that these senseless killings of innocent people will continue.

          • Andrew

            If Iran and its radical Muslim colleagues around the world can get away with this — and have the elite in the west, head bowed and tail between their legs, blaming themselves for causing it, just think what Iran will be able to do now that it is getting nuclear weapons.

            Lets face it, extortion works unless it is confronted head on.

            Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is doing just that. He is standing strong against extortion, and he needs the vocal, unwavering, and very public support of all peace loving people in the world.

    • mary

      The Problem is that Obama is an anti christian. When he was about to contest, he pretended to be a christian but now he is secretly giving support to Islam just like all the big heads u mentioned. Christians all over the world should just go on their kneels and pray for pastor yousef, i believe God is able to deliver him as for the big head fishes you mentioned, they are afraid of the Muslims.

      • mary

        if u are a Muslim reading this message i advice you to flew from the death trap of Islam into the strong tower of God. Islam will lead you to no way than death. Think about it yourself, should serving God be a thing of force? in your Qur'an is there any place they say you should kill innocent people who has done no wrong? should a religion be of peace or killing?

    • george

      I think if the dear Pastor is killed I will not be able to stop myself from desecrating a Quran.

  • elihew

    There's a BIG difference between the Vatican and true Biblical Christianity. Just sayin'

    • JesusisComing


    • yesterway

      Your comment is true but why did you feel the need to add "just sayin"?

      • elihew

        I added 'just sayin' because of the amount of flack I've received by telling this truth on other boards, etc. Most 'professing christians' believe that Rome is just another branch or segment of Biblical Christianity; nothing could be further from the truth. As you probably know (or you wouldn't have commented to me) among the many differences is the most important: the method or means of salvation!
        Thanks for your comment!

        • Alessandro

          The moat between Christ and Protestantism is growin bigger and bigger. Just sayin'

    • EC Everett

      To which denomination of true "Biblical Christianity" do you refer? There are big differences, as you say (at least I suspect there are, but I could be wrong depending upon whether you are mainline, liturgical, non-liturgical, liberal, evangelical, fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Church if God in Christ, etc., etc., all of whom claim to be "true Biblical Christianity").

      Of course, the biggest obvious difference between Roman Catholicism and whatever variant of protestantism you claim is "true Biblical Christianity" is that the Roman Catholic Church compiled the contents of the Holy Bible and gave it to the world, whereas Protestants did not.

      • temarch

        When the Protestants came along the bible had already been established. The Protestants were the Catholics that got disgusted with what the church had become with indulgences and the like and followed Martin Luther in protesting (protest, the root word in Protestant) the actions of the church. They were protesting that the church wasn't following the teachings of the bible that the church had compiled for the world.

        • Alessandro

          Yeah, that makes sense. A few unworthy priests abusing their position in a certain historical age is a good excuse to create hundreds of different churches warring against each other, dividing Christianity for centuries, while being based on personal convictions and whims, rejecting the Church founded by Jesus and tossing away most of the established theology, plus some Bible books for good measure.
          Greedy princes who wanted to control religion loved it.

      • jules

        On who's autority do you beliee the Roman Catholic Church compiled the contents of the Holy Bible? I am an evangelical Christian, I never protested anything. Protestants left the Roman Catholic Church because they were tired of the ritual teachings and focusing on works instead of Christ as the means of salvation. I belong to a Bible teaching, God fearing/loving church that stands on the truth of what Jesus taught, not a denominational take on what Jesus taught. Does infant baptism save? No. If it does then show me in the Bible. Does confession and 20 hail Mary's absolve you from sin? No. If it does then show me in the Bible. Can you pray a person out of hell? No. If so, then show me in the Bible.

    • Jakareh

      The Catholic is Christ's Church and personally founded by Him (Matthew 16:18). The Bible is a Catholic document. All forms of Protestantism are totally anti-Biblical and a slap in the face of Jesus Christ. Just sayin'.

      • elihew

        You've certainly been brainwashed…

    • Charles

      And obviously you do not have a clue as to what that difference is.

      But I'll tell you:

      "Biblical Christianity" is legalism and dead; the Vatican is merely the residence of the Successor to Peter, to whom Christ gave the responsibility for the church, and from whom, his successors have protected that truth and faith for 2000 years.

      In That church is LIFE. From that church, came the scriptures, alone, to which you seem to think make up Christianity.

      You are sadly mistaken and lost.

      Riddle me this: How did the Christians of the first THREE centuries (300 years – longer than the US has been in existence) come to BE Christians WITHOUT the scriptures which you worship??

      Just remember, it was in a CATHOLIC COUNCIL, under a CATHOLIC POPE, and through CATHOLIC BISHOPS that the New Testament came into existence. There were NO PROTESTANTS there. Oh wait – yes there were. they were the heretics who held OTHER books to be necessary to the canon of scripture. But unfortunately for you, they were anathematized by THE CHURCH CATHOLIC.

      Your hubris will kill your spirit and deny you God's Grace. perhaps His mercy will prevail for you, though it may be very questionable if you subscribe to FAITH ALONE, or if you have not had the consecrated BODY AND BLOOD of Christ in an authorized mass that is part of the 2000 year history of communion as described by Christ int he upper room after he broke it down for the Jews in the Gospel of John (that is was His ACTUAL BODY and BLOOD that they were to partake of – and which caused many of the to stop following him because it was too gross, too sacrificial and too anti-Jewish, and which his own apostles almost stopped following him).

      Beware of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

  • parson2280

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. ~Thomas Jefferson

  • YeshuasChild


    • Brent

      I agree but in my opinion the un is as wicked as islam. as a retired army veteran, i dont want to be anywhere close to the un and have our soldiers under any other countries jurisdiction. Bless Israel!!

  • YeshuasChildren


  • GodsChildren


  • HelpOthers

    Rise up oh yea nations brothers and sisters of the FAITH let us pray for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani. Come boldly before the Thrown of our Lord Jesus Christ join with us in prayer for the release of this Pastor. Please……………… I beg you pray for this soul…..

  • EdwinS

    Perhaps the Pope is afraid to provoke the Muslim devils into persecuting Catholics…?

  • Rivka

    Contact the Vatican, write them asking them to assist in this process. Their emails are available on the internet

  • peppin the short

    Why are you all harping on about the Vatican? The man is a protestant…. Why not get the Queen of England to defend him, since she is the head of the protestant church…. Why do you always blame the Catholic Church for everything? The Vatican has not been a temporal power for a very long time now – that decision was not something that happened overnight but which was the result of historical and political happenings and the realisation that God could be better served if the Vatican concentrated on things spiritual rather than temporal. This has worked very well – look at the far reaching changes JP2 wrought in this world. Look at how instrumental he was in bringing down the iron curtain. All without a single foot-soldier. A little more respect please….

    • Mel

      The Pope had no problem voicing his strong objections when another protestant pastor was about to burn the Qur'an. The Pope is quick to condemn protestants when they destroy something that is sacred to Muslims. Why can he not be as quick to condemn Muslims, when they destroy something which is sacred to protestants (innocent human life) and hopefully to all Catholics as well.

      • Wowjustwow

        This is only just started to gain international attention. Its too bad we live so much in a culture of NOW. Give the news time to spread. Did you do your part to inform the Vatican yourself?

        • Jake

          You really think the Vatican is not aware? I wouldn't be surprised if the Pope is quite pleased about what Iran is doing. Maybe the Catholics are nostalgic for the days when they were the ones executing protestants for heresy.

          • peppin the short

            I did not say the Vatican is not aware. I said that everyone is blaming the Vatican and saying it has not done enough, while the man's own proper denomination – the queen, head of the protestant church, has not even brought up the issue in public. What has muslims executing a protestant got to do with times times when Catholics executed protestants and protestants executed Catholics?!

          • temarch

            The Queen is Head of the Church of England and not the protestant church. There are many denominations of protestantism and nobody is at the head of all of them.

          • WildJew

            What you are saying is the pope is not a Christian?

          • inSilence

            Taken from another comment:
            We also must remember that it helped secure the release of British Naval personnel back in 2007, and did so in complete silence. It is very likely that this is the favoured strategy between the Vatican and Iran, seeing as it appears to have been effective in the past.

            We only know about it through the Wikileaks release of US Embassy cables, the excerpt I copy below:



            17. (C/NF) The Holy See is deeply concerned about the recent violence and ongoing human rights violations in Iran. It has been publicly silent to date on the current crisis, in part to preserve its ability to act as an intermediary if an international crisis emerges. (The Vatican helped secure the release of British sailors detained in Iranian waters in April 2007.) It is unclear how much clout the Vatican really has with Iran, however. NOYES

    • elihew

      "The Queen of England is the head of the Protestant church"?! My friend, that is so off-base so as not to warrant a response; except to give you the truth.

      Jesus Christ (Second Person of the Trinity) is the Head of the Christian Church, which is an "invisible church". It is made up of born-again believers (John 3.3.) who have submitted their lives to Him. So-called 'Protestantism' was a result of the Reformation of the 17th & 16th centuries. It was a return to the Biblical truth taught by Jesus and His apostles which was highjacked by Rome and the many fallible teachings of men. Christianity has nothing whatsoever to do with a building, denomination, etc. It is those saints who've had their lives radically changed by the Holy Spirit of Truth, who strive to be obedient, but ultimately trust not in themselves, but only in Christ Jesus as their Savior.


      • peppin the short

        ?! You'd better lie down before you hurt yourself…. The queen of England is the head of the protestant church because Henry the eighth broke with the Catholic Church simply because the Church would not grant him an annulment to marry again (there was no valid reason for one) He formed his own Church and the queen/king of England have been the head of that church ever since. Of course, the whole thing is spurious because Christ Himself told Peter "on this rock I will build my Church" thus creating His one APOSTOLIC Church and confirming Peter as its first head in one fell swoop. Anything else is false.

        • 9-11 Infidel

          Take your own advice. The Church Of England is one sect of Protestantism. And so what? In the vast majority of Protestant sects the sole authority is Jesus Christ not the Queen.
          While you take your own advice, you might try a little exegesis with your eisegesis on the Peter quote. Christ was talking about Peter's faith not some job as a Pope or a physical church.

      • Flash

        Amen brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mimi

      Protestants and Catholics are Christians, the Pope and the Queen of England should be trying to help Pastor Yousef, as well as all Christians should- no matter what Christian denomination they are, who declare Jesus Christ as Lord.

  • esperantominoria

    I think he will really be executed,if the Iranians back down now they will face and be called chicken.I hope for the best but expect the worst.
    I hope the Vatican is doing feverish secret diplomacy,who knows,maybe they will bribe the Iranians.All I know is that the reports are the Iranian people are in large measure apostates.

    There have been 2 famous Iranian scientists in the Middle Ages who were apostates of Islam:Al-Razi,the physician and Omar Khayyam

    It is possible the the first great Iranian write,Firdausi,was a secret apostate.Read:

  • Andrew

    Iran's Islamic leaders, like their radical counterparts in the Sunni faith, know only how to kill and destroy. The are the thieves of life. As the Bible tells us:

    "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full"

  • Jake

    "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church". Ahmedinijad and his brain dead followers don't realize that in killing this man of God, they are ensuring their own future in hell, and the triumph of Christianity over satan's evil.

  • mrbean

    Wonder what the Arab media would say about crucifying a Muslim for not renoncing Allah?

  • Omar Said

    Stupid. Read your Bible. Even Satan knows the time is short. The Pope is the soon coming mouthpiece for the anti-Christ and they know it. Soon people, soon.

    • Guest

      Who needs enemies with friends like you? As catholics we have been on the frontlines against islam since its demonic inception. it was a pope who called the first crusade. it was catholics who manned the bulwarks in Malta, Vienna and countless other places. it was catholics who faught the reconquista. it was catholics manning the ships at Lepanto. What have you protestants ever done? hopelessly divided in hundreds of pseudo churches – you lack that unity of purpose that is required to defeat Islam. rest assured if it ever comes to it – it will be a pope who will again launch a crusade.

  • Cranky As Hell

    Maybe we should ask Sean Penn to intervene with his disgusting buddies ( – isn't one known by the company one keeps?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This is a practice of Islam to instill fear into the Christian World while showing to
    their droid following that they are the power over life and death. Quite the
    religion of peace, Yousef is a brave man and is in need of prayer and written
    support. For every Yousef there are thousands who are killed for defying Islam.

    • SAM000

      I read very often your posts;
      you wrote
      << This is a practice of Islam to instill fear into the Christian World,,,, >>
      my reflection is;
      USA and EU who are Christians condemn vigorously Armed Resistance against the Mullahs but SILENT for killing the Pastors.

      My question is who is Christian and who is the Muslim according to your definition?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        SAMOO,…………..After the fall of Man there was no way back to a righteous
        relationship with God who did accept few for their hearts which were turned
        towards Him always. There needed to be a plan for the salvation of the
        sinful World and it is seen in the book of Isaiah the Prophet a sacrifice
        would be made and it was Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary. Those
        who accept Jesus died on the Cross for them as a substitution and
        beleive He died, rose again on the third day, ascended to Heaven and
        sits at the right hand of the Father and will come again to judge the living
        and the dead, they are Christians. Changed lives is the best sigh of the
        acceptance and faith which saves. The heart is changed, acceptance is
        made and continuous striving to live for Christ and self betterment with
        loss of ego and personal bias becomes the way to the Cross. As the blood
        of the Lamb on the door saved the first born of the Jews so will the
        acceptance of Jesus and His shed blood cover your sins and death will
        pass over you on Judgement Day as you are in Christ and He is in you.


        • WilliamJamesWard

          Many Christians today have lost sight of their absolute dependence
          on the death of Jesus at the Cross, the shedding of His innocent blood
          which is the covenant He created with those who would believe on Him
          as found in the four Gospels. Teachings today are leading away from
          this and many have gone the way of humanism and apostasy. The
          Conservative Baptist Evangelical Church which is associated with
          The Billy Graham ministries is spot on in Biblical teaching. Read the
          Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for clear understanding.

          Muslims are followers of the man Muhammed who invented his own
          religion from the beliefs prevalent in his day but added conduct which
          the Bible condemns and practices that most civalized Nations consider
          felonious. Muslims are locked in with no way out in their religion, a
          religion that does not offer the way to salvation and forgiveness of sin,
          rather it approves of sin and draws them away from God and eternal
          life. Evil men find the way to control and enslave the masses through
          this religion, do their will which is opposed to the will of God………….

          • SAM000


            Your Religious Jurisprudence is powerful, in the case where 2 religions are in conflict.
            My question and my point was about the death angle flying over all the victims of religious Fascism.


            I know how the Mullahs reasoning.

            If there is no objection, they are afraid so I'm right, I continue.
            This is the way the Mullahs see the world.

            This is the way Hitler, and Stalin were thinking,

            The difference between those Eu dictators and the Mullahs is that, the Mullahs think that your GOD had abdicated to the benefits of the Mullahs, and the behavior of the west reinforce their logic.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            SAMOOO……….the logic of the Mullahs may be reiforced but to and
            end that will be their destruction. Americans sans-leftists see them
            for the evil men they are, the World sees them as they are.
            However the World is proceeding into a time that moral light is
            being darkened and terrible consequeces will be the result.
            For the unbeliever a world in absolute turmoil and war will not be
            understood outside of keeping life and wealth, for the believer the
            fall of man will be seen as hitting bottom. Hitler and Stalin were
            just men but men possessed by the power of evil, they are dead
            and judged, their thinking and conduct if emulated in the Mullahs
            will leave the Mullahs and those who follow them, just as dead
            as Hitler and Stalin and in the way of a terrible judgement. Prayer
            is a powerful force and enables the good. Fighting evil with every
            power available is right and just……………………William

  • Elizabeth

    Before you denounce the Vatican, you don't know what is being done at diplomatic levels. We don't hear everything. It's not important that we know, it's important that this pastor be helped. And we don't know what is being done, we can't just assume that nothing is. Pope Benedict is as concerned as anyone, and he's shown that many times, no one need be ashamed of him. I wish I were half as good.

  • waterwillows

    It is no small thing to 'shout down' Islam. It is kind of a catch 22. Damned if you do; and damned if you don't.
    Do you know that muslims in Africa (though not confined there) cut the lips and ears off of Christian children? It also happens that they skin children……while still alive. There are more horrific deeds done as well.

    These are things that have to balanced for speaking out. It is no easy thing. So the present approach is to keep building the ground-swell. Keep building until it sweeps over the entire globe.

    This is not a fight confined to any one man, but it is a fight for all men.

  • Anamah

    What is the UN doing? What are those parasites in the Security Council stopping the madness the evil of this hallucinated government of Iran? How in the world can this people stay indifferent as part of this monster corrupted bureaucracy allowing the intolerant psychopathic behavior of Radical Islamic against Christians, Jews and what they call infidels? History will reveal their responsibility! General Secretary Ban Ki Moon what do you think?

    • Mel

      The UN?

      Under the haystack fast asleep.

  • Dispozadaburka

    The Satan always loses.

    His job is to make us cry out in prayer to G-d.

    The sound of the Shofar is the human heart crying out.
    All the pain of humanity is awakened through that sound, taking us a step closer to the relevation of the Great Light. This is why the Negative Side becomes frightened by the sound of the Shofar. It is afraid this may be the year the Final Redemption is revealed.

    This is why Obama put an end to the the National Day of Prayer and the blowing of
    the Shofar.

  • SAM000

    Condemnation of the crimes of the Mullahs is the moral obligation of all.
    Taking action against the Mullahs is the obligation of all the nations.

    The Direction and the volume of the action to be taken is always the duty of the most powerful NATION or USA.
    USA is seen as the highest authority by all the nations.

    When the authority or the police station stays NEUTRAL between the killer and the victim, how do you expect that a church takes action?!

    The deafening silence of USA is the certificate of killing for the MULLAHS.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      It is a terrible abandonment of moral leadership and right conduct. There is
      a movement in America to righten the wrongs of a Godless leadership
      that is behind the attack on Judeo-Christian society. Leftism, Socialism
      and Communism now upholding Islamists and their introduction into our
      society is for the purpose of blocking Americans in with Sharia and absolute
      control of all of our lives. May be it is part of the one world religion to go
      along with the one world government vis. the UN. Leftists will be the first
      heads on the chopping block and rightfully so………………………..William

      • SAM000

        you said;
        << May be it is part of the one world religion to go
        along with the one world government vis. the UN.>>

        you pronounced the key word " SEZAM OUVRE TOI";

        you are invited now to go inside and see below:
        or Google bilderberg

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Souvre a pas mal d'informations, je reconuais que je suis familier avec
          certains mais pas tout cela. Tout Ce que je paux dire est le "Vous Savez"

          • SAM000

            Guillame est un nom, The software of FPM or their mediator don't let us to write on French

            Si non, Je prefere Français.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            No preference, what ever is easiest. You mentioned the key word
            and finished in Francais with "SEZAM OUVRE TOI" and I was
            astonished at the plethora of information which I have been
            aware of some of it and realise that "Vous Savez". You are aware
            of what is going on to a great extent………..Regards,…………William

  • Flipside

    I find it ironic that Zionists, who categorically despise Christians, will parade Christians before the public is they appear to have been bruised or spat upon by Muslims. This strikes me as base opportunism. It may serve the purpose of riling up Christians and stoking their hatred and getting them to act like Christian Zionists. This will of course just get the Bundist Socialist Jews complaining again about white racism, nativism, militias, and separation of church and state. It behooves Christians to remember that when Jesus was about to be saved from execution, the Sanhedrin, Israel’s Sharia court, demanded Barabbas, a bandit, be freed instead.

    • Ajah

      Flipside, I think you should be grateful to the “Israel sharia court” for ensuring your “salvation”(if you’re a christian). if you’re not, I understand your point…

  • kafirman

    I left the Catholic faith long ago. What is the meaning of Catholicism when the Pope doesn't even keep business in his own house? Ted Kennedy is exhibit A of dereliction of Catholic leadership. This killer and advocate of mass in-the-womb elective killing should have been excommunicated in the 70's. But save us the Catholic angle. The real angle is Islam. Islam is why Nadarkhani's freedom of conscience is met with execution. Islam is a curse on Muslims and non-Muslims. We need adult leadership in the West that can hold a candle to Geert Wilders. Not this Barry "the US is not and will never be at war with Islam" Soetero evil policy. Presently not a single US nationally elected politician is openly questioning the granting of 501(c)3 tax-exempt status to a "religion" that better resembles organized crime than religion.

    • WilliamJamesWard


  • in Silence

    Taken from another's comment:

    You are right to mention that the Vatican maintains diplomatic channels with Iran as a state.

    We also must remember that it helped secure the release of British Naval personnel back in 2007, and did so in complete silence. It is very likely that this is the favoured strategy between the Vatican and Iran, seeing as it appears to have been effective in the past.

    We only know about it through the Wikileaks release of US Embassy cables, the excerpt I copy below:



    17. (C/NF) The Holy See is deeply concerned about the recent violence and ongoing human rights violations in Iran. It has been publicly silent to date on the current crisis, in part to preserve its ability to act as an intermediary if an international crisis emerges. (The Vatican helped secure the release of British sailors detained in Iranian waters in April 2007.) It is unclear how much clout the Vatican really has with Iran, however. NOYES

    • SAM000

      The British NAVAL crews were taken hostage because the BRITISH political power were very supportive of Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs sees it the weakness of the west.

      They were released because London put an ultimatum of 48 hours for their liberation.

      If your Political power hardens his voice, the Mullahs will obey immediately.

      The Mullahs are like the pit-bull dug, treat them as it is.

      • Le Beau

        I am reading your continuing argument. But the US is divided. The kind of resolve you are seeking cannot come from a people internally at war. It can only come from a people that have made up their minds about who the enemy is, what the responsibilities for meeting that enemy are. Like the rest of the west, the US is being shaken up a bit.

        I'm not sure the country you are looking for exists at the moment.

        • SAM000

          Le Beau;

          your elected people or your house representatives are against the rulers foreign policies.

          The appeasement of the Mullahs is a matter of corruption in all the EU and US Governments.

          The Mullahs and the Islamists can not fool two times consecutively a civilized western policy maker,
          we see that from 30 years ago till now, from Carter to Obama, passing by Reagan, Double BUSH, and Clinton, the mullahs appeasement continues nonstop.

          Now, the current of the supporters of the Islamists is leaded by USA

  • Tom

    I too was embarrassed to be a catholic. Then I started reading my Bible hoping to reaffirm my faith and understand why catholicism teaches what it does. To my surprise, I couldnt find any Biblical basis for what I was taught. If the Bible is the word of God, then it must trump canon law and the catechism. It is no wonder that the Vatican is less than supportive of Protestant, oops, (Baptists were never Protestant as they were never part of the Catholic church) preachers because they do not subscribe to the extra Biblical fables generated by the Catholic church. I am happy to be free of Roman Catholic bondage.

    • Arnold

      I am amazed at your blatant ignorance. Which church compiled the New Testament that even Protestants accept in its entirety? It was the Catholic bishops of the 4th century guided by the Holy Spirit. Where in the Bible itself does it claim that the Bible or Scripture is the sole and entire source of all Christian truth? Nowhere. You jump to slanderous conclusions because your heart has become blinded by hatred and contempt. Very sad. I m a proud Catholic and definitely not embarrassed to be so. I have never read on Catholic blogs a level of hatred toward Protestants and Protestant churches that I come across on non-Catholic blogs like this one, especially in the comments. Practice some Christian charity and stop venting your bigotry. Please.

  • Steve

    Did I miss the essay giving the reason that the Vatican will not intervene in this matter?

  • sam000

    62 Executions in Iran during September, due to the deafening silence of the International community.

  • louis vuitton

    is it really??

  • j zarczynski

    Why would the pope come to the defense of a Christian? Roman Catholicism is NOT
    Christianity. A Christian is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone.
    Papists follow a man in a man made false religion.
    Rome sets itself up as the center of Christianity. But that is a falsehood.
    Roman Catholicism is a cult that believes in a false Christ, in that, the Christ
    they manufacture and make graven images of, is one that is unable to save anyone without the help of many dead people, whose members must put
    cash in the hands of apostate clergy who sponge off superstitious people who
    put their hope in men, not in God or the Lord Jesus Christ who is God. Cursed is
    the man who trusts in man; Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD.
    This Iranian leads house churches; sounds like he may be a true Christian who wouldn't
    want any association with a pope who thinks God's kingdom is a temporal one.

  • Arnold

    Have you people forgotten the Afghan convert to Christianity who was also threatened with execution? It was the Vatican through back channels that secured his release and exile to Europe. The gentleman personally thanked the Pope for that help. Mr. Patton, stop being ashamed of your church and put some faith in Benedict's back channel efforts, which I am certain are taking place. I know that many of you want him to yell and scream at the Iranians as you personally would do, but there are other methods to get the job done. Otherwise, you must assert that the Pope does not give a rat's petooee about this Christian victim and is cold hearted and selfishly unconcerned. If you believe that, you are fools.

  • sbullock

    Does everyone realize that Christians are being prosecuted all over the world, and that it is actually much worse in other countries? Go to for just a small sample of where this is happening. Yes, I have been praying for Pastor Nadarkhani, and it is great that his cause has made it to the media, but sadly we do not hear about the majority of the cases. The Vatican speaks out about this oppression all the time. Just two days ago, Pope Benedict prayed for persecuted evangelists.… . Instead of always playing the blame game, let's band together and try to make a POSITIVE difference in the world.

  • Peter Grasso

    As a show of solidarity to Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and the persecuted church, please consider viewing this music video tribute, while sharing this message far and wide. Over 170,000 Christians are martyred every year for their faith in Jesus Christ. That equates to one person being martyred every three minutes.

    Minister Peter

  • Norm

    (No other gods but Me) Pope JP2 kissed the qur'an and made himself comfortable in a throne with an upside-down cross…

    (Thou shall not kill) Christians have been persecuted by the Catholic church since it began.

    Last ash-wednesday they 'marked' their parishioners on the forehead or hand with ashes (hmmm – foreshadowing the future? See Rev. 13).

    (Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy) Last Sunday they celebrated their mass after ignoring the Sabbath.

    (Make no idols of things in Heaven or on Earth) The churches are filled with idolotrous statues including (usually) a giant crucifix front and center. So far I count at least 3 commandments broken and I hardly started…

  • Marc

    Our prayers are with him. Stand my friend in Christ. May God be with you. Wow what an example for Christ.

  • George

    I hate the thought of destroying books- they are for learning. Even learning about the evils of Islam.

    If Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is killed I fear I will not be able to stop myself from desecrating a Quran. I encourage everyone to join me. Let's start a movement a threat to Islam- save the Pastor or else!!

    Please don't consider this a threat to Muslims- they are caught in a violent death cult that will kill them if they try to leave. No kidding!!

    Purchase a Quran-in Arabic would be best.

    Don't just burn it-oddly enough that is the apprprpiate way of destroying a Quran. Be creative desecrate it in the most imaginative way. It could be a contest!

    I plan to shred the Quran and place in my compost pile.

    It will be money well spent.

  • betty

    praying for Pastor Yousef and his family, but we must remember it is a relationship not a religion that will save us, please do not get so wrapped up in your religion that you do not have a one on one relationship with Christ, Jesus said you must be born again

  • John

    Do you think the Vatican run by flock of emasculated cowards would speak up for a man of courage? The answer is NO, especially if it is for a Christian. The Pope drives around in his bullet proof 'pope-mobile' as a demonstration of his cowardly character and as a manifestation of his lack of faith in Christ; why would a man be afraid of death and so paranoid to drive around in a bullet proof viewing platform in lieu of the assertion that he is the 'champion' of Christ. Wouldn't an elderly man who is the 'leader' of his 'christian' religion welcome death, where, according to his church's teachings, be in heaven or limbo.

    The previous pope, soon to be a 'saint', requested that Clinton commute the sentence of a double murderer who hacked two people to death with an ax. Why didn't J.P. II request the commutation of sentence of a more deserving person on death row, somebody that may have been given the death penalty under questionable circumstance? The reason being is that this church has never been Christ's church, but more like the church of Satan. Soon it will be the church of the NWO. Did any of you Catholics like how J.P. II placed a statue of Buddah on the altar at the Cathedral of Assisi, did you also like how he was consecrated by Shiva priestess in India? Oh, you didn't hear about this, well I suggest for your soul, I suggest you do a little research, it is not hard to find this information. Additionally, why don't you do a Bible reading, it is a bit different than what they teach you in Catechism.

    • emd


  • Flash

    The Vatican??? They will not be stepping in, because they are not followers of Yahshua the Messiah, They are busy bowing down to statues and worshipping other gods (idolatry) to worry about the real laborers in the Messiah and people who really have made the decision to follow YHVH's Word. The Vatican is ANTICHRIST as well as Islam (ANTICHRIST), they will do the lust of thier father. Yosef will be taken care of, he is free, and his death will be avenged. For so persecuted they the prophets that were before him. If youre Catholic, and you think its the truth, let this be a lesson to you… come out of Babylon, turn to the true and living God YHVH. Stop worshipping men (Pope), statues (Mary), praying to the dead (Necromancy). Read the bible and get understanding or it WILL have catasrophic results.

    • emd

      I'm so glad the Lord saved me from that apostacy! It saddens me to read the comments of those who believe the lies of men instead of the word of God. Jesus is the way the truth and the life and NO ONE comes to the Father execpt through Him. Mary cannot save, Peter cannot save, no dead saint can save you…only Jesus. I am sure the saints in heaven would be appalled to know they are being worshiped. Our God is a jealous God, He alone is to be worshiped. Christians are followers of Jesus Christ, Catholics are not Christian.

      • emd

        As for who gave us the Bible…God did…it is His word not the words of men…Our God is an awesome God who will use even unbelievers to accomplish His will. Catholics are not the creators or initiators of the bible, God simply used mere men to accomplish what He wanted…take the time to look at whom God inspired to write what He wanted us to know, they were not 'catholics' they were followers of Jesus Christ and they lived, breathe, preached and died in His name and for His glory not for their own glory or that of a religion. God gave us the 39 Old Testament and the 27 New Testament books to teach us and guide us in our faith in Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. Those of you who believe that the catholic church is the only true religion, well, how many of you would stand firm and steadfastly proclaim your faith in your pope, and dead saints when sentenced to die because of your belief? Many have died for thier faith in Jesus in spite of persecution, they are Christians…Born again believer as Jesus said we should be. I am not a religious person, I do not and will not follow a man sitting on a throne, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

  • Joseph

    So insted of the people looking at who is killing him and saying enough they point a finger at the pope like it is his fault that they killed him and not the laws of the country.