Supreme Court Might Kill ObamaCare Before Election

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“There has been no apparent change in self-reported unmet needs. Remarkably, one-third of adults within 300 percent of the federal poverty level report that they were unable to meet a health care need within the past 12 months for ‘any reason.’ …

“But (there has been) a statistically significant increase in ER traffic among those within 300 percent of the federal poverty level! This is consistent with a survey of 11 Massachusetts-area hospitals that found ER use rose 4 percent. …

“New patients must wait from a month to six weeks to see a family doctor or an internist. Make that two months in Boston for a family practitioner. … About half of all family doctors and internists won’t see new patients or accept the insurance provided in the Commonwealth Connector (Massachusetts state authority’s broker for private insurance). This was up sharply from 2006.”

The Economist, a British center-left magazine, calls Romneycare “a legacy (Romney) can be proud of.” But, the Economist points out: “He contrasts (Romneycare) with ObamaCare by claiming that (Romneycare) introduced no new taxes. This is pretty clearly a fib. The law wasn’t implemented until after he was gone, and the fact that he didn’t raise taxes to pay for it simply meant he refused to deal with the funding issue. His successor … had to hike business fees by $100 million and to raise the cigarette tax by $1 a pack in 2008 to pay for the program’s subsidies. In any case, Commonwealth Care is funded partly through matching funds from the federal Medicaid funding … .” A legacy to be proud of?

Two-thirds of doctors, according to Investors Business Daily polls, “oppose” ObamaCare and predict lower-quality health care. A poll by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. finds that nearly one-third of businesses plan to drop heath insurance for their employees after 2014, when much of ObamaCare goes into effect.

True, the American Medical Association supports ObamaCare. But only 17 percent of doctors belong to the organization, and many dropped their membership because of AMA’s support of ObamaCare. Americans consistently rank physicians among the most respected of professionals. Yet the President, a man with virtually no private-sector experience, arrogantly ignores doctors’ objections.

Obama, as with his fight to end Bush-era tax rates for the “rich,” will also lose this battle — if he is lucky. A Supreme Court rejection of the ObamaCare mandate would immediately boost the economy and, by extension, Obama’s prospect for re-election.

How ironic.

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  • urownexperience

    What's your answer? None. Except some kind of weird capitalistic ideology that has nothing to do with people on the street. All other industrialized countries take care of their citizens health needs except America. This won't stand. The common man and woman are being crushed while oligarchs laugh all the way to B of A.

    • Joel

      Then, please by all means, go live there for your socialized medicine. I will drive you to the airport. I prefer to have access to the best medicine, medical technology, and doctors. True, it costs me a lot of money, but then I am alive because of it, so it is worth it.

  • Janet

    Joel I love your reply. I have known people from other countries who have come to America because the waiting list is so long in their country they would have died.

  • Axe

    "Obama’s new faster-track tactic might also turn on this: Obama expects the Supreme Court to side with him."

    Could have done without reading that tonight.