Who Called the Palestinians Trash?

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The Palestinian delegates said they were extremely shocked by the mufti’s abusive language and threats.

“He called us trash,” one of them said. “He didn’t even give us time to respond to his allegations.”

Samir Abu Afash, Secretary- General of the PLO in Beirut, said he sent a report to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about the mufti’s remarks.

Abbas instructed the Palestinian representatives to refrain from a confrontation with Qabbani out of fear that such a move would escalate tensions between the two sides.

Former Lebanese prime minister Fuad Saniora later phoned Fathi Abu al-Aradat to apologize on behalf of the mufti.

The mufti lost his temper following complaints that Palestinians living in refuge camps in Lebanon had illegally seized lands belonging to the state and the Islamic Wakf Trust.

Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, former head of the PA religious courts, strongly condemned the mufti of Lebanon, saying his statements were unsuitable for a man of his status.

He said Qabbani had a long history of instigating sectarian strife between various communities in Lebanon, and demanded that he apologize to all Palestinians.

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  • Jhon

    dog bite dog is a common phenomenal among islamic state, it is in their history, just look at the bloody succession of their early caliphate of the companions of their rasullolah for sample, and both sites will claim they are in a jihad against enemy of allah.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    They are rabid animals – not dogs! They are cannibals for
    they willing eat their own. Let them feast till they choke.

  • ziontruth

    It's only RAAAAACIST when Zionists, white people, Jews, Christians, capitalists (I think that's the lot) do it.

  • "gunner"

    being something of an opinionated old goat myself i know how it works, the palestinian authority will wait a very long time for an apology from the mufti, around three days after hell freezes solid i'd say.

  • cheese_burger

    The Mooze molests its daughters when they are age six, and rapes its daughters on their ninth birthdays, in accordance with the filthy thing they call a religion.

    The Mooze ain't Human. Islam turns humans into monsters.

  • StephenD

    Lets make sure we understand this. In Israel, where these folks protend they have ancestral rights to the land when all the facts say otherwise, they are granted citizenship. In Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, et al where they are actually from, they are "refugees." Now, with these facts known we stand by while the whole world yells at Israel to be fair to them and give them more land in exchange for promises that what they say about annihilating Israel can wait if Israel gives into their demands. This must be what the Bible said concerning the days men would call evil good and good evil. EVERYTHING about this is wrong. Not a peep from the world demanding Lebanon take these folks in as citizens. I don’t get it.

    • alex

      There is nothing "not to get" here. Shouting "Kill the Jew" from the rooftops and podiums of European and, lately, US cities is not a fashionable thing to do at this time. Therefore, a proxy Pogroms and slaughter are conducted via Muslims in general and Arabs in particular. Bringing the Final Solution project to fruition is what BHO, European Socialist International and Co. is aiming at and saying quite openly.

      And by the way, 78% would still vote for him and his Red Commissars.

  • Tanstaafl

    Were someone's feelings hurt?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If the controversy heats up into sectarian internecine violence, would Obama deploy US troops at the request of the UN to protect innocent Muslim civilians?

  • dirtybird

    If you have ever read "The Haj" by Leon Uris, you'll recognize that in all these years, nothing has changed in the Muslim world when it comes to "justice" where the Palestinians are concerned. Jordon & Syria are no different. They all use the Palestinians as a pretext to claim the moral high ground with the Israelies.

  • mcrobbins

    The Palestinians have been a destabilizing force wherever they resided. They catalyzed the disintegration of Lebanon, the first time. They almost brought down King Hussein of Jordan. Until recently, the Egyptians were suspicious of them. Of course the PA has become a dangerous neighbor to the Israelis. I would say that the mufti's outburst is due to their infantile sense of entitlement. A two-state solution is not good enough for them. They want it all.

  • skulldiggerin

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    What is good 'bout baddies(Commies both red & black, Islamics, narcos, terrorists)
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    Things that don't exactly promote love between his disciples.

    Just a cursory look at dictatorships show them to be a visible image of hell, where servants of the devil serve him solely out of fear, hate each other and also their father who is in hell.
    ( Thanks, Dr.C S Lewis for "The Screwtape Letters" )

    And GOD BE PRAISED FOR MAKING IT SO : That demon with demon damn concord
    out of fear and damn discord out of mutual hatred.