Black Man’s Burden: Those Who Make Them Victims

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Police departments in many major cities have long required cops to write down the race of those stopped, as well as the race of the cop doing the stopping. In some cases, cops do indeed stop a “disproportionate” number of black motorists — compared with their percentage of actual drivers. Does this show illegal “racial profiling,” as opposed to cops focusing on high-crime areas or cops responding to the very behavior of the drivers stopped?

New Jersey state troopers, during the late ’90s, were accused of illegally profiling black drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike. At the request of the U.S. Justice Department, the state commissioned an independent study to find out why troopers stopped so many black motorists. It turned out that black drivers drove faster than white drivers — and the faster the speed the more likely the driver was black. The Justice Department, citing “flawed methodology,” refused to accept the study. New Jersey commissioned a second study. Same result.

More to the point, Belk writes, “My husband told me he was glad to have been there to model … how to behave during a police stop, something every black man needs to be prepared to handle.” Exactly. Behave appropriately and so will the cops, the occasional bad apple aside.

Belk is right. There are certain things every young black person “needs to be prepared to handle.” And one of them is this: learning to reject newspaper articles, relatives, friends, teachers and the media that are determined to convince them that they remain forever victims. Now, more than ever, hard work, drive and focus win the race.

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  • BLJ

    You can thank the so-called black leaders in this country (Jackson, Sharpton, Obama etc) for keeping the "we are victims" mentality alive and well. If black males stop buying into this they would all have to actually work for a living.

  • waterwillows

    It is long over due that the black community got it's act together. If they are so concerned about racism, I would suggest that they start with themselves. While the looney left was beating the drum for decades about white's being the racist, they forgot that so are the blacks very racist. Actually all races are somewhat racist. But only the white man gets all the flack.
    Let all people start working on themselves and quite harping on and on about everyone else. Especially the black people. To be enshrined as the eternal victim does them no good whatsoever. These 'chains' are self inflicted and must be self removed.

  • Dennis X

    white people will always be racist, amerikkka will never change. you " want your country back" and make john wayne president

    • USMCSniper

      Ah seez youse preefers dah Buckwheat int dah whitehouse!

  • Gary from Jersey

    Bingo. Throw in the liberal enablers who took control of blacks' housing, healthcare, education, politics and job opportunities and you have a massive crime against humanity. Blacks have the highest infant mortality rate, the shortest lifespan, the highest incidents of communicable diseases, abortion, drug and alcohol abuse, recidivism and welfare, and you can thank liberal control and their black opportunist assistants.

    Blacks deserve far better than they've gotten. It's a crying shame that they're the ones who are going to have to fight the system that keeps them as doormats because any solution whites have will be rejected outright as racist, genocidal or whatever.

  • garretso

    This country needs more leaders like Larry Elder and fewer like Al Sharpton.
    People should viewed as individuals, NOT members of an interest group, victim class, clan or tribe.