Cain Under Fire — No-Fly Zone Over Clinton, JFK Sexcapades

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“He’s got it coming to him,” said Ben Bradlee, former editor of The Washington Post. “You can’t do that in this town anymore. Probably could do it 50 years ago, but you can’t do it now.”

The “he” was Herman Cain. The “that” means sexual harassment. And the “got it coming” means the media firestorm around the Republican front-runner as he deals with the sexual misconduct accusations that threaten to derail Cain’s surprisingly strong candidacy.

Bradlee made the Cain comment while at a book party for MSNBC host Chris Matthews’ new biography about the Democratic Party’s icon, John F. Kennedy, handsome, dashing and forever young — who screwed around big-time on his popular and elegant wife. When asked what he liked about Matthews’ new book, Bradlee said, “I like the guy who wrote it, and I like the guy he wrote it about.”

The irony seemed to be lost on Mr. Bradlee.

Bradlee wags his finger at Cain for alleged “sexual harassment” and insists, “He’s got it coming to him.” But on the same night, Bradlee celebrates a man who not only serially cheated, but who jeopardized national security by sleeping with the girlfriend of a big-time Chicago mobster.

Certainly, “it was a different time,” with the all-male reporter’s boys club looking the other way. But Kennedy kept his affairs secret from wife and country for a reason. Try telling your wife — even in the ’60s — “Honey, this afternoon — when you’re out with your lunch friends — I’m throwing a nude pool party. There may be, some, you know, some 20-something young ladies, some actually wearing bathing suits. Oh, then I’m going out with the girlfriend of a gangster. Don’t wait up.”

“Certainly, dear”??? “Have a good time”??? “I’ll leave the porch light on for you”???

Not likely. Even in the ’60s, on a deal like this, Harriet ditches Ozzie, June leaves Ward, and Lucy drops Ricky.

And if 15-year-old allegations of “sexual harassment” rate high on the Democrats’ character scale, please explain the deification of Bill Clinton. OK, he balanced the budget. But there was …

Paula Jones: About whom a Clinton surrogate said, “If you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” Apparently you find $850K to settle a lawsuit. Clinton accused Jones of lying about sexual harassment and filing a lawsuit that lacked merit, then settled the case out of court for $850K.

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  • epaddon

    Oh yes, Ben Bradlee. The guy who personally destroyed a diary kept by his then sister-in-law a former mistress of JFK's, who documented all kinds of sordid details about the guy Bradlee liked so much.

    And also the guy who dumped his wife and made possible the cushy career of his mistress and next wife, Sally Quinn. There's an irony for you in hearing this guy pass judgment on Herman Cain!

  • Amused

    Well , you see Larry , JFK's DEAD , and Clinton ain't running for any public office .Tough when it's a Republican eh ? Larry ?
    Yea times have changed ,men tap dance in bathroom stalls , diddle boy interns , in fact there was a time when the only place a blackman had in Washington was a cook or driver .And nobody keeps their mouth shut , man or woman , even after getting hush money . But certain things haven't changed …like where there's smoke there's fire .Whether people chose to overlook these things is their call , but the laundry will be hung out in public regardless .
    BTW , there was no "no-fly-zone " over Clinton , and you know it .As ANYONE who was alive would agree .And as for JFK ? lol…reporters all wore shirts and ties and had crew cuts and Congressmen wouldn't even dream about screaming out LIAR they way Wilson did .
    Tough world out there , and Cain's a big boy voters will make their choice .

  • anneshelby

    Cain is an unelectable politician who has never won an election. Sexual harassment is an abusive crime not a sex scandal. Comparing this blowhard to JFK is a joke. He is not even a fraction of the man Clinton is. Cain is a woman abuser. To me he is not even a human being. He is an evil old man without a brain.

  • bun

    Cain has already taken what amounts to a lie detector test (only 50% more accurate), and he passed with flying colors. The funny thing is, the blond buxom accuser FAILED.