The Donald: Doing the Job the Media Won’t Do

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What’s the point? When people are unhappy with a politician and/or his policies, they sometimes see the worst — whether or not there is a factual basis. But the media do not even have a name for the Democratic equivalent of “birthers,” despite these vicious, unsubstantiated and irresponsible accusations of Bush.

On the birther issue, however, there is at least some legitimate head scratching.

Hawaii’s new governor, incensed over this “demonization” of Obama, vowed to put the issue to rest by releasing the relevant documents. Oops. The governor learned that under Hawaii’s privacy laws, no one could obtain the records without a “tangible interest.” Who could release the records? Barack Obama. And he apparently refuses to waive his right of privacy. This kind of thing fuels speculation and suspicion.

Trump, while he’s at it, might want to turn his investigators onto Obama’s academic records — high school through Harvard Law — which remain top-secret.

Trump might want to confirm or refute Obama’s campaign assertion that he and his mother used food stamps — a tale of hardship strangely missing from Obama’s autobiography.

Trump might want to question members of Obama’s former church to find out how, during his 20 years as a member, Obama managed to miss every single sermon in which his “spiritual adviser,” the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, shouted the anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist statements widely seen on YouTube.

We know Bush’s grades. We know his brand of whiskey before he kicked it. We know he eats pork rinds. Dan Rather nuked his own career trying to prove Bush got high-hat treatment in the Texas Air National Guard — a contention Rather still holds. But Obama? Nothing to see here.

No, the real story about Trump isn’t Trump.

It’s the pass given Obama by the media. Whether it’s regarding Obama’s birthplace, whether Obama personally heard Wright’s racist and anti-Semitic sermons, or whether unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s first book, Obama manages to avoid careful examination from the adoring media.

Trump would not be relevant — if the media had been.


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  • Jack

    I'll vote for him. Why? Because he is the only man out there who still has a set of balls. Besides Hilary of course.

  • Jim

    Trump was right about who the worst presidents ever were.

    Since I am such a coward that I couldn't face the ridicule that a birther must face I have to move to a fall back position. That being that Obama was never born.

    Neither party or mainstream candidates have any idea what to do about the economy.Remind you of the Wiemar Government?

  • Maria

    Obama as a President is kind of G-d punishment for our country sins, for so many people stop to think rationaly and believe to demagogery and rethoric of Lefts/Marxists.
    How is it happened at all that more than half of voters after 9/11 voted for Barack Hussein Obama at all? What BHO did for two years he managed to distroy our country. He failed in domestic policy, he failed in foreign policy. But MSM still are washing many people brains to convince that he is Survivor. Still many ignorant, lazy, stupid are still swallow it. Unbelievable.
    Any Republican candidate is incomperably better than that supporter of Islamic terrorists, lawer-liar, incompetent poseur. G-d forbid!

    • Jim_C

      When G_d hates the same things you hate, that's a pretty good indicator you are breaking the commandments against both idolatry and using His name in vain.

  • LIbby Green

    Join Trumps Facebook page:

  • Steve

    Trump is on record supporting putting the US Mililtary on the Republic's southern border, is against homosexual marriage, would likely appoint Rudy as AG and John Bolton as Sec of State. He's a strong supporter of Israel and has made it clear he would carry a big stick and use it. What's not to like? Attacks on Mr. Trump? The Left will let the Taliban wing of the GOP do it's work. The Republic is threatened by enemies inside the gates in a way it never has been in the past. Only a person of special courage, experience and charisma can hope to prevail. If not Mr. Trump, who?

  • Alexander Gofen

    This author too is incapable to see the violations more obvious than uncertain birth place of the impostor, or the author deliberately and deceitfully equates natural born and common citizenship. Again: Obama's foreign father alone disqualifies him. Obama's Indonesian citizenship alone abrogates whichever birth citizenship he had. And on the top of it, there are plain felonies on him like fraudulent SSN, and others.

    It is not the "birther issue which is wacky": It is the party line to make America belive as though it is so.


  • Alexander Gofen

    Similarly, it is not as though Obama's principal 2008 primary opponent Sen. Hillary Clinton "couldn't nail him on the issue". She stopped doing it when she was told so. And even uglier: treasonous Repooblicans had never wished to nail the opponent because their role was designed to be the mere Plan B team of the same Soros party. Some "prominent Repooblicans" in fact campaigned for the opponent!

    The "parties" go out of their skin to burry the illegitimacy issue because this issue will inevitably burry them!

    Unlike Perrot-the spoiler, when both party wings remained intact, D. Trump will hopefully usher the "parties" into the grave where they do belong. Only that can possibly save America.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I like Trump’s idea to seize the world’s second largest oilfields in Iraq. We conquered Iraq and to the victor go the spoils. If we don’t seize them, the Iraqi oilfields will be Iran’s oil fields in about 2 seconds after we leave.

    We also need to oust the Saudis, confiscate their oil wealth, and seize those oilfields too. Otherwise the Saudis will continue using those resources to finance and fund jihad against unbelievers perpetually. We need to neutralize the House of Islam and their global jihad, which threatens the entire free world, and there isn’t a faster or better way to do that than by seizing their oilfields and the Saudis massive wealth. Without oilfields and the Saudis massive wealth, the House of Islam can’t fund and finance the global jihad.

    We also need to ban and reverse Muhammadan immigration and convince our allies that they need to do the same thing as well.

    • Jim_C

      "We also need to oust the Saudis, confiscate their oil wealth, and seize those oilfields too."

      Do you really think our country can support the loss of blood and treasure such a move would take?

      I get venting, but try to be rational for one second.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Actually, Jim C, everyone that posts regularly on knows already that you are one of the most irrational posters to grace this website. In any event, if we don’t confiscate the enormous oil wealth of the Saudis along with their oilfields, the Saudis will simply continue using those resources against us as they already are, by the way, to fund the global jihad you are oblivious of and in the long run we will end up sacrificing far more than just blood and treasure, as we will also sacrifice our freedom as well.

        Hence, it’s either we take care of the problem now while it is still relatively small or otherwise keep denying it and kicking the can down the road until it mushrooms into all out thermo-nuclear war. You know it’s sort of like finding a small oil leak in your car and ignoring it until you blow your engine and you have to buy a whole new car, when you could have easily fixed the leak for pennies on the dollar. In other words, it’s common sense, but apparently you don’t have any.

        Indeed, according to you, why should we tolerate people to use their oil wealth and oil production to wage jihad against us? Now if they didn’t use their oil wealth and oil production to wage jihad against us I wouldn’t have any problem with it. Nevertheless, that is not the case.

    • trisha

      You are "Spot on" my friend!!! Agree!!!!

    • Alexander Gofen

      ObamaYoMoma: You are absolutely correct! To put it in other words, we are living in the time when a very wrong paradigm dominates the minds: the paradigm as though trade – even the trade of strategic resources – is always the answer.

      Yet it is a suicidal answer when this trade in fact transfers the immense wealth to our deadly enemies like Islamic nations (or even China).

      Our tragedy is that now we are much farther from changing this paradigm than ever. In fact with the Islamic impostor in the White House and all his clique we are much deeper in this suicidal paradigm than ever.

      The unique moment was missed on 9/12/2001 when Mecca and Medina ought to be nuked.

  • Jim_C

    Run, Trump, run!

    (He's not, but we can dream, can't we?)

  • Jim_C

    Again, "the media," and the tired, goofball trope that it's your embattled little coterie of freedom fighters against the monolith of Katie Couric and George Stephanopolous. What can these magical, all-powerful beings do, again, that Hillary Clinton and every single Republican involved with the legal system couldn't do?

    Well, nothing, and Elder knows it; but he also knows its his job to keep the monkey cage's bars rattling!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Donald had to open with something and why not question Obama's
    eligibility, it gets attention and is a fine place to start and move on to the
    bigger issues, the glaring facts that are so stark that the American voters
    minds need to wake up to our distress. Living in denial is what Trump
    must cure Americans of and how silly to think this is his platform, it is
    just the opening pizazz which will possibly astound the critics who are
    against anyone not for Leftist/Islamist poison. It is just starting, sit back
    and learn if you must but do not forget that this may be enjoyable as
    someone with the gravitas to shove it down their throats is on the move.