Norman Lear’s Left-Wing Paranoia About ‘The Right’

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Now let’s look at academia. Given the dominance of left-wingers in academia, that Lear can even say this with a straight face is astonishing. Let’s look at who is teaching our college-level students. The American Enterprise Institute’s magazine examined the political registrations of professors at 20 colleges and universities, representing a cross section of higher education — public and private, big and small, in the North, South, East and West. The study divided the registrations into those belonging to a “party of the left” — Democrats, Greens or some other liberal political party — or a “party of the right” — either Republican or Libertarian. Overwhelmingly, by a more than 13-1 margin, the profs were registered with a party of the left. Many departments had no professors from a right-wing party. Now, in theory, that sounds good … but in practice, we got a $14 trillion debt that we can’t pay off, and this is gonna add to it, big-time.” He wondered how a man can raise a family of four on minimum wage. In a recent interview with former President Bill Clinton, O’Reilly said, “I think I am paying my fair share (of taxes). Now, I didn’t mind paying what you had me at. I didn’t mind paying you that.” Somewhere, anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist is having heartburn.

Let’s look at Hollywood. Ben Shapiro, a recent Harvard Law School grad, wrote a book called “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.” He interviewed, on the record, over 100 industry bigwigs, including David Shore (“House”), Fred Silverman (former CBS programming vice president, ABC Entertainment president, and NBC president and CEO), Marta Kauffman (“Friends”), Larry Gelbart (“M*A*S*H”) and Mark Burnett (“Survivor”). When asked whether there is a prevailing pro-left ideology, if not a left-wing agenda, several major players admitted that of course Hollywood leans left. Others bluntly bragged about their bias against conservatives and the extent of the left-wing messages inserted into their comedies and dramas.

Perhaps Lear might consider the advice the late Andy Rooney once offered to a CBS colleague: “There is just no question that I, among others, have a liberal bias. I mean, I’m consistently liberal in my opinions. And I think … Dan (Rather) is transparently liberal. Now, he may not like to hear me say that. I always agree with him, too, but I think he should be more careful.”

Given the left’s dominance in the major media, academia and Hollywood, it is beyond insulting to hear influential Hollywood lefties like Mr. Lear whine about the supposed power of the right. Makes them sound like a, well, “Meathead.”

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  • Truth_Fairy

    I kicked the O'Reilly habit due to his hypocrisy, arrogance and fawning over "important" people.(Hey Bill! We're all important.) Most of the show is complaining about government stupidity, yet when he gets an interview with Hilary or Obama, he acts like the class nerd getting a date with the cutest cheerleader. And how incredible that anyone could think FOX is slanted to the right! Why? Because their station breaks are so daring as to say "Merry Christmas?" or because guests are actually allowed to voice slightly negative opinions of the president? Right after Obama got into the White House, O'Reilly promised to be like Paul Revere: he said he'd warn viewers if Obama did anything nefarious,suspicious or against the best interests of We the People. Yeah, he's really "watching out for the folks," isn't he? Since he hasn't apparently noticed the biggest news stories of the last two centuries happening right here in the U.S. of A, that nobody except the internet is warning about, it's proof positive he's either truly just a 'talking head,' with a low IQ, a coward or is as thoroughly immoral as the rest of them.

    • Don Kosloff

      Fox is not as far left as the rest of the TV networks.

    • Maxie

      Somebody has O'Reilly on a leash, plus he's politically naive to begin with. For Fox and O'Reilly it's all about rating$ and income.

  • Mike Rurzinski

    Norman Lear is nothing but an arrogant stupid Leftist media moron.

    His childish stupid 70's show "All in the Family" only fueled hate through humor stereotypes against the Polish, Italians, Blacks, etc despite his false claim about the show being against bigoted stereotypes.

    He became a rich media moron for pushing hate through humor against various ethnic groups. He's a typical Leftist media moron bigot.

    • Jack

      Norman Lear is a classical Liberal Hollywood/media hypocrite.

    • Stanley Rosnowski

      Mike its true Norman Lear is an arrogant Leftist Media moron.

      Nothing Norman Lear says should be taken seriously. These Media Left-wing supremacists talk about how they "don't like bigotry" and feel they have some kind of moral superiority over most people. A guy like Norman Lear proves they ENJOY ethnic bigotry.

      Norman Lear became a wealthy man creating "All in the Family" which only STIRRED UP ethnic bigotry despite his hollow claims that "All in the Family" was meant to be "against bigotry". Even Liberal Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League said that the bigot character of the show, Archie Bunker, was seen by many people as a HERO and not the bad guy. I give credit to Foxman for making that accurate observation.

      Most of the ethnic slurs on "All in the Family" were against the Polish people.

  • Stanley Rosnowski

    Many Polish Americans during the 1971- 1979 showing of "All in the Family", reported being verbally assaulted by other people with the same anti-Polish slurs that Archie Bunker made about Polish people. No doubt Norman Lear took tremendous pleasure seeing millions of his viewers across the US making verbal assaults on Polish people, that were derived from his stupid show.

    Norman Lear was known to make anti-Polish slurs himself after the showing of "All in the Family" so you know his bigot character's anti-Polish prejudice came from Norman Lear's own anti-Polish prejudice.

  • Tom

    Another Left-wing anti-Polish Bigot in the "American" TV media was George Schlatter.

    George Schlatter hated it when anyone made fun of his ethnic background but he LOVED bashing Polish people on his show "Laugh-In". What a typical Liberal media Bigot!

    Schlatter would mock the Polish people just like the Nazi Germans would in their anti-Polish propaganda. That's amazing since ISN'T "American media" like NBC-TV supposed to be AGAINST the NAZIS? Or does NBC-TV like Nazi propaganda when its AGAINST POLISH people???

    But then again George Schlatter worked for NBC-TV which many Polish Americans joke about as being the NAZI BROADCASTING CORP for its sick irrational anti-Polish HATRED and bashing of Polish people for 50 years. NBC-TV INTRODUCED Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes into the US and RENAMED them as "Polish jokes" back in the late 50's and 60's.

  • Stanley Rosnowski

    No doubt fellow Lefty anti-Polish Bigot Norman Lear saw this and he felt he had the green light to bash Polish people with Nazi stereotypes of Polish people having subhuman intelligence.

    These TV networks in America are absolutely DISGUSTING with their Left-wing supremacists who control them and their UGLY RACISM and BIGOTRY against nations like Poland that has been an ally of America.

    NBC-TV on November 5 had its resident anti-Polish Bigot Seth Meyers make anti-Polish hate jokes about the hero Polish pilot who safely landed a crippled plane, saving hundreds of lives.

  • Russell Kusinski

    This is what Jewish groups think about Norman Lear's "All in the Family" show.

    Jewish groups on Archie Bunker in "All in the Family" and the message the show sends:

    Stated Benjamin Epstein, national Director of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League:

    We do not believe its possible to combat bigotry by laughing at a central bigoted figure who evokes the sympathy of the audience. We feel the show sanctions the use of derogatory epithets. When the program is over the listener has had a good time and he has enjoyed the bigotry of Archie Bunker rather then having a sense of revulsion.

    Rabbi Arthur J Lelyveld, president of the Jewish American Congress wrote that it is teaching our children disrespect for Archie and Edith Bunker, disrespect for blacks and Jews and Italians and people of Polish and other ethnic origins….

    These Jewish American leaders are correct.

  • Maxie

    Lear is the typical smug, conceited Leftist who sees himself, not as biased left, but smack in the middle of all that's good, noble, and the way world would and could be if it wasn't for those evil bigot extremists on the (religious!) Right.